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Top Brands:

Spotify: The world’s largest music streaming service. The name has no relevance to music, but due to its uniqueness, it has been invaluable in establishing a distinct brand.

iTunes: Meaning ‘internet tunes,’ the name was part of Apple’s broader naming strategy, starting with the iMac and ending with the iPhone.

Billboard: Conjuring a visual image, Billboards name is perfect for the type of company they are – a display of the world’s top music.

Rolling Stone: Named after a Muddy Waters song, which is the very same namesake of the band that shares its name. The magazine’s name has substantial weight behind it in the music industry due to this link.

MTV: ‘Music Television’. Their use of an acronym ensured that it was easy to remember, and led to it becoming an important part of pop-culture.

Soundcloud: A descriptive name that alludes to what they do: stream music, online.

Shazam : A company with an interesting name origin: it comes from the digits 2480, which are found on a traditional mobile phone. Shazam’s unique name has ensured little brand dilution.

Pandora: Another music streaming service, whose name originates from Greek mythology. It draws comparisons with ‘Pandora’s Box’ i.e. containing “all” the music of humankind.

Beats: A clever, distinguished name that relates directly to the industry they serve.

Tomorrowland: A famous festival whose name evokes their entire culture: a better future


Clientele & Interests:

The entire world listens to music, and each person has different tastes and preferences. If you set these differences aside, you will find some common partialities amongst music fans: they want to see their favorite genres being played live, listen to them on the best quality equipment possible and take their music with them wherever they go.


Concerts and gigs, popstars, music genres (pop, hip-hop, reggae, dance, electronic), festivals, top hits, headphones, speakers, nightclubs, dancing, live music, iPod, music listening device


Industry Related Words:

Pop, hip-hop, rock, reggae, dance, electronic, hits, top 40, gigs, concerts, shows, festivals, pop-stars, musicians, bands, DJ, guitar, drums, song, singing, lyrics, tunes, musical, stereo, radio, classics, melody, musician, heavy metal, blues, rap, jazz, salsa, soul, Eminem, jay-z, lady gaga, Taylor Swift, Adele, The Beatles, the rolling stones, music video, Rihanna, Beyoncé, the Notorious B.I.G, One Direction, Maroon Five, X-factor, American Idol, funk, harmony, bridge, chorus, folk, country, acoustic, instrumental, rock ‘n roll, beat, base, saxophone, piano, trumpet, singer, violin, tempo, rhythm, playlist, touring, artist, album, songstress, song writer

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Marketing to such a large target audience requires a very targeted strategy. Certain phrases and words do however stand out as being very efficient when trying to increase sales, subscriptions, and views.

Fresh, hot, talent, sold out, platinum, exciting, new album, young, star, undiscovered, Number 1 hit, tunes, beats

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jannick rybtke
jannick rybtke
06/12/2018 8:29 PM

Sunset Sound, Instasonic, Direct Audio

07/12/2018 12:01 AM

ozark, greenland

07/12/2018 6:12 PM

Sunset sound