Pet Business Names Ideas

Generate name ideas for your Pet Business below.

Top Brands:

Whiskas: Immediately recognizable as a product for animals. Their name, coupled with their distinctive logo, means the Whiskas brand is one of the most recognizable pet brands in the world.

Pet Barn: An intelligent use of two words relating to the pet/animal industry. The use of ‘barn’ goes further in reaffirming positive imagery in customers who associate ‘barn’ with early childhood books.

Frontline: A fitting name for a company that keeps pests off your pets, Frontline portrays seriousness and military precision in protection.

Royal Canine: This company distinguishes themselves as high quality by the use of ‘royal’. The use of ‘canine’ clearly represents their target market.

Pedigree: An apt name that gives the brand its identity immediately, indicating products that are high-quality, premium, etc.

Petmate: A self-explanatory title that conjures images of friendship and love, the genius of ‘Petmate’ is in its simplicity.

Kong: A non-generic name that has little overt relation to the pet industry, but is distinguishable and unique. Kong has now become synonymous with high-quality pet toys.

Rogz: A ‘cool’ and quirky name that clearly hints at their target market (dog owners) while maintaining a unique and identifiable edge.

Furminator: As a creator of de-shedding tools, the company’s name is entertaining and uses pun-style humor to engage with customers, which is a killer combination.

Purina: Their name as become synonymous with high-quality products. The name represents purity and quality, but is still distinctive and unique. This combination is advantageous for a company with such high regard amongst animal lovers.

Clientele & interests:

A multi-billion dollar industry, the pet market caters to a wide variety of people, making their target audience difficult to pinpoint. Even the act of having a pet isn’t as simple as it sounds; there are hundreds of different types of pets, and a multitude of different reasons for pet ownership. Examples of some possible interests of pet owners include:

Pet food, pet training, pet toys, shampoos and flea/tick removers, animal health, pet treats, kennels, bowls and food containers, pet beds, veterinarian services.

Industry related words:

Pet, dog, cat, puppy, hound, kitten, tank, animal, treat, companionship, pat, cute, adorable, park, kibble, whiskers, tails, wet-nose, fur, mans-best-friend, hairball, catnip, toy, bark, meow, flea, training, chew, paw, breed, pedigree, vet, love, canine, fish, bird, reptile, puppy-school, sniff, scratch, fetch. sit, rollover, wag, pooch, woof, cage, kennel, leash, lead, collar, fluff, tag, snout, scales, beak, feathers, grooming, canine, harnesses, pet-bordering, doggy-doo, pet photographer, tags, doggie day care, pet walker, micro-chip, teeth, gums, health, sniffing, ticks, howl, bight, growl, hiss

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Due to the diverse range of pet owners and their possible pets, marketing lingo is typically product specific. A company’s marketing lingo would directly relate to their niche within the larger pet industry, in order to stand-out amongst a crowded market place.

Food: nutritious, healthy, natural ingredients, quality protein, grain-free, cleans teeth, balanced, organic,

Toys: all-natural, interactive, indestructible, squeaky, fun, toxin-free, entertaining,

Veterinary: protects, repels, prevention, controls parasites

Accessories: spoil your best friend, luxurious, unique, great range, trusted brand, happy pets.