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1. List off Blog Name keywords.

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2. Create 1000s of Blog Name ideas.

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3. Pick the best Blog Name.

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The Best Unique Blog Names – Name Idea Lists

We will create a long list of interesting and unique blog name ideas you can use for inspiration. We even broke them down into four different name-type subcategories to help you navigate the long list. We picked the most popular niches in the blogging world – travel, fitness, tech, and food. We created 15 name ideas for each niche for inspiration and to show the types of names that are popular in each niche.

Travel Blog Name Ideas

Most names in the travel niche are relatively simple. That means you can tell what the blog is about by looking at the name alone. Some names are more on the evocative side, but in general, travel bloggers tend to stick to relatively descriptive names.

  • Travelicious
  • GoAround Guys
  • GlobeFinders
  • Travel And More
  • New Day New State
  • PlaneHopper
  • SpringAround
  • SeeNewPlaces
  • CrossingBorders
  • TripJunkie
  • RoamBoard
  • New Age Nomad
  • TravelBrain
  • QuickTrip
  • SuperTraveller

How to create your own Travel Blog Names

We established that your travel blog name should be directly tied to traveling. That’s why we suggest you start your brainstorming for the best travel blog name with a dictionary and a thesaurus. Start with a common travel-related word that you like. Use dictionaries and thesauruses to find synonyms and similar words. Make a list of at least 15-20 words you could use. All you have to do is arrange them in a way that makes them catchy. How do you do that?

  1. Use alliteration. This makes the names very smooth and memorable. Arrange the words you have so that they form alliterations.
  2. Use rhythmic sound. Arrange the words in a way that makes them sound smooth and playful.

You can be as clever and as witty as you want. You can even use metaphors to make the names a bit more magical.

The tools you’ll need for this process: online dictionary and thesaurus, word processor or a pen and paper, our naming generator to speed up the process and give you names with available domains.

Fitness Blog Name Ideas

Fitness is a big niche and there are a lot of fitness bloggers out there. I noticed that almost none of them use single-word names. They often use personal names if it’s a personal blog. The names they use are relatively straightforward and simple. Some are more on the metaphorical side.

  • Fit Fanatics
  • Heavy Iron Human
  • Fit And Fabulous
  • Mike’s Barbells
  • GymRats
  • WildPump
  • Strength More
  • Forever Bulk
  • Daily Dozen Exercises
  • Body Breakers
  • MegaMuscle World
  • Power Brigade
  • Pushup Nation
  • FitMind Fitness
  • Get Me Moving

How to create your own Fitness Blog Names

You have to make your fitness blog stand out if you want to succeed in such a competitive niche. We suggest you start by analyzing existing blogs in the market. Look for trends and patterns. Are there words that often appear in the names? Write them down. It’s now time to start brainstorming name ideas. Make sure you create names that DON’T use any of the words you wrote down. Why is that? Because you want your blog name to be different to get noticed.

Be creative and think about things that make your blog stand out. What makes you better or different? Include this in your names.

The tools you’ll need for this process: online dictionary and thesaurus, word processor or a pen and paper, our naming generator to speed up the process and give you names with available domains.

Tech Blog Name Ideas

Tech blog names are the exact opposite of Fitness blog names. There are a lot of single-word names and a lot of metaphorical names. Sure, we can also find descriptive names and multi-word names and there’s no need to avoid them. But metaphorical names seem to work well in this niche.

  • Techwell
  • Gadgeteria
  • Gizmore
  • Applord
  • Knackers
  • Moderton
  • PocketBrick
  • Superware
  • Techsoft
  • 247tech
  • Cybermoon
  • Technomore
  • PC Party
  • Android Assembly
  • TechBuild

How to create your own Tech Blog Names

To create your own metaphorical blog name ideas, you need to find things that metaphorically represent your blog. For some people, finding metaphors comes easy. But most of us need help. The simplest trick you can try is using images. Go to Google images and type in a few words that describe/represent your blog and press search. Go through the images and look for objects and things that could be used as a metaphor for your blog.

Let us give you an example. You have an eCommerce store with a huge selection of various items, and you want to find a suitable metaphorical name. You go to Google images and type in “vast” because of your huge and diverse supply. You scroll through the images when you find a picture of the Amazon rainforest. That’s a great metaphor for a huge e-commerce store – Amazon. Too bad it’s already taken.

You can also use other image search engines like Pexels, Unsplash, and Shutterstock.

The tools you’ll need for this process: Google images or any other image search engine, our naming generator to speed up the process and give you names with available domains.

Food Blog Name Ideas

Food bloggers use the simplest and most descriptive names. They either use personal names accompanied by words like recipes, foods, meals, or they use different combinations of descriptive words that clearly state what the blog is all about.

  • My Daily Recipe
  • Silvia Cooks
  • Home Kitchen Chef
  • Simple Cookery
  • Everyone Is A Chef
  • Big Boy Cook
  • Mega Tasty Meals
  • Fine Dining Simplified
  • Cook Like Me
  • Meal Planner’s World
  • Your First Meal
  • Selfmade Chef
  • My Delicious Day
  • Some Salt And Pepper
  • Pasta Lover Recipes

How to create your own Food Blog Names

To create your own food blog name ideas you first need a list of suitable descriptive keywords. You can find them in various online dictionaries and thesauruses. Don’t forget to add your own name to the list. Write at least 5 words that describe your business. Use the dictionary and thesaurus and add at least 10 extra words that could also be used. You now have a relatively long list of suitable words you can use. All you have to do is arrange them in a way that makes them catchy. The process for coming up with food blog names is similar to the process we use for travel blog names.

The tools you’ll need for this process: online dictionary and thesaurus, word processor or a pen and paper, our YouTube name generator to speed up the process.

Random Blog Name Ideas

Still unsure how to name your blog? Here’s a list of unique blog name ideas that we created using the Blog Name Generator. Let us know what you think!

  • About a Blog
  • AllAboutBooks
  • Analog Blog
  • Basic Blogs
  • Beauty Secrets
  • Beyond the Blog
  • Bleeding Ink
  • Blog Anything
  • Blog Country
  • Bob’s Blogs
  • Born to Blog
  • BurningPen
  • ChocolateFanatic
  • ColorfulNotes
  • CoutureTrends
  • CraftArts
  • CreativeMusings
  • CreativePen
  • Daily Dose
  • DailyMirror
  • Daring Diaries
  • Dashing Details
  • Day by Day
  • Dedicated DIary
  • DesignFreaks
  • Dialogue Diaries
  • Diary Dash
  • Diary of Dreams
  • Digital Dialogue
  • Digital Diary
  • Diverse Diaries
  • EcoNotes
  • Elegant Designs
  • EnchatedPen
  • Escape Trips
  • ExpertMusings
  • Express Blog
  • FairyStories
  • FashionUnlimited
  • First Draft
  • FooDiaries
  • Fragile Notepads
  • Front Line Blogs
  • FuriousScribe
  • Glam Up
  • Globe Notes
  • Happily Ever After
  • Heat Blog
  • Hiking Diary
  • I Like Big Blogs
  • InterBabe
  • InterBlog
  • InterFam
  • InterFan
  • InterFriend
  • InterFriends
  • InterManiac
  • InternetAddiction
  • InternetFanatic
  • InternetManiac
  • InvestDiary
  • InvestNotes
  • Journaled Journeys
  • Just a Journal
  • Just Journaled
  • Magic Notes
  • MessageManiac
  • MindTales
  • MindTreasures
  • MyMindSpeaks
  • MysticalRamblings
  • NatureScribblings
  • NatureSpeaks
  • NetBlog
  • NoisyPage
  • On the Blog
  • On-the-Sport
  • Personal Publisher
  • PhotoBooks’N’Diaries
  • Pictures’N’Diaries
  • PrincessBlog
  • Proficient Publisher
  • Published Perfection
  • Rambling Pen
  • Reach Blog
  • Rejuvinotes
  • Sage’s Corner
  • Sage’s Notes
  • Satiricious
  • ScribblingPen
  • ScribeDiary
  • SeamanTales
  • Shared Secrets
  • Shared Space
  • Shout Blog
  • Show and Tell
  • TechyGenius
  • The Blissful Blogger
  • The Blog Business
  • The Blog Log
  • The Blog Site
  • The Blog Source
  • The Personal Blog
  • TheBlogPrince
  • TheFusion
  • Timeline Treasures
  • Top Blogs
  • TravelogueBlog
  • U Make It Blogs
  • Unique Blogs
  • Unraveled Travels
  • UpBlog
  • VanityChest
  • Wander Writers
  • WeBlog
  • Welcoming Words
  • Well Read
  • Well Written
  • Wise Words
  • Word on the Street
  • Words of Welcome
  • Words of Wonder
  • Words Take Flight
  • World Blog
  • Writing on the Wall
  • Writing Room
  • Written Wisdom
  • You Blog

Best Real blog names – How they Got their Name and why it works

First Round Review

How they created it

The website provides valuable tips and tricks to startup owners. They share everything startup founders need to know before the first round of funding. The name simply describes what the information helps with.

Why it works

The name is simple and descriptive. It’s memorable and meaningful. It has a smooth and rhythmic sound that makes it easy to pronounce. It uses alliteration to make the name as smooth as possible.

Say Yes

How they created it

Say Yes was created by Liz Stanley in 2006. It could be classified as a mom blog, but Liz goes beyond that, offering useful advice about other topics, including food and travel. She inspires her readers to say yes to new things.

Why it works

The name inspires action. It encourages people to do something. This makes it very energetic and memorable. It uses simple words that are easy to spell and remember. The simplicity and the meaning behind the name make it very unique.

Money Under 30

How they created it

This blog is all about one thing – to help people under the age of 30 understand money and finances. It helps young people make smart financial decisions. The name simply describes the topic of the blog.

Why it works

The best thing about this cool blog name is its simplicity. It’s straightforward and meaningful. It’s easy to see who the blog is targeting and what kind of topics it covers. The name is easy to pronounce and understand.

Wild We Wander

How they created it

This blog is on a mission to educate and inspire people to live an alternative lifestyle. It shares simple and actionable tips that want to experience a digital nomad lifestyle or simply live in an RV.

Why it works

The words in the name form alliteration. This makes the name very playful and fun to pronounce. It makes it stand out. It also adds to its catchiness and makes the name very memorable.

Tree Hugger

How they created it

Tree Hugger is a blog for people pursuing an eco-friendly lifestyle. It offers advice and inspiration for green and sustainable life. The site was established in 2004 and has more than 20,000 articles on the topic. The name describes a nature-loving person.

Why it works

The name uses a metaphor to get the message across. Only people that really care about nature are willing to hug trees. The meaning is obvious. The fact that the name isn’t descriptive makes it stand out.

5 Most Read and Successful Blogs In The World – How they got it and why it works


How they created it

The website was originally named “Huffington Post” until 2017. It got the name after the founder Arianna Huffington. They changed the name because they noticed people almost always use the abbreviated version.

Why it works

The name is relatively simple. The shortened version packs more punch and playfulness. It sounds hip and modern. Two single-syllable words make it fast, which evokes action and high-energy environments.


How they created it

Engadget was founded by former Gizmodo technology weblog editor and co-founder Peter Rojas. He used the word “gadget” to make it obvious what kind of topics the blog will cover.

Why it works

The name is simple and straightforward. It shows what to expect from the content on the site. It also hints at the word “engagement”, which describes the way the news is presented on the site. The single-word name is catchy and memorable.

Perez Hilton

How they created it

The blog, which was originally called “PageSixSixSix” was started by Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. in the early 2000s. He created an alias Perez Hilton after the then-popular star Paris Hilton. He later changed the name of the blog to Perez Hilton.

Why it works

The author used an interesting approach and used the name of a famous celebrity to gain initial recognition. There’s nothing really special about the name. The fact that it’s easily recognizable makes it memorable.


How they created it

Copyblogger is the most influential content marketing blog in the world. It was created by Brian Clark in 2006. He created a name that would directly explain what kind of topics he’s covering on the blog.

Why it works

One of the main advantages of this name is its simplicity and straightforwardness. The name is smooth and playful. The catchy rhythm makes the name very memorable and recognizable.


How they created it

The website was started by Pete Cashmore in 2005. Mashable is an entertainment company that covers different topics from entertainment, culture, tech, and science. The origin of the name is not known. The founder probably wanted to show he’ll cover different topics on the website.

Why it works

The name is memorable because it’s different. It’s brandable, which isn’t common in the blogging world where most brands use descriptive names. The meaning is also fitting since it explains you can find different topics on the blog.

Things to Keep In Mind When Creating Unique Blog Names Ideas

We already covered a lot of tricks and tips you use when naming your blog. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is to make your blog name as relevant and memorable as possible. You want to make it easy for people to recommend your blog to their friends. And your name has to be memorable if they are going to recommend you.

Make sure your Blog Name Idea is available as a Domain

Another important thing you need to consider when creating unique blog names is availability. You can have the best blog name in the world but that won’t help you if you can’t get the domain for that name. While you can use a blogging platform like Medium, Quora, or Substack, we always recommend you build your blog on a self-hosted website. This way you always stay in complete control of your content. Blogging platforms can decide to delete or block your account for no apparent reason. That’s the last thing you want after you’ve built a solid readership.

Our Blog Name Generator will help you find names that are available to Register

The first choice for domain names is always a .com domain. It’s great if you can get .com for your blog. But it’s not the end of the world if the .com domain isn’t available for the name you picked. You can select alternative domain extensions that are gaining popularity in recent years. Domain extensions like .co, .io, or .blog are becoming mainstream and we’ll probably see more and more bloggers use them. Another option you can explore is the use of modifiers. Modifiers are short words we add at the beginning or at the end of names to get available domains. Popular modifiers include words like “the”, “my”, “blog”.

Save time Creating Name Ideas, Try our Blog Name Generator

You can simplify your brainstorming process by using the blog name generator on our website. The generator is completely free to use and has no limitations. You can use it as much as you want to. This is the best way for you to create an unlimited number of catchy names you can use for your business. It even immediately shows which domains are available for the names it generates. This can save a lot of time that you can spend on other tasks.

Besides meaning and availability, you also have to make sure you pick names that are easy to remember, pronounce, and spell. It’s usually best if you avoid numbers in the names because they can be written two different ways (86 or eighty-six). Misspelled words are another no-go because they confuse the viewers and aren’t very memorable. Try to keep the names as clean and catchy as possible.

Try the “Sticky” test to find the best blog names

You can also do a simple sticky test to determine if the name you create is sticky enough. Here’s what you do. Share the name you plan on using with a couple of your closest friends. Wait two days and ask them if they remember the name of your blog. If they do, you have a sticky name. If they don’t, you might want to reconsider your current blog name choice.

Tips for making your blog name memorable

Creating memorable and catchy blog names is both an art and a science. The most important thing is that you have a lot of options. You’ll have to scratch a lot of them because they simply won’t be available. Make sure you use our blog name ideas generator to create long lists of unique blog names.

Staying informed within our respective niche industries and personal interests would require a dozen monthly magazine subscriptions in the past. With the plethora of online blogs hosting information on any subject you can imagine, the overload of info needs to be narrowed down based on the central bloggers that match your needs. Knowing in advance that your blog is not going to be the first or last digital news hub for your subject of interest means that you better have a name that grabs like-minded individuals in a hurry. Let’s take a moment to see what we can learn from long-lasting successful blogs that have cut through the competition.

  1. Area of Interest: Before arriving at the final name for your blog, make a list of terms that pertain to your industry. These words should be insider lingo that is commonly used; now looking for ways to incorporate those individual words into catchy phrases. You can also pair one of those niche words with a colorful adjective or an exciting action verb from outside the industry to foster a unique blog name.
  2. Insider Expertise: Are there any sectors of your chosen industry that make your blog stand out? Do you cater to the high-end commercial business? Are most of your client’s business executives in need of staying up to speed on changing trends? Speak the language of your niche with your blog name, so people know they are coming to an expert.
  3. Join the Club: If you were coming to your own blog as an outside user for the first time, what name would make you feel left out for not knowing about it sooner? Incorporate verbiage that creates the feeling that your readers are not just browsing through a blog but are joining a collective club of like-minded associates.
  4. Express the Experience: Describe the overall feeling of spending time on your blog. Set the tone with a name that expresses the core theme and ethos that your blog is committed to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Catchy blog names are the ones that are memorable and instantly appealing. They help your blog stand out from your competitors. They are also very playful and unique. Catchy blog names talk to the target audience and represent what kind of topics you cover in your content.

We suggest you start by analyzing the existing blogs in your niche. You continue by brainstorming fresh and attractive names that will help you stand out in the niche. In the end, you pick a catchy name that represents your blog and can help you stand out in your space.

The process is the same - analyze existing blogs and create unique suggestions. After you have your list of ideas, make sure you check which ones are unique. Start by checking if there are already many blogs using the same name. You can use our blog name generator to create the best blog names.

Some of the biggest bloggers have built global brands. They wouldn’t be able to grow their audience without a memorable name. These are often a variety of descriptive words that capture the essence of their channels. Some also use metaphors to represent their blogs evocatively.

Compare your name to existing blogs in the market. Does it stand out? A catchy name should be different. Make sure you use alliterations, rhymes, and favorable word structures. This is the easiest way to make sure your blog name is catchy and highly memorable. You can also gather feedback from potential customers to see if your blog name is catchy.


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