Health & Beauty Business Name Ideas

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How to name your Health & Beauty Business

Use our generator to find health & beauty business name ideas, use the related words, adjectives, nouns & verbs lists below to find ideas for keywords you can use.

Does your Beauty and Health Company Name meet the following criteria? Is it Memorable? Relevant? Creative? Catchy? Fun? If your answer isn’t YES to all of the above we got a problem. Ask yourself WHY NOT? Don’t you want a name that sticks with people way after they leave your fitness center? Wouldn’t that type of word of mouth increase sales for you? Biz Name Wiz thinks so.

Gyms, fitness studios, salons, you name it all need a name that resonates with audiences. A name people stop and admire. A name people repeat while relaxing at your spa.

Top Brands:

Women’s Health: Simple yet authoritative, this magazine title establishes its prominence in the industry of female health.

LuluLemon: The company’s founder selected this name for the distinct sound of the 3 ‘L’s, which render the name memorable yet unique.

Athletica: By adding a feminine touch to the word ‘athletic’, this women’s sports clothing label creates a simple yet distinct name.

iHerb: As a massive online store for all types of natural products, the name ‘iHerb’ conveys a tech/online notion through the ‘i’, as well as a health focus through the word ‘Herb’.

The Body Shop: Simple and classic, this beauty store’s name is easy to remember, relatable, and trustworthy.

Sephora: An ancient Hebrew word, ‘Sephora’ is a female name that is synonymous with beauty, which thus expresses the company’s mission. It’s also a unique and easily identifiable brand name.

SolarD: A sunscreen that also contains vitamin D, the product name easily and cleverly conveys this dual purpose, while also being short and snappy.

L’Oreal: Although derived from the French language, this word has no particular meaning. It is, however, unique and exotic-sounding, which promotes their high-quality brand image.

Neutrogena: This company’s name is not only unique and memorable, but also evokes notions of ‘newness’ and ‘regeneration’, which are highly relevant for a skin care label.

Maybelline: Although named for the founder’s sister, this company’s name is feminine and distinctive, giving the company a competitive edge.


Clientele & interests:

A more affluent target market than most others, businesses in this industry have the luxury of clientele who are willing to spend more for things that are perceived as being healthy, high-quality, or good for them. Industry players need to keep their finger on the pulse or else risk losing out to a competitor with the next big health or beauty fad.

 Beauty products, gym memberships, home workout equipment, personal trainers, make-up, fashion, health magazines, fitness magazines, sport, fitness trackers, dieting plans, step-counters, high-end bathroom appliances (blow dryers, hair straighteners, etc.), yoga, jogging, pilates.

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology

This industry plays into people’s egos and vanity, and trends and fads make up a substantial portion of the market, alongside a base of core offerings. As mentioned above, the clientele are usually more affluent than the general population, hence more can be spent on marketing and advertising per client than other industries.

 Trends, knockout looks, beauty, stunning, luxury, glowing, radiant, cover-all, longer lashes, long-lasting, look great, feel great, expert tips, superfoods, fat burning, well-being, glow-boosting, lush, plumping, oxidant-rich, plant based, oil-free, fade-proof

Health & Beauty related Words

We’be put together a large list of words related to health & beauty to give you ideas & keyword themes to use in our generator when searching for your business name ideas.

A) Abstinence, Access, Activity, Advocate, Aerobics, Affect, Alert, Ambulatory, Appearance, Appetite, Athlete, Athletics, Avoidance

B) Balance, Behavior, Bending, Benefit, Bicycling, Body, Bones, Breathing

C) Calcium, Calisthenics, Calories, Care, Cereals, Challenges, Change, Choices, Circulation, Clean, Commitment, Communication, Competition, Conditioning, Contribution, Control, Cope, Cross-train, Cuisine, Culinary, Cure

D) Decisions, Dentist, Depression, Develop, Diet, Digestion, Dinner, Discipline, Doctor, Drinking

E) Eating, Education, Effect, Elder care, Emerging, Emotional, Endurance, Energy, Erect, Ergonomics, Establish, Exercise, Experience

F) Family, Fitness, Flexiblity, Framework, Freedom, Friends, Friendship, Fruit, Function

G) Gains, Genetics, Goals, Good Habits, Grains, Growth, Guidelines, Gym

H) Habit, Handle, Health, Healthy, Helpful, Herbs, Homemade, Humor, Hygiene, Hygienic

I) Image, Immunization, Impact, Improvement, Individual, Influence, Ingredients, Inherent, Innovation, Insurance, Integrity, Intensity, Interpretation, Intimacy, Investigate, Iron

J) Jazzercise, Jog, Judge, Jumping

K) Karate, Kinesics

L) Laughter, Learning, Lifestyle, Limits, Living, Longevity, Lose, Losing, Loss, Love, Lumbar

M) Maintenance, Management, Maneuver, Martial Arts, Massage, Masseur, Mat, Maximize, Measure, Medication, Medicine, Memory, Mental health, Metabolic, Method, Minerals, Minimize, Moisturize, Monitor, Mood, Motion, Motivate, Motivation, Movement, Muscles

N) Nutrient, Nutrition

O) Obstacle, Opportunity, Optimism, Options, Outstanding, Oxygen

P) Participate, Peers, Percentages, Performance, Perspiration, Pilates, Play, Popularity, Portions, Position, Positive, Posture, Power, Practice, Prenatal, Preserve, Prevent, Process, Professional, Program, Promising, Proportion, Protection, Psychology, Pulley

Q) Quadriceps, Quest, Quickness

R) Rebound, Recognition, Record, Recovery, Recreation, Reflex, Refresh, Regimen, Regulate, Rehabilitation, Relationships, Relaxation, Religion, Representative, Research, Resiliency, Resist, Respiration, Response, Responsibility, Restoration, Role, Rolfing, Routine

S) Safety, Sanitary, Sauna, Scenario, Scientific studies, Seasonings, Self-defense, Sex, Shape, Siblings, Signal, Simple steps, Size, Skin, Sleep, Soothe, Spa, Speed, Speed-walk, Spirit, Sports, Sportsmanship, Squat, Stability, Stamina, Staple, Statistics, Stimulate, Strategy, Strength, Strenuous, Stress, Stretching, Stride, Strong, Struggle, Suitability, Supination, Supplements, Support, Surgery, Swimming, Symptoms, System

T) Tackle, Team, Teammate, Teasing, Technique, Temptation, Test, Therapeutic, Therapy, Timing, Tone, Torso, Train, Training, Transformation, Treatment, Trends

U) Unrestricted, Unusual

V) Vaccination, Vault, Vegetables, Victory, Vigorous, Vital, Vitamins, Voluntary

W) Walking, Warm Up, Watchful, Water, Weigh, Weight, Weights, Welfare, Wellness, Whirlpool, Whole-grain, Win, Winning, Wisdom, Witness, Work, Work out

X) X-rays

Y) Yoga, Youth

Z) Zeal, Zest, Zinc, Zone

Adjectives for Beauty

Try using a few of these words or related words in our generator to generate ideas for your health & beauty business.

  • adorable
  • aesthetic
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • aglow
  • alluring
  • angelic
  • appealing
  • artful
  • attractive
  • awe-inspiring
  • beauteous
  • beautiful
  • becoming
  • belle
  • bewitching
  • breathtaking
  • brilliant
  • captivating
  • celebrated
  • celestial
  • classic
  • consummate
  • contoured
  • coveted
  • cute
  • darling
  • dazzling
  • decorative
  • delicate
  • desirable
  • desired
  • divine
  • doll-like
  • dreamy
  • drop-dead gorgeous
  • easy on the eyes
  • elegant
  • elevated
  • enticing
  • entrancing
  • enviable
  • errorless
  • ethereal
  • exemplary
  • exotic
  • exquisite
  • fair
  • fashionable
  • feminine
  • fetching
  • fine
  • fine-looking
  • flawless
  • foxy
  • fragile
  • free
  • prepossessing
  • glamorous
  • good-looking
  • gorgeous
  • graceful
  • grand
  • handsome
  • harmonious
  • head-turning
  • heavenly
  • hot
  • hypnotic
  • ideal
  • impeccable
  • inspirational
  • inspiring
  • intoxicating
  • lovely
  • luminous
  • luscious
  • magnificent
  • majestic
  • mesmerizing
  • musical
  • mystical
  • one-of-a-kind
  • peaceful
  • perfect
  • perfectly formed
  • photogenic
  • picturesque
  • pleasing
  • poetic
  • pretty
  • pure
  • radiant
  • rare
  • ravishing
  • red hot
  • refined
  • resplendent
  • sculptured
  • sensuous
  • sexy
  • sightly
  • sophisticated
  • sparkling
  • special
  • splendorous
  • statuesque
  • streamlined
  • striking
  • stunning
  • stylish
  • sublime
  • superb
  • symmetrical
  • taking
  • tasteful
  • timeless
  • transcendent
  • unforgettable
  • unusual
  • vibrant
  • wanted
  • well-formed
  • winning

Nouns for Beauty

  • a perfect 10
  • a vision
  • admirer
  • allure
  • amazement
  • angel
  • appeal
  • appreciation
  • art
  • artistry
  • artwork
  • awe
  • beautiful creature
  • beauty
  • charm
  • charmer
  • composition
  • elegance
  • enchanter
  • exotic beauty
  • eye candy
  • eyeful
  • feast for the eyes
  • femininity
  • fox
  • glorification
  • good looks
  • good-looking person
  • grace
  • hottie
  • infatuation
  • inner beauty
  • jewel
  • knockout
  • longing
  • look
  • looker
  • loveliness
  • marvel
  • miracle
  • natural beauty
  • object of desire
  • inner beauty
  • jewel
  • knockout
  • longing
  • look
  • looker
  • loveliness
  • marvel
  • miracle
  • natural beauty
  • object of desire
  • objet d’art
  • perfection
  • purity
  • rarity
  • reverence
  • sculpture
  • sensation
  • sex appeal
  • sex symbol
  • sight
  • sophistication
  • stunner
  • stupor
  • treasure
  • uncontested beauty
  • universal beauty
  • visual feast
  • visual poetry
  • visual treat
  • wonder
  • wonderment
  • work of art
  • worshiper
  • wow factor

Verbs for Beauty

  • admire
  • adore
  • appeal to
  • appreciate
  • astonish
  • attract
  • be awestruck
  • be blown away by
  • be drawn to
  • be in awe of
  • be mad for
  • be smitten
  • be taken with
  • be turned on by
  • become infatuated
  • beguile
  • behold
  • bewitch
  • blossom
  • breath in
  • captivate
  • catch sight of
  • charm
  • cherish
  • coax
  • compare
  • contemplate
  • covet
  • crave
  • daze
  • dazzle
  • delight in
  • derive pleasure
  • desire
  • draw
  • dream of
  • drink in
  • enchant
  • enhance
  • enthrall
  • entrance
  • entrap
  • esteem
  • exalt
  • experience
  • extol
  • eye
  • fall for
  • fancy
  • fantasize
  • fascinate
  • flatter
  • gawk
  • gaze
  • glance
  • glorify
  • glow
  • go ga ga for
  • grab
  • have the hots for
  • hook
  • hunger for
  • hypnotize
  • idealize
  • idolize
  • infatuate
  • intrigue
  • knock dead
  • know
  • look
  • look fine
  • look one’s best
  • love
  • lure
  • lust
  • lust after
  • luxuriate
  • mesmerize
  • not believe one’s eyes
  • observe
  • ogle
  • persuade
  • pine
  • please
  • please the eye
  • pleasure
  • pour over
  • praise
  • prize
  • radiate
  • recall
  • regard
  • rejoice
  • relish
  • revere
  • rub one’s eyes
  • savor
  • seduce
  • see
  • set ships a sail
  • stare
  • strike
  • study
  • suck in
  • sweep off one’s feet
  • swoon over
  • take by surprise
  • take in
  • tempt
  • treasure
  • turn heads
  • value
  • venerate
  • view
  • want
  • witness
  • worship
  • wow
  • yearn for