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The Best Beachwear Business Names

Starting a beachwear business can be profitable since everyone needs it during the summer months. However, one of the challenges of starting a beachwear business is creating several beachwear business name ideas. Many good names are already taken because there are already hundreds of brands in this market. 

This scarcity should not deter you from finding the perfect name for your beachwear company. You can use the BizNameWiz beachwear business name generator tool to cut the work for you. This free tool is accessible to everyone and is easy to use. 

If you need more tips on how to create a list of beachwear business names, we have compiled this guide, especially for you:

15 Awesome Beachwear Business Name Ideas For Your Beachwear for Women

The most popular type of beachwear for women is the swimsuit. However, there are other summer outfits that you can produce and would still make you a hefty sum. For example, if you plan to visit a beach in Southeast Asia, you will notice a lot of women wearing sarongs. 

Below are some of the beachwear name ideas you can look into for your new company:

  • Beach Bods
  • Ocean Shirts
  • Beach Buddies
  • Summer Fashion
  • Ariel’s Clothing Line
  • Beach Please
  • Move Beach
  • Bare With Me
  • Sun On A Beach
  • Aqua Swim Wear
  • The Beach Store
  • Naked Swimwear
  • Sea Lingerie
  • Life’s A Beach
  • Side Beach

Things To Consider When Creating Beachwear Business Name Ideas For Beachwear for Women

When coming up with beachwear business name ideas, it’s essential to use words that specify your target market. Since your primary clients are women, using feminine words or names is more advantageous. Doing so will help your brand relate more to its target customers. 

Specify your target market!

15 Astonishing Beachwear Business Names For Beachwear for Men

Men also require the proper attire whenever they go on a beach vacation. There are various men’s beachwear that you can supply to the market, from trousers to swimming trunks. If you plan to focus mainly on men’s beachwear, you need to develop a brand name that resonates with this demographic.

The following are just some of the company name ideas recommended by the BizNameWiz beachwear business name generator:

  • Beach Bums
  • Swim Bros
  • Cross Swim
  • Ocean Hunks
  • Merman
  • Bay Wash
  • Arnie & Andy
  • Basic Beach
  • Beach Out
  • Sons Of The Beach
  • Surf & Beach
  • Sand Riders
  • Nu Wave 
  • Muscle Beach
  • Beach Buff 

Tips For Creating Beachwear Business Name Ideas For Beachwear

Since you are marketing for men, it’s crucial to capture the concept of masculinity in your brand’s name. Some of the words you can use are the activities men usually do during their time on the beach. Furthermore, you can also use terms that relate to the image they want to project whenever they take their summer vacation. 

15 Stunning Beachwear Business Name Ideas For Beachwear For Kids

Kids are another considerable market that your beachwear business can serve. However, choosing a brand name for kids can be pretty tricky since it’s the parents that you need to convince. Thus, the brand name must not only be telling that the beachwear is for kids, but it also needs to sound like you are offering a critical value proposition. 

These are just some of the kid’s beachwear business name ideas that you can take inspiration from:

  • Little Swimmer
  • Prank Kids
  • Twerp Squad
  • Ocean Child
  • Blue Minnows
  • Rufflets
  • Jott
  • Summerbuns
  • Andy’s Swimwear
  • Mini Olympian
  • Bambina
  • Sea Unicorn
  • Sea Kites
  • Wham Bam
  • Beanie Bops 

Recommendations For Producing Great Beachwear Name Ideas for Beachwear For Kids

Naming a beachwear brand for kids follows some of the rules on naming a business, but with a few exceptions. Remember that you are marketing the product not only to the kids but, more importantly, to their parents. Hence, you can use endearing words that the parents might have called their toddlers to create some sort of connection to your swimwear brand. 

15 Mind-Blowing Beachwear Business Name Ideas for Beachwear for Grandparents

Swimwear, explicitly made for senior citizens, is one of the most underrated niches in the beachwear industry. Our grandparents have different needs and preferences regarding what they wear on the beach. Hence, if you can establish yourself as a specialized store that caters to this demography, you might just make it big. 

Below are just some of the names produced by the BizNameWiz beachwear business name generator which you can try:

  • Mom & Pop’s Beachwear
  • Zip Beachwear
  • Wave Designs
  • Dive And Dash
  • Kickin’ Swimwear
  • Beachzilla
  • Mercury Beachwear
  • Comfort Swim
  • Swim Supreme
  • A Shore Thing
  • Beach Boomers
  • Winning Swimwear
  • 70s Swimwear 
  • Beach Barb Apparel
  • Swimpro

Advice For Devising Beachwear Business Name Ideas for Beachwear for Grandparents

You must keep the brand name as simple as possible since you are marketing with older folks. Hence, don’t use slang or other jargon that might not be familiar to them. Instead, use terms that are familiar to the general public. You can also refer to stuff that is familiar during their younger selves. 

Keep the brand name as simple as possible!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Life’s a Beach
  • Stay Salty
  • Sunscreen Queens
  • Chic Beach
  • Boho Beachwear
  • Island Image
  • Breezy Boutique
  • Wavy Wraps
  • Wrapped in Waves
  • Beach Boutique
  • Sandy Styles
  • Beachtique
  • Sunscreen Sisters
  • Sandy Seasons
  • Sand and Sequins
  • Bikini Bums
  • Bikini Boomers
  • Bikini Beach
  • Beach Bums
  • Beach Bumz
  • Beach Boomers
  • Beach Bombs
  • Beach Bombers
  • Bikini Boss
  • Bikini Bosses
  • Beach Boss
  • Beach Bosses
  • Swimsuit City
  • Swim City
  • Swimsuit Station
  • Surfwear
  • VivaOcean
  • EstherSea
  • NuWave
  • Sunshine Clothing
  • Swirl Wears
  • SwiftySeasons
  • TridentWears
  • BeachCloth Co.
  • SurfsUp
  • Sunshine Boutique
  • TripleBee Boutique
  • Flamingo Clothing
  • Beach Frenzy
  • Sazzy Clothing

Best Real-World Beachwear Business Names

Best Real-World Beachwear Business Names


How Lulelemon Got Its Name

Lululemon is a global leader in athleisure apparel, particularly yoga and beach clothing. It was founded by Chip Wilson in 1998. According to him, he wanted a brand name that has numerous “L” in the name. Wilson’s previous brand Homeless was a hit in Japan, and he credited the letter “L” for it. Thus, he named the brand by combining the words Lulu and Lemon. 

Why Lulelemon Is A Great Beachwear Business Name

If you are Japanese, pronouncing words that have the letter “L” can be pretty tricky since it’s often spoken as “R.” Lulumelon’s founder knows this fact and decided to take advantage of it. Hence, the brand is easier to remember as it sounds pretty foreign to its initial customers. 


How Mango Got Its Name

This Spanish clothing design is based in Barcelona, Spain, and employs roughly 15,000 employees worldwide. They sell men’s, women’s, and kid’s collections, including colorful beachwear. Mango’s brand name was taken from a tropical fruit known for its juicy texture and sweet taste. 

Why Mango Is A Great Beachwear Business Name

Mango is an incredible brand name because it’s a widely regarded fruit that almost everyone loves. Additionally, the brand name is short and easy to pronounce. Thanks to its brevity, it’s also easier to print on any of their products or advertisement materials. 

Minnow Swim

How Minnow Swim Got Its Name

This contemporary children’s swimwear is one of the preferred brands by many moms across the world. Their beachwear is perfect for summer since it provides maximum comfort to your children without compromising its style. The brand was named after the minnow, a small freshwater fish. 

Why Minnow Swim Is A Great Beachwear Business Name

Minnow Swim is an awesome beachwear brand name for various reasons. The word is synonymous with small, equating to toddlers and kids. Moreover, it also connects to swimming which is one of the activities associated with the beach. Finally, it’s easy to pronounce and spell. If you want to get more company name ideas try utilizing the BizNameWiz beachwear business name generator.

Most Successful Beachwear Business Names

Most Successful Beachwear Business Names


How Athleta Got Its Name

Athleta is a women’s activewear brand with an annual sale of about $750 million. It’s currently owned by Gap Inc. and was founded by Scott Kerslake in 1998. During the 90s, Kerslake saw an opportunity when he observed only a few activewear for women during that time. He named the brand after the word athlete and replaced the last letter with “A” to indicate that it’s for women. 

Why Athleta Is A Great Beachwear Business Name

If you ever studied Spanish, you’ll notice that many words have a feminine and masculine designations. Words ending in “O” are male-related, while those ending in “A” are female-related. Athleta adapted such a naming process and has helped its female customers identify with the brand. 


How Summersalt Got Its Name

Summersalt’s comprehensive swimwear collection comprises one-pieces, bikinis, and tankinis that come in different sizes with elegant accents. Many of their beachwear provide support and complement your figure. The brand is a wordplay of the word “somersault,” an acrobatic move where someone turns head over heels in the ground or mid-air before finishing on their feet.

Why Summersalt Is A Great Beachwear Business Name

Whether you are into sport or not, you have likely have heard of the word somersault or saw it performed on television. Summersalt is an excellent wordplay since it gave a new meaning to the original word. When we think of the beach, we also get summer images and, of course, the salty ocean. This association also helps people to remember the brand. 


How Eres Got Its Name

This French swimsuit label is regarded as one of the best brands in the industry. They specialize in making one-pieces and bikinis that are both functional and comfortable. This line of beachwear labels is under Chanel.

Why Eres Is A Great Beachwear Business Name

Eres is a fantastic brand name because it’s a short and abstract name. While its phonetics does not have any direct meaning, it creates a mighty brand name. For more awesome company name ideas, try using the BizNameWiz beachwear business name generator.

Tips For Creating Your Beachwear Business Name

Make Your Business Name Easy To Remember 

There are numerous tools and methods you can use to ensure that your brand name becomes memorable. Alliteration and wordplay, for example, are excellent because it takes advantage of phonetics. You can also make your business name short and with fewer syllables so that it’s easier to remember. 

Furthermore, you can look for words with a good tone and easy to spell. Remember to stay away from tongue twisters and phrases that are difficult to pronounce. If you want to determine the effectiveness of your brand name, ask some friends to try to remember it. A week after introducing the brand name, ask if they can still recall it and if they do, that’s a good name.  

Utilize Words That Are Associated With Summer Vacation

Beachwear is often worn during the summer months, although you can still wear them outside of this season. However, people often associate beachwear with their summer vacations, and that’s an excellent place to start thinking about your brand name. 

Utilize words that are associated with summer vacation!

It would benefit your company if your brand name could somehow evoke that feeling of being on the beach and having a good time. Hence, you can use tropical, ocean, sand, and sea waves. Remember to pair it with words that highlight the product you are selling, such as swimwear or getup. 

Explore Non-English Words

Depending on where you start your business, it might be better to name your beachwear brand using the local language. Some of the most successful brands in the beachwear space use this technique since many English words are already taken. Moreover, some of foreign-sounding brands have the potential to differentiate themselves from their competition. 

When choosing non-English words, make sure that it’s brief but has great phonetics. It should sound unique but is easy enough to spell. Even if you have to switch from a local customer-based to a global one, the brand name will still retain its relevance. 

Frame The Brand Name To Resonate With Your Target Customers

Most startup companies usually select a certain demographic to be their target customers. This strategy is wise since your inventory usually is small and can only accommodate a specific age group or client group. Hence, if you are marketing to women, the brand name should sound feminine. 

On the other hand, if you are selling to men, the brand name must be masculine. Meanwhile, if the beachwear is explicitly made for kids, it should sound a bit cute or childish. The brand name should also be brief enough to fit the logo you have in mind. 

Use The BizNameWiz Beachwear Business Name Generator

It may be daunting to produce a list of appropriate beachwear company names for your new company.

Use our beachwear business name generator if you need assistance or expedite the process. In a matter of seconds, the BizNameWiz name generator can generate hundreds of different names.

Because you won’t need to engage a consultant, this solution saves you time and money. Simply type one or more terms, such as “summer swimwear” or “beachwear for kids,” into the given box. Then, click the Generate button to produce a list of names for your beachwear maintenance company.


Beachwear is one industry that still has a lot of space for new players. It also saw recent trends such as using recycled and sustainable materials in the past decade. However, if you still find yourself struggling with naming your business, you can always use the BizBaneWiz beachwear business name generator. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

First, you decide the type of name you want, the founder's name, or an associative term. Second, choose what that name means for your customers. For example, Nike is associated with winning. Finally, check if that name is already taken or is still available.

The chances of you choosing a good name by picking it randomly is near impossible. It’s essential to understand both the owner’s intention and the demand from the customers. If you can connect the brand name to the customer's psychology, it will be easier to convince them to choose your brand.

BizNameWiz is an entirely free tool you can use to get name ideas for your beachwear company. It is user-friendly and may be accessed from any device. Simply enter beachwear-related keywords on the BizNameWiz website, click Generate, and the program will do the rest.
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