Business Name Creation Process, Steps, and Revisions

Stage 1 - Unleash the Imagination

After placing your order, our writers put on their thinking caps, harnesses their ingenuity and literally "play around."

That's right, you're paying the Biz Name Wiz team to have fun. The more they can let loose and dream up imaginative names, the more likely they are to come up with a name that expresses the heart of your business.

Although we prevent our team from using any naming software to generate the name (human thoughts only) we let them do what they need to encourage originality. They can brainstorm in a conference room full of tacos, belt out lyrics to a song they're composing or spend some alone time in a mental cave of wonder. They do leverage websites like Google,, Google Translate, and more to research and expand on their already brilliant ideas and sites like and to find available .COM domain names.

At this stage all writers work closely with our creative director, literally a desk or instant message away, and it brings out so much creativity that we don't want to do anything to squelch it. That's why we only have one hard fast rule for everyone ... a requirement to come up with multiple ideas using the following naming styles:

  • Words (Panacea, Alleviation)
  • Compounds (NutriGuide, NutriHelp)
  • Phrases (Health Direct, Wellness Nation)
  • Blends (Healthvantage, Meditronic)
  • Tweaked Names (eHealth Advisors, bWell)
  • Made Up (Rejuvi, Restorex)
  • Acronyms (HIT Advice - Health In Trouble)

Are the names ideas we create in this stage ever chosen by our clients? ALL THE TIME!

Stage 2 - Perfect the Brilliance ... REVISIONS!

Stage 2 is the revision phase. Whether the client found a perfect name or liked a bunch of them but wanted to refine them, we provide revisions and variations. This involves TARGETED BRAINSTORMING AND RESEARCH!

If you ordered specialized add-on services, in this stage our team also checks the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), state registries, domain name registries and plain old Google to revise the names. And we then again work directly with our creative director to provide intelligent and creative recommendations. Some parameters for research include:

  • Basic competition research, especially one that provides similar products or services, is using that name.
  • Look for companies with similar names that might be confused with the generated name. Remember the movie Coming to America? Don't get McDowells confused with McDonalds!
  • Check trademarks.
  • Determining whether the name is taken in your state of business.
  • Discover whether is available or for sale. If not, we come up with logical alternatives.

You have to love your business name, meaning if you just "like it" then we'll revise so you do!

Stage 3 - What are We Standing Around For?
               Let's Start Your Business!

At this point, we have over-delivered, and succeeded. In fact, Biz Name Wiz has created 10,000+ IDEAS TO DATE with a great deal of success helping our clients launch their identities and initiate their brands. We're proud of that.

Next steps ... start your business!

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