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Naming your Cafe Business

We asked four of our branding experts to come up with ideas for Cafe business names. You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Cafe business name generator to help find more ideas. You can read user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page.

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Craig

Candle Cafe

Coffee Cup Cafe

Coffee Cups

Bite and Beans

The Beanery

Small Plate Cafe

Bite of Life

Cheers Cafe

Cravings Cafe

Cravings Cure

Toasted Roasters

New Day Cafe

Heyday Cafe

Crave Cafe

Sip and Snack

Bold Bites

Proper Pour

Pour Professionals

Rich and Pour

Drip Cafe

Double Drip

Hot Cups

Steaming Cups


A Latte

Latte Love

Like a Latte

Coffee Grinds


Grounds Cafe

Grounds of Goodness

Goodness Grounds

Well Grounded

Caffeine Cafe

Caffeine Machine

Double Pour

Pour Over

Double Shot

Red Eye Roasters

Espresso Express

Espresso Yourself

Espresso Cafe

Saucer Spot

Teacup Time

Well Roasted

The Beanery

Bean There Done That

Scone Select

Scone City

Candlelight Cafe

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Kate

Hashbrown Cafe

Corner Cafe

Dandelion Cafe

Daisy Cafe

Lunch Basket

Picnic Basket

The Picnic Cafe

Pot Luck

Cafe Dream

Cafe Ole

Moonbeam Cafe

Sunshine Cafe

Sunrise Cafe

Daylight Cafe

Seaside Cafe

Cafe Delicioso

The Lovely Cafe

Cafe Sweets

Cafe Connections

Coastal Cafe

Colossal Cafe

Cafe Kind

Cafe Dreams

Mom and Pop’s

Pop’s Cafe

The Curious Cat

Chess Cafe

Checkers Cafe

Club Cafe

Wildflower Cafe

Renaissance Cafe

Cafe Connections

The Caterpillar Cafe

Friendly Cafe

Hometown Cafe

Patio Cafe

Main Street Cafe

Downtown Cafe

City Cafe

Central Cafe

Cafe Hooray

Family Cafe

Hidden Cafe

The Alley Cafe

Balcony Cafe

Starship Cafe

Skylight Cafe

Big Trees Cafe

Open Skies Cafe

Waves Cafe

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BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Marcus

The Mug

Tea Bag

The Tea Bag

Sugar & Spice

Cream & Sugar

Sugar n’ Spice

Cream n’ Sugar

Coffee Connoseiurs

Coffee Carmaderie

The Coffee Hut

Tea Time

Coffee Time

The Tea Hut

Coffee City

Tea Town

Coffee Town

Tea City

Coffee Cave

Coffee Cove

Coffee Cavern

Coffee Palace

Tea Palace

Tea Tent

The Tea Trap

Crime & Coffee

Coffee & Punishment

Tea Tree

The Tea Tree

Iced Delights

Iced Magic

Hot n’ Cold

Hot & Cold

Coffee & Chill

Coffee n’ Chill

Coffee & Contemplate

Coffee n’ Contemplate

Coffee Contemplations

The Brewery

Brewed Dreams

Busy Brews

Brewing Dreams

Brewing Galore

Better Brewing

Best Brewing

Better Brew

Better Brews

Best Brews

Best Brew

Black & Blue Brews

Fresh Brews

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Sandra

Beans and cream

Fresh cafe

Cargo cafe

Paradise cafe

Rocky cafe

King cotton cafe

Rooting point cafe

Coffee Sanctuary cafe

Hangout cafe

Mighty cafe

Peaceful cafe

Express cafe

Entertain cafe

Urban cafe

Royal cafe

Chimney cafe

Fullest drink cafe

Mood lift cafe

Providence cake

Comfort cafe

Yo yo cafe

Lip pick cafe

Enjoyment cafe

Moonfruit cafe

House of fun cafe

Champion cafe

Wonderful cafe

Special cafe

Tedious cafe

Liquideous cafe

Spectacular cafe

Hotshot cafe

Genius cafe

Superstar cafe

Supreme cafe

Adept cafe

Proficient cafe

Harbour cafe

Haven cafe

Excellent cafe

Topmost cafe

Expert cafe

Gallant cafe

Divine cafe

Silver spoon cafe

Extra-ordinary cafe

Prodigious cafe

Universal cafe

Golden mighty cafe

Galaxy cafe

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