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Blockchain Company Name Generator | 30+ Ideas

The search term ‘Blockchain company name generator’ has high traffic on Google. 

That’s because this technology became a game-changer in many industries working with sensitive data. The bulletproof code stores information with a full guarantee that no one can pin down the reallocation, making blockchain technology a totally new story.

When owning a blockchain business, everything you’ll do with it ought to be bulletproof, powerful, and futuristic. So, the business name must correspond to your industry whilst also catering to Google search terms. 

Sound complex? 

A great initial first place to check out for inspiration is our blockchain company name generator. 

But, if you like to consider all options and ideas, our list below offers the coolest blockchain names and ideas. From the most popular blockchain business names to original ideas to trigger your creativity—this list has it all.  

Cool Blockchain Names for Your Company

Blockchain technology became successful mostly with cryptocurrencies. 

Although at first, people were cryptoskeptics, nowadays, acceptance of this newfound technology is growing in various industries like healthcare, gambling, and cybersecurity. 

So, if you’re running a business within the world of cryptocurrency, or perhaps even building out your own crypto project, check out our list of the best blockchain company name generator suggestions to get inspired:

  • Encryptor
  • Zuros
  • Zollars
  • BlockWizz
  • DigiGold

Cool names are the ones people remember. We wanted you to see as many examples of cool names as possible to better understand what makes a crypto name really cool. Here are 10 more name ideas we created. 

  • CryptoChain
  • DigitalZilla
  • EphmeCoin
  • AdvoCoin
  • Investoins
  • CryptoVoult
  • DigiBit
  • CryptoNyte
  • Chain of Bits
  • CryptoHub

Naming tip for creating cool blockchain names

Cool names have to be memorable and relevant. You make them relevant by using words and phrases from the crypto dictionary. 

Cool names have to be memorable and relevant!

We suggest you try different words and phrases that you append to the crypto words to get cool names. Our blockchain name generator will help you create different ideas you can use. 

These cool blockchain names for companies have used several techniques to create them. 

Take AdvoCoin for example. The name points to a cryptocurrency specially designed for the legal field. So, the Advo narrows the audience to the company’s focus—advocating for others—while the compound word, ‘coin’, is a nod back to the crypto industry. 

Also, you have the word-formation examples. Look at BlockWizz for a moment. This name suggests you’re doing business with the best blockchain wizards in the industry and that you’re dealing with blockchain experts. 

Unique Blockchain Company Name Ideas

The tale of a good blockchain company story catches more attention than anything else, and where else to make a better first opinion than a blockchain business name. 

If you don’t have a special name for your brand story, here are some ideas from our blockchain company name generator:

  • BlockNyte
  • MacroChain
  • [Favorite Color] Chain
  • BlockWind
  • MedChain

You can have the best name in the world, but that doesn’t matter if the name isn’t unique. You need something unique if you want your name to stand out in the market. Here are ten more name ideas we created for your inspiration.

  • ArtsChain
  • BlockSystems
  • DataChain
  • Boneless Code
  • PowerChain
  • CryptoNotes
  • BitBucks
  • BitChainCom
  • Decentral
  • Blockchainnous

In creating these blockchain company name ideas, we still used a keyword, so as to specify the focus of the company. But, note that you can always go for a totally creative name like Boneless Code. 

Our favorite is BitBucks because it’s easy to pronounce, and the alliteration makes it catchy and easy to remember. If you opt for a two-word business name, try to come up with words beginning with the same letter.

Naming tip for creating unique blockchain names

You can search for inspiration outside of the blockchain industry if you want to create unique names. Find an industry you like and see if there are any words you can borrow from it. Hopefully, the words you select aren’t used in the blockchain industry. This is a simple trick to make your blockchain names unique. 

Catchy Blockchain Team Names

As for catchy blockchain company name ideas, these always work like a charm. 

Using our blockchain company name generator, we played around with some catchy blockchain company name ideas and keywords: 

  • CryptoPro
  • AdvoChain Pro
  • Med Pro
  • CryptoChain Byte
  • Bitcoin Com
Make use of catchy names!

Catchy blockchain names instantly capture the attention of the target audience. They have something special that makes them appealing. We went ahead and created 10 more names to help you better understand what makes catchy blockchain names. 

  • Blocknoid ChainCom
  • Crypto Sphere
  • BlockedDataBase
  • Crypto Cog
  • Blockchain Lane
  • Mystic Force
  • Digit Chain
  • Smart MedCoin
  • The Blue Chain
  • CryptoJam

Naming tip for creating catchy blockchain names

Start by listing down different keywords from the crypto word to make the names relevant to the industry. 
Start adding different words to the seed keywords. Try to create alliterations, rhymes, and rhythmic names from the words you compiled. 

You can use our blockchain company name generator to help you come up with catchy blockchain name ideas. 

As you can see, to come up with a catchy and meaningful name, you have to think of an impactful name whilst also hitting on a great keyword. 

Look at The Blue Chain, for example. The keyword here is, obviously, chain, and the color blue often incites thoughts of authority, trustworthiness and professionalism.

So, right from the name of the company, we can denote that this could be a blockchain company that exudes these qualities.  

Some name ideas for you:

  • Block by Block
  • Tech Trust
  • Crypto Co.
  • Active Transactions
  • Cryptologic
  • Trusted Tech
  • Block Party
  • Network Novice
  • Blockchain Business
  • Bitcoin Brothers
  • Bayside Blockchain
  • Chained Together
  • Chainlink
  • Unique Signals
  • Shared Systems
  • CryptoCity
  • CryptCity
  • City Crypt
  • City Crypto
  • CryptoTown
  • CrypTown
  • CryptoDelight
  • CryptoBiz
  • CryptoCash
  • CryptCash
  • CryptoDollar
  • CryptoDollars
  • CryptDollar
  • DigiDollar
  • DigiDome
  • Smartcoin
  • Basecoin
  • DynoCoin
  • Dilitium
  • Mine One
  • Unicoin
  • Ammertium
  • Icoins
  • JuveCoins
  • Hypesium
  • Bodcoin
  • Cashcoin
  • Lumocoins
  • Plutocoins
  • Zippium

Best Real Names Blockchain Companies

Best Real Names Blockchain Companies

If you’re still lacking inspiration, check these real-life business name examples out and see how they came up with the names and grew in popularity. 


ScienceSoft is a software company that offers cloud migration services to multiple industries. Of course, all credits go to blockchain technology.

So, the name they’ve chosen hints that it’s a software company, and the front word works like magic as it’s melodious; Sci to So. Alliteration works like a charm in this situation.

So, when naming your new company, think of more stylistic figures until you find the perfect one. Of course, you can experiment with the style, but make sure it’s legible.


Civil is a blockchain company with a mission to support reliable journalists. To achieve that, they need to provide a safe network that cannot compromise their intel and launch their news. 

Knowing their mission, and connecting it to the name of the company surely gives a reliable-journalism-for-the-people vibe. We found this name to be quite the example because the occupation and the name when put together make a fine, fine combo. 

The brand name Civil hints at democratic journalism for the people whilst also emphasizing the occupation of providing real intel. Also, choosing a Civil instead of a higher position in the social hierarchy mirrors the company’s true values and its positive attitude toward the members of the society. 

Creating a name that concerns and alludes to your audience is always a smart move to pull. 


One of the biggest challenges for crypto investors is the lack of opportunities for cash investment. Coinme’s mission is to bridge this fintech gap and create a nationwide network of Bitcoin kiosks that accept cash investments. Using their app, you can store your investments in their e-wallet.

Coinme includes an action word that is proven to work well with brand names across all industries. It’s also short and simple, and it capitalizes on the trending term ‘coin,’ positioning this app as a leader in its niche.

And who’s the ‘me’ here? 

The clients, of course. 


Circle is an online money transfer crypto platform. Through it, friends can transfer different currencies and avoid exchange rate fees. 

Within this blockchain many cryptocurrencies circulate, hence the name. 

The name Circle hints at the simple network of people circulating money among each other, as well as the intimate aspect of the app being used between friends and family.

Inner circle—get it? 

Most Successful Blockchain Companies

Most Successful Blockchain Companies

Below are the most successful blockchain company names. Read on to find out how they came up with the story.


Ethereum appeared on the scene six years after Bitcoin’s debut. This blockchain business, led by Vitalik Buterin, got its name after a medieval science story. During the medieval age, scientists believed ether was a material that filled the region of the universe beyond the terrestrial sphere.

Similar to ether, Vitalik’s platform is a decentralized protocol that goes beyond any visible transaction. So, in the name of that story, Vitalik named his crypto Ethereum.

Nowadays, Ethereum is one of the most promising cryptos in the world. The unique name and story behind the company make them easy to remember.


Paxful is another in the line of popular blockchain crypto companies. In fact, Paxful is a sustainable peer-to-peer platform for crypto traders. The goal of this platform is to be eligible and open to every trader, not only the wealthy.

The name Paxful comes from the Latin word for peace. The goal of the company was to make cryptos, or at that time, Bitcoin available to every person. 

So, yes, Latin words that have some beat that can capture the business vibe are also an option. Be daring, be creative, and be on point. 


Litecoin is quite an inspiring blockchain story that first appeared after Bitcoin broke the market. 

The story behind the brand is one of the most successful ones, as their blockchain network was the fastest, safest and fully-updated version. Hence, the name Litecoin—short for ‘lightning-fast network’.

Right after Litecoin reached popularity, it even became a trendsetter in the cryptocurrency industry. Every crypto that followed them added the coin suffix at the end of their brand name. Interestingly enough, the word works like a charm for investors. 


ShipChain is a popular blockchain business company that develops transparent and verifiable shipping and logistics tracking, management, and brokerage platforms based on Ethereum blockchain technology.

So, the name is practically a coinage of the business and its main field of operation. Since the company prepares logistic plans, they added the ship part to the name. 

As for chain, it’s pretty self-explanatory and addresses just the right audience. 

This is one of the basic, and often most strategic moves when presenting your company on a saturated market—it distinguishes you right off the bat.  

5 Things to Mind When Creating a Blockchain Company Name

Blockchain technology is our future. Therefore, any company working with blockchain should be aware that the name should be a major stepping stone toward their goals, and their potential audience.

But, how does one think of that perfect name? Well, here are the steps.

Address Your Target Audience

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain businesses spread in more and more industries nowadays. Therefore, if your business has a narrowed-down plan dedicated to a single industry, like gambling or healthcare, business name experts advise on addressing your target audience.

Use the industry’s name as a keyword. For example, you can use PokerCoin or JokerCoin to indicate a blockchain technology in the gambling industry. 

That way, the audience will pick up the information from the name, and click to learn further about your business. That strategy will trigger more traffic to your site, and hopefully greater success.   

Be Mysterious

It’s important to remember and be present in what you do. Instead of going for an extravagant name, you can think of your own unique name, and write your brand history to go with it.

Be mysterious!

Blockchain companies often forget that they’re living their revolutionary moment. So, free your mind, and come up with a name like Ethereum.

Ask yourself, what’s the story you wanted to write? And fit it into two words.

Mind the Length

The name should be easy to pronounce and not a tongue twister. Also, consider that it should be easy to remember, and not a 6 word Latin summoning. 

So, there are several technical tips that many writers, even musicians use to create a melodious name that’s easy to remember. 

The first is to use two-syllable words, and preferably both vowels and consonants included in a balance, like Bit-Coin. Also, it pays to remember to keep it short and simple—two words maximum is a good rule here. 

Use Coin as Suffix

Blockchain Companies are synonymous with cryptos, but many truly know the background behind the cryptos. With that being said, everyone has heard of Bitcoin or Dogecoin—it’s in the name.

So, the secret in such moves is to choose the front part and add the coin at the end. Coin is what triggers the interest of the business. 

The only preoccupation should be the front part of the name. You already have the inspiration of Bitcoin, and Dogecoin, so you can use this inspiration to your benefit. Remember that the front part must be impactful, and easy to remember. After that, the choice is yours! 

Make Sure the Name is Available

When you opt for our blockchain business name generator, often the name is available, or at least the generator shows the availability.

However, when you find your perfect name with the generator, make up your mind quickly and take the name. Many companies wasted great business names because they decided to sleep on the name first. 

Never waste a good name—just follow your instincts and scoop it up quickly.


To sum up, the Blockchain Company Name Generator will do you justice either way and often the quickest way to the best blockchain company name is to follow your gut.

There are some rules to remember however, like making sure it’s not longer than 2 words and preferably monosyllabic. 

The reason for this is to make your name easy to remember and pronounce. You don’t want your business to go down the drain because it’s too long or sounds like summoning spirits.

Also, make sure that it’s not taken. Often, the name you like is probably taken by a different company, and adding a letter thinking no one will notice is wrong. Therefore, stick to being original, precise, and creative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Start by putting all relatable words for your future business to one side, and all blockchain keywords on the other.

Next, you can start with the word-formation. The most successful strategic tool when creating a name is to use a keyword in the title, alongside a special word that will give your company its character.

You can go with your special word only, but using a keyword is highly recommended.

Feeling stuck?

Why not use our awesome blockchain company name generator?

This is rather individual. We strongly encourage using a keyword in the brand name, but we also encourage naming your business after your favorite childhood character, for example, or something that is relevant to your and your business’s goals. The reason we focus on keywords is that they are more practical than favorable. DentaCoin suggests a blockchain company for dentists only. The audience or investors in the field get the message already—which is why it works so well.

It’s not a rule, but, after Bitcoin and Litecoin, many new and successful crypto’s contain -coin on the root word. You can either follow this up or come up with your unique name. Remember, Ethereum doesn’t contain a keyword or -coin in the name, but it’s the second-best crypto today. So, the choice is yours.
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