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Best Consulting Firm Business Name Ideas

Are you wondering how to create a name for your consulting firm? Well, you have found the right place. Creating business names for your consulting services may be challenging to begin with, but all it takes is planning and dedication. You should think about the customers and how they might perceive your business. After all, the customers are the ones you need to build positive professional relationships with. This guide will help you create a business name for your consulting firm using the consulting firm business name generator!

One-Word Consulting Firm Business Names

Customers will remember names that are easy and simple. They don’t want to remember loads of words or complicated phrasing. Consider creating a one-word name that directly states your services. For example, ‘ConsultMe’ is a one-word name that joins two words together, but also describes the business’ purpose. I used the root words ‘consult’, ‘discuss’, ‘ask’ and ‘advise’ and typed those into the consulting firm business name generator!

  • Discussable
  • Consultonus
  • Consultology
  • Consultoryx
  • AdviseYou
  • AskX
  • AskHut
  • Consultingpads
  • ConsultGenics
  • ConsultAway
  • Advisery
  • Discusslance
  • Asknetic
  • Discussdo
  • ConsulteX

Tips For Creating One-Word Consulting Firm Business Names

One-word names are fairly easy to create using your root words. Just remember to select the ‘one word’ option in the filtered list on the consulting firm business name generator. This will only show you one-word names associated with your consulting services. You can also look at the ‘industry’ list on the generator and choose genres that relate to your business. Consider joining words that interest you or represent your business’ services.

Rhyming Consulting Firm Business Names

Consider using half-rhymes and alliterative phrases if you want your name to have rhythm. For example, you could have alliterative names like ‘Consult Champions’, ‘Capitol Consulting’ and ‘Talk Today’. I used the root words ‘consult’, ‘talk’, ‘help’ and ‘meet’ and popped those into the consulting firm business name generator. Then I chose names that had a rhythm!

  • Consult Collections
  • Meet Motion
  • Helping Hours
  • Help Harbor
  • Trusting Talks
  • Consult Check
  • Total Talks
  • Crucial Consult
  • Charm Consults
  • Mission Meets
  • Hello Help
  • Meet Matchup
  • Creative Consulting
  • Talk Toolbox
  • Consult Course

Tips For Creating Rhyming Consulting Firm Business Names

Make sure to click the ‘rhyming’ option in the filtered list to generate alliterative phrases and half-rhymes. When choosing your business names, you can also experiment with punctuation. For example, if you liked ‘Hello Help’, you can add an exclamation mark to strengthen the name and change it to ‘Hello Help!’. Customers typically gravitate towards names that represent the business’ mission. You can take the extra time to play with grammar and capitalization.

Exciting Consulting Firm Business Names

Exciting names might appear unusual or contain fun language that attracts customers’ attention. For example, the name ‘The Consulting Clan’ sounds like a professional group or movie. Simply search up fun words and incorporate them into your root words. I used ‘negotiate’, ‘chat’, ‘opinion’ and ‘goal’ and typed those into the consulting firm business name generator. Below you will find some good examples of exciting consulting firm business names!

  • Little Chat Community
  • The Goal Collector
  • Chat Circle
  • Consult With Me!
  • Classroom Consultancy
  • Goal Go Time
  • Opinions and Goals
  • Neat Negotiation
  • Chat With Us
  • Our Consulting Club
  • Consulting Crowns
  • Career Chats!
  • Chatting Champions
  • Growing Goals
  • Your Opinion Counts

Tips For Creating Exciting Consulting Firm Business Names

You can use more than two words to create exciting names, but try not to exceed four words. Customers won’t remember names that are complicated and have unnecessary words and phrases. This is why you should only create long names that sound intriguing!

I used a mix between the rhyming filter and fun words I found online to create these exciting business names. The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding interesting language. Remember to write those words down for future references. Simply experiment with the fun words using the consulting firm business name generator.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Expert Advice
  • Added Advice
  • Advise Allys
  • Intel Input
  • Business Input
  • Biz Wiz
  • City Consult
  • Firm Foundation
  • Fortunate Firm
  • Market Value
  • Visualized Value
  • Sure Systems
  • Intel Associates
  • A+ Consulting
  • Success Strategy
  • Expert Input
  • Seeking Strategy
  • Strategize Guys
  • AAA Consulting
  • Questions Answered
  • The Help Desk
  • Help Line
  • Ask Us Now
  • We Help You
  • Just Ask
  • Asking For It
  • Word Of Advice
  • Good Advice
  • Sound Advice
  • The Advisors
  • Advice Alliance
  • Justice Reign
  • Elite Chambers
  • Psyche Inc
  • Intelligence Firm
  • Bold Advisers
  • Concrete Advisers
  • Advice Experts
  • Sound Advisers
  • Truth Advisers
  • Lessons Learned
  • Ask The Best
  • Been There
  • Extreme Advisers
  • Fire Away

Best Real-World Consulting Firm Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Best Real-World Consulting Firm Names


How BearingPoint Got Its Name
Arthur Andersen created his accounting firm in 1913 and moved into consultancy during the 1970s. KPMG, another consulting firm, acquired most of Arthur’s practices and changed the name to BearingPoint. They aim to “continue on the path of sustainable and profitable growth”.

Why BearingPoint Is A Catchy Business Name
The word ‘bearing’ could refer to how you think or present your opinions. This relates to the consulting services in the business. Combining ‘bearing’ with ‘point’ is a good way of creating a one-word name that is easily memorable for customers.


How AlixPartners Got Its Name
Jay Alix founded this consulting firm in 1981 to create visions for people. He wanted to design “high-impact performance improvement” strategies. They work with clients around the world and help businesses respond to challenges and goals.

Why AlixPartners Is A Catchy Business Name
Jay used his surname to create ‘AlixPartners’, which makes the consulting firm feel more personal. Adding that with ‘partners’ represents the team members and hard-working employees in the firm. This one-word name is very catchy and memorable.

Decision Technology

How Decision Technology Got Its Name
Henry Stott and Nick Chater first began to explore behavioral techniques in work environments. They believe they give customers “high flexibility” when it comes to working in a busy environment. This consulting firm usually works with technology-based companies.

Why Decision Technology Is A Catchy Business Name
The word ‘decision’ relates to making business decisions in consulting. ‘Technology’ also tells clients what this firm specializes in. Combining these words gives clients a clear impression of how Decision Technology operates and who they like to collaborate with.

Most Successful Consulting Firms

Bain & Company

How Bain & Company Got Its Name
Bain & Company was created in 1973 by Bill Bain to “redefine management consulting” and focus on the results. They have 63 offices in 38 different countries to help global clients achieve their dreams. Bain & Company also bring fresh perspectives to the business world.

Why Bain & Company Is A Catchy Business Name
This is another business name that means something personal. ‘Bain’ comes from Bill Bain who founded this company back in 1973. Customers are more likely to remember personal names, as they resonate with audiences who want to start their own businesses.

McKinsey & Company

How McKinsey & Company Got Its Name
James O. McKinsey founded this company in 1926 to operate a global partnership. They aim to provide “the right experience and expertise” to clients anywhere in the world. McKinsey & Company want to develop sustainable strategies for the business.

Why McKinsey & Company Is A Catchy Business Name
The word ‘McKinsey’ comes from James’ name who wanted to create the global consulting firm. Like the previous name, this company also has a personal meaning that encourages family or friends to continue the legacy. Personal names are a recurring theme for consulting firms to leave a mark on their business and inspire others to achieve their goals.

The Boston Consulting Group

How The Boston Consulting Group Got Its Name
Bruce Henderson created The Boston Consulting Group over 50 years ago. They aim to “unlock the potential of those who advance the world” by attracting and retaining talent from all backgrounds. This company also collaborates with global clients.

Why The Boston Consulting Group Is A Catchy Business Name
The word ‘boston’ represents the headquarters of this consulting firm. ‘Consulting Group’ directly states what this company offers. This is a very simple name that customers will remember. In this case, simplicity is more important due to the length of the name.

Tips For Naming Your Consulting Firm Business

Customers are usually drawn to names that have minimal words or look visually pleasing. You should consider this before starting the naming process. Everyone goes through different planning stages, but it’s important to think about your target audience when shuffling through loads of name ideas. Naming any business can be challenging and require thorough planning. But don’t worry, this section will provide you with some tips to help you create a business name!

Tip One: Establish Your Selling Point And Target Audience

A target audience is the group of people who will be interested in your services. These people might be managers or HR representatives seeking advice about certain business matters. Understanding your target audience will help you create a relevant name. For example, you may create a name like ‘Consult With Seniors’ to suit business professionals.

Your unique selling point refers to something that makes you different from other consulting firms. What do you do differently? Why would people use your services? How would your services benefit people? Answering these questions could help you establish your selling point. For example, if you offer cheaper meetings, you could name your business ‘Bargain Consulting’ to represent your low-priced meetings with business professionals.

Tip Two: Research Effective Literary Devices

You can research what literary techniques you want to use for your business name. Some techniques might be half-rhymes, full rhymes and alliteration. Of course, you don’t need to incorporate literary devices, but it’s worth testing different techniques that sound fun and intriguing. That way, you experiment with language and grammar.

Customers are usually drawn to names that include fun language or unique phrasing. For example, instead of having ‘Meet With Us’, you could have ‘Monthly Meetings’. This uses alliteration to create a rhythm in the name that states exactly what the business does. You could also use metaphors to strengthen your name. Some examples of metaphorical names include ‘Blue Consulting’, ‘Jungle Consultants’ and ‘Sky Consulting’.

Tip Three: Think About Fonts And Colors

Colors and fonts might not come to your mind straight away, but they’re important for highlighting your business name. A curly font might make your name look fancy, and a basic font could represent sophistication in your business. Consider the following questions when thinking about fonts and colors for your name: 

  • What color represents your business?
  • How will the font showcase your name?
  • Will your name look suitable for a logo? 
  • Do you want your name to look visually pleasing?
  • What font style do you prefer?
  • What fonts do other consulting firms have?

Tip Four: Consider Using A Short And Simple Name

You should stick to having a simple name that directly states your business’ purpose. This ensures customers will remember your consulting firm. Too many words could lose the interest of customers who just want a simple and straightforward company to approach. Consider using the consulting firm business name generator to find one-word catchy names. Simply click on the ‘one word’ option in the filtered list and scan through the simple business names. You don’t have to stick to one word, of course, but try to keep your name simple and easy to decipher.


Overall, creating a name that is unique and fun is essential for attracting customers to your services. Make sure you plan your names beforehand so you have an idea of what business name you want to create. This planning could be as simple as brainstorming and writing your ideas in bullet lists. Trust me, it will help you a lot. Use the consulting firm business name generator to find creative names that represent your passion for consultancy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can choose some root words associated with consulting and type those into the consulting firm business name generator. Simply look through the pages to find a business name that sounds best. Don’t forget to use the filters for more accurate results!

Consider using your name for the consulting firm. Having a personal business name ensures your family can continue your legacy in the future. Some examples of personal business names might be ‘Chloe’s Consulting’, ‘Andy’s Advice’ and ‘Discuss With Dina’.

I used the root words ‘talk’, ‘discuss’, ‘consult’ and ‘advice’ and popped those into the consulting firm business name generator. This gave me names like ‘Safe Consulting’, TalkGeniX, ‘Deliver Advice’ and ‘Central Discuss’. Just choose what names sound best to you!


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