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Hi! Naming wizard Kurt here, and the first car I ever fell in love with was my silver 1968 Mustang. I called her Eleanor and took her across every long stretch of road I could find. She saw America with me. And although we had disagreements here and there on how much gas Eleanor should be using per trip, I wouldn’t trade her in for the world.

She wasn’t just an automobile to me — she was my castle on wheels.

At Biz Name Wiz we see a lot of auto-related companies cruising for that perfect name. Something that says Vroom-Vroom and PedalWirez.

The need is different for every client. One place might be all about motorcycles where another only deals with auto-repair. But the goal is the same. They want a hot name just like you.

The automotive industry is HUGE and it’s easy for companies to disappear into the crowd without the perfect business name. 

Top Brands:

TopGear: A smart name, which their target audience appreciates: the ‘top gear’ in a car is the gear in which the car drives its fastest.

Ferrari: The world’s most valuable car company. They have created their brand around prestige, exclusivity, and the color red.

Formula One: ‘Formula’ stands for the technical and scientific aspects of the sport, while ‘one’ means being the best and is indicative of a race.

NASCAR: An acronym for ‘National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing’, NASCAR is unique, explanatory and easy to pronounce.

Tesla: Named after the great inventor Nikoli Tesla, it speaks to the culture of the company; being inventive and always innovative. There is also the undeniable link between their electrical cars and Tesla’s electrical innovation.

Le Mans: Named after the race track, the Le Mans 24-hour race is the bench market for car efficiency and is a prestigious award.

Toyota: Known almost exclusively for their reliability and safety, Toyota is a trusted name in car industry with a strong manufacturing history.

Ford: An iconic America brand that is linked to national pride, which is a great position for a company to be in.

Rolls-Royce: A brand that practically screams luxury, even in their alliterated name. The company has carved out a niche in the automotive market.

Hummer: A diminutive of the military vehicle the Humvee, the name gives the car an unparalleled ‘badass’ factor, helping lead it to massive growth and widespread appeal.


Clientele & interests:

Everyone drives a car, and everyone has different means and tastes. Most buyers of automotive vehicles look for a combination of the following things:

Cars, racing, road tripping, camping, speed, luxury, independence, technology, mechanics, family safety, experiences, appearance, NCAP rating, links to their own identity.

Industry related words:

Car, motor, auto, automotive, engine, wheels, tires, body, steering wheel, racing, drag-racing, formula one, NASCAR, Tesla, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Honda, Audi, BMW, Toyota, KIA, Subaru, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Renault, Ford, ute, truck, pick-up, le mans, electrical, turbo charged, v6, v8, v12, efficient, fuel economy, Michelin, top speed, 0-100kmph, 0-60mph, acceleration, Need for Speed, Forza, Firestone, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop, Yokohama, Bentley, insurance, performance, GPS, navigation, Chevrolet, fuel, petrol, diesel, rims, transmission, manual, automatic, body parts, road-trip, sedan, hatchback, crossover, SUV, 4×4, 4 wheel drive, van, camper, roadster, sticker price, asking price, second-hand, futuristic, front-wheel-drive, affordable, interior, model, mileage, motorcycle, driver, drafting, horsepower, coupe, crash rating, carbon fiber, alloys, air injection, convertible, rev, ride, performance.

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

When marketing vehicles, even when they are as different as a Ferrari is to a second-hand van, dealerships and car companies peddle the same benefits and perks.

Fast, fuel efficient, safe, thrill, luxury, ultimate driving machine, all-new, breathtaking, car of the year, NCAP rating, spacious, comfortable, prestige, dynamic, 5-speed, 6-speed, affordable, customizable, family-friendly, high-agility, low-emission, elegant, economical, acceleration.

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Dilan Villarreal
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