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The Best Carpentry Business Names

Starting a carpentry business is a worthwhile endeavor since it can make you a decent profit while making other people’s dreams come true. However, coming up with a list of carpentry business name ideas is one of the challenges when you are just starting.

If you find yourself stuck producing a list of carpentry business names, you can use BizNameWiz to smooth things out. This free carpentry business name generator can create thousands of suggestions in just seconds. Go to their website and enter the keyword related to your business on the search bar. Once you hit the Generate button, it will display a list of company name suggestions. 

We also compiled this guide to help you create a list of relevant carpentry business names. 

15 Awesome Carpentry Business Name Ideas For Your Rough Carpentry

Rough carpenters specialize in many aspects of carpentry, from planning, building, and maintaining structural integrity. Their work also involves house repair and implementing finishing touches. Because of this wide range of tasks, rough carpenters might have difficulty naming their business. 

The following are some of the carpentry business name ideas that you can draw inspiration from:

  • Nailed It
  • Hammer Home
  • Trusted Toolbox
  • Woodworkers
  • Careful Construct
  • Better Builders
  • Creative Carpentry
  • Frame Up
  • Safe And Sturdy
  • Handiworks
  • Hammer Home Repair
  • Restore Repair
  • Level Lumber
  • Home Sweet Home Builders
  • Wood Works

Things To Consider When Creating Carpentry Business Name Ideas For Rough Carpentry

 Use flexible business name!

When naming your carpentry business, it’s crucial to create a brand that can develop a relationship with your customers. It’s best to use a flexible business name that will remain relevant after several years or even decades. The business name must also be a good fit for your marketing strategy during the initial years of your company. 

15 Astonishing Carpentry Business Names For Trim Carpentry

Trim carpenters are usually involved in moldings of a room and building trims. They also specialize in green and scenic carpentry which requires proper handling of different materials. Additionally, they may build and install architraves, skirting boards, cornices, mantles, and other similar structures. 

These are just some of the name suggestions of the BizNameWiz carpentry business name generator tool:

  • Saw To Success
  • Timber Time
  • Trusted Timber
  • Lots O’ Lumber
  • Building Boys
  • Grandpa’s Workshop
  • Classy Carpentry
  • Classic Carpentry
  • New Designs Carpentry
  • Century Carpentry
  • Dovetails
  • Freeforms Carpentry
  • Tip Top Carpentry
  • Block Heads
  • Blockmakers Carpentry

Tips For Creating Carpentry Business Name Ideas For Trim Carpentry

Choose a name that tells customers a positive image of the services or type of work that you offer. The business name must have a visual element that encourages people to find out more about your company. For example, carpentry is often associated with wood and craftsmanship. 

15 Stunning Carpentry Business Name Ideas For Cabinet Carpentry

Cabinet makers are carpenters that specialize in creating cabinets for laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other parts of a home. Moreover, cabinet builders can also work on other woodworking-related furniture, such as patio furniture and indoor furniture sets.

If you want to establish a company that specializes in making cabinets, you can use these business names:

  • Creative Cabinets
  • Cabinet Carpentry
  • Perfect Cabinets
  • Beauty By Hand
  • Cool Hand Carpentry
  • Ponderosa Carpentry
  • Skinny Maple Carpentry
  • Birch Bin Carpentry
  • Buildmore Carpentry
  • Classical Creations
  • Style Works Carpentry
  • Mystic Carpentry
  • Better Built
  • The Big Build Up
  • Build Me Up

Recommendations For Producing Great Carpentry Name Ideas for Cabinet Carpentry

Using alternate forms of common terms related to the service you’re delivering is an excellent technique to come up with memorable business names. For example, instead of carpentry, you can say woodcraft, carving, joinery, and carving. 

15 Mind-Blowing Carpentry Business Name Ideas for Ship Carpentry

Ship carpenters are largely involved in the construction of ships. They can verify that ships, both structurally and cosmetically, meet all client requirements. Some shipbuilders create reproductions of previously built ships, while others focus on creating modern ship components for cruise liners, freight ships, and smaller boats.

The following are some of the company name ideas proposed by the BizNameWiz carpentry business name generator:

  • The Carved Canoe
  • Built To Last
  • Jack Of All Trades
  • Wood You
  • Mister Wood Chips
  • Wood You Mind?
  • Measure Twice Cut Once
  • Wood You Rather
  • Creative Hands
  • Ace Carpentry
  • Blunt Tools Carpentry
  • Lofty Touch Carpentry
  • Perfect Styles Carpentry
  • House Of Timber
  • Timber-Nation

Advice For Devising Carpentry Business Name Ideas for Ship Carpentry

Some business owners use foreign words as their brand name so their customers can easily distinguish them. However, if you employ this naming strategy make sure that the word you used does not have any negative connotations in other languages. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • What Wood You Do?
  • A To C Carpentry
  • Contractor Cohort
  • Nailed It
  • Hammer Home
  • Trusted Toolbox
  • Hammer Helpers
  • Better Builders
  • Creative Carpentry
  • Clever Contractors
  • Careful Carpentry
  • Carpentry
  • Carpentry Company
  • Carpentry For Me
  • Improvement Inc.
  • Build Me Up
  • We Build You Up
  • Build It Better
  • Better Built
  • The Big Build Up
  • Build It Up
  • We Build You Up
  • We Build For You
  • Erect It Right
  • Built To Last
  • Built Right
  • Built In
  • Built To Last
  • Frames To Fences
  • Framed
  • Split Woodwork
  • Wood Artistry
  • Wood Shapers
  • Nails & Hammers
  • Creative Hands
  • Timber Shade
  • Tree Benders
  • Woodworkers
  • Wooding Styles
  • Styles Carpentry
  • Ace Carpentry
  • Timber Mongers
  • Wood Managers
  • Timber Land
  • Wood Clinic

Best Real-World Carpentry Business Names

Nuvo Homes

How Nuvo Homes Got Its Name

This carpentry company is situated in Penfield, New York. They offer various construction services including building design and repair. Their name was taken from the term “nouveau” which translates to newly created or developed. 

Why Nuvo Homes Is A Great Carpentry Business Name

Nuvo is an excellent brand name since it simplified a grandiose word and turned it into a brief and easy-to-spell term. Moreover, the company name also captures many of their customer’s aspirations which makes them connect to the firm. 

Northern NJ Interiors

How Northern NJ Interiors Got Its Name

Northern NJ Interior has earned a reputation for supplying top-notch carpentry services to the building sector in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York. The company provides a one-stop shop for expert interior fit-out solutions of all sizes, scales, and standards.

Why Northern NJ Interiors Is A Great Carpentry Business Name

This brand name is well suited for a carpentry business because of its no-frills approach. The company name also has decent recall since it uses simple terms. However, one of the weaknesses of this brand name is limiting its service by adding NJ, an abbreviation of New Jersey. By doing so, some customers might assume that they only operate within that area. 

Mr. Handyman

How Mr. Handyman Got Its Name

Mr. Handyman is a well-known renovation brand in the United States and Canada. In these two nations, they operate over 200 outlets and have served over one million clients. The company’s name refers to basic home modifications and repairs.

Why Mr. Handyman Is A Great Carpentry Business Name

Even though its brand name is simple, it is effective for growing into new areas around the world.

Professionals who repair or renovate parts of your home or property are frequently referred to as “handymen.” If you need more company name ideas, employ the BizNameWiz carpentry business name generator. 

Most Successful Carpentry Business Names

JP Custom Carpentry

How JP Custom Carpentry Got Its Name

This carpentry company’s headquarters is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. They specialize in general contracting, remodeling, restoration, and home addition projects. The company’s name was taken from the initials of its founder Joe Parulski who started it in 2001. 

Why JP Custom Carpentry Is A Great Carpentry Business Name

JP Custom Carpentry is an incredible company name since it gives you an idea of what they offer. Using the initials of the owner also gives it a sense of ownership and a stamp of approval from its upper management. Furthermore, adding the word custom also says they specialize in special projects. 

Handyman Connection

How Handyman Connection Got Its Name

Handyman Connection is a carpentry company based in Blue Ash, Ohio. They have been in the construction industry since 1991 and have since been known for their extraordinary craftsmanship. The owners named their company as such because they want to be connected with their clients. 

Why Handyman Connection Is A Great Carpentry Business Name

The brand name works perfectly well since they use simple words that can attract the attention of their clients. Handyman Connection is a straightforward name. Its name might be a bit long, but since they are in the service industry they don’t have to put it on any product.  

The Construction Group

How The Construction Group Got Its Name

The Construction Group is a trusted roofing and remodeling contractor firm. They have over 30 years of experience in the carpentry industry. Since they offer a wide range of building and repair services they resolved to name the company the Construction Group. 

Why The Construction Group Is A Great Carpentry Business Name

This brand name chooses to use simple terms to be added to its business name. In doing so, they are able to prequalify many of their customers. Furthermore, the company name reflects their extensive experience in the industry. You can also use the BizNameWiz carpentry business name generator tool to get more company name ideas. 

Tips For Creating Your Carpentry Business Name

Use Suggestive Words To Connect With Your Customers

Use suggestive words!

Utilizing suggestive words in your naming strategy can be quite beneficial in the long run. You need to think of real-world terms that suggest the benefits or attributes that your customers are trying to get. Think of Uber, whose name is derived from a prefix that simply means “complete.” Thus, every time you book an Uber ride, the brand is telling you that it’s a complete experience. 

Aside from real-world terms, you can also use composite and invented words. Facebook is a composite word that combines two words together. Meanwhile, invented words like Kleenex are derived from a base word but were altered enough that it barely resembles the word “clean.” When your customers can connect to the benefit you are selling, then it’s easier to convince them to buy your product or service. 

Utilize Associative Words That Reflects Imagery

People often know some of the most unbelievable facts in the world and it can help you establish your brand name. For example, Amazon is considered the longest river system in the world and is known for its biodiversity. It’s also the name of the largest eCommerce retailer in the world today. 

Since carpentry revolves around wood and the many ways to reshape and utilize it, you can use words often associated with trees. The giant Sequoia trees are known as the largest individual trees in the world. You can name your carpentry business after this great tree and people will surely be able to connect it with carpentry. 

Specify The Type of Carpentry Or Service You Offer

Because the carpentry business is so diverse, the machine is made up of various integrated clogs.

Some carpenters are more specialized in building a home or business structures, while others prefer making furniture and cabinets. There are also carpenters who are more proficient in shipbuilding.

As a result, you’ll need to include a term that helps clients recognize your contribution to the refurbishment project’s success. If you have a small team that specializes in any carpentry niche, then it’s better to state that into your name. This way you can target and pre-qualify the customers that truly need your service. 

Use Terms Commonly Used In The Construction Industry

It’s important to know how your customers search for your service and the platforms they use. When people want to hire a carpenter, they use carpentry-related words to search on yellow pages or the Internet. Some of the simple words they could use are “woodwork” and “turning.”  

Use terms commonly used in the construction industry!

Meanwhile, some customers may search for carpentry services using terms relating to professionals involved in this line of work. Hence, they may type in “woodcarver” or “home repair” on their favorite browsers. 

Use The BizNameWiz Carpentry Business Name Generator

It can be difficult to come up with carpentry business name ideas. If you need assistance or want to speed up the process, use our carpentry business name generator. In a matter of seconds, the BizNameWiz business name generator may generate hundreds of name options.

To create a name for a renovation company, simply type one or more words into the supplied box, such as “refurbishment” or “house rehabilitation,” and then click the Generate button. Because you won’t need to engage a consultant, this decision saves you both time and money.


It’s not always easy to come up with creative carpentry business name ideas. However, if you follow the instructions above, we are convinced that you will be halfway there. To help you come up with a name for your carpentry business, you can utilize the BizNameWiz carpentry business name generator to cut down your work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are numerous ways of naming a business. However, they usually fall into seven methods which are eponymous, descriptive, suggestive, acronymic, associative, abstract, and derivation from foreign words. You can review how businesses use these naming strategies and try out if it works for you or not.

Pick words that are regularly used in your niche or industry. You may wish to mention your business name if you are providing a specific service, product, or solution. In the meanwhile, use words that are short, easy to speak, and have a high recall rate among your clients.

BizNameWiz is an entirely free tool for generating carpentry business name ideas. You do not need to pay a single penny to use it. Simply enter the keywords related to your carpentry business, click Generate, and it will display several pages of name ideas.
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