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How to Name an Automation Business

Automation is changing the world as we know it in so many different ways, with automation apps and technologies able to carry out processes on their own, saving humans tons of time and effort and making countless systems much more efficient and reliable.

Because of this, a lot of savvy entrepreneurs are getting involved in the automation industry and creating their own automation apps, businesses, and platforms. If you’re planning something similar, we’ll help you make the best automation business names for your new venture.

You can read through the guide below for examples of automation business name ideas, as well as finding out tips and tricks to make your own automation business names. Plus, you can use our automation business name generator to make hundreds more automation business name ideas in no time at all.

15 Concise and Catchy Automation Business Name Ideas

 Create concise and catchy names!

Across many industries, it’s common for business names to be quite short and catchy, often consisting of just one or two words. This is because shorter names tend to be much more memorable, and if your business name is easy to remember, you should have a simpler time gaining customers and growing your brand. Here are some short and catchy automation business name ideas.

  • Accurate Automation   
  • InAutomation   
  • All-Star Automate   
  • RobotAutomation  
  • A+ Automation   
  • Automation Action   
  • Essence Automation   
  • Efficient Automation   
  • Upgrade Automation  
  • AutoManage   
  • AutoEfficient   
  • Build Progress   
  • Faster Tasks   
  • Total Completion   
  • Up Efficiency

How to Create Concise and Catchy Automation Business Name Ideas

If you want to create automation business names that are concise and catchy, try to limit yourself to a maximum of two words. Don’t use needless words or conjunctions like “and”, and try to use words that are relatively short and simple, too. You may also want to make use of words that rhyme or start with the same letter to make your name even catchier, and you can use the automation business name generator to make more ideas. 

15 Futuristic Automation Business Name Ideas

Automation is still quite a futuristic concept, and it’s clearly going to play an increasingly important role in future society. So, it’s not a bad idea to give your automation app, platform or business a futuristic name. Here are some automation business name ideas that sound like they came from the future.

  • Cutting Edge Automation 
  • Next Level Automation
  • Quantic Automation 
  • Quantum Apex  
  • Efficienizer 
  • ElectroEfficient 
  • Astral Automation 
  • CosmiCompletion
  • Sleek Solutions 
  • Automaster
  • AutoEvolution
  • Generation Automation
  • Beyond Automation 
  • Escape Automation 
  • Space Automation

How to Create Futuristic Automation Business Name Ideas

If you want your automation business name ideas to sound modern and futuristic, it’s important to choose your words carefully. Try to find words that are associated with the future or almost have a science-fiction vibe, such as cutting-edge, quantum, apex, cosmic, and astral. Enter one or more of these words into our automation business name generator for even more ideas.

15 Sleek Automation Business Names for Automation Apps

Another great way to get into the automation industry is through app development. You could develop apps and software solutions that provide individuals or businesses with automation services. Here are a few possible automation business name ideas you can use for apps.

  • Automates  
  • Task Masters   
  • AutoM8  
  • Automaton   
  • AutoDroid   
  • Task X  
  • AutoAction   
  • Actionate  
  • AutoPals   
  • Completion  
  • Simpl.ify   
  • iAutomate  
  • Faster   
  • SpeedUp  
  • Efficienate

How to Create Sleek Automation Business Names for Automation Apps

If you’re setting up a brand new automation app, it’s a good idea to try and focus on short and snappy names. A lot of apps tend to have short names that quickly and conveniently convey what they do, as people don’t usually want to spend too much time reading lengthy app names on places like the App Store. Again, consider using the automation business name generator for even more inspiration.

 Focus on short and snappy names!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Excel Equipment
  • Professional Process
  • AutoSpeeds
  • AutoGro
  • Set in Motion
  • Automated Magic
  • Well Equipped
  • TimeSavers
  • Automates
  • Perfect Process
  • Auto in Action
  • Perfected Process
  • PROcess
  • Automanage
  • Atlantic Automation
  • Making Moves
  • Making Movement
  • Automated Action
  • Auto Mates
  • Automation Plus
  • A1 Automation
  • Active Automation
  • ABC Automation
  • Basic Automation
  • Control Automation
  • Central Automation
  • Automated Bliss
  • Clear Automation
  • Crucial Automation
  • Automated Energy
  • AutoStar
  • AutoTime
  • AutoExpert
  • Mation Nation
  • Mation Station
  • Automation Station
  • ‘Mation Plantation
  • AutoPro
  • ProAuto
  • ProMation
  • ProAutomation
  • Expert Automation
  • AutoPerfection
  • Perfect Auto
  • Perfect ‘Mation

The Best Real-World Automation Business Names

Sometimes, if you want a little insight or inspiration to help in naming your automation company, it can be helpful to take a look at real-world businesses and think about how and why they chose their names. In this section, we’ll look at some of the best and most popular automation names and break them down to see how and why they work so well.

Action Blocks

The Origin of Action Blocks’ Name

Action Blocks is the name of a free and simple automation app provided by one of the biggest brands in the world: Google. The app works with the help of the Google Assistant to automatically carry out tasks at certain times throughout the day, like switching on smart devices in your home or issuing alerts and reminders. The name was chosen to reflect the individual “blocks” that you can set up in the app.   

Why Action Blocks Is A Great Automation Business Name

Action Blocks is a really clever and effective automation app name. It clearly conveys what the app actually does, while also being short and catchy for people to easily remember.


The Origin of AutomateIt’s Name  

AutomateIt is another successful and popular automation app you can download to your phone or tablet. It’s designed to automatically do certain functions on your device, like adjusting the screen brightness at set times or adjusting the volume automatically in certain situations. The name reflects the app’s main focus on automation.   

Why AutomateIt Is A Great Automation Business Name

AutomateIt is a really short and snappy automation app name that is super clear and really easy to remember. It’s one of the best names for an app and really stands out.


The Origin of Tasker’s Name

Tasker is one of the leading automation apps available on the Android platform. It can carry out a huge range of functions and tasks on its own to adjust settings and features on your device automatically in different situations. The name for Tasker was chosen based on the huge array of tasks it can accomplish.    

Why Tasker Is A Great Automation Business Name

The best app names tend to be really short and often include some kind of action word, and Tasker is a perfect example of this. As soon as you hear the name of this app, you get the idea that it’s effective and can carry out tasks on your behalf to save you time.

Most Successful Automation Business Names

Rockwell Automation

The Origin of Rockwell Automation’s Name

Rockwell Automation is one of the biggest and best-known automation companies on the planet, with dozens of offices all around the world. The company offers a wide array of automation solutions.    

Why Rockwell Automation Is A Great Automation Business Name

Rockwell Automation is a clear and simple name that includes the word “Automation” in order to clearly tell people what the company does and help customers track it down more easily.


The Origin of FastScale’s Name

FastScale is an automation company based in California and founded in 2016. The company is doing a lot of work in terms of providing software to minimize bloat in data centers and make IT managers’ lives easier through automation. The name “FastScale” was chosen to show how the company can help businesses scale up or down more quickly.   

Why FastScale Is A Great Automation Business Name

FastScale is a great automation business name. It doesn’t include the word “automate” anywhere in its name, but it still includes relevant terms and delivers a message about what it has to offer.

Network Automation

The Origin of Network Automation’s Name

Network Automation is one of the biggest automation companies focused on business process automation and networking automation.    

Why Network Automation Is A Great Automation Business Name

Network Automation is a very simple name, telling customers exactly what the business does. It conveys a sense of authority and professionalism that has helped this company develop into a major player in the automation sector.

Tips and Tricks for Naming Production Companies

Use Technical Terms

When you’re coming up with any kind of tech-related business names, including automation business name ideas, it’s a good idea to make use of relevant words and terms connected to the technology you want to make and provide. This way, you’ll be able to quickly attract the attention of people or businesses who are searching for that sort of tech. So try to use automation-related words and phrases in your automation business name ideas.

Give Customers a Reason to Choose You 

Give customers a reason to choose you!

The automation industry is expanding all the time, with more and more companies setting up in this space and competition levels always rising. And as competition increases, it becomes more important than ever for individual companies to take extra steps in order to stand out. In other words, if you want to succeed with your new automation business, you’ll need to have a unique name that gives people a reason to choose your brand over all the others out there.

Avoid Lengthy or Convoluted Names

Studies and surveys show that short business names are much easier for the average person to remember. And if people can remember your name, they’ll be much more likely to talk about it with their friends, recommend it to their business colleagues, and so on. So, if you want to build brand awareness as quickly as possible, opt for a short and simple name. You may also want to use rhyming words or similar-sounding words to make your business name extra catchy.

Always Confirm Availability 

It’s always important to check whether or not your chosen automation business name is actually available. Very often, entrepreneurs and business owners think that they’ve found the perfect name, only to discover that another company has already claimed it. So, take the time to Google your chosen name and see if it’s free. If it does appear to be free, make sure to claim it quickly and claim all of the relevant social media profiles, in addition to the official website URL.

Try Our Automation Business Name Generator

Coming up with automation business names can be a challenge, but the BizNameWiz automation business name generator is here to help. Our free-to-use automation business name generator can create thousands of name ideas for you in no time at all. All you’ve got to do is type a word or two into the box, like “automate” or “efficient” and then click the Generate button. The automation business name generator will then use the words you typed in to create a long list of automation business name ideas.


So, if you’re setting up a brand new automation business and looking for a great name to match, we hope that this guide has given you the tips, tricks, insight, and inspiration you need to choose the right one. Remember to use the automation business name generator if you want to speed up the naming process and always check availability before confirming your company’s name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are lots of different methods you can use to name any kind of business, including an automation business. In general, we recommend using relevant keywords, focusing on tech and efficiency, and trying to keep your name short and snappy in order to make it as memorable as possible for your audience.

There are tons of great automation business names already being used by companies such as FastScale, Action Blocks, Tasker, and AutomateIt.

If you'd like to use our automation business name generator, here's how it works: think of a word, or several words, which sum up what your business has to offer. Type your chosen word(s) into the box provided at the top of this page, and then click on the Generate button. The automation business name generator will make tons of great name ideas inspired by your input.
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