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The Best Barber Shop Business Name Ideas

Walk down any typical city street and you should spot at least one barbershop along the way. These kinds of businesses are always essential, providing haircuts, grooming, and style services for men around the world.

If you’re setting up your own barbershop business, you’ll need to choose a competitive name. Our very own barbershop business name generator can help you find it! With the barbershop business name generator, creating barbershop business names couldn’t be simpler.

In the guide below, we’ll also look at some other methods and techniques you can use to make your own barbershop business name ideas. Plus, we’ll analyze some real-world barbershop business names and look at tips and tricks to keep in mind when naming a barber business, too.

15 Professional Barber Shop Business Names for High-End Barbers

Some barbershops aim to appeal to elite clients, offering truly high-end services at high-end prices. If you’re setting up this kind of barbershop, you’ll want a highly professional and elegant name to match. Here are some thoroughly professional barbershop business name ideas to consider.

  1. Elite Cuts  
  2. Peak Style   
  3. The Look   
  4. Gentleman’s Corner   
  5. Classy Cuts   
  6. Signature Cuts   
  7. Exclusive Grooming   
  8. The Groom Room   
  9. The Barber’s Lounge   
  10. Rooftop Barbers   
  11. The Finishing Touch 
  12. VIP Barbers 
  13. The Style Haus 
  14. Barber’s Atelier
  15. Barber X

Tips for Creating Professional Barber Shop Business Names for High-End Barbers

If you’re looking to create professional, authoritative barbershop business names, you may want to choose a name that is short and snappy, like The Look or Barber X. You may also want to opt for elegant keywords connected to the world of barbers and haircuts, like grooming, atelier, signature, and exclusive. Type these words into our barbershop business name generator if you want some help with barbershop names.

15 Friendly and Welcoming Barber Shop Business Name Ideas

There are also plenty of barbershops out there that try to offer a more friendly and accessible environment, where everyone is made to feel welcome. If you’re creating a casual and cozy barbershop, here are some fun and friendly names to consider. 

  1. The Man Haven   
  2. Cuts & Buds   
  3. Snip & Shave   
  4. The Barber Bros  
  5. The Cut Corner  
  6. Downtown Cuts   
  7. The Buzz   
  8. A Cut Above    
  9. The Lad Lounge  
  10. The Bar-Ber Shop    
  11. The Barber Bar    
  12. Barbers & Brews 
  13. Fireside Cuts
  14. Friendly Style 
  15. The Barber’s Hangout

Tips for Creating Friendly and Welcoming Barber Shop Business Name Ideas

If you want your barber shop name to sound inviting and friendly, you may want to use words that people associate with welcoming, cozy environments, like lounge, bar, hangout, and cave. You can also use words like a buddy, buds, pals, and friendly to show that everyone is welcome at your shop.

15 Memorable Barber Shop Business Names with Important Keywords

When naming any kind of business, it’s always a good idea to try and make your name as memorable as possible. You want it to stand out in the minds of your customers in order to get people talking about your business and build up brand awareness. Here are some easy-to-remember barbershop business name ideas that make use of relevant keywords.

  1. Quick Cuts  
  2. Sideburns 
  3. Buzz Buds  
  4. Super Snips  
  5. Super Scissors  
  6. Raisin’ Razors   
  7. The Bold Barber   
  8. Get Groomed  
  9. Corner Clippers    
  10. Smooth Shave   
  11. Hair Haus  
  12. Scissor Style
  13. Blessed Barber   
  14. Bullet Barber   
  15. Hair Today 

Tips for Creating Memorable Barber Shop Business Names with Important Keywords

The key to creating memorable barbershop business name ideas is making sure that you don’t make them too long or complicated. Surveys show that people find it much easier to remember short, snappy names. It’s also useful to use rhyming words or words that start with the same letter to give your shop a more memorable and catchy name.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Sideburns
  • Snip and Shave
  • Fresh Fades
  • Better Buzz
  • Get Buzzed
  • Supreme Snips
  • Super Snips
  • A Cut Above
  • Praise the Razor
  • Razor Praise
  • Razor the Bar
  • Lads Lounge
  • Corner Clips
  • New Age Cuts
  • Next Level Cuts
  • Cut and Clip
  • Cut and Trim
  • The Trim Haus
  • Just a Trim
  • The Barber Bro
  • Haus of Hair
  • Gang of Barbers
  • Cute Clips
  • Clipper’s
  • City Barber
  • Coastal Barber
  • King Barber
  • The Barber Pole
  • Better Barber
  • Sharp Barber
  • Snazzy Barber
  • Smart Cut
  • Fantastic Fades
  • Crew Cuts
  • Barber Pros
  • Best Barbers
  • Cut N’ Shave
  • For the Couture
  • The Buzz
  • Vogue cuts
  • Bold cuts
  • Pristine cuts
  • Hair Palace
  • Hairitage
  • The Hairloom

The Best Real-World Barber Shop Business Names

Best Real-World Barber Shop Business Names

There are plenty of great barbershops out there, all over the world, and a fun way to find inspiration for naming your own barbershop business is to look at some of those pre-existing barbers and see what makes them special. Here, we’ll take a look at a few of our favorite barbershop names and analyze how and why they work so well.

Scumbag Barbers of Rotterdam

How Scumbag Barbers of Rotterdam Got Its Name

Scumbag Barbers of Rotterdam, also known as Schorem (which translates to “scum” in English) is a barbershop based in Rotterdam. The name was chosen to help the barbershop stand out while giving the shop and its barbers some unique character and personality.    

Why Scumbag Barbers of Rotterdam Is A Great Barber Shop Business Name

At first glance, Scumbag Barbers of Rotterdam might seem like a terrible barbershop name, as it has such negative connotations. However, this shop has actually become hugely successful over the years, and the name has played a big part in that. The name is different, and a lot of people are drawn to different things. It has a hipster vibe, with lots of character and a truly unique feel to set it apart from all the other regular barbershops you see along a typical city street.

Scissors & Scotch

How Scissors & Scotch Got Its Name

Scissors & Scotch is the name of a highly successful barbershop chain based across the US. The brand’s name aims to appeal to a sophisticated crowd, while also expressing the fact that the shop provides each customer with a free drink with every haircut.    

Why Scissors & Scotch Is A Great Barber Shop Business Name

Scissors & Scotch works well as a barbershop for a few different reasons. Firstly, it’s short and easy to remember. In addition, it uses two words that start with the letter S, giving it a slightly poetic feel and pleasant sound. In addition, it uses words that can create sensory reactions in people who hear them.

Ted’s Grooming Room  

How Ted’s Grooming Room Got Its Name 

Ted’s Grooming Room is the name of a barbershop based in London. The name has an elegant tone in order to appeal to an elite clientele.  

Why Ted’s Grooming Room Is A Great Barber Shop Business Name

There are plenty of barbershops out there that use words like a barber or cut in their name, giving them a casual feel. But Ted’s Grooming Room goes in a different direction, using the word “Grooming” to give off more of an elegant, sophisticated vibe, perfect for appealing to classy gentlemen who want the highest standards of personal grooming and style.

Most Successful Barber Shop Business Names 

Sport Clips 

How Sport Clips Got Its Name

Sport Clips is one of the biggest names in the world of barbershops, with many locations across the US. The brand’s name was chosen due to its sports-themed in-store décor and the fact that each shop usually airs live sports on TV for patrons to watch while they wait.   

Why Sport Clips Is A Great Barber Shop Business Name

Sport Clips is a clear, easy-to-remember barbershop name. It also has instant appeal to sports fans, and a lot of men love sports, so this brand has come up with a clever way to one-up the competition and attract lots of customers through its doors.


How MUG Got Its Name

MUG is the name of a leading barbershop franchise. The acronym stands for Men’s Ultimate Grooming, and the name was chosen to reflect the company’s focus on high-quality services.   

Why MUG Is A Great Barber Shop Business Name

MUG reminds us of the importance of acronyms. If you’re planning to use several words to make up your barbershop name, think about what kind of acronym they might make and try to pick words that make an easy-to-say or fun-sounding acronym. This can be a big boost in terms of marketing and brand recognition.


How ManCave Got Its Name

ManCave is another successful and widely-spread barbershop franchise. The name reflects how this company aims to offer everything a man needs; in addition to cuts, they offer skincare, nail services, and massages, too. Plus, each shop is fitted with TVs and free drinks.

Why ManCave Is A Great Barber Shop Business Name

The concept of the “Man Cave” – a room for men dedicated to comfort and relaxation – has become really popular in recent years, and this brand has exploited that trend to its own advantage. The name instantly makes people think about somewhere cozy, relaxing, and fun to be, so it’s perfect for encouraging men to step inside and get themselves a haircut.

Tips for Creating Your Own Barber Shop Business Name

Consider Using Your Own Name 

If you walk around your local area and take a look at different barbershops you see along the way, you may notice that a lot of them have names that include the owner’s name in some way, like Joe’s Barber Shop or Pete’s Cuts. You may also see some barbershops that are named after local streets or locations, like Lakeside Barbers or 5th Street Shaving. Using your own name or a place name can be a good way to make your barbershop business name ideas more local and personal for the community.

Puns Can Be Fun

In the world of hair salons and barber shops, it’s not uncommon to see puns and wordplay being used for business names. There are lots of barbershop business names out there that make use of puns and wordplay, like “A Cut Above” or “Hair Goes Nothing”. This can be a fun way to give your business some character and make it feel like a more welcoming and friendly place for people to come. So, if you want to make a casual, friendly kind of barbershop, you might want to consider this. If you’re setting up more of fancy barbers, however, you may want to avoid jokes and wordplay.

Choose a Name that Tells Your Story

Following on from the previous point, it’s very important to choose barbershop business name ideas that represent you and your values. If you want your barbershop to be a fun local hang-out spot, using joke names and casual language can be a great option. If you want it to be more a fancy spot, you’ll want to use more elegant-sounding words, and if you want to appeal to hipsters, you may want to use totally random or retro words. It’s all about picking barbershop business names that match the vibe and theme of your business.

Check Availability

So, you’ve brainstormed barbershop business name ideas, you’ve used the barbershop business name generator, and now you’ve picked the perfect name you want to use for your business. Well, before you go ahead and make it official, there’s one final thing you need to do. You have to check that your chosen name hasn’t already been taken by someone else. So, Google the name and look it up on social media sites like Instagram, too. If it’s free, claim the name quickly and claim all of the relevant social accounts, as well.

Use the BizNameWiz Barber Shop Business Name Generator 

If you’re looking for a way to speed up and simplify the process of finding barbershop business name ideas, simply use the barbershop business name generator. Our barbershop business name generator is a tool that can make hundreds or even thousands of barbershop names for you in no time at all, and it’s completely free to use. To use the barbershop business name generator, just type a word or two into the box, like “barber” or “cut”, and then click Generate.


If you want your barbershop to be the best in town, drawing in locals and new visitors alike, you need to find a super name that is both catchy and appealing. Hopefully, this guide has given you the tips and advice you need to come up with some super names, and don’t forget to use our barbershop business name generator if you need an extra bit of help.

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It all depends on what kind of business you're running. You might be setting up quite a casual barbershop, in which case you can use friendly words and jokes names to draw people in, or you might be aiming to appeal to a high-end crowd, which could require a different naming style. It's all about finding keywords and memorable phrases that sum up your barbershop.

Some great names from the real barbershop industry include Sport Clips, MUG, ManCave, and Scissors & Scotch.

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