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The Best Amazon Shop Names

It’s no secret that Amazon is one of the biggest brands in the world, and the Amazon marketplace has changed the way we think about online shopping, allowing people from around the world to buy all sorts of items to be delivered directly to their doors.

You can also sell things through Amazon, and many savvy entrepreneurs are setting up their own Amazon stores, selling everything from everyday essentials to cosmetics to electronics, accessories, clothing, and toys.

But how can you compete in such a crowded space? Well, good Amazon business names can help your Amazon shop stand out from the crowd. And you can use our very own Amazon business name generator to create amazing Amazon business name ideas in an instant.

This guide will also look at several other methods you can use to find great Amazon business name ideas, and we’ll analyze some real Amazon business names and Amazon shop names to see what makes them work and why they have been so successful.

15 Trendy Amazon Business Name Ideas Based on Value and Quality

When many people shop on Amazon, they’re looking for good quality products at fair prices, so they will be drawn to shops and businesses that can meet both of these needs. It’s, therefore, a good idea to create Amazon business names focused on the concepts of value and quality. Here are some ideas to get started with.

  • Add2Cart 
  • ValueBuys 
  • DropShop 
  • GlamGoods  
  • Proven Products  
  • Buy Reliable   
  • TrusteCommerce  
  • The Digital Emporium  
  • Bargain Bazaar   
  • Honest Products   
  • Treasure Chest Goods  
  • The Savvy Shopper 
  • Value Makers 
  • TopQualGoods
  • PremiumPurchase

Tips for Creating Trendy Amazon Business Name Ideas Based on Value and Quality

If you want to create catchy and trendy Amazon business name ideas, it’s best to keep them short (one or two words, maximum) and make use of relevant keywords like trusted, reliable, proven, premium, value, or bargain. Try typing some of these words into our Amazon business name generator to get great Amazon business names made just for you.

15 Modern Amazon Business Names for Electronic Shops

The electronics market is huge on Amazon, with many Amazon shops focusing on selling electrical goods like phones, tablets, TVs, gaming accessories, and so on. If you’re setting up an Amazon store dedicated to electronics and gadgets, here are some Amazon business name ideas to consider.

  • ElectroSphere  
  • Gadget City  
  • GamersHaven  
  • BestElectronics   
  • GadgetsNGizmos  
  • Electro Accessories
  • Reliable Electronics    
  • The Gadget Zone   
  • Connexion Electronics   
  • Get Connected  
  • The Tech Scope
  • Cables & Connections
  • Wire World
  • Digital City
  • Hardware Hub

Tips for Creating Modern Amazon Business Names for Electronic Shops

If your Amazon store specializes in selling electronic products like devices, cables, chargers, and so on, then it’s a good idea to use keywords that are associated with these kinds of products in your Amazon business name ideas. Words like digital, hardware, wires, cables, devices, gamer, and connections can work well. You can also add evocative adjectives like trusty, reliable, premium, and so on to give off a good impression of your business.

15 Fashionable Amazon Business Name Ideas for Clothing and Accessories

Your Amazon shop might also be focused on fashion, clothing, and accessories. If so, it makes sense to use fashion-related words that will inform people about your business’ products and help you stand out, too. Here are some fun Amazon business names to use as inspiration.

  • Fab Threads 
  • Fashion Fashion   
  • Street Style  
  • Online Outfitters   
  • Super Style  
  • Summer Look  
  • Awesome Accessories   
  • Fairy Tale Fashion  
  • Sweet Rose Style    
  • Blossom Boutique   
  • Accessory Atelier 
  • Fashion Factory   
  • Fresh Threads  
  • Sew Stylish 
  • All Season Fashion 

Tips for Creating Fashionable Amazon Business Name Ideas for Clothing and Accessories

When making Amazon business name ideas for fashion, clothing, and accessories stores, it’s generally a good idea to use words that are connected to fashion and style. Words like outfit, fabulous, beautiful, pretty, city, street, and style can all work well here. Try to throw some of these words into our Amazon business name generator to make amazing Amazon business name ideas in an instant.

Some name ideas for you:

  • ShopDrop
  • Add to Cart
  • One-Click Pick
  • Amazone
  • ‘Zon Zone
  • To the ‘Zon
  • Building Business
  • Top Result
  • On Amazon
  • Better Buys
  • Virtual Victory
  • Retail Round Up
  • Store to Source
  • Open Sesame
  • Open Limits
  • Sure Shop
  • EZ Shop
  • AmazeZone
  • Accushop
  • BuyMore
  • Buy It All
  • Better Buying
  • Sell 4 Less
  • Honest Sales
  • Big Sales
  • Best Sales
  • BetterShop
  • Shop It All
  • Buy It All
  • Sell It All
  • Dinaco
  • Aptoden
  • Craftyfox
  • Sellcorp
  • Fruittybliss
  • Dreamtim
  • Pillowtouch
  • Dreambliss stores
  • Fitness shed
  • Sprintgears
  • Kitchen apparels
  • Cheflove
  • Pagerush
  • Booksphere
  • Musiclife

The Best Real-World Amazon Business Names

There are countless stores already out there on the Amazon marketplace. Some of them have fabulous names, too, and it can be a good idea to take a look at these names and think about why they work so well in order to inspire yourself when naming your own Amazon shop. Here are a few of our favorite Amazon business names.


How PureGaming Got Its Name
PureGaming is the name of an electronics Amazon store that specializes in gaming products, such as charging cables for gaming controllers, video games for popular consoles, and headsets for online gaming. The store’s name was chosen to reflect its focus on game-related goods.

Why PureGaming Is A Great Amazon Business Name
PureGaming is a simple but effective Amazon store name. It tells people all they need to know very quickly and concisely, and since it’s so short, it’s also very easy to remember.


How CableCreation Got Its Name
CableCreation is an Amazon store that sells cables, like charging cables for iPhones, USB cables for tablets and phones, 3.5mm cables for headphones, and so on. The store’s name reflects its focus on cables.

Why CableCreation Is A Great Amazon Business Name
CableCreation makes use of alliteration, using two words that start with the letter C and fusing them together to make an engaging and easy-to-remember name. The name is also short and simple to remember, which helps with marketing and building brand recognition.


How HerRoom Got Its Name
HerRoom is an Amazon store that sells women’s clothing. The store’s name reflects the fact that this store is aimed at female shoppers.

Why HerRoom Is A Great Amazon Business Name
HerRoom is another example of a short, succinct, clear, and informative Amazon store name. In just seven letters, this name gets a clear and efficient message across to Amazon users, telling them exactly what to expect.

Most Successful Amazon Business Names

Bare Necessities

How Bare Necessities Got Its Name
Bare Necessities is one of the biggest Amazon stores in the field of women’s clothing. It’s a popular store for people to choose when shopping for dresses, blouses, skirts, and so on.

Why Bare Necessities Is A Great Amazon Business Name
The name “Bare Necessities” is a highly evocative one. It immediately conjures certain associations in the minds of people when they hear it. It’s also quite humorous and light-hearted, which gives the brand some extra character and appeal.

Stock Your Home

How Stock Your Home Got Its Name
Stock Your Home is one of the most popular and successful Amazon shops in the home and living section of the Amazon marketplace. It sells a variety of products for the home, like kitchen essentials and decorative items.

Why Stock Your Home Is A Great Amazon Business Name
Stock Your Home is a great Amazon business name because it’s both informative and evocative. It informs users about the items they can expect to find for sale, and it actively encourages them to “Stock Your Home” with those items.

Pappy’s Toy Shop

How Pappy’s Toy Shop Got Its Name
Pappy’s Toy Shop is one of the most popular shops on Amazon selling toys and games for children. The name clearly states that the store specializes in toys and adds a “Pappy” character to give off a warm and friendly impression.

Why Pappy’s Toy Shop Is A Great Amazon Business Name
Pappy’s Toy Shop is a cute and appealing Amazon store name, especially for families, kids, and parents who are looking to buy things for their little ones. The use of the word “Pappy’s” adds a gentle and familial touch, while the words “Toy Shop” are clear and informative.

Tips for Creating Your Own Amazon Business Name

Use Keywords

Whenever you’re trying to come up with a good Amazon business name, it’s wise to make use of important keywords. Not only will this help your business name to become more appealing to potential customers, but it can also help with marketing, too. For example, if your Amazon shop specializes in kids’ clothing, using words associated with this market, like clothes, kids, little ones, children, attire, and so on, will help your brand get more attention, more clicks, and more visibility on the Amazon marketplace.

Be Informative

Another good tip to keep in mind when coming up with Amazon business names is to try and make sure that your name is informative and accurately tells people what they can expect to find when browsing your store. Names like PureGaming and CableCreation are great examples of this, as they both clearly state what kinds of products they sell. People appreciate these kinds of names, as it helps to save time when narrowing down their searches and finding the right stores to buy whatever they need.

Check the Competition

It’s also a good idea to take a look at your competition on Amazon and see what kinds of names the other stores are using. If you’re interested in setting up an Amazon clothing shop, for example, take a look in the clothing section of Amazon and look at some of the other store names. You can then take inspiration from those names to help with creating your own name, or you can try to pick a name that is totally different from all the others in order to stand out.

Is it Available?

Think you’ve found the perfect business name for your new Amazon store? Well, before you make it official and start setting up your shop, you’ll need to check and see if the name is actually available. Luckily, this is very easy to do. You can either Google the name to see if anyone else is using it, or you can go directly onto Amazon and search for it there. If your chosen name is free, claim it as quickly as you can and try to claim all of the relevant social media accounts, too, as you’ll be able to use those later on to market your brand.

Use the Amazon Business Name Generator

If you need any help coming up with Amazon business names, a simple way to save some time is to make use of our very own Amazon business name generator. The BizNameWiz Amazon business name generator is a super tool for saving time and finding the right name. It’s free to use, too! So, how do you use the Amazon business name generator? It’s simple; just type a word or a few words into the box provided and click Generate. The Amazon business name generator will then automatically make a long list of name ideas for you, based on the words you entered.


We hope that the tips and tricks listed in this guide, combined with the Amazon business name generator, will help you make an amazing name for your new Amazon store! Don’t forget to check on Amazon before confirming your name to ensure that it hasn’t already been taken, and test your name out on friends and family to get some honest feedback about how it sounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can find all sorts of great Amazon shop names while browsing Amazon. HerRoom and Bare Necessities are some super clothing shop names, while CableCreation and PureGaming are super names for electronics shops and products.

There are many methods you can use to come up with great Amazon shop names. It's a good idea to start by identifying which section or category of products you want to focus on and then finding keywords associated with that particular category. You can also use our own Amazon business name generator for more ideas.

Yes, the BizNameWiz Amazon business name generator is 100% free for all to use. Just type some words into the box and click Generate to see what our Amazon business name generator can do for you.


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