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How to Create the Best Arcade Business Name Ideas

Video games are more popular than ever before, and setting up your very own video game arcade can be a great way to share your love and passion for games with the world. But before you begin, you’ll need to pick a name for your new arcade.

We’re here to help! Read on for dozens of super arcade business name ideas, as well as an analysis of real-world arcade business names. Plus, we’ll show you lots of tips and tricks you can use to make your own arcade business name ideas with ease.

Not only that, but you can also make use of our arcade business name generator to make even more arcade business names quickly and conveniently. Just type a word into the arcade business name generator and click Generate to see what it can do.

15 Gamer-Friendly Arcade Business Name Ideas 

If you’re setting up a video game arcade, it’s important to note that gamers are going to be your primary audience. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to pick a name that will resonate with game-loving people. Here are some arcade business name ideas that incorporate words and phrases that will make gamers feel right at home.

  1. Next Level 
  2. Insert Coin
  3. High Scores
  4. Player One
  5. Joysticks
  6. Final Level
  7. Final Boss 
  8. Big Boss 
  9. Jump Button 
  10. Pushin’ Buttons 
  11. Game’s Not Over
  12. Gamer’s Haven 
  13. Game Start 
  14. 1Up Arcade 
  15. Gaming Paradise 

Tips for Creating Gamer-Friendly Arcade Business Name Ideas

If you want to appeal to gamers with your arcade business names, try to put yourself into the mind of a gamer and think about the words, phrases, concepts, and ideas that will appeal to gamers the most. Look into the past for classic, retro arcade phrases like “Insert Coin” and “High Score” to quickly grab attention, or play around with terms that gamers will instantly recognize like 1Up and Game Over. Try entering some of these words and phrases into our arcade business name generator, too.

15 Futuristic Arcade Business Names 

Another good way to name your arcade business is to pick a futuristic or sci-fi-sounding name. After all, even though the video game industry has been going for several decades, there’s still something exciting and futuristic about video game arcades with their neon lights and laser sound effects. Here are some fun, futuristic video game arcade business name ideas to consider.

  1. Blast Off
  2. Astral Gaming
  3. Cosmic Quest 
  4. Galaxy’s Edge
  5. Layers of Code
  6. Quasar Arcade 
  7. Quantum Games
  8. Vectron Quest   
  9. Pixel Mission   
  10. Comet Gaming   
  11. Into the Pixels 
  12. Outer Space Arcade
  13. Mission: GAME
  14. Reality Reshaped  
  15. Cyberworld 

Tips for Creating Futuristic Arcade Business Names

If you want to give your arcade a fun, futuristic name, try to include words and phrases that are generally associated with the future of space. Words like cosmic, astral, quantum, and quasar can be fun to play around with when making arcade business names, for example. Try to keep your arcade business name ideas short and catchy, too, as this will help people remember your name more easily.

15 Exciting Arcade Business Name Ideas

Arcades are exciting places, with crazy sound effects, flashing lights, and happy faces all around. It makes a lot of sense, therefore, to use an exciting name for your business in order to draw people in! Here are some exciting and engaging arcade business name ideas.

  1. Laser Blasters         
  2. Arcade Battles    
  3. Play All Day  
  4. Kaboom Gaming         
  5. Neon Arcade  
  6. Retro Heaven   
  7. Pinball Wizards  
  8. The Points Palace    
  9. Adventure Arcade  
  10. Games for Days         
  11. ArcadeMania   
  12. Save the World    
  13. The Laser Cave   
  14. TechnoCity   
  15. Other Worlds  

Tips for Creating Exciting Arcade Business Name Ideas

If you’d like your arcade business name ideas to sound engaging and exciting, one good way to do it is to include action words such as gaming, playing, blasting, racing, saving, and scoring, for example. Another tip is to include words and phrases that make your arcade sound like a really fun place to be, like The Points Palace or ArcadeMania.

Some name ideas for you:

  • High Score Heaven
  • High Score Haven
  • High Scorers
  • Arcade Parade
  • Arcade Club
  • Club Arcade
  • Arcade Crew
  • Arcade Palace
  • Gamer Getaway
  • Gamer Grounds
  • Gamer Palace
  • Gamer Gates
  • Arcade Corner
  • The Pac Man Den
  • Pinball Paradise
  • Arcade Niche
  • Gamer’s Paradise
  • The Arcade Crew
  • Arcade Brothers
  • Backyard Arcade
  • The Arcadery
  • AAA Arcade
  • All Ages Arcade
  • Family Gamers
  • GameHut
  • PixelTime
  • RetroHolic
  • RetroCade
  • Electronic Fun
  • AmazingArcade
  • FunCenter
  • GameCity
  • VirtualFun
  • RetroClub
  • RetroCity
  • Funtasia
  • Game day Arcade
  • Life rule Arcade
  • Game Escape
  • Plus Accuracy
  • Newage arcades
  • Happy Gamer
  • Arcade wizard
  • Major Gamer
  • The first Arcade

Real-World Arcade Business Names Analysis

Analyzing real-world arcade business name ideas can also be a super way to find some ideas and inspiration that may help in naming your own arcade. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at a few famous arcade business names and see what makes them so appealing in the eyes of the average arcade-goer. 

Eighty Two  

How Eighty Two Got Its Name

Eighty Two is the name of an adults-only arcade based in Los Angeles. As well as offering a selection of several dozen games, it also has a bar and events space for customers to enjoy. The arcade’s name was chosen as a reference to the year 1982, a heyday for arcade gaming.     

Why Eighty Two Is A Great Arcade Business Name

Arcades were really huge in the 80s, which is when some of the greatest video games of all time were released. It’s therefore not a bad idea to use some retro terms or hearken back to the glory days of gaming in your arcade business name ideas, just like Eighty Two, which makes people think back to those golden years.

Ground Kontrol

How Ground Kontrol Got Its Name

Ground Kontrol is the name of a very popular arcade based in Portland, Oregon. It’s well-known for its amazing neon design and sci-fi feel, as well as being equipped with a bar, lounge, and live DJ. The arcade’s name has a sci-fi feel to it and a gamer vibe, with “Control” being spelled with a “K”, just like the classic arcade game “Mortal Kombat”.    

Why Ground Kontrol Is A Great Arcade Business Name

Ground Kontrol almost sounds like it could be the name of a classic 80s arcade game, which is part of the reason it works so well for a space like this. Coming up with your own retro game name ideas can therefore be a fun way to find arcade business names.


How Barcade Got Its Name 

Barcade is the name of a bar and arcade space based in Brooklyn, New York. The name simply combines the words “Bar” and “Arcade” into one.   

Why Barcade Is A Great Arcade Business Name

These days, a lot of bar-arcade hybrids are opening up, allowing people to not only enjoy cool beers and colorful cocktails but also to dive into the past and play some of the classic games of their youth. Barcade was a pioneer in this scene and has a professional and clear name to prove it.

Most Successful Arcade Business Names 

Game Galaxy 

How Game Galaxy Got Its Name

Game Galaxy is the name of a successful and popular game arcade based in Nashville, Tennessee. This arcade hosts a huge collection of games and regularly organizes tournaments for local players. Its name uses alliteration, combining two words that start with the letter “G”.    

Why Game Galaxy Is A Great Arcade Business Name

Alliteration can be a very powerful tool to use when coming up with arcade business name ideas, or any other kind of business name. Game Galaxy is a great example of this. It’s a name that flows nicely, is pleased to say, and is easy to remember, too.


How Funspot Got Its Name

Funspot is the name of one of the oldest and most historic video game arcades in the whole of America. First opened back in 1952, this place is still going strong with hundreds of arcade game machines and other attractions like bumper cars and bowling. The name Funspot reflects the fact that this is a haven for family-friendly fun and excitement.   

Why Funspot Is A Great Arcade Business Name

Funspot is one of those timeless arcade business names that will never get old. It’s a name that is impactful and exciting, helping this place stand out as the No. 1 destination for fun and enjoyment.

Pinball Hall of Fame

How Pinball Hall of Fame Got Its Name

Pinball Hall of Fame is the name of an arcade based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The name was chosen due to the fact that this arcade specializes in pinball machines, with a 10,000 sq. ft. space filled with pinballs.    

Why Pinball Hall of Fame Is A Great Arcade Business Name

Some arcades specialize in one particular type of machine, like pinball machines. Pinball Hall of Fame is a great name for a place like this, as it clearly informs people what they can expect to find inside and will instantly appeal to pinball fans.

How to Create Your Own Arcade Business Names

Get into the Mind of a Gamer

As stated earlier on, if you’re setting up an arcade, you need to be able to connect with gamers. Gamers are going to be your primary audience, after all, and it helps if you can find phrases and words that connect with gamers on a personal level in order to draw them to your business. So, when coming up with arcade business name ideas or using our arcade business name generator, try to focus on game-related phrases like High Score, Game Over, and Final Boss. Or think of your own fun and unique ways to connect with game lovers.

Focus on Fun and Excitement 

Arcades are some of the most exciting places for people to spend their time. They’re vibrant, lively, and unpredictable, with lots of fun experiences and futuristic decorations all around. That’s why you definitely won’t want to opt for a dull or boring-sounding name, as this can quickly put people off from entering your arcade. Instead, embrace the fun side of the business and try to find an exciting, engaging name that really shows what a great place your arcade is.

Highlight Your Specialty 

Does your arcade have a specialty or particular focus? If so, you may want to mention it as part of your arcade’s name. For example, you might be setting up an arcade filled exclusively with retro games from the 80s, in which case you could use names like Retro City and 80s Gamers to show people what your arcade is all about. Or, you could be setting up a pinball-oriented arcade or a futuristic arcade that focuses on the latest VR experiences. Either way, identify your specialty and make it stand out with a super arcade name.

Consider a Retro Name

Another way you might like to name your video game arcade is with a classic retro name. After all, arcades were at their most popular in the 80s and 90s and were a big part of many people’s childhoods. Nowadays, a lot of the best arcades are filled with classic machines from the past and have retro vibes to appeal to older customers who want to relive those happy days. This is why names like Eighty Two work so well, and a retro name could be your arcade’s ticket to success, too.

Use the Arcade Business Name Generator 

If you want to make arcade business name ideas quickly and conveniently, there’s no better tool to use than our very own arcade business name generator. The BizNameWiz arcade business name generator can give you hundreds of name ideas to suit every kind of arcade, from pinball havens to retro game hubs to arcade bars and more. Type a word into our arcade business name generator and hit the Generate button to see how it works.


So, if you’re ready to set up your own arcade and take players into other worlds of action and adventure, make sure to use the tips and tricks listed above to find the very best possible name. And don’t forget to use our arcade business name generator to give you even more ideas and inspiration, too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are lots of ways to name an arcade business, but the key is to focus on finding a name that sounds fun, engaging, and exciting. This is what will trigger people to step inside and play some games! It's also helpful to use game-related language in order to grab the attention of game lovers in your area.

Some examples of great real-world arcade names include Game Galaxy, Funspot, Pinball Hall of Fame, Eighty Two, Barcade, and Ground Kontrol.

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