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Have you ever gotten a ghost text? That’s when your living life and you feel your phone vibrate, check and there’s nothing.

Can any developers out there explain to us why this happens? Or at least create an app to counter it. And don’t suggest we leave our cellphones behind I think we all feel a little bit naked if and when that ever happens.

The world runs on technology. It’s infiltrated every aspect of our lives and it isn’t slowing down. Words like Apple represent class, taste, and genius. What does your company name represent?

What do people think when they hear it? Is it a leading edge name developers all around the globe admire? Is it looked up to by startup companies on the web?

The biggest advantage to a boss name (Besides sounding cool) is Brand Awareness. By achieving this you gain NEW customers. But first… you need a name that competes with the Apples of the universe. Try these ideas. They are free.


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