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The Best Cloud Brand Names and Name Ideas for Cloud Businesses

The creation of the cloud has changed the world of technology in many ways, opening up whole new opportunities for the storage of data and the provision of digital services. And since this technology is still relatively new, it’s a great time to get in on the ground floor and set up your own cloud company.

But what should you name it? Well, it’s important to think carefully about this. The best cloud business names can help companies stand out and succeed in this increasingly competitive industry, while a bland or boring name could create unnecessary problems for your brand.

In the guide below, we’ll look at how you can create the very best cloud business name ideas. We’ll provide some cloud business name ideas of our own, and analyze pre-existing cloud business names like OneDrive, Digital Ocean, and Cloud Minds.

Plus, if you really want to speed up the naming process for your new cloud company, you can use our cloud business name generator. The BizNameWiz cloud business name generator can give you hundreds of cloud business names in a matter of seconds. Give it a try!

15 Catchy Cloud Business Name Ideas for Cloud Storage and Backups

One of the best uses of cloud technology is for data storage and backups. Cloud servers can be used to store huge amounts of data without the need for physical hardware in homes and offices around the world. It’s a very convenient system, and you can get people interested in your company’s cloud storage or backups by using one of the following cloud business name ideas.

  1. Space Bank  
  2. StoreSecure   
  3. Cloud Space   
  4. Endless Ocean   
  5. Limitless Space   
  6. CloudUp   
  7. BackCloud   
  8. Cloud Keeper   
  9. Optimal Storage   
  10. Files City   
  11. Storage Reality   
  12. Next Level Storage   
  13. Evolution Storage 
  14. Rapid Backups   
  15. Be Ready Backups

Tips for Creating Catchy Cloud Business Name Ideas for Cloud Storage and Backups

If you’re looking for cloud business names for companies that provide storage and backup services, try to use relevant keywords and phrases to attract attention to your brand. Words like store, secure, files, data, cloud, virtual, and storage will all work well here, and you can try typing some of these words into our cloud business name generator to get even more great ideas.

15 Inventive Cloud Business Names for Cloud Startups

There are lots of exciting cloud startups out there nowadays, aiming to serve the next generation of tech users with a wide array of cloud-based services and solutions. Startups need inventive and exciting names to help them stand out, so here are some great cloud business name ideas you might like to consider.

  1. Cloud Burst   
  2. Expanse Cloud   
  3. Innova Cloud   
  4. Cloud Generation    
  5. Cloud Evolution    
  6. The Cloud Co.    
  7. Clear Sky Solutions    
  8. Cumulus   
  9. Nimbus   
  10. Nuage Solutions    
  11. Cloud Call   
  12. Silver Lining   
  13. VirtuCloud  
  14. Vortex Cloud   
  15. Tempest Solutions   

Tips for Creating Inventive Cloud Business Names for Cloud Startups

If you’re setting up brand new cloud business, it helps to have an impactful and catchy name that will quickly grab attention and help your brand stand out from the crowd. Try not to play too safe when looking for cloud business names for your startup; use interesting, rare, and evocative words to make your brand seem different and special. Use our cloud business name generator for a helping hand, too.

15 Attractive Cloud Business Name Ideas for New Cloud Solutions

If you’re ready to make your mark on the cloud industry and use cloud technology in bold and exciting new ways, you need an equally bold and exciting name to match! Here are some attractive and engaging cloud business name ideas to inspire you.

  1. Cloud Reality   
  2. Cosmic Cloud   
  3. The Cloud Doctor   
  4. Century Cloud   
  5. Cloud Nine  
  6. Cloud Crowd  
  7. Cloud Engage   
  8. CloundMind  
  9. The Hive   
  10. Cloudnet   
  11. Cloudweb   
  12. Cloud X   
  13. Elite Cloud Services   
  14. Opti Cloud
  15. Cloud Bloom 

Tips for Creating Attractive Cloud Business Name Ideas for New Cloud Solutions

If you’re ready to shake up the cloud industry with bold new ideas, it’s logical to include bold and exciting words as part of your cloud business names, too. Try to find words that will trigger positive reactions in your target audience, and pick a name that gives your brand a sense of authority. In addition, try to opt for short names over long ones, as people find it a lot easier to remember short names, so this can be beneficial for brand awareness.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Cloud Tech
  • In The Cloud
  • Digital Data
  • Digidata
  • Pools Of Purpose
  • Subtle Servers
  • Sky-High Servers
  • Sky Level Servers
  • Handy Host
  • Helpful Host
  • Hosted Solutions
  • Secure Services
  • Cumulus
  • Club Cloud
  • Cloudfiles
  • Crewcloud
  • Vapor Cloud
  • Cloud Life
  • Cloud Sound
  • Cloud Song
  • Cloud Calling
  • Storage King
  • Cloud Manager
  • Cloud House
  • Cloud Burst
  • Every Cloud
  • Cloud Nine
  • Cloud Cover
  • Low Cloud
  • High Cloud
  • Saint Cloud
  • Under A Cloud
  • Star Cloud
  • Cloud Base
  • Cloud Up
  • Safe Cloud
  • Cloud 9
  • Epic Server
  • Cloud-X
  • Optimal Server
  • In & Out Server
  • Secrete Host
  • Pager Cloud
  • Dream Cloud
  • Grip Servers

The Best Real-World Cloud Business Names

The cloud industry is growing bigger all the time, with lots of great businesses already making their mark and offering popular cloud services. In this section, we’ll take a close look at some of the best real-world cloud business names and find out what makes them work so well.

Digital Ocean

How Digital Ocean Got Its Name

Digital Ocean is the name of a leading American cloud infrastructure company that offers developers, businesses, and other clients the cloud services they require. The brand’s name is a poetic way of describing the seemingly endless digital space provided by the cloud.    

Why Digital Ocean Is A Great Cloud Business Name

Digital Ocean is a very attractive and attention-grabbing cloud business name that accurately expresses the power and expansive nature of the cloud.

Cloud Minds

How Cloud Minds Got Its Name

Cloud Minds is a new cloud startup that is focused on cloud-connected robotics and AI technology. The brand’s name expresses how it aims to create artificial minds powered by the cloud.    

Why Cloud Minds Is A Great Cloud Business Name

Cloud Minds is a perfect name for this kind of company. It completely encapsulates the company’s work and aims, while also being short, simple, and easy for people to remember.


How Serverspace Got Its Name 

Serverspace is another leading cloud company that offers cloud infrastructure for business customers. The brand’s name simply and accurately describes what it has to offer.   

Why Serverspace Is A Great Cloud Business Name

Serverspace is one of the simpler cloud business names out there, but it’s also an effective and attractive name. It uses alliteration, including repeated “S” sounds to make it more memorable, and it consists of just one word, which is a very popular and efficient naming strategy in modern times.

Most Successful Cloud Business Names


How Dropbox Got Its Name

Dropbox is one of the world’s leading cloud companies, providing secure cloud storage for business files, personal files, media, and more. The company’s name reflects how it essentially gives users a “Box” to “Drop” their data into.    

Why Dropbox Is A Great Cloud Business Name

Dropbox is a catchy and quirky name that has really caught on and helped this brand become one of the major players in the cloud storage world. It’s a name that is really easy to understand and not confusing, complicated, or vague in any way.


How OneDrive Got Its Name

OneDrive, also known as Microsoft OneDrive, is part of the Microsoft family of brands. It’s Microsoft’s cloud storage and file hosting service, offering users secure cloud storage for their files and cloud backups, too. The name aims to show that this is the one and only drive you need to store your files.   

Why OneDrive Is A Great Cloud Business Name

OneDrive is another catchy and effective cloud company name, just like DropBox. It delivers a message to users and highlights the convenient benefits that can be enjoyed with cloud technology.


How Slack Got Its Name

Slack is a communication platform that operates with the help of the cloud, allowing teams of users to secure files and data on secure cloud servers. The brand’s name is actually an acronym, standing for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”.

Why Slack Is A Great Cloud Business Name

Slack is a really interesting cloud business name that has a genuine story and meaning behind it. It’s also really short and easy to remember, which is very beneficial for anyone who wants to make business names that will really catch on and become successful.

Tips for Creating Your Own Cloud Business Name

Focus on the Benefits of the Cloud 

Cloud technology is still relatively new, and there are many people out there who may have heard of the cloud but still aren’t quite sure what it can do for them and what benefits it has to offer. You can use your business name to highlight the amazing advantages of the cloud, using words and phrases like endless space, data storage, secure, convenient, fast, and reliable. These words will not only make people more interested in the cloud but also more interested in your brand.

Make it Meaningful 

The best tech names and cloud business names have stories, meanings, and purposes. They aren’t simply random or plucked from the air without any rhyme or reason; they are chosen with care to deliver a message or tell a story to the brand’s customers. So, when coming up with your own cloud business name ideas, try to avoid the trap of simply using random words or phrases that aren’t actually connected with your company. Instead, try to find a name that truly expresses what you do and tells your company’s story to the world.

Futuristic Words Can Work Well

It’s clear to see that cloud technology has a big part to play in the future of the world, and cloud tech still feels very new and futuristic, too. Therefore, another tip you may want to consider when coming up with your own cloud business names is to give them a futuristic tone or vibe. Using futuristic or scientific words can be a fun way to make your brand feel ahead of its time. Some examples of this could include Solis Systems or Nexus Nebula.

Ensure That It’s Easily Understandable

Even though futuristic and sci-fi-style names can work well in the cloud industry, you still need to make sure that any cloud business name ideas you come up with are easy enough for people to understand and connect with. It’s also important to ensure that people won’t have a hard time pronouncing or spelling your company’s name, so make sure to test it out on some people you know – like friends and family – to get some valuable independent feedback before finalizing your name.

Use the Cloud Business Name Generator 

Ever wished you could create hundreds of cloud business name ideas in just a few seconds? Well, with the BizNameWiz cloud business name generator, you can! Our cloud business name generator has been specially designed to come up with lots of creative, original, and engaging cloud business name ideas you could potentially use for your new brand. Give it a try today and let the cloud business name generator help you find the right name.


Setting up a new cloud company can be quite an intimidating challenge, but picking a good name is a great way to get started and gain the confidence you need to move forward and launch your brand successfully. We hope that this guide has provided you with all the tips and tricks you need to make an awesome cloud company name!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Digital Ocean, Cloud Minds, Slack, BackupGuru, Serverspace, Dropbox , and OneDrive are just some examples of great cloud business names that have already been taken by successful brands.

Focusing on modern and futuristic words can be a good way to name your cloud business, as well as including references to the cloud and all of its uses and benefits. You should also try to tell a story with your name, informing people about what your business actually does. Look at some real-world cloud business names for inspiration and remember to use our cloud business name generator, too.

Yes, our cloud business name generator is completely free for everyone. Give it a try right now and see how many amazing name ideas it can give you.




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