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Did you know the seventh page on a Google search is one of the loneliest pages on the web? Most people never make it to page four, let alone seven. Think about how you are? It’s always the top results that get your attention right?

This need for immediate results also transfers over to names listed on Google searches. Audiences look at clear, concise words that state exactly what they’re looking for.

Knowing this information how do you make sure your business name reflect the professional services you offer?

The best way to do this is by picking the perfect business name.

Top Brands:

Xero: A trusted brand in accountancy software, the name relates to finance through its numerical connotations, while ensuring that they are distinguishable from the competition.

Dropbox: When naming Dropbox, it is clear that visual storytelling was paramount. The name does a good job of helping the consumers understand exactly what it is that they do.

MYOB: An acronym for “Mind Your Own Business”, the company name is a humorous take on accountancy. In spite of its humor, the company name also clearly shows that they take your financial privacy seriously.

Microsoft 365: A subscription model for their popular productivity suite, 365 is indicative of the longevity of their subscription model, while also distinguishing this model from their traditional sales plans for software

Skype: The world’s most famous video calling service, its name stands for ‘Sky people,’ which symbolizes the ability of users to chat with people all over the world.

Brother:  A printer company, the name creates a bond and establishes the company as a ‘family’ member, always looking out for the user.

Toggl: A time tracking application. The clever use of misspelling a well-known word almost guarantees the recall of the brand.

Asana: Named after the Sanskrit word meaning ‘yoga pose’, which recognizes that each pose is an essential part of the practice. By ensuring that ‘every employee knows what they’re doing’, the name embodies the culture of the company.

Slack: An ironic name for a company that aims to increase productivity in the workplace by decreasing ‘slackness’.

Bit Defender: An anti-virus package, it lets the user know its purpose almost immediately with a clear, definitive name that conjures images of security.


Clientele & Interests:

With the target audience being predominantly business professionals and large corporations, clients in this market are looking for a few key attributes and traits, and it is wise for companies to target these with precision and seriousness. Individuals and corporations looking for this type of software want the best, at the cheapest rates.


Career, productivity, money, efficiency, time-management, corporate ambitions, staff management, administration, technology, cutting-costs, law, business, politics, journalism, communication, media, marketing, advertising.

Industry related words:

Cloud, computing, accounting, accountancy software, legal services, lawyers, intellectual property, IP, video calling, printing, printer, computer, computer software, IT, productivity, team management, time tracking, anti-virus, documents, office, in the cloud, web services, code, coding, computer, business analytics, real-time messaging, app, email, searchable, files, pdf, document, spreadsheet, API, integration, word documents, Google Docs, Windows, workday, suites, PowerPoint, Adobe, presentation, big data, schedule, work week, workday, calendar, 9-5, 9 to  5, occupation, intelligent, management, managers, task-orientated, deadlines, report, code, boss, CEO, CFO, consultancy, consultant, consult, career, insights, growth, trend


Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Companies within this niche market have very specific selling strategies and defined company specializations. With competition being so fierce, it is paramount that companies back up their claims with excellent software and astounding services. The enterprises in this industry that become market leaders are hard to topple, and those that get there first have an invaluable advantage. Being flexible with product offerings and offering scalability with the growth of the clients ensures long-term relationships and a growing business.

Scalable, secure, organized, efficient, reclaim your workday, upgrade, increased productivity, big data, AI, professional, latest technology, premium, results, growth, off-the-charts.

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