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The Best Coffee Brand Names and Name Ideas for Coffee Shops

Looking for some great coffee business name ideas? Whether you’re setting up a coffee shop or starting a whole new brand of coffee, we’ve got some super names for you to consider, from The Daily Roast and The Brew Crew to Lava Java and The Traveling Bean!

This guide will go over everything you need to know about creating amazing coffee business names, such as techniques like using rhyming words or alliteration to make your names more memorable or using evocative keywords to make your customers feel a craving for a hot cup of Joe.

You can also use the BizNameWiz coffee business name generator if you need a helping hand coming up with super coffee company names. So, without further ado, let’s get into it and take a look at how to craft coffee business name ideas with ease.

15 Unique Coffee Business Name Ideas for Coffee Brands

The coffee industry is a competitive one, with lots of different brands for customers to choose between. In order to help your new brand stand out, you’ll need to give it a truly original name. Here are some out-of-the-box ideas for coffee brand names.

  1. Arise Coffee  
  2. Awaken   
  3. Energize  
  4. Roast’d    
  5. Jolt Coffee     
  6. Secret Recipe   
  7. Lost World Coffee  
  8. Midnight Coffee 
  9. The Traveling Bean
  10. Sunrise   
  11. Regal Brews   
  12. Natura Coffee 
  13. The Eco Cup
  14. Treasure Chest Beans   
  15. Coffee Luxe

Tips for Creating Unique Coffee Business Name Ideas for Coffee Brands

When it comes to creating unique and original coffee business names, the key is creativity. You need to be able to think outside the box and make use of words that are exotic and exciting. These kinds of words will help your brand stand out from all the others, encouraging people to learn more and give your coffee a try. You may also want to create new words or even experiment with words from other languages to express what your coffee is all about.

Creativity is the key!

15 Catchy Coffee Business Name Ideas

Catchy coffee business name ideas are great for drawing in customers and getting people interested in your brand. And a good way to make catchy coffee business names is to use powerful and evocative keywords. Here are some examples of this:

  1. The Daily Roast   
  2. Your Morning Cup   
  3. The Happy Cup Co.   
  4. Freshly Roasted   
  5. Sweet Aroma Coffee  
  6. New Day Coffee  
  7. The Perfect Roast   
  8. Addiction Coffee  
  9. Morning Kick   
  10. Coffee World   
  11. Dark N Bitter   
  12. Coffees of the World
  13. The Bean Tour 
  14. Rich Grounds
  15. The Brew Crew

Tips for Creating Catchy Coffee Business Name Ideas

One of our top tips for people who want to make catchy coffee business name ideas is to try and focus on keywords that are connected to the world of coffee and can trigger a response in your audience. Words like roast, grounds, aroma, dark, bitter, and so on can all make people think about the pleasant taste of coffee and start craving a cup for themselves. Try using some of these words in our coffee business name generator for even more ideas.

15 Coffee Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

When you look at real-world coffee business names and coffee shop names, you may notice that a lot of them include words that sound similar or start with the same letter. This is because names that feature rhyming and/or alliteration tend to be easier to remember and better for marketing purposes. Here are some coffee business name ideas making use of these techniques.

  1. The Coffee Club   
  2. Classic Coffee   
  3. Grinds & Grounds   
  4. Latte Lovers    
  5. The Bean Scene    
  6. Bean Dreams   
  7. The Cup Corner  
  8. The Best Beans  
  9. Mocha Madness  
  10. Great Grounds  
  11. Lava Java
  12. Beans N Brews   
  13. A Cup Of Calm  
  14. Perfect Pot Coffee
  15. Smooth Sips

Tips for Creating Coffee Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

If you want to know how to make coffee business names involving rhyming and alliteration, it’s actually quite easy. To get started, think of some keywords that express your coffee company’s products, services, or values. Then, find other associated words – ideally powerful adjectives or doing words – and combine them together to build great names.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Drip Cup
  • Coffee Cup Cafe
  • Toasted Roasters
  • Coffee Cups
  • Dreams And Beans
  • The Dreamy Bean
  • Dream Bean
  • Bite And Beans
  • The Beanery
  • Cheers Cafe
  • Cravings Coffee
  • New Day Coffee
  • Good Coffee
  • The Great Bean
  • Better Beans
  • Beanstyle
  • Groove Coffee
  • Awaken Coffee
  • Arise Coffee
  • Rocket Coffee
  • Missile Brew
  • Space Coffee
  • Eyes Open Coffee
  • Good Grounds
  • Coffee Corner
  • Coffee Pot
  • Coffee Grounds
  • The Coffee Table
  • The Coffee Addict
  • Coffee House
  • Coffee Mill
  • Coffee Talk
  • The Coffee Press
  • Hot Off The Press
  • Coffee Filter
  • The Coffee Bean
  • Taste Buds Coffee
  • Finesse Coffee
  • Epic Coffee
  • Early Hours Coffee
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dawn Coffee
  • Coffee Managers
  • Sweet Coffee
  • Flavored Coffee

The Best Real-World Coffee Business Names

If you need some more help coming up with coffee business names, a good approach is to look at some real-world businesses and think about the names they’ve chosen to use. Try to analyze the names and think about how they were created, what reactions they trigger, and why they work so well. Here are a few of our favorite examples from the coffee industry.

Look at some real-world business!

Counter Culture Coffee

How Counter Culture Coffee Got Its Name

Counter Culture Coffee is the name of an ethical coffee brand that makes use of direct-trade sourcing and eco-friendly farming. It was named due to the fact that it does things differently from other brands and can appeal to those with alternative and eco-friendly lifestyles.

Why Counter Culture Coffee Is A Great Coffee Business Name

Counter Culture Coffee works well on a few different levels. Firstly, it features alliteration, which helps to make it more memorable and interesting. It also delivers a powerful message about the brand itself, which is very useful for attracting attention and informing people about the company.

Ritual Coffee

How Ritual Got Its Name

Ritual is a coffee roaster and coffee shop chain from San Francisco. The brand’s name was chosen to reflect the way in which drinking a morning cup of coffee is almost a “ritual” for many people.

Why Ritual Is A Great Coffee Business Name

Ritual is a superb example of a powerful, one-word coffee company name. If you’re going to choose a one-word name, you need to make sure that the word you choose to use has depth and purpose. Ritual is perfect for this. It says so much and instantly tells you that this is a company that takes coffee seriously.

Death Wish Coffee 

How Death Wish Coffee Got Its Name 

Death Wish Coffee is a coffee brand that markets itself as being “The World’s Strongest Coffee”. The amusing name of this brand jokingly implies that only people with a “death wish” would dare to drink such strong and powerful coffee.

Why Death Wish Coffee Is A Great Coffee Business Name

This coffee business name makes a major impact right away. As soon as people hear it, they often want to find out more and learn why the brand has such an unusual name. The name is also very useful for attracting the niche market of strong coffee drinkers that the brand is aiming to target.

Most Successful Coffee Business Names


How Starbucks Got Its Name

Starbucks is the name of the world’s biggest coffee shop chain. The founders of the company wanted a name starting with the letters ST as they felt it would have a strong sound. They originally decided on Starbos, but later changed it to Starbucks, in honor of a character from the novel Moby Dick.

Why Starbucks Is A Great Coffee Business Name

Starbucks shows that unique and original names can work really well in the coffee industry. This name is quite random and has nothing to do with coffee, but the brand has still been hugely successful. 


How Nescafe Got Its Name

Nescafe is a brand of coffee made by the Nestle company. The name was made by blending “Nestle” and “Cafe” together.

Why Nescafe Is A Great Coffee Business Name

Nescafe works well because of brand recognition. People are already familiar with the Nestle name, due to its iconic status, and the company was able to leverage that status into an effective coffee brand name. This name is also very short, making it easy to remember.


How Lavazza Got Its Name

Lavazza is an Italian coffee brand that was named after the man who founded it: Luigi Lavazza.

Why Lavazza Is A Great Coffee Business Name

Many companies across different industries have been named after their founders and owners, and this is a strategy that can work very well in the long term. Lavazza is a great example of this. So, if you have a name that is exotic, exciting, unusual, or particularly pleasant to say out loud, you could consider using it for your own coffee brand name.

Tips for Creating Your Own Coffee Business Name

Keep it Simple   

As we can see from looking at many real-world coffee company names, a lot of them are quite short and simple. There’s no need to complicate things when naming a coffee brand. Your business name doesn’t need to be excessively long, either. Try and keep it short, simple, and direct. Use words that are clear and easy to understand, and if you want to make your name as simple and memorable as possible, limit yourself to a maximum of two words in total.

Trigger a Reaction 

When it comes to naming food and drink businesses, like coffee brands, your ultimate aim is to get people to buy and consume your products. And a good way to do this is to find a name that makes people instantly start thinking about coffee and wanting to drink a cup of it. This is why it’s strongly recommended to make use of powerful key words in your coffee company name in order to trigger emotional responses and sensations in people who hear that name.

Trigger a Reaction!

Think About Your Audience 

Another good tip to keep in mind when naming a coffee company is to think carefully about your target audience. Who are they? What do they want? What sorts of things are they looking for in a coffee company? The more you can learn about your audience, the easier you’ll find it to create an appropriate name to appeal to them. Death Wish Coffee, for example, is very clearly marketed at people who love super strong, dark coffee.

Check the Availability

Once you’ve found a coffee company name that sounds great and matches your business’ products and values, you’ll need to check that the name you want to use is available to claim. Sometimes, business owners think that they’ve found the perfect name, but later discover that someone else has already claimed it. Do some research online, with the help of Google and social media, and find out if your chosen name is ready to claim. 

Use the BizNameWiz Coffee Business Name Generator

If you need any assistance in creating coffee business name ideas, the BizNameWiz coffee business name generator can help. Our coffee business name generator is a simple and free-to-use tool that anyone can use to create lots of amazing coffee brand name ideas in the blink of an eye. Want to give it a try? Simply type one or more words into the coffee business name generator and then click on the Generate button to make great name ideas appear.


We hope that this guide has helped you learn some smart and useful ways to make great coffee company names, and we hope that our coffee business name generator can help you, too. Remember, your company’s name can have a really big impact in terms of building your brand and attracting customers, so it’s something you need to take seriously. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We can find all sorts of great names for coffee companies in the real world around us. Some of the biggest and best-known names are Nescafe and Lavazza, but there are also plenty of exciting up-and-coming coffee companies too, like Counter Culture Coffee and Death Wish Coffee.

There are many different methods you can use to name your coffee company. We recommend taking the time to think carefully about your brand's products and values and trying to find as many keywords as possible associated with your business. You can then use those words to start making great name ideas.

Yes, the BizNameWiz coffee business name generator is totally free for all to use. If you'd like to give it a try, simply type a word into the box provided and click the Generate button.
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