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Agency Business Name Ideas: A Guide to Choosing the Best Brand Name

Coming up with good agency business name ideas can be quite a challenge. If this is the first business name you have to come up with, then you might make a few rookie mistakes. 

The best impression a business can make is a great first impression. So, a brand name that dictates the preferences is a must because you must show that you practice what you preach.

In this text, we’ll go through four types of agency businesses—creative agencies, PR agencies, digital agencies, and travel agencies. We’ll offer examples of names and delve into the reasons why each of these names works.

Extra tips and tricks will also be on the menu, so let’s get into it. 

15 Top Digital Marketing Agency Business Name Ideas and Suggestions

Keywords are always welcomed in the agency name ideas creating process.

Keywords are always welcomed!

With it, you determine the goal of your company,  describe your professional spirit, and offer an edge. 

That means each word of your brand name should paint a whole picture of your business. 

Check out our digital marketing agency name list below to get inspired for creating a unique and efficient agency business name:

  • Digital Igniter
  • Brand Echoer
  • Digital Level Advertising
  • New School Marketing
  • Prototype Advertising Hub
  • New Era Marketing
  • Cosmo Digital Marketing
  • Your Cyber Promoter
  • Meta Marketing
  • Optimal Marketing Agency
  • Marketing Share
  • Virtual Talk
  • Social Influence
  • Marketing Intel
  • Pursue Brand 

Digital marketing is a creative branch. That means you have the freedom of getting a bit more weird and wonderful with the name. The options are limitless, but let’s break down what we did in at least one of our picks.

Take Meta Marketing for example. 

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? 

Metaverse of course. We see it on Instagram and Facebook every day, which makes the word impossible to miss. 

The best thing about it, it alludes to social media marketing at the same time.

Public Relations Agency Name Ideas

Public Relations or PR help your company preserve a good name before the public eye. 

The job of a PR is formal, but it should also be free-spirited to prove they understand today’s many cultures. 

Therefore, the best name formula should be a keyword, of course, and a word that alludes to ambitiousness or something similar. 

Check out our list below to see our top picks for a PR Agency.

  • Confidence PR 
  • Direct PR
  • Wired PR Agency
  • Modern Council Agency
  • Vice PR Agency
  • Highflier Agency
  • Your PR Agency
  • Bootstrapper Agency
  • Public Yourelations Agency
  • Executive PR
  • Administrative PR Agency
  • Alpha PR Agency
  • Origin PR
  • Power System PR
  • (Your Initials) PR

With the PR agencies, there isn’t room for super-creative combinations. 

What we did here was pretty simple—we stuck to the main point—the agency.
The names are supposed to be direct, professional, and ongoing. 

So, an idea like Vice PR Agency sounds super-professional, and that Vice part gives a really nice ring to it. 

Travel Agency Business Name Ideas

When it comes to travel agency names, you will probably have the most options and have free license to roam (there you go—Roam Agency is quite a good one!).

The name can be something that triggers destinations like Safari Travel. 

This way, your potential clients will know that the agency destinations are tropical and adventurous.

Below we’ve created a list of ideas that will help you come up with your agency name solution:

  • Safari Travel
  • Travelesque Agency
  • Aqua Travel Agency
  • Travelogy Agency
  • Travelmania
  • North Wall Travel Agency
  • Mount Travel
  • Nemophila Hub 
  • Vadon Agency
  • Dentrophile Travel Agency
  • Travelada
  • Explore Travel
  • Wanderlust Travel
  • Travelester
  • Beacon Travel

As you can see, there’s a pool of possibilities you can dip into when naming a travel agency. 

In a nutshell, we’ve chosen words that are related to the purpose of travel.  Latin words that denote lovers of forests, tropical destinations, adventurers, wanderlusts—the really is endless.  

Using a verb in your name makes you appear like an agency of action. 

For example, Wanderlust Travel suggests a more adventurous agenda, like a land that hasn’t been explored before. 

Photography Agency Business Name Ideas

Photography agencies belong in the digital arts niche. For such an agency, it’s important to appeal to the artistic or chic in some measure. 

French is synonymous with chic. But, the main reason business people opt for French words for their company name is the smooth melody the language offers. 

French or not, check the agency business name ideas we played with: 

  • Artography
  • Creative Lens
  • Flashland Agency
  • Birdie PhotoAgency
  • Runway Photo Studio
  • Your Photo Studio
  • Retro Photo Agency
  • Funky Pics Studio
  • CandidPhoto Agency
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • New Currents Photography
  • Pink Lens Photography
  • SuperSonic Photography
  • Terrestrial PhotoAgency
  • Shotville Photography
  • Sympa Photography
  • Photo Magnifique

It’s easy to see that the possibilities of naming a creative business agency are endless. 

We used a futuristic undertone in the name’s creation, one that gives a fresh and modern perspective on what you do—and how you do it. 

If you want to be more precise with the name, use words that depict your occupation.

Like, Lifestyle Photography. This way, your potential audience will understand your professional area just by the name—lifestyle.

Use words that depict your occupation!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Talent Talk
  • Top Talent
  • Talent Tamer
  • Tap into Talent
  • High-Level Hires
  • Who’s Next?
  • Dream Catchers
  • Talk About Talent
  • Recruiting Route
  • Route to Recruit
  • Contract Contact
  • Constant Contract
  • Create Contact
  • Cordial Communications
  • Touting Talent
  • AA Agency
  • ABC Agency
  • Service Excellence
  • ABC Design
  • Art Marketing
  • Action Designs
  • Creative Excellence
  • Amazing Creations
  • New Ambition
  • New Directions
  • Colossal Services
  • Accurate Services
  • First Company
  • True Company
  • Decisive Company
  • Inclusivity
  • Two Plus Two
  • AlwaysAgents
  • EverythingAgents
  • BeautyBureau
  • Third-Party World
  • UmbrellaGroup
  • UnderUmbrellas
  • Catch-All Club
  • Overall Agents
  • AllAgents
  • Alliance Agency
  • Allies Agencies
  • Good Relations
  • TransACTION

The Best Real Agency Business Name Ideas

Check some of our favorite agency business names to see how they’ve come up with the name. 

Artisans of Leisure

Artisans of Leisure is a travel agency that simply stands out from the crowd. What you can learn from their brand name is luxury. Since they chose words from a more formal lexis, we can denote the type of destinations this agency offers. Definitely not typical.

Also, the formal register instantly affects the buyers’ audience. As the name suggests expensive trips, we can say that only a few people can afford them.

Artisans of Leisure is a luxury travel company based in New York that’s existing since 2003. 

Milk & Honey

The best thing about this small PR agency is the will of this fast-growing company. 

The name doesn’t trigger the original purpose of the agency. At least not until you open their website.

Basically, the Milk & Honey website uses its terminology for the positions it offers. Therefore, the employees are separated into several positions—”queen bee”, “purpose bee”, “money bee”, and more.

When you sum up their dedication, and devotion to their business as evident in the webpage, the name of the company has a new sense—every kind of premium PR service you’d need from one agency. 

Adorama Camera

The reason we’ve picked this real photography agency business name, settled in New York City, is to demonstrate a more creative way to name your brand. 

Adorama has been coined so by combining the verb, to adore with the noun, panorama. 

When these two fuse together, you get Adorama, but also a depiction of the job they do. 

This might just be our favorite name for agency businesses since it best presents how you can pack intention, inspiration, and easy pronunciation in one. 

Mighty Citizen

Mighty Citizen is a US digital marketing agency that succeeded in catching our eye. 

As said earlier, digital marketing agencies have the freedom to be creative.

The uniqueness of this name is what makes it work so well. The founder chose the more generic terms “mighty” and “citizen”. 

However, in combination, those words make everything more impactful and memorable.

It simply dictates the purpose of the agency—helping you become what you’re capable of. 

The Most Successful Agency Business Names

Speaking of the giants of agency businesses and their respective brand names, here’s a rundown of their creative process:


Golin is a PR Agency offering services for more than 60 years. It’s been a companion to Pepsi and Porsche, just to name a few. 

However, there are two reasons why this name is the ultimate inspiration. 

First, it’s the second name of the founder, Al Golin. But, Golin also refers to one of the founder’s greatest mottos—”Go All In”—as a shortened version. Smart and intentional. 

If you look closely at the name of the founder and his greatest motto, you’ll realize that it’s the same letters, only mixed otherwise. So, this PR Agency proves that there’s a way to be creative, only you have to consider the possibilities.

Getty Images

The British-American photo studio is one of the most successful picture businesses. 

Founded in London, then later moving headquarters to Washington DC, Getty Images made its way to success

The brand name comes from the last name of the founder—Mark Getty. How the company got its name might not be appealing because this is a story of success.

When your goal is being numbered one, and you keep your eyes on the price, naming your business after yourself makes it ultimately unique and individual—like Mark Getty.

Liberty Travel

Liberty Travel Agency is one of the most reputable travel agencies in the US. It was first founded in 1951, and it currently boasts more than 2,000 employees. 

The reason we’ve picked this company as an agency business name idea is the story behind it. 

Yes, the name of the agency has a nice ring to it, as Liberty is all we want to feel while we’re on a vacation. But, there’s another thing to keep in mind when looking at this travel agency business name. 

Separate the travel services you offer and your name will sound even more attractive. As an example, “Liberty Tours.” There is also a bit of a travel activism tone here—and we think it works well.

Other Creative Agency Business Name Ideas Tips

To find the best business name, it shouldn’t only sound appealing, or make your business appear creative, but it should also present your business essence in the right limelight. 

To add fuel to the fire that is your inspiration, here are some more tips to help you create the best agency business name.

How to Create an Impactful Agency Business Name

As said, the aim when creating a business name is to leave an impression on the market. Therefore, your business name must be practical, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce.

Leave an impression on the market!

Literally, brainstorm business names for yourself to see which one will roll off your tongue the best. 

Every impactful agency business name became such because of the following reasons:

  • Through a combination of rhythmic words
  • Abbreviations
  • Easy spelling
  • Hinting at the main goals of the company
  • Keywords related to your field

Rely on Acronyms

If you already picked a significant name for your company, but it’s longer in syllables, you might want to abbreviate it. Responding to a call with “McGregorian and Vanshilldonfer PR Agency, how can we help you?” doesn’t work in the long run. 

To retain the meaning of the name, but to make it more practical you can always nip it in the bud and stick to acronyms.

When abbreviating the name of your agency business, also remember to create a pronounceable abbreviation. In the example above, the first abbreviation that comes to your mind might be MVPRA, but once you pronounce it, it’s more of a tongue twister. But, “Mac and Van (PR) Agency, how can we help you?” has a beat to it.

Always aim to create a name with no more than 3-4 words with over 3 syllables. 

Monitor Your Competitors

Research your competitors to see what their business name solutions are. While at it, check how they personalized their logo with the brand name. Then, research the market to find the most searched words.

What are the most favorite words in your field? SEO somewhat puts your brand name into the hotspot and has it stand out from the rest.

Of course, using only the most popular words might seem the ultimate brand name robust formula, but it’s quite the opposite. 

Crowding your brand name with popular words doesn’t make it popular, but it generalizes it. You must be concise and true to your brand only.

Don’t Get Hung Up on One Name

Often the name you wanted badly can be taken. In these situations, to preserve the name, many might decide to add a suffix or play with the spelling of their desired word.

However, this is not the desired way to create the name, mostly because, with a name similar to other brands’,  your businesses will often get confused. 

Cool as it sounds, such wordplays won’t make you stand out from the crowd. Instead, they will just add your business to the pool. Therefore, go back to the drawing board and be original.

Another important note to remember is that, often, companies whose wanted name is taken, will opt for adding one letter in the end, hoping no one will notice.

For example, Mount Travel = Mount Travell. Duplicating the L’s at the end of the word only makes it misspelled, and you don’t want to leave an impression of an illiterate company.

Don’t Complicate the Name

Always aim for shorter names. Make it your agency business name ideas rule #1 not to use more than 2-3 words. As said, longer names aren’t practical and need proper abbreviation instead.

Also, having longer names makes it difficult to remember. People barely remember the name of their colleague, let alone, your 6 word, 6-syllable agency name.

Agency Business Name Ideas: A Final Say

The most popular way of creating the best name for an agency is with a play on words.
It’s creative, catchy, and unique. 

Aside from these three, when creating your brand name, also consider making it short, readable, and brand-relevant. 

We hope you’ve found our guide useful, and we wish best of luck with the new company. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

First, determine the type of agency. Next, pick a keyword to attract relevant online audiences. Brainstorm the ideas for the name of your agency. Research your competitors. Check to see if the name is available with domain sites like GoDaddy.

For the best agency names, stick to catchy and corresponding names, like Travesque Agency. Sum up the purpose of the agency and give it a ring. Or, narrow the activities your agency offers, like Aqua Travel.

A good agency business name has 2 to 3 one syllable words. The name should give a glance at your service, and/or describe your spirit of working.
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