Adventure & Outdoors Company Name Ideas

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Adventure & Outdoors Company Name Ideas

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Tips from Craig

For my name ideas, I focused on creating names that appeal to customer values using words like: Journey, Travel, Explore, Play. A business name that lets your customer know what solutions you provide or the core values your business hold is a great way to make your business appear trustworthy and relevant.

Here are a few name ideas I came up with:

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Tips from Kate

A great way to make a memorable business name is to use rhythm or alliteration, these types of business names sounds great and are extremely brandable. For example, some names could be: Alpha Adventures, Aloha Adventures, Arise Adventures or Aspire Adventure Company.

With that in mind, here are more business names I came up with:

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Tips from Marcus

When developing your business name, it’s useful to do a competitor analysis. Dissect and understand why their business name works for them and how you can use those techniques in your own business name. Some of the top Adventure Businesses are Smithsonian Journeys, Wild Frontiers, Natural Habitat Adventures and Backroads Travel.

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Tips from Sandra

When deciding on the perfect business name, don’t forget to get feedback on your ideas from potential customers! Be sure to ask questions like: Does this sound like a trustworthy business?What quality of product or service would you expect to get from this business? Does the answers align with your business goals? That said, here are some name ideas to help you create the perfect business name:

Tips for naming an Adventure & Outdoors Company

BizNameWiz Writer

by Craig M.
Branding Specialist at

You love the outdoors and this love has motivated you to create your own outdoor and adventure business. But before getting started, you need to find a name – a name that will help you attract customers and contribute to your company’s success. You need a creative name that will reflect the concept of your company and help you differentiate from your competition. With these in mind, read on to find some helpful tips on choosing the perfect name for your newly-established outdoor and adventure company.

1. Keep it simple: Probably the most important thing to consider when naming your outdoor and adventure business is choosing a simple name that one can easily spell, pronounce and memorize. Avoid long names that your potential customers will have a hard time remembering. If people can’t remember your name, there is little to no chance they will return or spread the word.

2. Don’t forget about SEO: In our digital world, if you want people to be able to reach out to you, you need to choose a SEO-friendly name for your business. This means that is has to be unique and, at the same time, relevant to what people are looking for in a search engine.

3. Evoke emotion: People should be able to dream of exciting adventures in the outdoors when hearing your name. So try to choose a name that paints a picture, without describing the concept of your business too literally, as you might end up using overused terms

4. Check its availability: Before making your final decision, you need to ensure that the name you have chosen is both available in your country and that is has an available URL. And this will save you from lots of trouble.

With the above tips in mind, a bit more inspiration from our competitor name analysis and a little extra help from our Name Generator, coming up with the perfect name for your outdoor and adventure company will be easy.

Adventure & Outdoors Company name analysis

If you’re still stuck on creating some name ideas, here’s a breakdown of some of the top brands and businesses in the industry. Here I’ll explain why the name works for that company, and how the name appeals to customers. What’s more, a few more team members from BizNameWiz have added their name ideas below aswell!


A globally known brand specializing in technical high-performance apparel, outerwear and equipment. Their original name refers to archaeopteryx, the first transitional form between non-flying dinosaurs and birds. There’s quite some symbolism behind it, isn’t there?


Named after the region in South America – a place of unique beauty and one of the top destinations for adventure activities. Patagonia markets sustainable outdoor clothing and gear and actively supports the idea of protecting the environment.

The North Face

One of the most popular outdoor and adventure brands across the world. The North Face is named after the northern side of Mount Everest – the coldest and most unforgiving side of a mountain, and for many the ultimate adventure destination.

Helly Hansen

One of the most successful brands for outdoor clothing and adventure equipment, named after its founder. It all started when Norwegian Captain Helly Juell Hansen first created some waterproof clothing in an attempt to find a way to protect his sailors from the harsh Nordic weather.

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