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Best Balloon Business Name Ideas

Best Balloon Business Name Ideas

Everyone loves to have balloons at special occasions and events. According to the internet, we “love” balloons because they’re cheap and colorful. This is why parents tend to buy them for their kids. Children love to play with them, especially with friends at birthday parties. You can highlight this enjoyment in your business name to attract customers to your balloon services. 

Of course, the naming process isn’t easy and can take some time. But don’t worry, this guide is here to help you through it. From one-word names to fun names, you’re bound to find something that suits you. Just open our balloon business name generator and you should feel ready to go!

One-Word Balloon Business Name Ideas

One-word names usually engage with and resonate more with customers. They don’t have to remember complicated words when sharing the business name with family and friends. You can use a single word to describe your services, or you can combine two words if you want more detail in the name. For example, you might have a name like ‘Float!’ that relates to balloons.

You need to think of root words associated with ‘balloons’ and type those into the balloon business name generator. I chose the words ‘party’, ‘float’, ‘bright’ and ‘pop’ and chose the best names. Remember – select the ‘one word’ option from the filtered list before you begin!

  • BalloonoryX                             
  • Partytastic                          
  • Pophut 
  • Partyzen                                  
  • Poplance                            
  • Balloonporium 
  • Floatops                                  
  • Balloonworks                      
  • PartyLux 
  • BrightgeniX                            
  • Floatster                             
  • Brightify 
  • Popara                                    
  • Brightlaza                          
  • Floatnetic 

Tips For Creating One-Word Balloon Business Names 

Creating a one-word business name is very simple and easy. You don’t have to worry about long words or phrases that might not make sense to customers. Instead, you can think of creative ways to mash words together. For example, I combined the words ‘party’ and ‘fantastic’ to make the name ‘Partytastic’. Most of the creativity is up to you and your imagination! 

Rhyming Balloon Business Name Ideas

Rhyming names are good to use for a fun balloon business that represents enjoyment. This is because rhymes sound lyrically pleasing and will engage more with customers. You might have a full rhyming name like ‘Shop Pop’ that still relates to your root words. If you can’t find rhyming words, then use alliteration or half-rhymes, as they still count towards this literary technique! 

Rhyming names are good to use!

I used the same root words from earlier and popped them into the balloon business name generator. Then I selected the ‘rhyming’ option from the filtered list and chose the best names. Of course, not all of them will rhyme, but they’re still effective for your business. 

  • Fancy Float                              
  • Promote Float                     
  • Funky Float 
  • Pop Palace                              
  • Party Pops                           
  • Bright Burst 
  • Beauty Balloons                       
  • Balloon Bunny                     
  • Balloon Bazaar 
  • Party Porium                          
  • Pop Parade                        
  • Pop Shop 
  • Bright Balloons!                     
  • Bliss Balloons                   
  • Party Packers

Tips For Creating Rhyming Balloon Business Names 

You might need to spend more time thinking about creative rhyming names that highlight your products. The generator should help you find names that match your preferences. Just click ‘creative’, ‘kids’, ‘services’ and ‘crafts’ from the industry list to view more accurate results.

If you want exact rhymes for your root words, you can search for ‘words that rhyme with pop’ or whatever word you want to use! The more research you do, the more likely you’ll find words suitable for your business name.

Fun Balloon Business Name Ideas

Customers will always love fun names that get them excited for the balloon products. You can incorporate fun language into your name that represents the enjoyment of having balloons at special occasions. Puns and jokes can also be a good way of making your name sound fun, too. Just spend extra time researching fun language that strengthens your branding.

I chose some of the same root words and combined those with puns or fun vocabulary. You can use our balloon business name generator if you need more creative ideas. The filters should help you generate results that relate to your quirky and fun business!

  • Up Up and Away                     
  • Jungle Balloons                  
  • Kingdom Balloons
  • A Bright Bunch                        
  • Party Poppers                    
  • Bright Bounce 
  • Burst of Colors                        
  • Balloon It Up                       
  • Float Away 
  • Poppin’ Balloons                   
  • Party People!                      
  • Balloon Buggy
  • Just a Pop Away                    
  • Find Your Float                  
  • Cherry Berry Balloons

 Tips For Creating Fun Balloon Business Names 

You’re probably thinking – but how do I just think of fun names? Of course, these types of names require more creativity and planning. They won’t appear in front of you, sadly. But you can use this time to research other fun business names that intrigue you. What words do they use? Does the name interest you? Study their names and find out what catches your attention.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Latex Luxury
  • Elevated Elegance
  • Balloon Room
  • Festive Floaters
  • Balloon Swoon
  • Balloon Cocoon
  • Balloon Platoon
  • Balloon Lampoon
  • Glow and Blow
  • Fancy Floaters
  • Air Affair
  • In the Air
  • Balloon Boutique
  • Balloon Barn
  • B2B Balloons
  • B2Balloons
  • Floating Fun
  • Party Pop
  • Blow Below
  • Balloon Frenzy
  • Balloon Source
  • Balloons R Us
  • Better Balloons
  • Bigger Balloons
  • Bright Balloons
  • Balloon Fancy
  • Balloon Love
  • Float Balloons
  • Balloon Fly
  • Balloon Shop
  • Life Balloons
  • Luft Balloons
  • Flying High
  • Fly High
  • Up Up and Away
  • Up not Down
  • Flying Up
  • Floating Up
  • Float Up
  • Float Away
  • Latex Fun
  • Latex Dreams
  • DreamUp
  • PartyUp
  • PartyHigh

Best Real-World Balloon Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Now moving onto real-world business names, we will study how some names are effective for selling balloon products. Research is probably the most helpful thing you can do for your naming process. Just keep reading to find out why some business names are compelling!

Little Bananas Balloons

How did Little Bananas Balloons get its name?
Julie created this business because she fell in love “with the possibilities of what can be done with balloons”. They produce high-quality balloons for all kinds of occasions like birthdays, weddings, christenings and corporate events.

Why is Little Bananas Balloons a catchy business name?
This name may sound cute and childish (in a good way, of course) to parents who want balloons for children. The word ‘bananas’ strengthens the alliteration in this name and almost gives the business a quirky vibe. Customers are more likely to remember fun and interesting names!


How did Balloonland get its name?
Balloonland has been in the balloon industry for over 30 years. They sell balloons to both private and corporate customers that supply wedding receptions, christmas parties and more events. The name represents what the shop looks like – a colorful land full of balloons.

Why is Balloonland a catchy business name?
Joining the words ‘balloon’ and ‘land’ is a good way of enhancing the memorability. Customers usually remember one-word names that tell them what to expect. The word ‘land’ also helps people to imagine a large space full of balloons that have different colors and designs.

Bubblegum Balloons

How did Bubblegum Balloons get its name?
Laura, Sally and Megan created this business to “create a beautiful personalized gift for every special occasion”. They often called themselves the ‘bubblegum’ girls, which is where the name came from. This business wants to design balloons for a wide range of events!

 Make use of alliteration!

Why is Bubblegum Balloons a catchy business name?
This name uses a good example of alliteration. Customers that hear this name may create a tune out of it. Literary techniques like this one are often said to trigger the “musical” side of our brains. The word ‘bubblegum’ would also make people think of delicious sweets.

Most Successful Balloon Businesses

Successful Balloon Businesses

Galaxy Balloons

How did Galaxy Balloons get its name?
Galaxy Balloons was established in 1990 and is now a “leading supplier of decorated balloons”. They offer the most competitive pricing in the balloon industry. You can choose what designs and personalization you want on their website!

Why is Galaxy Balloons a catchy business name?
The word ‘galaxy’ would make people naturally think of space and planets. This is a good way of representing the vast amount of balloons they have with funky designs. ‘Galaxy’ can also highlight the intricate designs and how they’re unique for everyone.

Badass Balloon

How did Badass Balloon get its name?
Badass Balloon is a woman-owned business that was founded in 2016. They have “modernized childhood party staples” and stylish balloons that represent the ‘badass’ nature of their designs. Most of all – this business wanted to create an experience for people to enjoy in their events.

Why is Badass Balloon a catchy business name?
This is another alliterative name that works really well for the balloon products. The word ‘badass’ has positive connotations that highlight the ongoing motivation of this woman-owned business. Customers may feel intrigued by the power this name holds.

Cutie Balloons

How did Cutie Balloons get its name?
Cutie Balloons is a name that directly states the theme of this business. Judging by their website, they have ‘cute’ designs that range from hearts to cat faces. They also sell packages for larger events that want more luxurious party supplies.

Why is Cutie Balloons a catchy business name?
This is another name that might appeal to customers who want to buy balloons for their children. The word ‘cutie’ has more softer connotations that represent the lighthearted and sweet nature of this business. A name that describes the business is exactly what customers want.

3 Helpful Tips For Naming Your Balloon Business

So, now that you have more information on business names, you can start to think of a name that suits your balloon products. This won’t be a straightforward process, but it’s a challenging one that allows you to explore your inner creativity. The more time you spend planning, the more likely you’ll settle for a name that highlights your personality. But don’t worry too much about the challenges, because we created this section to help you on your naming journey. 

The main question is – how do you begin? Let’s start with grabbing pen and paper, or your computer if you prefer that. Just make sure you have the balloon business name generator open if you want to scan through ideas. Now, keep on reading to find three tips that can make your naming process so much easier!

Tip One: Research Balloon Business That Have Intriguing Names

Research is very important for gathering inspiration!

Research is very important for gathering inspiration. You can look at the history behind some real-world business names and understand more about their products. If you find some intriguing names, just write them down and keep them for future reference. Business websites usually have the ‘about us’ page that can tell you more information about them. Consider answering these following questions too, as they can help you pick apart the names: 

  • What words stand out to you? 
  • Do they use any literary techniques? 
  • Could you reduce the name?
  • Will you remember the name in 6 months?
  • What was your first impression of the business?
  • Do the words relate to their products?
  • How does the name make you feel?

Once you have completed these questions, look at your answers to see what names you like the most. You can use some of their words to make your own name. For example, if you like the names ‘Float Away’ and ‘Magical Bloons’, you might create ‘Magical Float’ for your business! 

Tip Two: Ask Your Family And Friends For Feedback 

Family and friends can give you honest feedback regarding your name. You could show them a list of ideas and get them to announce their opinions. This should give you more perspective on the business names and how others perceive them. One family member might say a name sounds too long, and another could tell you to use a different literary technique. Make sure to write this feedback down so you can refer to it when updating the list of names.

Tip Three: Think About Colors And Fonts For Your Business Name

You might be thinking – why colors and fonts? These aspects can be very important for highlighting your personality through the name. Colors often resemble emotions and can make customers perceive your name differently. The same goes with fonts and how they’re presented on your website, social media page, business logo and packaging design.

For example, if you want to have a quirky business, you might use the color ‘yellow’ to represent enjoyment and happiness. A curly font can also enhance the childish (good, of course) nature of your balloon business. Consider your color and font when going through different names. 


Overall, you should create a name that highlights your balloon services. Customers will be looking for products that are fun and bright – especially for big occasions. You need to show this enjoyment in your business name. Just experiment with our balloon business name generator to see what you can find, but don’t forget, this process requires you to have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The cost of your products will depend on the amount of materials and resources you obtain for these balloons. It can also change during the delivery charges. Your balloon prices should be estimated before you open your business to the public.

You could name your business something personal and meaningful to you. This might resonate with customers who know the history behind your name. If not, you can use your root words to come up with cool names that relate to your balloon services.

Any new business will require time and effort to get it up and running. You should highlight your interest in selling/making balloons on social media posts and online campaigns. This is a good way of reaching wider audiences who might prefer online shopping.
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