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How to Create the Best Music Festival Business Name Ideas

Music festivals are some of the most exciting events of the year, and they can have all sorts of fun names, from Lollapalooza and Coachella to Rock Fest and Monsters of Rock. But how do you come up with these kinds of music festival names?

Well, one simple way is to use our very own music festival name generator. The BizNameWiz music festival name generator can make hundreds of great music festival name ideas for you in a matter of seconds, all with the click of a button.

If you prefer to create your own music festival names or have a very specific idea in mind, the guide below will help you out. In it, we’ll look at tips, tricks, and techniques for making music festival name ideas, as well as analyze some real-world music festival names, like Download and Tomorrowland.

By the end of this guide, you should have a much better idea about how to create music festival name ideas, and you should be ready to pick the perfect name for your new festival idea, too.

15 Exciting Music Festival Name Ideas

Choose a name that is equally exciting and expressive!

Music festivals are supposed to be exciting, outrageous events where people dance, sing, and go wild. With that in mind, it makes sense to choose a name that is equally exciting and expressive. Here are some exciting music festival name ideas for the music of various genres, from pop to punk rock.

  • Ultrafest  
  • Valleyfest   
  • FutureSound  
  • Beat Explosion   
  • Hometown Sound   
  • Chorella  
  • Starstock   
  • Happy Day Festival    
  • Blastoff  
  • Love Life Music
  • Pop Rock Fiesta   
  • The Pop Party 
  • Summer Sound 
  • Night of Sound
  • Firework Fest

Tips for Creating Exciting Music Festival Name Ideas

If you want your music festival name ideas to sound fresh, bold, and exciting, you need to use words that are vibrant and lively. Words like the beat, sound, party, and fest can all work well to get the message across, while bold words like ultra, explosion, firework, blast, and love can be great for giving your music festival names some life and power. You may even want to imitate fests of the best by creating a totally unique name with a suffix like -ella or -ooza.

15 Rock and Metal Music Festival Names

Rock and roll will never die, and there are plenty of great music festivals out there dedicated entirely to rock and metal music. If you’re setting up a rock music festival, you’ll want to make sure you choose a name that will appeal to the rock crowd. Here are some great music festival name ideas to get you started.

  • Never Stop Rockin’
  • Rock On
  • Those About to Rock
  • The Hall of Fame
  • Rockin’ Riot   
  • The Rock Prom   
  • Metal Madness  
  • The Devil’s Horns Blowout   
  • Rock Revolt   
  • Anarchy Fest
  • Hell on Earth
  • Rise of the Rockers
  • Up To 11
  • Rock Til You Drop 
  • The Valley Rockout

Tips for Creating Rock and Metal Music Festival Names

When creating music festival names for rock and metal fans, you need to use words, terms, and phrases that will have a special place in the hearts of rockers and metalheads. Words like the devil, hell, anarchy, and riot can work well here since rock music is often associated with rebellious ideas and metal is often linked with dark imagery. You may even want to take classic rock song names or lines, like “For Those About to Rock” to use as inspiration when naming your rock festival.

15 Dance and Electronic Music Festival Name Ideas

What about dance music festival name ideas? Well, there are plenty of great dance music festivals out there and festivals focused on electronic and trance music, too. Here are some music festival names that were created with these genres in mind.

  • Transcendance    
  • BeatCity   
  • Don’t Stop Dancing   
  • House Party   
  • ElectroFest
  • Dance Detonation
  • ascenDANCE
  • Electric Harmony    
  • The Full Spectrum Fest   
  • SoundWave   
  • TransientFest   
  • Velocity   
  • Vortex   
  • Quantic  
  • Degrees of Sound

Tips for Creating Dance and Electronic Music Festival Name Ideas

If you’d like to create fun musical festival name ideas for dance and electronic music fans, it’s a good idea to use words that will appeal to lovers of this kind of music. Digital or futuristic-sounding words can work well, including things like spectrum, soundwave, vortex, and transient. You may also want to use words that can be modified slightly to include “dance” in them, like Transcendance or Ascendance.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Musolaza
  • Electric Harmony
  • Futurea
  • Trident
  • SoundX
  • HomeBound
  • SuperFest
  • Hell on Earth
  • Hello Neighbour
  • The Paddock
  • Soul Harvest
  • Chamber 3
  • Lavender Isles
  • Rise Festival
  • Rocky Pop
  • Popex Musicals
  • PopZilla
  • Pop Timbre
  • Pop Supreme
  • Pop Vinyl
  • Jazz Carousel
  • Wild Funk
  • FunkPrism
  • Jazz Kawali
  • Funk Fisheye
  • Faux Funk
  • Dance Heroic
  • DanceOcity
  • Jazz Retreat
  • Loud Rotation
  • Crucial Beats
  • Alt Attack
  • Modulation
  • Loaded Down
  • Mustang Fiesta
  • Music Tyrant
  • Overdub Gala
  • Unbottle
  • Escucha
  • Kuunella
  • Unhinged
  • SwaggerFest
  • PossiblePop
  • Wireless Blues

Real-World Music Festival Business Names Analysis

If you need a little inspiration when naming your music festival, why not look at some real-world music festivals? This can be a really effective way of learning some good naming strategies and discovering ideas and stories that may be able to help in naming your festival. Here are some real music festival names and explanations of where they come from and why they’re so effective.


How Tomorrowland Got Its Name
Tomorrowland is the name of one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals. It has been held annually in Belgium since 2005, and the name was chosen to reflect the sci-fi, futuristic nature of dance and electronic music.

Why Tomorrowland Is A Great Music Festival Business Name
Tomorrowland is fun and fantasy-style music festival name which almost makes this festival sound like it arrived from the future. It’s perfect for appealing to lovers of dance and electronic music and is easy to remember, too.


How Lollapalooza Got Its Name
Lollapalooza is a music festival that was founded back in 1991 by Perry Farrell. The music festival’s name comes from a word, which can also be written like lollapalootza or lalapaloosa, meaning “an extraordinary or unusual thing or event”.

Why Lollapalooza Is A Great Music Festival Business Name
Lollapalooza is a really fun and unique music festival name as it’s such an unusual and rarely-heard word. The name can also mean “giant lollipop”, which has helped to create lots of fun branding and marketing imagery for the festival too.

Electric Zoo

How Electric Zoo Got Its Name
Electric Zoo is the name of an annual electronic music festival based in New York City. The festival is dedicated to electronic music, hence the name Electric Zoo.

Why Electric Zoo Is A Great Music Festival Business Name
Electric Zoo is another lively and vibrant music festival name that immediately conjures certain ideas and images in people’s minds. It has instant appeal for electronic music fans and is highly memorable, too.

Most Successful Music Festival Business Names


How Coachella Got Its Name
Coachella is the name of one of the biggest and most famous music festivals of all. First organized in 1999, the festival is named after the Coachella Valley, in which it is held.

Why Chanel Is A Great Music Festival Business Name
Coachella is a really simple music festival name that was simply copied from the name in which it is held. This shows that you don’t necessarily need to spend hours thinking of creative music festival names; you can instead take inspiration from your venue or host location.


How Summerfest Got Its Name
Summerfest is an annual music festival held in Milwaukee. It was first held in 1968 and the name comes from the fact that Summerfest always occurs in the summer months.

Why Summerfest Is A Great Music Festival Business Name
Summerfest is a super simple and short music festival name that is easy to remember. It’s also highly evocative, as the word “summer” immediately makes people think about fun events, warm weather, sunshine, and the outdoors.


How Download Got Its Name
Download is the name of a UK festival dedicated to rock and metal music. It’s the most popular summer festival of its kind in the UK, and the name was chosen for two main reasons: firstly, the idea of “downloading music” was not very popular with music industry professionals at the time, so using the word “Download” gave the festival a rebellious edge. And secondly, the festival was designed to be more of a modern, 21st-century iteration of the older Monsters of Rock festival, so “Download” seemed like an appropriate name to choose.

Why Download Is A Great Music Festival Business Name
The concept of downloading has become hugely associated with the world of music over the years, so this name works well and is highly relevant to today’s rock and metal scene. It’s also a one-word name, which makes it easy to remember.

How to Create Your Own Music Festival Business Names

Be Creative 

Imagination can be a really powerful force when it comes to naming a music festival, so don’t be afraid to be creative. Some of the best music festival names throughout history are also some of the most creative and unusual ones, from Lollapalooza to Electric Zoo, Primavera Sound, BottleRock, and Firefly Music Festival. So, if you want your music festival name to be memorable, exciting, and engaging, try to push your imagination to its limits and pick words and sounds that are fun and fresh.

Be Creative!

Take Inspiration from History or Surroundings

A lot of famous music festival names have real stories behind them and are inspired by local area names or certain parts of musical history. Coachella, for example, is named after the Coachella Valley, in which it is held, while the legendary festival Woodstock was named due to the style of music found in the Woodstock area of New York. Think about where you plan to host your festival and what kinds of historical elements or stories you can include in the name somehow.

Choose Fun and Lively Words

When people think about music festivals, they think about loud sounds, roaring crowds, people dancing, happy laughter, and other vibrant, lively, positive emotions and sensations. It makes sense, therefore, to choose a name that evokes these kinds of ideas, images, and feelings. By using powerful and fun words in your name, you can make your music festival sound like an exciting and vibrant event. On the other hand, if you choose dull or bland words, the party might not even get started.

Choose fun and lively words!

Check for the Website Address and Social Media Profiles

In order to market your music festival and get people to attend, you’ll need to have the appropriate website URL address and social media account names. So, before you confirm the name, take some time to check online and see if the relevant addresses and names are still available. If the name has already been claimed, it will be a lot harder to market your music festival successfully, so you may want to go back and pick a different name instead.

Use the BizNameWiz Music Festival Name Generator

Ever wish there was a magical tool that could make music festival names just for you? Well, there is! The BizNameWiz music festival name generator is the only tool you need to make awesome, engaging music festival names in a matter of minutes. To use the music festival name generator, simply type a word or several words into the box provided, then click Generate. The music festival name generator will create festival names based on the words provided.


So, whether you’re planning the next big rock and roll festival, an annual dance party, or a festival to showcase jazz music in your local area, we hope that this guide and the music festival name generator have proven to be useful. Remember to take your time, use your imagination, and pick a name you really love.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many methods you can use for making music festival names. One method is to simply take inspiration from the local area and use place names for your festival name. Another method is to use words that are related to the genre of music you plan to have at the festival. It's also wise to use fun, lively words that make people think about music and dancing.

There are lots of great examples of music festival names, from Lollapalooza to Download, Monsters of Rock, Glastonbury, Coachella, Summerfest, and Electric Zoo.

The music festival name generator is a really simple tool to use, and it's totally free. Just type a word or two into the box provided and click Generate. That's it! The music festival name generator will automatically make names for you based on the words you entered.
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