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Naming your Beachwear Business

We asked four of our branding experts to come up with ideas for Beachwear business names. You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Beachwear business name generator to help find more ideas. You can read user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page.

BizNameWiz Writer

Craig M.
Branding Specialist at

Ideas from Craig

For my name ideas, I focused on creating names that appeal to customer values using words like: Sun, Waves, Fun, Relaxing. A business name that lets your customer know what solutions you provide or the core values your business hold is a great way to make your business appear trustworthy and relevant.

Here are a few name ideas I came up with:

Life’s a Beach

Stay Salty

Sunscreen Queens

Chic Beach

Boho Beachwear

Island TIme Treasures

Island Image

Breezy Boutique

Wavy Wraps

Wrapped in Waves

Beach Boutique

Sandy Styles


Anywhere Beachwear

Sunscreen Sisters

Sandy Seasons

Sand and Sequins

Easy Breezy Beachwear

Easy Breezy

Cover-Up Casual

Be Beach-Ready

Beach Hair Beachwear

Cutest Cover-Ups



Find Your Beachwear

Beach Babe Boutique

Beachwear Affair

Take Care Beachwear

In the Air Beachwear

Rocking Chair Beachwear

SPF Styles

Well Suited

Suit Up

Open Air Beachwear

Beachy and Beautiful

Beach Yourself

Beach Basics

Basic Beach

Walk on the Style Side

Windblown Boutique

Bluecrab Collection

Ocean Fresh Finds

Plenty of Fish

Pier Perfection

Seaside Chic

Seaside Styles

Styled for the Sea

BizNameWiz Writer

Kate A.
Branding Specialist at

Ideas from Kate

A great way to make a memorable business name is to use rhythm or alliteration, these types of business names sounds great and are extremely brandable. For example, some names could be: Brilliant Beachwear, Brine Beachwear, Bungalow Beachwear, Bay Beachwear.

With that in mind, here are more business names I came up with:

Chill Beachwear

Swim Life Beachwear

Sandy Bum Beachwear

Sun and Sea Beachwear

Seaside Beachwear

Sunshine Beachwear

Shades Beachwear

Surfside Beachwear

Surf and Sun Beachwear

Hot on the Beachwear

Dude It’s Beachwear

Whatever Beachwear

Hang Loose Beachwear

Sea Weed Hemp Beachwear

Shells Beachwear


Sun Vibes Beachwear

Beach Vibes

Easy Life Beachwear

Waves Beachwear

Beach Town

Relax Beachwear

SunGazers Beachwear

Sunset Beachwear

Sand Dunes Beach Wear

Port City Beachwear

Sun City Beach Wear

Active Beach Wear

Escape Beachwear

Vacation Beachwear

West Coast Beachwear

SoCal Beachwear

North Shore Beachwear

Beach Grooves

Babes Beachwear

Beach Bums Apparel

Mai Tai Beachwear

Sails Beachwear

Deep Sea Beachwear

Oceanside Beachwear

Oceans Deep Beachwear

Sand Dollar Beachwear

Sand Pepples Beachwear

Bathing Beauty Beachwear

Mermaids Beachwear

Serpent Beachwear

Cabana Beachwear

Spring Break Beachwear

Beach Party Apparel

Shorts and Sun Beachwear

Flip Flops Beachwear

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BizNameWiz Writer

Marcus P.
Branding Specialist at

Ideas from Marcus

When developing your business name, it’s useful to do a competitor analysis. Dissect and understand why their business name works for them and how you can use those techniques in your own business name. Some of the top Beachwear Firms are Hoaka Swimwear, To Dive For, Kopper And Zinc or Khassani Swimwear.

Bikini Bums

Bikini Boomers

Bikini Beach

Beach Bums

Beach Bumz

Beach Boomers

Beach Bombs

Beach Bombers

Bikini Boss

Bikini Bosses

Beach Boss

Beach Bosses

Swimsuit City

Swim City

Swimsuit Station

Swim Station

Swimsuit Celebration

Swim Celebration

Celebrate Swimsuit

Celebrate Swimming

Celebrate Swim

Celebration Station

Swimming Station

Swimming City

Swim Styles

Swimming Styles

Swimsuit Styles

Swim Start

Swimming Start

Swimsuit Start

Sexy Swim

Sexy Swimsuits

Sexy Swimming

Stylish Swim

Stylish Swimming

Stylish Swimsuits

Stylish Swimsuit

Style Swim

Style Swimming

Style Swimsuits

Styling Swimsuits

Styling Swimming

Styling Swim

Splash City

Splash Celebration

Splash n’ Swim

Splash & Swim

Splash Station

Splash & Swim

Swimmy Styles

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BizNameWiz Writer

Sandra S.
Branding Specialist at

Ideas from Sandra

When deciding on the perfect business name, don’t forget to get feedback on your ideas from potential customers!

Be sure to ask questions like: Does this sound like a trustworthy business?What quality of product or service would you expect to get from this business?

Does the answers align with your business goals? That said, here are some name ideas to help you create the perfect business name:





Sunshine Clothing

Swirl Wears



BeachCloth Co.


Sunshine Boutique

TripleBee Boutique

Flamingo Clothing

Beach Frenzy

Sazzy Clothing

Summertime Wears

Viva Waves

Sunrise Clothing


Manhattan Clothing

LaRosa Clothing


LaGrazia Wears

Golden Tulip

Riverside Wears

Sunflower Clothing

Iris Clothing

Sunshine Wears

Surfer Republic

Bermuda Clothing

Sunfly Wears

Frenzy Cloths

Brook Wears

BeachPearls Clothing

BluWaves Clothing


Oceania Cloths

Sunsea Wears

Peculiar Wears

Lakeside Clothing

BlueWhale Wears

Rainbro Clothing

Cedar Trunks

Bluegears Co.




WaterHouse Wears

Sunbolt wears

Partyheads Co.

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Aled Velez
Aled Velez
2 months ago

Beach Babe, Hip Straps, Busty and Beautiful