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The Best Crochet Business Names Ideas

Are you planning on starting your own crochet business but have no idea what to name it? If so, is the page for you. Picking out the perfect name for your crochet business can be a challenging task, especially when you are daunted by the fact that the name of your company is what will make or break your branding. 

The sobering introduction above was not intended to dishearten you but merely serves as a reminder to stress the importance of every decision a business owner makes. Every business owner’s first big decision begins when they choose a company name. To devise the perfect name for your crochet business, read through the following lists of some of the best name ideas for your crochet business. 

Crochet Business Names Ideas That Are Relevant

When picking out a name for your crochet business, you need to choose a relevant name. You can have the best name ever, but it won’t mean much if it is not relevant to the crochet industry. Below is a list of well-fitting name ideas for your crochet business that shows a clear connection between the brand name and the crochet business industry using metaphors and common phrases in everyday English language.

Choose a relevant name!
  • Addicted to Crochet 
  • Home Sweet Crochet
  • Crochet and Chill
  • Crafting Lines 
  • Crochet Affairs 
  • Yarn by Yarn 
  • Crocheted Dreams 
  • The Crochet Box 
  • Fabric Heaven 
  • Hooked on Crocheting 
  • Crochet Head 
  • Crochet You Happy 
  • For The Love of Crochet
  • Touch of Crochet
  • Crocheted Memories 

Tips for Creating Your Own Relevant Crochet Business Name 

When thinking of your own relevant crochet business name, think of around two or three words that are meaningful to both you and your business. If they can be combined in some way, either entirely or in pieces to demonstrate that you are running a crochet business, then you have created your own perfect relevant mash-up.

Having a crochet business name that is relevant does not mean it has to also be descriptive or self-explanatory; however, a clear relationship between crocheting and the name of your business needs to be established. 

Now that you know that a relevant business name is a must, you’ll want to find one by brainstorming your own business ideas. There are plenty of methods to get your creativity flowing and come up with a wide selection of crochet business names. The methods are described below:

  1. Word Dump 

Having a relevant company name should tell potential customers everything they need to know about your firm and its target population. A good way to go about this would be to list all words relevant to the crochet industry; doing this results in a word dump. 

This part does not need to be time-consuming; set aside a few minutes to write down everything that pops into your head, and you will end up with a host of phrases and words that relate to your new crochet business. 

2. Use a Thesaurus 

Take the words you thought of above and find synonyms or related terms to them. When you find any using a thesaurus, write them down; this is not the time to be picky. 

3. Use Our Name Generator 

Part of today’s advantage is the fact that you have technology at your disposal, which can help vastly concerning any brainstorming process. It is not an uncommon thing to try and find the best business names that are relevant, and that’s where we come in, Biznamewiz crochet business name generator, a free tool that helps you to generate thousands of name ideas just by typing some keywords in a few minutes. 

Using a combination of the keywords in the name generator will result in a varied selection of crochet business name ideas. From here, you will use your own instinct and taste in the process of elimination. If you hate the business name idea, strike it off the list; if it feels too cliché, do the same. Based on the remaining business name ideas you have, answer the following question:

Does the name make sense for a crochet business?

Newly rising businesses normally have quite a narrow focus, and their business names will tell you as much. The best name for your crochet business will leave no doubt or confusion in a customer’s mind. If they see your name on the internet or hear your name by word of mouth, you’ll want them to know instantly that your business is what they are in need of, namely crocheting services. 

Crochet Business Name Ideas That Are Short 

Listed below are 15 name ideas for your crochet business that are short; they consist of real, compounded words that are connected to the crocheting industry. There is no general rule of thumb when it comes to the length of your business name; you just want to avoid names that are too long.

  • Home of Crochet
  • Felted Knits 
  • Crocheted 
  • Knit Wits 
  • Crochet Diva 
  • Pretty Hooks
  • Crochet Fever
  • Crochet Couture 
  • Crochet Inn 
  • Crochetworks 
  • Chunky Knits 
  • Crochet Classics 
  • Crochet Shack
  • Knots for Knits 
  • Yarn Babies 

Tips for Creating Your Own Crochet Business Name That Is Short 

Short names for crochet businesses have dominated the market space, especially on the internet. As there are fewer and fewer domains available, businesses are opting for slightly longer names. Anything over three words, however, is considered long and won’t be memorable. 

When thinking of a short name for your crochet business, you should follow the same brainstorming process described in the tip above for creating a relevant business name. After this is complete, you should ask yourself the following question:

Is the name of my crochet business easy to remember? 

Good short names are memorable. You can have some of the best promotional campaigns and advertisements for your crochet business, but it will prove useless if consumers cannot remember the name behind it. 

Long, unusual words won’t stick. The catch is, if you’re too generic, your target audience may come across your rivals instead. Overall, the trick is to shoot for a mix of familiarity and uniqueness; when thinking of a short name for your crochet business, you can use alliterations and rhythmic sounds to create a business name that will roll off a customer’s tongue. 

Crochet Business Names That Rhyme

Rhymes are often very catchy!

While there are different ways to make a business name catchy, rhymes are often very catchy. If your business name is catchy, you have a high chance of attracting potential customers’ attention. The list below contains 15 ideas for a crochet business name that rhymes using favorable word structures. 

  • Knot Spot 
  • Wool Is Cool 
  • Beaming Seams 
  • Itch To Stich
  • Yarn Farm 
  • Knit-Knot
  • Hobby Lobby 
  • String Thing Studio 
  • The Stich Niche 
  • The Stich Sisters 
  • Needle Nook
  • Handy Hooker 
  • Yearn For Yarn 
  • QuickStitch 
  • Knitty City

Tips for Creating Your Own Crochet Business Name That Rhyme 

To create a business name that rhymes, you need a minimum of two sounds or two words to form a rhyming word. For this to happen, you need a base word. You can find a base word that represents your crochet business by using either a dictionary, a thesaurus, or simply just using the words that you have thought of off the back of your head. 

Once you have found a suitable base word, you need to search for a partnering rhyming word. When you have found a good rhyming word, all that’s left to do is combine the two words to form a catchy business name for your new crochet company. You can opt for either a compound name or just go with a two-word business name. Either way, by taking on the rhyming approach to naming your crochet business, you can create a company name that is playful, smooth, and easy to pronounce. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Cropros
  • Well Knit
  • Crochet Touche
  • Sincere Stitches
  • Serious Stitches
  • Yearn For Yarn
  • Yard By Yard
  • Yards Of Yarn
  • Interlocking Inc.
  • Interlock Looks
  • Warmly Woven
  • Warm Weaves
  • Hooked On Crochet
  • Calling On Crochet
  • Crochet All Day
  • Crochet Campus
  • Cadet Crochet
  • Happy Day Crochet
  • Crochet Gateway
  • Cakebox Crochet
  • Harmonious Hooks
  • Hooray For Hooks
  • Hooks For Rookies
  • Glitch Stitches
  • The Stitch Niche
  • Super Stitches
  • Stitch Safari
  • Glam Afghan
  • Afghan Arts
  • Knot Spot
  • Loops And Hooks
  • Knit It
  • Stitch It Inc
  • Through The Stitch
  • Barn Yarn
  • Pleated Yarn Co
  • Yoh! Crochet
  • Let’S Knit!Enterprise
  • Just Crochets Inc
  • Knit And Tidy
  • Crazy Wool World
  • Wool Is Cool
  • Hooked On Yarn
  • Chain Color Crochet
  • High End Crochet

A Breakdown of the Best Existing Crochet Business Name

Stitch & Story

How Stitch & Story Got Its Name? 

Stitch & Story entails “crafting made simple,” and its business extends far beyond traditional crafters. It aims to give beginner crafters a stress-free experience in learning how to crochet by selling an all-in-one kit that contains everything buyers need to start crocheting. Stitch & Story believes that with every stitch a personal story is built. Any crochet item that carries the imprint of its creator provides an astounding sense of accomplishment. 

Why the Business Name Stich & Story Works 

Stitch & Story’s business name resembles the stitch of crafting something for yourself and suggests the storytelling nature behind their product. The alliteration used makes it a catchy business name that clients remember. 

Three of the Most Successful Crochet Business Names


How B.Hooked Got Its Name

B.Hooked is a one-shop-stop for training, content, and resources needed to help its customers learn how to crochet. It aims to help you make something that makes you happy. 

Why the Business Name B.Hooked Works

The business name B.Hooked works because it is both visually appealing and unique. Not many businesses have a full stop punctuation mark incorporated into their company name, which makes it all the more memorable. 


How Crochetville Got Its Name

Crochetville is a successful blog that aims to encourage crochet. It got its name because it fosters connections between the crochet community. 

Why the Business Name Crochetville Works

Crochetville is a short one-word business name that is the epitome of what the blog wants to achieve, a village of crocheters. It has the smooth, catchy, and memorable characteristics of a good brand name. 

Simply Collectible Crochet 

How Simply Collectible Crochet Got Its Name

Simply Collectible Crochet is a successful brand that specializes in selling affordable classic crochet fashion and accessories for women and hopefully “collect” all their products in their crochet range. 

Why the Business Name Simply Collectible Crochet Works

The name is what this company wants to achieve through its crochet business. It is a good brand name that appeals to women looking for minimalistic-looking fashion and accessories that are crotched.

General Tips to Keep in Mind When Naming Your Crochet Business

Understand Your Business and Its Related Industry 

To create a suitable name for your business, a solid understanding of the crochet industry is required. The name you decide to choose must not only be meaningful but also convey the theme of your business.

Be Literal 

Don’t overthink when it comes to naming your business while you are searching for that unique touch; customers still need to be able to recognize what you are providing through your business name. 

Get Feedback 

Get feedback!

Feedback is a critical part of almost all areas of a business. While many would consider the naming of a crochet business to be an inside job, outside input is still important. Seek as many opinions as you can in the brainstorming phase of choosing a business name, opinions even beyond those of family and friends. Do as much research as you possibly can on your target audience. 

Be Broad 

While a business name should inform customers about what you offer, don’t sell yourself short. By picking a business name that is too narrow or specific, you will limit your business to that particular product. Customers looking for anything else outside your tile will overlook you. 

Be Wary of Geographic Names 

Including your company’s place of origin into its business name is risky and may deter potential customers who may assume you won’t serve them because they don’t belong to your area. 

Use our Crochet Business Name Generator

Don’t forget to use our crochet business name generator, it is a free tool, which will make your job easier. You just need to include keywords into our generator to get thousands of name ideas for you to choose. Choose the one you like the best and you are good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our business name generator serves as a useful tool for creating unique crochet business name ideas.

To come up with a suitable business name for your company, you should read into helpful suggestions, for example, avoiding hard-to-spell names.

Average start-up costs for a crochet business are around $11,000.
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