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Hi! Naming wizard Kurt here, and the first car I ever fell in love with was my silver 1968 Mustang. I called her Eleanor and took her across every long stretch of road I could find. She saw America with me. And although we had disagreements here and there on how much gas Eleanor should be using per trip, I wouldn’t trade her in for the world.

She wasn’t just an automobile to me -- she was my castle on wheels.

At Biz Name Wiz we see a lot of auto-related companies cruising for that perfect name. Something that says Vroom-Vroom and PedalWirez.

The need is different for every client. One place might be all about motorcycles where another only deals with auto-repair. But the goal is the same. They want a hot name just like you.

The automotive industry is HUGE and it’s easy for companies to disappear into the crowd without the perfect business name. Enjoy these free name ideas.


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