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How to Create the Best CrossFit Gym Name Ideas

CrossFit got started back in 2000 and has since become one of the biggest names in the fitness world, changing the way that many people think about working out. Blending elements of powerlifting, gymnastics, HIIT training, and more, CrossFit can change lives, and setting up your own CrossFit gym is a super way to share your passion for fitness with the world.

However, in order to help your CrossFit gym succeed, you’ll need to give it a great name, just like real-world CrossFit gyms such as Creature Fitness in Sydney or I Am CrossFit in Miami. And in this guide, we’ll show you several methods and tips you can use to make amazing CrossFit gym names, as well as analyzing some real-world CrossFit gym names, too.

We’ll also introduce you to the BizNameWiz CrossFit gym name generator. Our CrossFit gym name generator is a free-to-use tool that can give you hundreds of CrossFit gym name ideas in an instant, saving you tons of time. Test it out now by typing a word into the box provided and then clicking the Generate button.

15 Fitness-Focused CrossFit Gym Name Ideas  

CrossFit is regarded as one of the best ways for people to keep fit, so if you’re setting up a CrossFit gym, it’s logical to include some sort of reference to fitness as part of your name. Here are some super CrossFit gym name ideas to get started with.

  • Full Force CrossFit  
  • Maximum Strength CrossFit  
  • CrossFit Athletics  
  • CrossFit Superstars   
  • CrossFit Endurance   
  • CrossFit Stamina  
  • CrossFit Power   
  • Power Force   
  • Max Muscle CrossFit    
  • All-Muscle Fitness  
  • Champion Fitness
  • Be Strong CrossFit 
  • Sweat More CrossFit 
  • Fit N Healthy CrossFit   
  • Bulk Up CrossFit

Tips for Creating Fitness-Focused CrossFit Gym Name Ideas

Use a fitness-oriented name!

Using a fitness-oriented name is a great way to grab the attention of fitness fanatics and people who want to get into better shape. To do so, try to list as many fitness-related words as possible and use them to build up your CrossFit gym names. Words like strong, power, force, stamina, and endurance can all work well here.

15 Location-Based CrossFit Gym Names

A lot of the world’s most famous CrossFit gyms are actually named after local areas or landmarks. This can be a really simple but effective way to give your CrossFit gym some personality, and here are some super CrossFit gym name ideas as examples.

  • Lakeside CrossFit 
  • Mountain View CrossFit 
  • Downtown Fitness 
  • Big City Fitness 
  • Small Town Fitness 
  • River Bank CrossFit
  • Park View CrossFit 
  • The Heights CrossFit 
  • County CrossFit 
  • CrossFit on the Coast 
  • Sea View CrossFit 
  • Beach Body CrossFit 
  • Mountain Peak CrossFit 
  • Heart of the City Fitness 
  • District CrossFit 

Tips for Creating Location-Based CrossFit Gym Names 

Coming up with location-based CrossFit gym names is quite easy. All you need to do is look around at the local area and try to find place names and landmarks that you can use as inspiration. You might want to name your gym after the city or district in which it is based, for example, or you could find nearby sights of interest, like lakes, mountains, and rivers.

15 Motivational CrossFit Gym Name Ideas

Another great way to name your CrossFit gym is to try and come up with a motivational name. Motivational CrossFit gym name ideas are great for getting more people through the door to sign up at your gym and complete their daily workouts. Here are some examples of CrossFit gym names designed to get people fired up for fitness.

  • Better You
  • Solid Body Fitness
  • Your Ultimate Body 
  • Hit Your Targets
  • Resolution Fitness 
  • Eye of the Tiger 
  • Raging Lion
  • Ox Force CrossFit 
  • Rhino Rage CrossFit
  • Inner Bear Fitness
  • Your Best Self 
  • Pain 4 Gain 
  • Confidence CrossFit 
  • New Self CrossFit 
  • Aim Higher CrossFit 

Tips for Creating Motivational CrossFit Gym Name Ideas 

If you want to create motivational CrossFit gym names, there are a few ways to go about it. One way is to create a name that directly speaks to your target customers and encourages them to think about how their life could be improved with CrossFit; names like Better You and Solid Body Fitness work well for this. Another way you can go about it is by using visual imagery to motivate and inspire people, with names like Raging Lion and Eye of the Tiger being good examples of this.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Heavy Lifting
  • Crossfitter
  • Crossfit Pros
  • Crossfit Cruisers
  • Crossfit Commons
  • Crossfit Corner
  • Crossfit Garage
  • Crossfit Fuel
  • Crossfit Cellar
  • Crossfit Outfitters
  • Craving Crossfit
  • Bosses Crossfit
  • Crossfit Boss
  • Crossfit Craze
  • Crossfit Center
  • Elite Crossfit
  • Crossfit Power
  • Powerlifting
  • Power Fitting
  • Fit For Lifts
  • Crossfitness
  • Pull-Up Pros
  • Power Pull-Ups
  • Pull-Up To Power
  • Crossfit Coaches
  • Crossfit Coach
  • Power Prowes
  • Crossfit Concepts
  • Crossfit Crew
  • Crossfit Collectives
  • Allstar Crossfit
  • Crossfit Experts
  • Crossfit Champs
  • Champion Crossfit
  • First Place Crossfit
  • Top Notch Crossfit
  • Crossfit For Life
  • All Levels Crossfit
  • Fit For Crossfit
  • Five Star Crossfit
  • Big City Crossfit
  • Crossfit Creative
  • Big League Crossfit
  • Trim Down Crossfit
  • Bulk Up Crossfit

Real-World CrossFit Gym Business Names Analysis

There are already countless CrossFit gyms all over the globe, from the US to Europe to Asia and beyond, and some of them have really interesting and inventive names. In this section, we’ll look closer at some of the best CrossFit gym business names and think about what makes them appealing in the eyes of the average gym-goer.

Creature Fitness

How Creature Fitness Got Its Name

Creature Fitness is one of the best-named CrossFit gyms in the world. Based in Sydney, this popular gym has a name that inspires people to get in touch with their inner “creature” to hit their fitness targets.    

Why Creature Fitness Is A Great CrossFit Gym Name

A lot of gyms have names that are associated with animals or beasts, and this can be a great way to encourage people to really embrace that animal force inside them and focus purely on moving, lifting, sweating, and gaining. Creature Fitness is a perfect example of this and has helped this gym become a major player in Sydney’s fitness scene.

Associate names with animals or beasts!

Accelerate Strength

How Accelerate Strength Got Its Name

Accelerate Strength is another CrossFit gym based in the Land Down Under. This one is situated in Rozelle in New South Wales, Australia. Its name combines both speed and strength, key concepts of the CrossFit program.    

Why Accelerate Strength Is A Great CrossFit Gym Name

Accelerate Strength is a super name for attracting the attention of fitness lovers, bodybuilders, and people who want to improve their bodies rapidly. The word “Accelerate” is particularly effective here, as a lot of gym-goers want to get results and see improvements quickly.

CrossFit The Lion Rampant    

How CrossFit The Lion Rampant Got Its Name 

CrossFit The Lion Rampant is a CrossFit gym based in the city of Hong Kong. Its name conjures the image of a lion to evoke associations with raw power and force.   

Why CrossFit The Lion Rampant Is A Great CrossFit Gym Name

CrossFit The Lion Rampant almost sounds like it could be the name of an action movie or boxing bout, and it may be slightly wacky, but it’s also great for grabbing people’s attention and standing out in a big city like Hong Kong.

Most Successful CrossFit Gym Names 

I Am CrossFit

How I Am CrossFit Got Its Name

I Am CrossFit is the name of a popular CrossFit gym based in Miami, Florida. The gym’s name focuses on how all of its staff and members embrace CrossFit to reach their fitness goals.

Why I Am CrossFit Is A Great CrossFit Gym Name

I Am CrossFit is a super CrossFit gym name that is 100% focused on CrossFit. It shows that this is a great gym to visit if you want to give CrossFit a try for the first time, or if you’re already passionate about CrossFit.

CrossFit Active

How CrossFit Active Got Its Name

CrossFit Active is a popular CrossFit gym based in Sydney Australia that has been around for over a decade. It uses the simple word “Active” to get people in the mood for fitness and exercise.   

Why CrossFit Active Is A Great CrossFit Gym Name

CrossFit Active is a very simple gym name, but also an effective one that can appeal to lots of people, from bodybuilders looking to build more muscle to casual gym-goers who want to lead more active lifestyles.

CrossFit Urge

How CrossFit Urge Got Its Name

CrossFit Urge is another hugely popular and successful CrossFit gym. It uses the word “Urge” to stand out from the crowd and target people who feel the “urge” to work out on a regular basis.   

Why CrossFit Urge Is A Great CrossFit Gym Name

CrossFit Urge is the sort of name that can be great for grabbing the attention of true fitness fanatics. People who are really into fitness tend to feel a natural urge to work out as often as they can, and CrossFit Urge offers to meet those needs. 

How to Create Your Own CrossFit Gym Names

Speak the Language of Fitness

If you want your CrossFit gym to appeal to true fitness enthusiasts and draw in a big crowd of workout fanatics, it’s a good idea to focus on words and phrases that will resonate with those kinds of people. Words like athlete, star, body, build, strength, speed, stamina, and power are all great for grabbing the attention of people who want to build up their bodies and become tougher, leaner, stronger, and faster, and they’re perfect for typing into our CrossFit gym name generator, too.

Take Inspiration from Your Location

Take inspiration from your location!

A lot of the world’s best and most successful CrossFit gyms have relatively simple names that are connected to their locations. Examples include CrossFit Barrier Reef in Australia, CrossFit Catania in Italy, CrossFit South Bay in California, and CrossFit NYC in New York. So, if you’re setting up a CrossFit gym in a place that doesn’t already have one, you may want to name it in honor of the local area, or take inspiration from local place names or landmarks to use in your gym title.

No Need for Complications

When it comes to creating CrossFit gym names, or any kind of gym name, there’s no need to get too complicated or use a name that is vague or confusing in any way. The best rule to follow is to choose something simple. When people are looking for local gyms, they’ll be drawn to gym and fitness-related words and could be confused by names that are vague or misleading. There’s no need for wackiness here; choose something simple and clear that tells people what they can expect from your establishment.

Give People a Reason to Choose Your Gym

If you’re setting up a CrossFit gym in a big city or urban area where there are already several other gyms nearby, you may want to opt for a more original and exciting name in order to stand out from the crowd and give people a reason to choose you. This is where you need to use your creativity, taking inspiration from incredible real-world gym names like “The Lion Rampant” to show off your gym’s unique features, such as the fighting spirit of its trainers, the intensity of its workouts, or its friendly and welcoming vibe for new members. 

Use the CrossFit Gym Name Generator 

If you want to speed up the process of naming your new gym, the BizNameWiz CrossFit gym name generator is the tool for you. This easy-to-use generator is able to create long lists of hundreds of totally unique CrossFit gym name ideas based on your input. So, you could type in a word like “Strength” and get hundreds of name ideas involving the word “Strength”. Give it a try and see how many super name ideas the CrossFit gym name generator can make for you.


If you’re setting up a CrossFit gym and want to start with a bang, it’s really important to pick the perfect name. Hopefully, this guide has given you the tips, tricks, and advice you need to find the right one and launch your gym in the best possible way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many CrossFit gyms have quite simple and clear names, so try not to complicate things. Keep the focus on fitness, strength, and similar concepts in order to draw in your target audience, and use our CrossFit gym name generator if you need some more help creating name ideas.

Creature Fitness, I Am CrossFit, CrossFit Active, Accelerate Strength, CrossFit Urge, and CrossFit The Lion Rampant are a few of our favorite CrossFit gym names.

To use the CrossFit Gym name generator, all you need to do is think of one word you'd like to include in your gym name, which could be something like “strength”, “stamina”, or “force” and then type it into the box provided. Click Generate and watch as the CrossFit gym name generator creates name ideas for you.
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