Campground & Glamping Business Name Ideas

Generate name ideas for your Camping Business below.

Best Campground & Glamping Business Name Ideas

Not sure what to name your campground & glamping business? Our ultimate guide is here to help you come up with the very best ideas! 

Whether your campground is a back-to-basics hiker’s hideout, a luxury glamping getaway, or a bit of both, read on to find the best tips to help you on your journey. First up is an overview of a top-notch business naming tool – our campground & glamping business name generator.

One-Word Campground & Glamping Business Name Ideas 

First, you will need to compile a list of subject-specific words and terms to enter into our one-word venue business name generator. I went with words like ‘tent’, ‘escape’, and ‘pitch’ to get some of the name ideas below:

  1. Pitchpad
  2. Escapology
  3. Glamsite
  4. Camplux
  5. Tentistic
  6. Pitchscape
  7. Campopolis
  8. EscapeLux
  9. Tentable
  10. Glampify
  11. Luxhuts
  12. Campnest
  13. GlampOut
  14. Campster
  15. Glamply

Tips For Creating a One-Word Campground & Glamping Business Name

Armed with your list of camping keywords, switch on the one-word filter on our campground & glamping business name generator and scroll through the list of industry filters to decide which ones best apply to your search. I first chose ‘luxury’, ‘nature’, and ‘travel’, then chose to tick ‘garden’ to further refine the outdoors-y results I got. 

Many of the suffixes added to root words to create name options are readymade for campground & glamping business names; for example, ‘-scape’ and ‘-nest’ create great options like ‘Pitchscape’ and ‘Campnest’. Words like ‘Escapology’ can also work well, so don’t be afraid to use existing words you might already have on your list! Take inspiration from the generator and merge words yourself to create unique name ideas for your campground & glamping business – I came up with ‘GlampOut’ and ‘EscapeLux’, adding capitalization to make the combination of words even more eye-catching. 

Rhythmic Campground & Glamping Business Names

The rhyming filter on our campground & glamping business name generator is your best friend for a business name with a ring to it. Switch it on for alliterative and rhyming name ideas like some of the ones below: 

  1. Classy Camp
  2. Nature Nook
  3. Happy Campers
  4. Under The Stars
  5. Round The Campfire
  6. Glamping Garden
  7. Go Glamp!
  8. Starlit Stays
  9. Pitch Patch
  10. Glamp Grove
  11. Back To Basics
  12. Glam Camp
  13. Camping Cove
  14. Pitch Perfect
  15. Wander Wild

Tips For Creating a Rhythmic Campground & Glamping Business Name

A rhythmic name is a great way to make your campground & glamping business as memorable as possible. Alter the industry filters again if you want to, but make sure to expand the list of keywords so that all bases are covered. I added camping and glamping-related terms like ‘pitch’ and ‘wild’ for alliterative name options like ‘Pitch Patch’ and ‘Wander Wild’.

Another way to create a catchy name and paint a picture for your target market is to adopt wordplay or a well-known phrase. Brainstorming helps you see the complete picture mapped out before you so you can pick out popular sayings easily – I came up with a few options, including ‘Back To Basics’ (which also uses alliteration, so you’re welcome), ‘Under The Stars’.

Family Campground & Glamping Business Names

Language and tone are important when attracting a family market, so make sure to alter your search appropriately. Think about what families want and expect; I used words like ‘wholesome’ and ‘friends’ to get some of the name ideas below:

  1. Family Camp
  2. Forest Friends
  3. Fun Valley!
  4. Wholesome Stays
  5. Glamp Fams
  6. Explore Outdoors
  7. Cosy Campers
  8. Kids Kamp
  9. Family Fields
  10. Adventure Bay
  11. Camping Tribe
  12. The Nest
  13. Camping Cubs
  14. Family Friends
  15. Camp FUN

Tips For Creating Family Campground & Glamping Business Names

A family campground & glamping business name is all about the vibe you create. Parents should know that yours is a campsite they can bring the whole family to, so keep family values in mind and include appropriate terms in your search. I got name ideas like ‘Family Camp’, ‘The Nest’, and ‘Wholesome Stays’, encouraging families to feel comfortable and confident in the business.

Colloquial language, punctuation, and capitalization are especially useful for attracting children. Abbreviating ‘families’ to ‘fams’ for ‘Glam Fams’ may strike a chord with younger family members, while the target audience for ‘Camp FUN’ is immediately apparent! Sometimes minor alterations make the most significant differences, for instance, adding an exclamation mark to ‘Fun Valley!’ or changing the ‘c’ to a ‘k’ for ‘Kids Kamp’.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Set Up Camp
  • Camp With Care
  • Careful Campers
  • Campfire Fuel
  • Natural Pursuits
  • Nestled in Nature
  • Nature Walks
  • Travel in Tents
  • Get InTents
  • Traven InTents
  • Supplies Guys
  • Supplies Solutions
  • Happy Campers
  • Creative Campers
  • Camping Plus
  • Create a Camper
  • Camping Supply
  • Camping Outlet
  • CampZone
  • Tents and More
  • The Tent Stake
  • The Twisted Tent
  • Fly Tents
  • CampFly
  • Camp Time
  • Camp Center
  • Camp Station
  • Camp City
  • Camp Town
  • Camp Canal
  • Camp Cave
  • Camp Cove
  • Camp Cavern
  • Camping Time
  • Camping Center
  • Camping Station
  • Trusted Treks
  • Funfair camping
  • Energy camping
  • Bold camping
  • Freedom camping
  • Explore camping
  • Triumph camping
  • Amped to Camp
  • Wild Wishes

Best Real-World Campground & Glamping Business Names

Best Real-World Campground & Glamping Business Names

Hill Top Huts

The Name

Exactly what it says on the tin! This site, described as “camping for glampers and glamping for campers”, offers 12 glamping pods boasting panoramic views across the North Pennines. 

Why It Works

This rhythmic name rolls off the tongue using three simple, single-syllable words and alliteration. It also creates imagery and encourages the target market to picture the scene at this glamping ground. 

Ockeridge Rural Retreats

The Name

This site offers a next-level glamping experience, with guests at the deluxe shepherd’s huts enjoying underfloor heating, private bathrooms, and breathtaking views over the neighboring valley. 

Why It Works

The name reflects the luxury of the experience. As well as noting the location, Ockeridge, this business name uses sophisticated language and alliteration to hint that this is much more high-class than a standard campground! 

Little Acre Holiday Park

The Name

This small but spacious site is family and pet-friendly, with electric pitches for tents and tourers with easy access to the beautiful Lake District. 

Why It Works

Words with gentle connotations like ‘little’ effectively appeal to families with younger children and hint at a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. The term ‘holiday park’ lets customers know the site offers more than one accommodation type. 

Most Successful Campground & Glamping Business Names

Most Successful Campground & Glamping Business Names

Cuckoo Farm Campsite

The Name

This small organic farm is a favorite among campers, with the owners encouraging campfires and campfire cooking. The onsite farm shop is another enticing feature!

Why It’s Successful

‘Farm’ is common in campground & glamping site names because of its friendly connotations, but this one is a real working farm! ‘Cuckoo’ intrigues visitors, who will experience the calls of local birdlife that inspired the name during their stay.    

The Secret Campsite

The Name

This site lets visitors immerse themselves in nature and offers both camping and glamping accommodation options, including a unique tree-top pod!  

Why It’s Successful

The site itself is pretty popular and not so secret; however, visitors can only access it via an overgrown footpath leading down from reception to wildlife-rich orchards and fields, giving it a secluded, almost-secret feel. 

Cloud Nine Glamping

The Name

This campground is a pop-up glamping site on a country estate, offering a festival feel and plenty of activities for visitors to get involved with.

Why It’s Successful

This witty business name directly appeals to visitors’ desires by adapting the well-known slang term ‘feeling on cloud 9’, cleverly letting the target market know to expect a fun experience at this site.    

Top 3 Tips For Naming Your Campground & Glamping Business

You’re now well on your way to knowing everything there is to know about creating the perfect name for your campground & glamping business! To finalize our guide, we’ve outlined a few pointers to summarise all of this fantastic advice – read on for our top 3 tips for choosing a name for your campground & glamping business.

Tip 1: Use Imagery

An effective way to entice your target market is to help them imagine the experience at your campsite before they have even seen any photos. Setting the scene is important for all businesses, particularly for a campground & glamping business where the backdrop is a considerable part of the experience! If your site boasts beautiful, imposing oak trees, why not include an oak tree reference? Consider the views visitors can picture when they hear ‘Hill Top Huts’ or the intimate, secluded imagery conjured up by ‘The Secret Campsite’. 

Using imagery is also an excellent option when you want to steer away from puns, wordplay, and cliché. If name ideas like ‘Go Glamp!’ don’t cut it for your site, don’t be afraid to get creative and see what you can come up with using imagery. The overall tone of your business name will depend on who it is aimed at, which leads us nicely on to our next top tip!

Tip 2: Decide On Your Target Market

The target market for campground & glamping businesses is, in general, pretty broad – anyone can try a camping holiday. However, you may want to narrow the market depending on your site’s accommodation, accessibility, etc., so take the time to consider exactly who your target market is when naming your business. For example, if your site is pretty basic and only accessible via a challenging hiking path, a name like ‘Family Friends’ probably wouldn’t work!

The campground & glamping business target market can be split into the following groups: 

  • Families
  • Couples
  • Groups
  • Hikers

This is not an exhaustive list; these groups could be divided further and merged into blended target markets. A business named ‘Round The Campfire’, for example would apply to almost all people, whereas ‘Wander Wild’ may be more suited to hikers or the more outdoorsy among us! When considering your target market, ask yourself what facilities do I have? Who are they appropriate for? Who do I want my campsite to cater to? Asking questions like these will be beneficial in pinpointing associated words and terms specific to your type of campsite, meaning your name will be as appealing as possible to your target market specifically among the wider camping market. 

Tip 3: Make It Memorable

There are thousands of campground & glamping businesses out there, meaning a LOT of competition! In order to make your business name stand out from the crowd, it’s beneficial to consider the following tips and techniques:

  • Use alliteration 
  • Be creative!
  • Make the most of your USP
  • Keep it short and snappy

Researching competitor businesses could be a helpful exercise at this stage. Once you’ve found a few businesses with cool names, consider what inspiration you could take from them to create your own catchy name. Also, think about your USP and how you can incorporate it into your name. For instance, if your site is by a lake, use ‘lakeside’ in the name – simple! 

Finally, once you have some name ideas for your campground & glamping business, see what people think of them. Whether it’s family and friends, a focus group, or random people on the street, use the opportunity for feedback wisely by asking questions like ‘would you come to this campsite?’ Is the name catchy? What could I do to make this name more memorable? Ultimately, only you can decide on your business name, but with our ultimate guide and campground & glamping business name generator to help, you’ll be on to a winner!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Though some small scale camping is allowed without permission, any significant change from agricultural use requires full planning permission from your local authority. The good news is that national government guidance encourages local authorities to support farm diversification applications, including tourism opportunities. You will also need to consider the applicable licensing and taxes for a seasonal or year-round campsite, plus insurance, the size of your site and access to it.

By 2025 in the UK, the local holiday and tourism industry is expected to generate over £257.3bn, with camping a firm favourite option. Glamping has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years and shows few signs of slowing down, with glamping sites earning up to £4000 per pod a month between April and October. Even after taking out necessary costs like utilities, marketing and maintenance, a camping and glamping site has the potential to earn a lot of money!
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