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The Best Automotive Names

The automotive industry is a prosperous one, and there will always be a need for automobile dealerships, auto repair shops, and other auto businesses. Plus, in today’s world, there are many ways you can get involved in this industry online, such as setting up an auto-oriented channel or blog.

However, in order to succeed in the car and auto industry, you need to make use of the best automotive business names. Our automotive business name generator can help. This simple, free-to-use tool can give you hundreds of automotive business name ideas in an instant.

In this guide, we’ll also look at some of our favorite automotive business name ideas, as well as looking at a few tricks and tips you can use to create the best automotive business names. Plus, we’ll analyze some real world automotive business names to see why they work so well.

15 Catchy and Cool Automotive Business Name Ideas

In the automotive industry, having a cool and catchy name can really help your business stand out and be more successful. Here are some examples of catchy automotive business name ideas, covering everything from dealerships to repair shops.

  1. Auto Excellence 
  2. Premium Auto Parts 
  3. Ready to Repair 
  4. Amazing Autos 
  5. Affordable Automotive 
  6. Eco Auto 
  7. Zoom Vroom Auto 
  8. Always Ready Auto 
  9. Luxe Auto 
  10. The Auto Hospital 
  11. Full-Service Auto  
  12. Total Car Care 
  13. The Friendly Garage
  14. State-of-the-Art Auto
  15. Trusted and True Auto

Tips for Creating Catchy and Cool Automotive Business Name Ideas

If you want to create automotive business names that stand out from the crowd and demand attention, it’s a good idea to make use of powerful, evocative words that are associated with the auto industry. Words such as parts, repairs, auto, and cars will clearly demonstrate what your business is all about. Combining these kinds of words with powerful adjectives like rapid, reliable, affordable, premium, or luxury can help you make super automotive business names.

15 Automotive Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

If you want to create automotive business names that are memorable and catchy, it’s a good idea to make use of words that work well together and flow nicely when spoken out loud. Words that rhyme or begin with the same letter (alliteration) tend to work well. Here are some examples.

  1. Amazing Auto 
  2. All Auto Needs 
  3. Classic Cars 
  4. Complete Car Care 
  5. Cars & Parts 
  6. Repair with Care 
  7. Truck Treasure Trove 
  8. ASAP Automotive 
  9. Excellence in Engines 
  10. The Car Crew 
  11. Real Repairs 
  12. All-Star Automotive 
  13. The Garage Gang
  14. The Discount Dealership 
  15. The Dependable Dealer

Tips for Creating Automotive Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

How to create automotive business name ideas? Well, all you have to do is think of some key words that express your business’ values, products, services, and unique selling points. Then, take those words and find similar-sounding words that you can use to build great names. Try using our automotive business name generator if you need a little extra help or inspiration.

15 Automotive Business Name Ideas for Auto Channels and Blogs

Thanks to the power of the internet, auto experts and people who are passionate about cars can create all sorts of online automotive businesses, from YouTube channels dedicated to the latest cars to blogs and online magazines all about automobiles. Here are some names to help you stand out from the crowd in the digital space.

  1. The Engine Room
  2. The Driving Seat
  3. The Driver’s Club 
  4. Daily Car News  
  5. The Daily Drive   
  6. Exotic Auto   
  7. High-End Cars 
  8. All About Automobiles
  9. AutoVideo
  10. The Motor Crew 
  11. The Car Guys 
  12. iGarage 
  13. AllOnAuto
  14. Retro Auto Info
  15. Wheelz

Tips for Creating Automotive Business Name Ideas for Auto Channels and Blogs

The key to creating automotive business name ideas is to be creative and think outside of the box. There are so many auto channels and blogs and websites nowadays, so you have to be different if you want to stand out and get attention. Try to find words that are unique and out of the ordinary to describe your brand, and don’t be afraid to make your own words and combine words together in unexpected ways.

Some other new name ideas for you:

  • The Automotive Pros
  • The Automotive Guys
  • The Car People
  • The Car Doctors
  • Mr. Automotive
  • The Car Whisperer
  • One Stop Automotive
  • Discount Automotive
  • The Car Collective
  • Five Star Automotive
  • Gold Medal Automotive
  • Ride for Life Auto
  • All Things Auto
  • Automotive Experts
  • New Age Automotive
  • Innovative Auto
  • The Honest Automotive
  • Family Auto
  • Neighborhood Auto
  • The Corner Automotive
  • All About Auto
  • Barely Used
  • Just a Scratch
  • Barely a Dent
  • Fender’s Benders
  • Four Tires and a Bumper
  • Street Smarts
  • Street Smartz
  • StreetSmart
  • Pavement Pros
  • ProAuto
  • Professional Auto Dealers
  • Auto Mart
  • Auto Hut
  • Auto Club
  • AutoCity
  • AutoTown
  • AuTOWNmobile
  • CarShoppe
  • CreditCARs
  • Wheely Automobily
  • MatriX
  • RetroTruX
  • Automotive Angels
  • Quick Scan Auto
  • Full Service Auto
  • Guaranteed Auto
  • The Car Hospital
  • Car Caretakes
  • Rims & tires
  • Devine auto shop
  • Fasthands auto
  • Sync automechanics
  • Sound machine auto
  • Truth auto shop
  • Raw Machine auto
  • Tested & Trusted auto
  • Drone Mechanics
  • Aerial mechanical shop
  • Auto-breaks mechanics
  • Flawless car repairs
  • Great hands repairs
  • Xtream repairs
  • Mild touch repairs
  • Ideal auto shop
  • Moving cars repairs
  • New-land car garage
  • Transit-ion garage
  • Dream motors
  • Alloy rims
  • Golden rims
  • Heartland garage

The Best Real-World Automotive Business Names

Another super method for finding awesome automotive business name ideas is to take a look at some real-world businesses and see what kinds of strategies they used to make their names. Here are a few of our favorite examples from the real world.

Honest-1 Auto Care

How Honest-1 Auto Care Got Its Name

Honest-1 Auto Care is one of the biggest auto repair shop chains in the United States, with dozens of locations around the country. Its name was chosen to reflect its honest approach to car care and its eco-friendly status, too.

Why Honest-1 Auto Care Is A Great Automotive Name

Honest-1 Auto Care is a super auto repair shop name, as it makes use of a very powerful word: “Honest”. When looking for auto repairs, most people are careful and cautious, as they don’t want to be tricked or taken advantage of, so they’ll be drawn to a brand that markets itself as honest and clearly prides itself on customer care.

Mighty Car Mods

How Mighty Car Mods Got Its Name

Mighty Car Mods is the name of a successful auto YouTube channel that focuses on modifying cars in a range of exciting and unexpected ways. The name perfectly describes what the channel is all about.

Why Mighty Car Mods Is A Great Automotive Name

Mighty Car Mods works well as it’s a clear, simple, and honest name. It completely captures what the channel is all about, so viewers won’t be confused or misled in any way. Plus, there’s a little bit of alliteration in the name, which helps to make it even more memorable.


How Petrolicious Got Its Name 

Petrolicious is an auto website and blog written by car fans, for car fans. The name was chosen by blending the words “Petrol” and “Delicious” into one.

Why Petrolicious Is A Great Automotive Name

Petrolicious is a fun and lighthearted name that instantly catches our attention and stands out from the crowd. It’s different from so many other sites about cars, and it is just one word, which helps to make it really easy to remember, perfect for the digital space.

Most Successful Automotive Business Names


How AutoTrader Got Its Name

AutoTrader is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell cars, hence the name.

Why AutoTrader Is A Great Automotive Name

AutoTrader works well as it tells us exactly what the site is all about with just one word. It’s a perfect example of the “Less is more” approach to business naming strategy, in which short, one-word names can be used to convey lots of useful information.

Car & Driver

How Car & Driver Got Its Name

Car & Driver is the name of one of the most popular car-oriented magazines and websites in the world. The business’ name reflects the focus of the magazine on cars and drivers.

Why Car & Driver Is A Great Automotive Name

Car & Driver is an example of a very clear and direct name that gets a message across to people quickly and efficiently. This name shows that you don’t need to make a name that is too long or confusing, and the simplest of names can sometimes be the most effective.

Precision Tune Auto Care

How Precision Tune Auto Care Got Its Name

Precision Tune Auto Care is one of the biggest and most successful auto repair and maintenance franchises in the world, with hundreds of locations in the US. The name originally was chosen to describe how the brand provided a range of precise tune-up services but is still relevant today after the company has made the move into offering a wide range of repair and maintenance services to its clients. 

Why Precision Tune Auto Care Is A Great Automotive Name

Precision Tune Auto Care is a little longer than many of the other real-world names we’ve looked at, but every word in the name has been carefully selected in order to provide people with information about the business. And the use of “Precision” is particularly important, as precision is a value that people really care about when seeking auto services and repairs.

Tips for Creating Your Own Automotive Business Name

Keep it Simple and To-The-Point

When we look at a lot of auto shop names, dealership names, and other auto business names in the real world, we can see that many of them are very short, simple, and direct. In some industries, it can pay off to use complex words and unusual phrases to describe your business, but in the automotive industry, where people are looking for essential goods and services, it’s usually best to keep things simple and try to deliver a clear, informative message through your business’ name.

Focus on What Makes Your Business Great

Another good tip to keep in mind when naming your car or automotive business is to try and focus on the one thing that makes your business special. Maybe you aim to offer the friendliest standards of customer service, for example, in which case, words like friendly, courteous, happy, and smile could be useful in your business name. Or maybe you specialize in the most high-end vehicles, in which case, words like elegant, top, elite, and superior could be useful to you.

Be Original 

There are lots of car companies and automotive businesses out there, and if you want to succeed in this industry, it helps to have a name that stands out from the crowd. This is especially relevant for people who are trying to set up online auto businesses, as originality and creativity are highly valued in the digital world. So, one thing you might like to try is to make use of words that are a little different and not as commonly used to build your business name.

Check Availability

It’s always a good idea to check that the name you want to use is actually available, as well as make sure that the various website addresses and social media profile names are also available, before claiming a name and making it official for your business. If the name has already been taken, you could struggle to market your brand and you could even end up in legal trouble, so it’s always recommended to do some research and find out if your name has been taken before you claim it.

Use the Automotive Business Name Generator

If you’re looking for a helping hand with creating automotive business names, take a look at the automotive business name generator from BizNameWiz. Our automotive business name generator is a free, easy-to-use tool that can generate countless business name ideas for you in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is type some words into the box provided, then press the Generate button. The automotive business name generator will then create a long list of names based on your input.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are plenty of great names for auto businesses, and it all depends on the type of business in question. Fun names like Petrolicious and Mighty Car Mods can work well for things like websites, blogs, and YouTube channels, while more informative, direct names like Honest-1 Auto Care can work well for auto repair shops.

There are lots of methods you can use to name your car business. In general, it's a good idea to focus on powerful, effective words that are associated with the automotive industry and help to inform people about what your business is all about. It can also be useful to use techniques like rhyming and alliteration to make your name more memorable.

Absolutely, the automotive business name generator is completely free for all. Just type some words into the automotive business name generator, click Generate, and read through the list of name ideas provided for you.
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