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Books, not guns. Culture, not violence. 

Now, more than ever, we need the power of literature to bring people together, so book clubs—be it real-life meetings or online video chat sessions—are getting more and more popular.

As the only passionate bookworm in your closer circle, your family and friends may become bored of your detailed bookish ramblings. 

This is where book clubs come to the rescue. 

In a themed book club, you can discuss the book you’re currently reading with people that will actually care and listen to your elaborations.  

If you’re an avid reader aspiring to start your own book club and gather like-minded bibliophiles, you’ve come to the right place. 

If you’re not planning on using our designated book club business name generator, we included a selection of fun and aesthetic names along with additional useful tips for running a book club. 


Best Name Ideas: Book Club Business Name Generator

Book Club Business Name Generator

Choosing a convenient and unique name for your book club isn’t rocket science, but it can certainly be a tricky ordeal! 

While you might think every possible name has already been put into use, there are plenty of names left for you to come up with.

Whether you have a preferred genre or audience, a book club name should be fun, creative, and most importantly—it should explain the specific purpose of the club.

Let’s go through the most popular subcategories of unique book club names:

Poetry Book Club Names 

  • Lively Poets Society
  • The Verse Keepers
  • Read Between the Rhymes
  • The Poetry Alliance
  • Wonder of the Verse

As you can see, poetry book club names come in different shapes and sizes. You can try different approaches when naming your poetry book club. Our book club name generator can help you create new ideas almost instantly. We used our book club business name generator to create the next 10 bonus poetry club name ideas. 

  • Verse Explorers
  • All About That Rhyme
  • Haikus and Happiness
  • Let It Prose
  • House of Poets
  • Poetry Lovers
  • Lyrical Luxury
  • Verses Keep Me Warm
  • The Poetry Bunch
  • Poems In Homes

Naming tip for creating poetry book club names

Start by listing words that show your book club focuses on poems and poetry. You can insert these words one-by-one into our book club naming generator to find interesting name ideas for your poetry book club. 

Genre-Specific Book Club Names

  • The Mystery Solvers
  • The Haunted Book House
  • The Romance Relief
  • Pages of History
  • Biography Brigade

It makes sense to create a book club for specific genres. Different people love different genres and the most avid readers are very passionate about the genre they prefer. We used our book club business name generator to create 10 more genre-specific book club name ideas. 

Create a book club for specific genres!
  • Fiction Aficionados 
  • Action-Packed Pages
  • The Classic Collection
  • Comic Book Collective
  • We Are the Detectives
  • Business Book Box
  • The Fantasy Fling
  • Horror Me Up
  • Sci-Fi Stories
  • Thriller Readers

Naming tip for creating genre-specific book club names

The most important thing a book club name should do is explain the genre of the books covers in the book club. We suggest you insert genre-specific words into our name generator to find unlimited number of book club name ideas for your book club. 

Feminist Book Club Names

  • Herstory of Literature
  • Embrace the Female Gaze
  • Reading is Rad
  • Femme Fatale
  • Legashe Books

A feminist book clubs should show what the books are all about. We used our book club name generator to create even more name ideas to help you inspire on your search for the perfect name ideas for a feminist book club. 

  • The Queens of Literature
  • Women’s Front
  • The Lady Behind The Book
  • Women’s Wonders
  • All About Her
  • Ride About Our Queens
  • The Female Word
  • The Lines of Grace
  • Her Words
  • Words of Women

Naming tip for creating feminist book club names

You can use different words to show your book club covers feminist books. You can insert words like “her”, “queen”, “female”, “femme”, and “women” into our book club name generator to create hundreds of interesting feminist book club name ideas you can use.  

Children’s Book Club Name Ideas

  • Bookish Lullabies
  • Alice in Bookland
  • Nerdy Wizards
  • Best Books for Babies
  • Baby Reader

We used our book club name generator to create these name ideas. The generator is easy to use. That’s why we went ahead and created 10 more ideas to inspire your search for the perfect children’s book club name. 

  • Lullaby Literature
  • The Reading Dragon
  • Kiddy Poets
  • The Reading Superhero
  • The Kids That Read
  • Books Over Bullies
  • The Garden of Books
  • Mystery Pages
  • The Book Hunt
  • Cover to Cover

Naming tip for creating children’s book club names

The name of a children’s book club should be appealing to kids. Think about the words kids use to describe themselves. This probably depends on the age of the kids you’re trying to reach. Add the words into our book club name generator to find unique names for your children’s book club. 

Funny Book Club Name Ideas 

  • Prose Before Bros
  • Put the “Lit” in Literature
  • Count Me Booked
  • All Booked Up
  • Book Me Up

Funny book club names are instantly appealing and memorable. We know people love names like these. That’s why we included 10 more ideas to help you find the perfect funny name for your book club. 

  • The Mint Readers
  • Hooked On Books
  • The Book Bros
  • The Bookmarks
  • Overbooked
  • Poetry Buffs
  • Superliterate
  • Turning Pages
  • Hardcover Fanatics
  • Sticky Pages

Naming tip for creating funny book club names

We suggest you start with well-known phrases, idioms, and sayings. Try to think of unique twists you can add to the phrases to make them relevant to books. The names you create this way will definitely be funny and memorable.

 Start with well-known phrases, idioms, and sayings!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Page Turners
  • Bookends Book Club
  • Double Booked
  • The Book Look
  • Better Books
  • Turning Pages
  • Book Buffet
  • Raised Bar Book Club
  • Bountiful Book Club
  • The Lookbooks
  • Freshly Bound
  • Fresh Pages
  • Page Numbers
  • Well Read
  • Ready Readers
  • Ladies Who Read
  • Gents Who Read
  • The Ladies Club
  • Books by the Fire
  • Book of the Month
  • A Book a Month
  • Book Babes
  • Book Club Brothers
  • Book Club Band
  • The Book People
  • Book Gang
  • Brooklyn Book Club
  • Fireside Book Club
  • Fireside Chats
  • Book Chats
  • Many Pages
  • Ancient Pages
  • Turn the Page
  • Chapters Galore
  • ProChapter
  • BookPros
  • ProPages
  • The Page Professionals
  • Word Fanatics
  • Reading Aficoinado
  • Reading Enthusiasts
  • Page Enthusiasts
  • Book Admiration
  • Literature Aficionados
  • Literature Admirers

Best Real Book Club Business Names

Best Real Book Club Business Names

Between Two Books

Between Two Books, commonly known as BTB, is a book club founded by a small group of Florence Welch fans and embraced by the singer herself in 2012. She immediately supported the voracious readers among her audience and started recommending her favorite books as well.

As of today, this community of book enthusiasts includes more than 130k members that discuss literature on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where they get joined by famous musicians, writers, and directors. 

The charming and mysterious name reflects the whole ethereal aesthetic essential in Florence’s art.

Silent Book Club

The next real book club name captures the essence of this lit-loving community—reading in complete, shared silence. 

Founded in 2012 by two enigmatic bookworms, Guinevere de la Mare and Laura Gluhanich, Silent Book Club is now a global community that includes 240 groups in more than 30 countries. 

While being the dream for introverts, the Silent Book Club is far from asocial. On the contrary, it’s about building a community that nurtures reading as a shared hobby.

Ladies’ Lit Squad

Founded by the writer and blogger Sheree Milli, Ladies’ Lit Squad is an all-female book club that navigates through many literary genres with a focus on women writers of color.

Its members used to gather at different locations in London before conquering the online book-loving sphere and attracting more than 7,000 members worldwide.

Contrary to the stereotypical view around feminist literature, this chic book club name shows that resistance can be compatible with femininity. 

Most Successful Book Club Business Name Generator

Most Successful Book Club Business Name Generator

Oprah’s Book Club

Oprah Winfrey founded her own book discussion club in 1996. Obviously, the brand around her name was iconic enough to bring about the global popularity of her eponymous lit community. 

This book club is famous for its thought-provoking choice of bestselling fiction and nonfiction books, many of which are written by female authors such as Michelle Obama, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and Cheryl Strayed. 

Everyone is welcome to read the current month’s selected book and participate in discussion posts on the Oprah’s Book Club Newsletter.

Reese’s Book Club

Another famous Hollywood name behind a beloved book club is Reese Witherspoon.

The actress and producer selects female-centric books from a literary genre that resonates with her the particular month. 

The discussions in Reese’s Book Club focus on relationships and community from a female viewpoint. Past reads include Emma Lord, Miranda Cowley Heller, Angeline Boulley, and many more.

You can join the club for free by downloading the app and creating your account.

#ReadWithJenna (Jenna Bush Hager Book Club)

#ReadWithJenna is a literary community founded by Jenna Bush Hager, an American journalist, author, and co-host of the Today with Hoda & Jenna on NBC.

Creating a bond with her fellow readers by using the main modern tool for reaching one’s target audience, the hashtag, Jenna chose this perfect name for her famous book club.

As Hager states in Today, the aim of this online book club is to provide “delightful, entertaining, and challenging” stories for its members. Previous literary choices include Qian Julie Wang, Naomi Krupitsky, and Amor Towles. 

Anyone can join the club’s discussions by following its official Instagram account or subscribing to the ReadWithJenna newsletter.

Additional Tips on Naming a Book Club

There are several factors you need to consider when brainstorming a name for your book club and starting your book-loving community. 

Mind Your End Readers

Mind your end readers!

First of all, think about your target audience, i.e. the people you want to invite to your book club. Go through your contact list and consider which kind of names would appeal to the potential members you want to attract to your community. 

Consider the Volume

You’ll also want to weigh in on the number of members you’ll include in your book club.

Do you want a small and intimate gathering of close friends you share the same interests with or do you have greater ambitions of extending your book community? 

Focus on Social Media Presence

If you nodded along to the latter, you should level up your book club name brainstorming session and consider catering to the social media standards as well as attracting people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities.

Create the Perfect Vibe

Another important factor that contributes to the book club name selection is the atmosphere and nature of your meetings. Is your book club intended to be an official and fancy one or a relaxed one with members having drinks and snacks while discussing literature?

The Meetup Spot

After you’ve chosen the potential members you want to have in your book club, you should decide on a meeting location. If you strive to gather a wider circle of people, a neutral location such as a coffee shop, a pub, a bar, or a park would be a good choice—while for smaller book clubs, even someone’s house can serve as a meeting place. 

How Often is Too Often? 

The next thing to consider is the frequency of your book club meetings. You’ll probably be excited about your newfound passion at the beginning and tempted to fix frequent meetings, however, don’t forget to give all members enough time to read the selected book and participate in the discussion!

Book Club with a Purpose

While reading and discussing literature is the obvious focus of every book club, finding a specific purpose for your community is helpful for the name choice and the management of the club.

Some can choose a genre theme, such as mystery, fantasy, horror, or sci-fi – and others may go for children’s books, female-centered literature, or LGBT+ literature.

Additionally, if you have classic literature in mind, you can base your reading list on the Goodreads Top 100.

If you don’t have a particular genre in mind, fun and punny book club names can always attract a wider audience for eclectic reading and discussions. 

A Final Word

While choosing a creative name is vital for the success of your literary club, it can also be tricky. When you come up with a properly attractive, fun, and punny name, you’re already halfway there.

So, whether you’re in for starting a traditional book meeting club or an online book community, we hope that the book club business name ideas and examples that we provided in this article are helpful for you. 

Remember, if you need additional inspiration, feel free to turn to our specialized book Club business name generator and play around with what it spits out! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A book club is a group of people gathering to discuss books from an agreed-upon list that they’re currently reading. Book clubs usually meet on a monthly basis in order to give members enough time to read the next book.

These groups can be dedicated to general literary critique or focus on a specific genre, author, or even a particular series of books.

Having your name as a part of your book club name is only recommendable for founders with some prior influence or those who want to start a smaller book club. In other cases, it’s wiser to disclose the specific purpose of your book community.

Book clubs are all about creativity and originality. So, naturally, you should aim to give your community a unique name. Search all of your book club name ideas on Google and check if they’re already taken before choosing one.

Reading lists aren’t a necessity for every book club, but it’s recommended to have one for an easier organization of your meetings, especially in your beginning days.


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