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Best Animation Business Name Ideas

Animation is a big part of the entertainment in our world today. Many people grew up watching animation, especially on popular Disney channels. It’s been a great way for people to learn about human interaction at a young age. Of course, people won’t recognise films and channels unless they come from a reputable animation studio. Dreamworks is a very good example of a reputable studio that has produced bundles of animated movies like Shrek and Madagascar! 

If you want the audience to remember your studio, you need to think of a name that is both creative and intriguing. This guide will help you achieve your goal of finding the perfect name. Just open our animation business name generator and you’re ready to go! 

One-Word Animation Business Name Ideas

Simple and direct names are great for engaging with and retaining your target audience. If people want to discuss your projects with family and friends, they don’t want to vocalize a long name that doesn’t make sense. You should choose a one-word name that gets the point across quickly. For example, you might have a name like ‘Animakers’ to signify your mission. 

Simple and direct names are great!

To create a name like this, you need to think of root words associated with ‘animation’ and type those into the animation business name generator. I thought of the words ‘pixels’, ‘graphics’, ‘animate’ and ‘creations’. Then I chose the names that I thought were best! 

  • Animatejet                                  
  • Pixelsomatic                       
  • Graphicsdo 
  • Pixelstastic!                                
  • Graphicslance                    
  • Creationverse 
  • Graphicsdeck                             
  • CreationsLux                      
  • Animateify 
  • CreationsgeniX                        
  • Animatenetic                       
  • Pixelsprism 
  • Animatezilla                             
  • Pixelslaza                          
  • Graphicsoryx 

Tips For Creating One-Word Animation Business Names

Before you create a name on the generator, you need to select the ‘one word’ option in the filters. This will show you only one-word names that incorporate your root words. You can also choose ‘creative’, ‘media’ and ‘tech’ from the industry list to find more accurate name results 

If you can’t find many names, you can combine words to make one-word names for your business. For example, I decided to combine the words ‘pixels’ and ‘fantastic’ to make ‘Pixelstastic!’. You can add punctuation like the exclamation mark for more impact. 

Rhyming Animation Business Name Ideas

People are more likely to remember names that have a cool rhythm or sound effect. Rhyming names are said to trigger the “musical side” of our brain that likes to hear patterns. This is why people tend to retain information that sounds fun or engaging. For example, you might name your business ‘Graphics Guardian’ that uses alliteration for the rhyming technique. 

You can use the ‘rhyming’ filter on the animation business name generator to find examples of strong rhyming names. I used the same root words from earlier and combined those with full rhymes, half-rhymes and alliteration. Below you will find some effective business names! 

  • Animate Aviator                            
  • Pixel Power                       
  • Generation Graphics
  • Pumpkin Pixels                             
  • Graphics Group                
  • Caring Creations
  • Graphic Gods                               
  • Creation Nation                 
  • Atlantic Animation 
  • Chomp Creations                         
  • Animate Arcadia                
  • Panda Pixels
  • Great Animate                             
  • Pal Pixels                          
  • Gentle Graphics

Tips For Creating Rhyming Animation Business Names

Rhyming names might require more time and effort when it comes to generating creative ideas. You need to think about what rhyming techniques you want to use for the root words. For example, you could have full rhymes like ‘Great Animate’ or alliteration like ‘Pumpkin Pixels’. If you can’t think of rhyming words on the spot, you can search up websites that offer rhyming examples. Just type in something like ‘words that rhyme with animate’ and you’ll find some! 

Cartoon Animation Business Name Ideas

Studios that specialize in 2D animation might have names that highlight their production preferences. Cartoons make up a big part of the animation industry, so it’s important to think of a name that represents your fun and creative projects.

Think about the characteristics of cartoons and how they make you feel when watching them. You can use these traits to form new root words for the animation business name generator. I used the words ‘characters’, ‘bright’, ‘happy’ and ‘doodle’. 

  • Doodle Dance                          
  • Animation Faces                       
  • Dream Characters
  • Connect Cartoons                   
  • Doodle Legends                        
  • Animation Blast
  • Happy Creators                       
  • Cartoon Zoom                           
  • Doodle Dash 
  • Bright Frames                          
  • Happy Loop                               
  • Cheeky Cartoon 
  • Character Alliance                  
  • Bright Light Team                     
  • Happy Hops

Tips For Creating Cartoon Animation Business Names

Cartoons are meant to be funny, exciting and interesting to younger audiences. Of course, adults can watch them too, but they’re still meant to feel nostalgic and sweet. You can use positive descriptive words to combine with your root words. For example, I thought ‘doodle’ would make people think of sweet cartoon characters. Take some time to think about how cartoon animation makes you feel. Make sure to experiment with the animation business name generator too by using the filters! 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Animotion
  • Animade
  • AniMasters
  • AniMake
  • Stop Motion
  • Thrive 3D
  • Animakers
  • 12 Principles
  • Playmation
  • Vector Vision
  • Dare 2D
  • AnimMates
  • Mini Moves
  • Image in Motion
  • Motion Potion
  • Live Action
  • Animovement
  • Moveable Parts
  • Moving Magic
  • Film Fest
  • Film Features
  • Faux Film
  • Funimation
  • Doodle Dudes
  • AniDoodle
  • Real Renders
  • Rendermation
  • Moving Pixels
  • DigitalEngine
  • Fuzzypixels
  • Toon Time
  • Toon Builders
  • Toon Doodlers
  • Toonimation
  • DoodlePix
  • Pixel Toons
  • Actimation Co.
  • Stick Figures
  • Cartoonies
  • Cartoon Club
  • Createamate
  • Animates
  • AniSkils
  • AniBright
  • Vividpixels

Best Real-World Animation Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Learning about the names of other animation studios can help you gain inspiration. You might find names that change the direction of your business name. Just keep on reading to find some animation studios got their names and why they’re so effective! 

Learn about the names of other animation studios to gain inspiration!

The Like Minded

How did The Like Minded get its name?
The Like Minded has a team of “established strategists, analysts, writers and core creatives” to design animations for clients. They make 2D and 3D animations for genres like charity, technology, research and life sciences. This business is all about “vibrancy and knowhow”.

Why is The Like Minded a catchy business name?
Like minded people often have similar interests, opinions and ideas. This name could represent the like minded people in the team who share mutual opinions about certain topics in the world. Customers may naturally gravitate towards a name that has positive connotations.

Motion Manor

How did Motion Manor get its name?
Motion Manor believes that “video has the power to change the world”. They create content for businesses that want to represent their mission through animation. This studio understands that animation has become popular for businesses that want to explain complex ideas in videos.

Why is Motion Manor a catchy business name?
This alliterative name is great for engaging with and retaining business clients. ‘Motion’ already relates to animation, which tells clients exactly what to expect. The word ‘manor’ refers to a big manor house, which might represent the extensive ideas of this animation business.

Hocus Pocus Studio

How did Hocus Pocus Studio get its name?
Hocus Pocus is an independent studio that makes animated films for global clients. They got their name from a Kurt Vonnegut novel ‘Hocus Pocus’ which is one of their favorites. This business can “create works of color and tell tales that sparkle”.

Why is Hocus Pocus Studio a catchy business name?
People might be aware of the popular novel ‘Hocus Pocus’ or the film version of it. This may be why they gravitate towards the business. Adding ‘studio’ at the end will help customers to understand that this is a team-based production company.

Most Successful Animation Businesses

Now, we can look at businesses that have had the most impact on the entertainment industry. You will probably recognise most of them, but it’s still good to learn about their name and why it’s effective. Remember – make note of the names that sound best to you! 

DreamWorks Animation

How did DreamWorks get its name?
DreamWorks have been producing animated films for over 25 years. They “tell stories about dreams and the journeys unconventional heroes take to make them come true”. DreamWorks got its name from wanting to make dreams come to life for younger audiences.

Why is DreamWorks a catchy business name?
The word ‘dream’ will often resonate with younger audiences who love to imagine great things and visualize fantasy worlds. On their website, they say, “we tell stories about dreams”. This shows that they’re passionate about building extensive words for people to enjoy on screen.


How did Pixar get its name?
In 1986, Steve Jobs bought the Computer Division from George Lucas and named the independent company ‘Pixar’. During this time, only 40 people were employed to make animated projects. Pixar came from the Spanish word that means “to make pictures”.

Why is Pixar a catchy business name?
This one-word name will help people to remember the animation studio. Pixar is a unique name that was inspired by the Spanish language. “To make pictures” also relates to the first time Pixar created short computer-animated films in 1984. Names with a meaning often resonate more with audiences.


How did Illumination get its name?
Chris Meledandri founded Illumination in 2007 to create “event animated films”. Now, this studio is one of the entertainment industry’s leading producers. Universal Studios usually finances and distributes these films. Some films are Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets.

Why is Illumination a catchy business name?
The word ‘illuminate’ means to light something up or make it visibility bright. This could resemble how the studio wants to put great animated films into the spotlight. Illumination is also a one-word name that may be memorable and direct to audiences.

Tips That Can Help You Name Your Animation Business

Names might seem intimidating when you first approach the naming process. It’s a big step to take when first opening a business. Your business name is the first thing people see in advertisements, social media posts and the opening credits of a film. The name needs to stand out and resonate with viewers who really enjoy your animated project. 

Your business name is the first thing people see!

But don’t worry too much about the planning stages. People go through planning differently and settle for names that suit their preferences. It might take some time to find a planning method that works for you. Before we get into the next section, make sure you still have the animation business name generator open. This will help you find a name after following our tips! 

Tip One: Think About What Animation You Want To Specialize In

Your business name can depend on the type of animation you produce. If you only like to produce cartoon films, you might have a name that sounds quirky and fun. Looking back on the ‘cartoon name ideas’, you can find lists of names that are suitable for cartoon animations. For example, ‘Doodle Dance’ is a fun name that would resonate with younger audiences. Just choose root words associated with ‘cartoon’ and pop those into our generator. 

If you prefer more 3D animations like Shrek and Despicable Me, you can find names that might suit every audience. DreamWorks is a good name example that plays on the ‘dreams’ idea. Maybe choose root words that relate to your mission or storytelling. The more meaning your name has, the more likely people will remember it for the future. You can always describe the history behind your business name on websites or social media posts.

Tip Two: Keep The Business Name Short And Direct 

People don’t want to remember long names or read complicated words in the opening credits of a film. They want to feel the passion behind a name when it pops up on the screen. Make sure your name has minimal words that only relate to your animated projects. You can use the ‘one word’ filter on the animation business name generator to find short names suitable for your business. If you don’t want a one-word name, you can create a name that is under three words long. This should be a good length to help with memorability and directness.

Tip Three: Consider What Colors And Fonts You Want

You might not think about it straight away, but colors and fonts are great for enhancing your business name. For example, if you want to make cartoon animations, you might have bright colors like yellow and orange that will attract younger audiences. The same principle goes for 3D animations that might have red colors to represent strength among the characters. Just search up what each color means and how you can show that in your name.

Fonts can also give people different vibes about your animation business. Walt Disney Animation Studios has a super curly font that would appeal to younger viewers. This is because it appears almost ‘childish’ and ‘playful’. However, bold fonts, like Pixar Studios, are more sophisticated when it comes to displaying the name on screen. Go through different fonts to see which ones suit your animation name the best! 


Overall, you need to create a name that highlights your mission in the animation business. People want to know what you’re all about in the entertainment industry. Do you produce cartoons? Do you make animations for more mature audiences? Your speciality is important for deciding on a relevant name. But, most importantly, just have fun during the naming process!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You need to start by identifying the animations you want to produce in the business. After that, consider building a team of design professionals who are eager to make good content. This should help you form a business plan after gathering the right people for the job.

Some of the best animation companies are Walt Disney Studio Animation, Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures Animation, Illumination and Paramount. You can research some of these to understand why they are so successful in the animation industry.

Animation studios can earn money through selling their projects to distributors and streaming sites. Selling films to big companies ensures the studio gets paid the right amount for audience reviews and popularity. However, independent releases might not earn that much money.
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