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The Best Battery Business Names

Batteries are essential everyday items that countless people rely on, all over the world. We use them in so many of our daily devices, from TV remote controls to our kids’ favorite toys, and there are plenty of different battery brands to choose from, including well-known names like Duracell and Energizer.

If you’re thinking of setting up your own battery brand or business, you’ll need to come up with a catchy and interesting name, just like the companies mentioned above, and we can help with that! In the guide below, we’ll cover all you need to know about battery business names, listing some of our favorite battery business name ideas and analyzing real-world battery business names, too.

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15 Battery Business Names Focused on Power and Longevity

When most people look for batteries, they want to find the ones that can offer the most power and longest life. Long-lasting, powerful batteries are the best to use, as they’re convenient and don’t need to be changed out for fresh ones all the time. So, if you want to get lots of attention on your battery brand, it’s a good idea to tell people how strong and efficient your batteries are. Here are some fun battery business name ideas that help to deliver the message.

  • MaxPower   
  • OptiForce  
  • Pilgrim 
  • VoyageCell 
  • Quest
  • Journey Batteries   
  • Experience    
  • DuraPlus   
  • SuperStrength  
  • PermaPlus   
  • ForceLast  
  • ResitaCell
  • EffiCell 
  • Power Pill 
  • Cell Force 

Tips for Creating Battery Business Names Focused on Power and Longevity

If you want people to associate your batteries with power and longevity, try to include descriptive words that are connected with these themes. Words like max, optimal, long-lasting, efficient, power, strong, and force are all very effective in this regard. Try typing some of these words into our battery business name generator to get dozens more great name ideas.

15 Inventive and Original Battery Business Name Ideas

Be creative!

Another great way to name your new battery brand is to be creative, using your imagination to create original and unique name ideas that will help your brand seem different to all the others and instantly attract attention. Here are 15 of our favorite inventive battery business name ideas for your consideration.

  • BeamUp  
  • Raydon    
  • GlowMore    
  • LaserCell    
  • Power Stream    
  • FlowCell 
  • Quantex  
  • Vectron   
  • Tempest   
  • Cellergy   
  • Energon   
  • CircX   
  • XCell 
  • Charge X   
  • Energyz

Tips for Creating Inventive and Original Battery Business Name Ideas

If you want to give your battery business a truly original name, you’ll need to flex your creative muscles. Try to avoid words that are commonly used for other battery brands. Instead, focus on words that are a little rarer or more unusual, but still have some connection with the idea of batteries and energy. Use our battery business name generator if you need some ideas and inspiration to get started.

15 Eye-Catching Battery Business Name Ideas for New Battery Brands

The battery industry is quite a competitive one, with several big brands dominating the market and already having their own established reputations. If you want to break into this business, an eye-catching and impactful business name may be needed. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some battery business name ideas that are guaranteed to grab attention.

  • Readynow   
  • Cellever   
  • Charged    
  • ElectroCell  
  • PowerCharge   
  • Enerforce   
  • LongCharge   
  • Performacell  
  • EnerVolt   
  • Bolt X    
  • Supercharge   
  • BattBox   
  • Lithipure  
  • Lithicell 
  • PurePower 

Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Battery Business Name Ideas for New Battery Brands

If you want your battery business to turn heads and get attention, you’ll need to be bold with the words you choose to use. Try to find words that are impactful and interesting, and don’t be afraid to fuse words together and create your own new ideas in your search for the perfect name. After all, many of the most famous battery brand names, like Duracell and Eveready, were created in this way.

Be bold with the words you choose!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Pure Power
  • Power Source
  • Fuel Finders
  • Power Hour
  • Power Up
  • Energy Experts
  • Efficient Energy
  • Battery Brothers
  • Battery Break
  • Booming Batteries
  • Battery Brigade
  • Boom Batteries
  • Backup Batteries
  • Perfectly Positive
  • Battery Buyers
  • Battery Business
  • Up to Battery
  • Battery Behemoths
  • Battery Barn
  • Battery Barracks
  • AAA Batteries
  • Lithium Power
  • Power Tower
  • Projected Power
  • Powered Up
  • Charging Central
  • Supercharged
  • Bet on Batteries
  • Power Battery
  • Life Battery
  • Strong Battery
  • Better Batteries
  • Basic Batteries
  • Battery Zone
  • Battery Supply
  • Best Batteries
  • The Battery Place
  • The Power Supply
  • Electro Battery
  • Voltage Inc.
  • A1 Batteries
  • Magna Battery

The Best Real-World Battery Business Names

Best Real-World Battery Business Names

Analyzing real-world battery business names is another great way to get some ideas and inspiration to help out in your search for the best battery names. In this section, we’ll take a close look at some real-world battery brands, like Odyssey and Duracell, and think about how these names were chosen and what makes them special.


How Eveready Got Its Name

Eveready is one of the world’s leading battery companies. Based in St. Louis and founded in 1896, this brand has a lot of history. It actually started out with the invention of a flashlight, called the “Ever-Ready Electric Flashlight”. The company’s name was originally The American Ever Ready Company and this was later shortened to Eveready.     

Why Eveready Is A Great Battery Business Name

Eveready is a super example of a modern battery business name. It’s short, snappy, easy to say, and delivers a clear message, suggesting that this brand’s batteries are long-lasting and ready for anything.


How Odyssey Got Its Name

Odyssey is a battery brand that mostly specializes in high-powered batteries for cars, bikes, trucks, boats, and other modes of transportation. The brand uses the word “Odyssey” referring to a long journey or adventure, to show off the long-lasting nature of its products.   

Why Odyssey Is A Great Battery Business Name

Odyssey is a really powerful and evocative word to use for a battery brand name. It has instant associations with length and time, so it’s perfect for building a positive impression of this brand’s batteries.


How PowerAdd Got Its Name 

PowerAdd is another popular battery brand that specializes in rechargeable batteries and battery packs. The brand’s name is a simple one, referring to the extra power and energy that its batteries can bring to different devices.    

Why PowerAdd Is A Great Battery Business Name

PowerAdd is a very simple but effective battery brand name. When you insert a battery into a device, you’re essentially “adding power” to it, and that’s exactly what this brand claims to offer with its products.

Most Successful Battery Business Names

Most Successful Battery Business Names


How Energizer Got Its Name

Energizer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of batteries. Based in Missouri, this company is part of the Eveready family and was originally known as the Eveready Battery Company. The brand name “Energizer” was introduced in 1980 and Energizer Holdings, Inc eventually became a separate entity to Eveready.    

Why Energizer Is A Great Battery Business Name

Energizer is a powerful name for a battery company. It’s an evocative and exciting word, and it perfectly summarizes the way batteries are able to energize and bring to life various devices and gadgets around the home.


How Duracell Got Its Name

Duracell is another major name in the battery industry, well-known for making some of the longest-lasting and most powerful batteries. The company’s name was created in 1964. It was a simple shortening of the phrase “Durable Cell”.    

Why Duracell Is A Great Battery Business Name

Duracell is another powerful and impactful name for a battery brand. In just one word and a few syllables, this name tells us a lot. The “Dura” part shows that the batteries are long-lasting, too, which is a key feature of these batteries and has helped the brand become a popular name among consumers.


How Panasonic Got Its Name

Panasonic is a leading electronics and battery company, known for producing a wide range of products, including simple household batteries for powering remote controls, game controllers, and toys. The company’s name was originally Matsushita Electric, but the Panasonic brand name was introduced when the company expanded into America in order to give the brand a more universal image.   

Why Panasonic Is A Great Battery Business Name

Panasonic is another impressive and impactful battery business name. It sounds futuristic and powerful, which are both great qualities for this kind of company.

Tips for Creating Your Own Battery Business Name

Power and Performance

As stated earlier in the guide, a lot of people will want to buy the batteries they believe offer the best levels of power and performance, so these are key concepts to focus on when creating your battery business names or using our battery business name generator. Try to choose a name that suggests that your brand’s batteries are strong, reliable, long-lasting, and ready to power up any device or gadget that your customers need.

Short and Sweet

When you look at real-world battery business names, one thing you quickly notice is that many of them are very short and simple. Brands like Energizer, Duracell, Odyssey, and Eveready, for example, consist of just one word each. It’s rare to find battery brands that are made up of many words, and this is because short and simple names tend to work the best in this industry. So try to avoid names that are overly long or complex and opt instead for a short and sweet variant.

Easy to Spell

It’s also important to ensure that any battery business name ideas you choose to use are relatively easy for people to spell. This will help when people are searching for your brand online. If it’s hard to spell, they could make mistakes and struggle to find your brand’s products, but if it’s easy to spell, then they shouldn’t have any problems. Try testing out your name on friends and family to get some feedback on how easy it is to understand and remember.

Check it Hasn’t Been Taken

See if the name has already been taken!

Another top tip to follow when creating your own battery business name ideas is to check and see if the name you want to use has already been taken by another business. You need to ensure that any name you use is 100% unique. Otherwise, you could cause confusion in the market or find yourself facing legal trouble for using another brand’s name. Make sure to check online to see if your chosen name is free and available to claim.

Use the Battery Business Name Generator 

If you need some more help coming up with battery business name ideas, all you have to do is use our battery business name generator. The BizNameWiz battery business name generator is capable of creating hundreds of battery business names in a matter of seconds. It takes your input and uses it to generate personalized name ideas just for you! Type in a word and give it a try to see how many awesome name ideas our battery business name generator can make for you.


So, if you’re starting your very own battery brand, make sure to keep these tips and methods in mind in order to find a name that gives off a positive impression and draws attention to your business. Remember, you can use our battery business name generator for free to get many more ideas and save tons of time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For battery businesses, it's best to opt for short and snappy names. Try to find succinct words or phrases that tell people what makes your brand's batteries so great, such as their safety, their power levels, or their long-lasting nature.

A few of our favorite battery business names include Energizer, Duracell, Panasonic, Eveready, and Odyssey.

The BizNameWiz Battery business name generator is indeed totally free to use. You can use it right now by simply entering a word of your choice into the box at the top of this page.
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