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The Best Beer Business Names

Beer is one of the world’s most popular alcoholic drinks. It can come in many forms, from bitter IPAs to rich stouts and porters, and there are countless ways for beer-loving entrepreneurs to share their passion for beer with the world.

You could set up your own craft beer brand, for example, and become a part of the ever-expanding craft beer scene, potentially creating a hugely successful company like Brewdog or CANarchy in the process. Or, you could set up a local or online beer shop to supply people with their favorite brews.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll need to find a great name. The best beer business names tend to be bold, exciting, and innovative, just like a quality craft beer. And in this guide, we’ll look at several methods you can use to make awesome beer business name ideas.

Read on for tips and tricks to help you make beer business name ideas, as well as real-world beer business names analysis. And don’t forget to test out our beer business name generator, too. It can give you hundreds of beer business name ideas in a matter of seconds!

15 Exciting Beer Business Names for Beer Shops

One of the simplest ways in which you can break into the beer industry is to set up your own beer retail store or online shop. This allows you to buy and sell various brands of beer from all of your favorite breweries worldwide, but you’ll need a catchy and exciting name in order to succeed. Here are some of our favorite beer business name ideas for shops and stores.

  1. Beer Central 
  2. Planet Beer 
  3. Beer Base 
  4. All Things Beer 
  5. The Craft Hut
  6. Brews On Tap 
  7. Straight from the Barrel  
  8. Keg Kings  
  9. Draft Stop   
  10. Perfect Pitcher   
  11. The Draft Room   
  12. Craft Draft   
  13. The Tipsy Shack  
  14. Stay Frosty   
  15. Cheers for Beers 

Tips for Creating Exciting Beer Business Names for Beer Shops

If you’re setting up a brand new beer shop, you need to choose a bold and exciting name in order to grab attention and compete with all of the other stores out there. Try to include some character and even potentially some humor in your store’s name to get eyes on your brand, and if you’re operating online, try to include beer-related keywords to boost your SEO score. Use our beer business name generator to make even more ideas, too.

15 Bold Beer Business Name Ideas for Craft Beer Brands

Another amazing way to get into the world of beer is to set up your own craft brewery and start making new beers to share with people. There have been some inspiring examples of craft beer brands that have grown into hugely successful businesses in recent years, and here are some super beer business name ideas you can use to get a head-start.

  1. Rainbow Beer 
  2. Spectator Fuel
  3. Keg Juice   
  4. Rebellion Beer   
  5. Defiance Draft   
  6. Craft Rising   
  7. Stout Insurrection
  8. Alien Brews   
  9. Fantasy Ales  
  10. Malty Bros   
  11. Northern Lights Beer   
  12. Bock Shock   
  13. Stout Success 
  14. Gallery Brews 
  15. T Rex Beer

Tips for Creating Bold Beer Business Name Ideas for Craft Beer Brands

A lot of the best beer business names for craft beer brands tend to be bold, original, and unique. Try to avoid simply using basic beer language here. Instead, opt for fresh and vibrant words and ideas that convey your brewery’s attitude. Rebellious words tend to work well here, and you can get really creative and even use fantasy or sci-fi style words to give your brand its own original identity. Our beer business name generator can help you make even more great beer business names, too.

15 Fun Beer Business Name Ideas for Beer Subscriptions

These days, there are also more and more beer subscription businesses popping up around the world. These businesses essentially allow people to pay a monthly or annual fee and get boxes of beer delivered directly to their doors. A lot of people are signing up for these kinds of services. So, if you want to make your own beer subscription, here are some cool name ideas to consider.

  1. A Beer a Day 
  2. Your Daily Brew 
  3. No-Stress Beers
  4. Monthly Supply
  5. Brews for Days 
  6. Non-Stop Beer
  7. Beer Flow 
  8. Beer Me 
  9. Your Favorite Brews
  10. Beer Discovery 
  11. BeerMore
  12. BeerSub
  13. RegularBrews
  14. Gimme Beer 
  15. 1Up Beer 

Tips for Creating Fun Beer Business Name Ideas for Beer Subscriptions 

If your business specializes in beer-based subscriptions, it’s a good idea to choose a relatively clear and direct name that tells people what you do. Using words like subscription, delivery, daily, weekly, or regular can be a good way to get a clear message across in your name. It’s also a good idea to choose short and snappy names that are the easiest for your customers to remember, as opposed to names that are overly long and complex.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Three Cheers
  • Pitcher Perfect
  • Hop Stop
  • Pitcher or Pint
  • Cheers to Beers
  • Brew Crew
  • Crafted Drafts
  • Perfect Pitcher
  • Starting Pitcher
  • Hoppy Stop
  • Better Brews
  • Best Brews
  • Surfside Beer
  • Snowfrost Beer
  • Red Dragon Beer
  • Black Betty Beer
  • Rocket Beer
  • HopTown Beer
  • Old West Beer
  • West Coast Beer
  • Devil Den Beer
  • Gold Mine Beer
  • Mission Beer
  • Back Yard Beer
  • Beer Boys
  • Beer Beach
  • Beer Beech
  • Bubbly Beach
  • Bubbly Boy
  • Bubbly Boys
  • Beer Boy
  • Beer Bash
  • Bubble Bash
  • Bubbly Bash
  • Beer Bums
  • Beer Bumz
  • Lush beer
  • Berth beer inc
  • Glitz beer inc
  • Gold-feel beer
  • Passion beer inc
  • Exotic beer inc
  • Sherbet inc
  • Juicy beer inc
  • Queen beer inc

The Best Real-World Beer Company Names

The Best Real-World Beer Company Names

If you want some more inspiration for naming your new beer business, take a look at some of your favorite beer brands and think about how and why they decided to use the names they have. Let’s look at a few examples of popular beer companies and break down their names and the meanings behind them.


How CraftShack Got Its Name

CraftShack is one of the most successful online beer stores, specializing in craft beer. The site works with various craft breweries across the US to provide customers with a wide range of different beers to buy.    

Why CraftShack Is A Great Beer Company Name

CraftShack is a simple but effective beer business name. It uses the word “Craft” to immediately target an audience of craft beer lovers, adding the word “Shack” to add a rustic and friendly vibe. It’s also a very short name, which makes it really easy for people to remember.


How Brewvana Got Its Name

Brewvana is a beer subscription service that offers unique beers delivered in boxes to subscribers every month. It also offers other services like beer-brewing classes. The brand’s name was made by blending the words “Brew” and “Nirvana”.    

Why Brewvana Is A Great Beer Company Name

Brewvana is a really clever and inventive name that is catchy and memorable. It suggests that this place is almost like heaven for beer lovers, helping to create a great first impression for the brand.

Half Time Beverage 

How Half Time Beverage Got Its Name 

Half Time Beverage is the name of a popular craft beer online store. It sells a wide range of beers from North America and other places around the world. The brand’s name is based on the idea of sports fans enjoying a beer during the half-time break.    

Why Half Time Beverage Is A Great Beer Company Name

Half Time Beverage is another inventive and appealing name with a little dose of humor. It will instantly appeal to sports fans who love enjoying cold beers while watching their favorite leagues and teams.

Most Successful Beer Company Names

Most Successful Beer Company Names


How BrewDog Got Its Name

BrewDog is one of the most successful craft beer brands in the world. It began in Scotland in 2007 and has grown to become a major, award-winning brand in the craft beer scene. The company’s name simply fuses the words Brew and Dog.      

Why BrewDog Is A Great Beer Company Name

BrewDog is a simple but effective name that conveys the “underdog” spirit of many craft breweries when compared to the big, established brands of the beer world. It’s catchy, easy to remember, and gives the brand lots of marketing opportunities in terms of logo designs and dog-based images, too.


How CANarchy Got Its Name

CANarchy is the name of a successful craft brewery collective, with several different craft brewers all working together to share their brews with as many people as possible. The brand’s name is a play on the word “Anarchy.”     

Why CANarchy Is A Great Beer Company Name

Anarchy and rebellion are often used in the names and logos of craft beer brands, and CANarchy is a great example of how to do this correctly. The brand’s name evokes ideas of rebellion and free-thinking, and even the way it is written defies the rules, with the capitalized “CAN” and lower case “archy” giving it a unique sense of style.


How Heineken Got Its Name

Heineken is the name of one of the world’s most popular and successful beer brands. It was named after the man who founded the company, Gerard Heineken.    

Why Heineken Is A Great Beer Company Name

Many of the most famous, traditional beer brands were originally named after their founders, and Heineken is a great example of this. Naming a company after yourself can work out in the long term, just like Heineken, but it can be hard to generate hype and attention in the early days of building your brand.

Tips for Creating Your Own Beer Company Name

Pump Up the Personality

A lot of beer business names are packed full of personality, especially when it comes to creators of craft brews. Brands like BrewDog, Night Shift, Goose Island, Vocation, Lost & Grounded, and Siren, for example, all have interesting names and their own unique character. So, if you want to stand out in this industry and get more people interested in your products, you’ll need to find a name that is equally character and interesting.

Think Visual 

In the world of beer, visual branding is just as important, if not more important, than brand and product names. In other words, your beers will need to have great imagery and packaging to go along with their names. So, when choosing beer business names, it helps to pick something that gives you lots of options to play around with the visual side of your business. For example, if you pick a sci-fi name like Alien Brews, you’ll be able to experiment with all sorts of funky sci-fi packaging to make your beers even more marketable.

Don’t Be Basic

This is one of the golden rules of naming a new beer brand. In other industries, it can sometimes be fine to play it safe and use basic and boring words to name a company, but in the world of beer, a boring name is a one-way ticket to failure. You need to be able to pick a name that is vibrant, exciting, evocative, and unusual in one way or another. Therefore, try to avoid using really simple words when creating beer business names.

Future-Proof Your Brand 

When you first start your new beer brand or shop, you might specialize in one particular area. You might have a beer brand that makes great porters, for example, so want to use the word “Porter” in your name. Or you might be setting up a craft beer subscription service. However, you should also think about how your brand might grow and evolve in the future to offer different products and services. Don’t pick a name that is too restrictive, or it could harm your potential for growth and evolution in the future.

Use the Beer Business Name Generator

Coming up with beer shops and beer brand names isn’t always easy. And it can be quite a lengthy, time-consuming endeavor, as well. If you want to speed up the process, the BizNameWiz beer business name generator is ready to help. Our beer business name generator can create literally thousands of different beer brand name ideas just for you! All you have to do to use the beer business name generator is type a word into the box provided and click Generate. Experiment with different words to make an almost endless list of name ideas.


So, if you’re ready to get brewing and want to share your passion for lagers and ales with the world, we hope that this guide has provided you with all the tips, tricks, ideas, and inspiration you need to make the perfect start and pick a super name. Don’t forget to use the beer business name generator to come up with extra ideas and always confirm the availability of your chosen name before making it official.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It depends on what sort of business you're setting up. For craft breweries, try to find unique names that give your brand some character and reflect your love and passion for brewing. For shops and subscription services, opt for more general keywords to boost your SEO score and get more visitors.

Some examples of great beer company names include BrewDog, Heineken, CraftShack, CANarchy, and Brewvana.

Yes, you can use our beer business name generator completely for free. Give it a try today and see how many great name ideas our beer business name generator can give you.
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