Data Analytics Company & Team Name Ideas

Generate name ideas for your Data Analytics Team below.

Best Data Analytics Company & Team Name Ideas

Technology is a big part of the world today, with companies becoming more reliant on new developments. Customers that use technology will gravitate towards company names that sound technical and intriguing. 

Create a name that highlights your mission or team!

If you want to open a data analytics company, you need to create a name that highlights your mission or team. Complicated names that don’t relate to your company often get lost in the crowd of competitors. Don’t worry about this though, because we have your back. Just keep on reading to find names we created on the data analytics company & team name generator!

One-Word Data Analytics Company & Team Name Ideas

One-word company names are great for memorability. Customers only need to remember minimal words that get the point across quickly. You can think of a word that describes your services, or you can use a team name to represent the company.

Before you create a name like this, you need to think of root words associated with ‘data analytics’. I came up with the words ‘facts’, ‘logic’, ‘figures’ and ‘numbers’ and typed those into the data analytics company & team name generator!

  • Datalux                                     
  • Factsastic!                           
  • Numberlaza 
  • FactsgeniX                               
  • Dataworks                           
  • Lognetic 
  • Logicverse                                
  • Figuredecks                         
  • Factsopedia 
  • FigureHut                                  
  • Logicoryx                             
  • Figurescape
  • OurNumbersX                          
  • Factslytical                         
  • Datazoids 

Tips For Creating One-Word Data Analytics Company & Team Names

You need to select the ‘one word’ option in the filters to view one-word company names. Choosing ‘services’, ‘tech’, ‘corporate’ and ‘media’ from the industry list should give you more accurate results. Just play around with the filters to see what type of one-word names you can generate!

If you can’t find many relevant one-word names, you can simply combine words. For example, I liked the words ‘facts’ and ‘fantastic’, so I combined them to make ‘Factsastic!’. Adding the exclamation mark at the end of the name also gives it more oomph

Rhyming Data Analytics Company & Team Name Ideas

Rhyming names can trigger the ‘musical’ side of your brain. You can use rhyming words to create phonemic awareness. This means that customers would feel more engaged with a company that has a creative and intriguing name. Alliteration and half-rhymes also count towards the rhyming technique. For example, you might have a name like ‘Dashing Data’. 

I used the same root words from earlier and popped those into the data analytics company & team name generator. Then I selected the ‘rhyming’ option from the filtered list!

  • Forever Facts                              
  • Loud Logic!                              
  • Data Dudes
  • Natural Numbers                         
  • Impact Facts                            
  • Logic Leaders
  • Logic Ladybug                             
  • Data Digest                              
  • Fuel Facts
  • Figure Frenzy                              
  • Network Numbers                    
  • Funky Figures
  • Doctor Data                                
  • Figure Freaks                          
  • Netic Numbers

Tips For Creating Rhyming Data Analytics Company & Team Names

Rhyming names often require more creative thinking and planning. You need to think of words that rhyme with your root words. If you can’t think of any, you can always search the internet for good rhymes. Just type in ‘words that rhyme with facts’ and you should see plenty of options. 

Fun Data Analytics Company & Team Name Ideas

Customers usually gravitate towards company names that are fun and exciting. This is a great way to retain loyal customers and engage them with your brand. You can search for fun language to use and combine that vocabulary with your root words. 

I used some of the same root words and combined those with fun words. You can also type the words into the data analytics company & team name generator. Just experiment with fun words and see what fun language you can find online!

  • Logical Sense                                
  • 100% Facts                        
  • Number One
  • Just Stating Facts!                         
  • Count Your Numbers          
  • A Few Figures
  • Can I Have Your Number?            
  • Funky Figures!                    
  • We Love Logic
  • Figure It Out                                  
  • Is That Logic?                     
  • Want Some Facts?
  • Just Simple Logic                       
  • Our Fresh Facts               
  • Number After Number

Tips For Creating Fun Data Analytics Company & Team Names

Consider using puns or funny jokes if you want to make these company names more fun. Just search up some common puns or phrases you can incorporate into the name. For example, I thought of the phrase ‘stating facts’ and changed that into the name ‘Just Stating Facts!’. 

You can use punctuation like exclamation marks to enhance your company name. Remember to use the domain checker on the data analytics company & team name generator to see if you can use the name in website links! 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Line By Line
  • Numbers Game
  • Dedicated Digits
  • Digit Spinning
  • Data Digits
  • Data Divide
  • Apple Analytics
  • Data Decisions
  • Driving Data
  • Drawing Data
  • Insight Inspector
  • Perfect Patterns
  • Pattern Pros
  • Dream Of Data
  • Dapper Data
  • Dive In Data
  • Data Delivery
  • Deep Analysis
  • Assess Success
  • Data Dive
  • Data Dig
  • Angel Analytics
  • Data Dreams
  • Data Drivers
  • Data Bank
  • Data House
  • Data File
  • Exact Truth
  • Faultless Data
  • News Agency
  • Data Sense
  • All That Data
  • The Data Flow
  • Data Control
  • Data Are Us
  • 123 Analytics
  • Vital Statistics
  • Data Collectors
  • Get Analyzed
  • End Results
  • Pattern After
  • Data Pattern
  • Exclusive Data
  • Dope Facts
  • Perfect Facts

Best Real-World Data Analytics Company Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Best Real-World Data Analytics Company Names

Studying other company names can help you gain inspiration for your own. I chose some names that I thought were effective for a data analytics company. Just keep reading to discover how each company got their name and why it’s so catchy!

Mango Solutions

How Mango Solutions Got Its Name
Mango Solutions was founded by Richard Pugh and Matthew Aldridge to use “advanced analytics” that empowered users. They are recognised for their proven experience in data science and engineering. After watching a video on their website, I discovered they got the name ‘Mango’ from Matthew’s cat. This is because they were struggling to find other names!

Why Mango Solutions Is A Catchy Company Name
Once customers watch the video about the company name, they might laugh about it (in a good way, of course). Naming the company after a cat may seem unique and quirky to some customers. Although ‘mango’ doesn’t link to data analytics, it’s still a fun name to use.

Concentra Analytics

How Concentra Analytics Got Its Name
Concentra was founded as a “sharepoint and custom development software house” back in 2005. They use award-winning software products to help them manage and analyze data. On their website, they state, “our success comes from the drive, dedication, and imagination of our people.”

Why Concentra Analytics Is A Catchy Company Name
I couldn’t find the reason behind the name ‘Concentra’, but I have a few guesses about the word choice. ‘Concentra’ sounds like an obvious abbreviation of ‘concentrate’. After typing the company name into Google translate, it came up as a “detected” Spanish word. Using other languages makes the company name sound unique to customers.

Beyond Analysis

How Beyond Analysis Got Its Name
Since 2007, Beyond Analysis has helped customers to use data that drives efficiency in their business. They operate as a “data-led strategy consultancy service” and reach clients globally. This company has gone above and ‘beyond’ to provide the best sustainable services for clients that want to improve business operations.

Why Beyond Analysis Is A Catchy Company Name
The word ‘beyond’ comes from their dedication to helping other people understand business data. Customers may get positive vibes from ‘beyond’, as it represents endless opportunities in business. Judging by their website, they focus on company improvements and employee engagement, which show the ‘above and beyond’ aspect of the company.

Most Successful Data Analytics Companies

Most Successful Data Analytics Companies

Now, moving on to the most successful companies, we can look at how their name is represented globally. What makes these names stand out? Why are they more effective than others? Don’t worry, you’ll find the answers in this section!

Tiger Analytics

How Tiger Analytics Got Its Name
Tiger Analytics has a vision to “build the world’s best advanced analytics” when solving business problems. They want to give people a chance to grow in their business and exceed great things by using data. I couldn’t find much history on their website, but judging from the representation of tigers, they chose the name because of strength, power, courage and ambition.

Why Tiger Analytics Is A Catchy Company Name
This metaphorical name uses the idea of ‘tigers’ to represent the company’s mission. Customers may think about strength and courage when trying to reach their business goals. A symbolic name will often resonate with customers and help them to remember it.


How Accenture Got Its Name
The idea of this company began in the 1950s when Joseph Glickauf convinced partners to invest in emerging technology. Over the years, Accenture works with advanced technology to help clients make an impact on their community. According to some research, Accenture is derived from “accent on the future” which represents making future developments.

Why Accenture Is A Catchy Company Name
This word has a deeper meaning that symbolizes great things for the future. Customers may feel inspired by a company that values future prospects and goals. The one-word name is also great for memorability.


How Oracle Got Its Name
Larry Ellison, Bob Miner and Ed Oates first created the idea of this company back in 1977. Just 5 years later, they changed the name to Oracle, which is where this company was first brought into the light. Their mission is to “help people see data in new ways” and discover insights into their business. Now, they’re one of the world’s most popular data analytics companies.

Why Oracle Is A Catchy Company Name
The word ‘oracle’ holds quite a lot of power from popular beliefs. People believe the oracle is someone who is very good in a certain subject and can offer strong advice. Customers might look at this name and feel encouraged to approach the team of experts.

Top 3 Tips For Naming Your Data Analytics Company & Team 

You might be wondering how to start the naming process. Creating a company name can seem overwhelming at first, especially when you haven’t had experience with it before. You need to think about your target audience, selling points and even fonts you want to use for the name.

Of course, some of this planning comes with time, which is why you should take a step back and relax. Turn the stress into excitement, because this should be a fun process! Just keep on reading to find some of our tips that can help you name your data analytics company! 

Tip One: Choose A Short And Catchy Company Name

Customers want to remember names that are short and sweet. Dragged out names that don’t relate to the company will often get lost among other competitors. Short and sweet equates to simple, easy-to-read words that tell customers exactly what to expect in the company. 

Choose a short and catchy company name!

You can avoid long names by using the one-word filter on the data analytics company & team name generator. If you want to use more words, then try to keep your name below three words and make sure the name gets your vision across quickly. Some examples of simple names are ‘Facts Only’, ‘Data This’, ‘NumbersX’, ‘Deep Data’ and ‘Numbers 4 You’. As you can see by these names, they use words related to data analytics and have minimal language.

Tip Two: Research Literary Devices For Your Name

Literary techniques are great for strengthening your company name. For example, rhyming names often resonate with customers who struggle to remember names longterm. The rhymes sound lyrically pleasing and make words flow nicely together. Of course, you don’t have to use rhyming names, but they’re good for engaging with and retaining customers.

Other literary devices are metaphors, alliteration, imagery and personification. The technique you choose will depend on the nature of your company. If your company radiates quirky vibes, you might use alliteration to make your name sound fun. One example may be ‘Data Dudes’, which incorporates slang into the literary technique. Just research what devices might suit your company the best! 

Tip Three: Keep Going Through Different Company Names

You don’t need to settle for the first name you create. Going through different company names might give you more inspiration that could change your name preferences. Some of these ideas might also help you in the future if you want to change the name or start another business. 

Keep going through different company names!

Consider giving family and friends a list of names you like best and ask for their opinion. They might offer more insight into the name and how effective it is for your company. The more feedback you receive, the more likely you’ll choose a name that is best for your vision. Just take the time to find a name that represents everything about the company’s goals.


Overall, you need to create a name that is exciting and intriguing for your data analytics company. Customers want to look at company names and think, ‘what else can I learn about data analytics?’. Settle for a name that makes them feel curious about your services. More curiosity will lead to more engagement. But most of all – you should just have fun with the name!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You need to think of root words associated with ‘data analytics’ and type those into the data analytics company & team name generator. Some root words might be ‘facts’, ‘numbers’, ‘accurate’ and ‘results’. Just scan through the pages of names and choose the best ones!

Some good company names are ‘Data of Dreams’, ‘Hard Facts’, ‘Number Crunchers’ and ‘Logic Loop’. You can find these names by using the data analytics company & team name generator. Just type in your root words and experiment with the filters to view different results.

Posting about your company is important for attracting new customers. You can use popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote your services. Just include your company name in the posts and talk about how you will help people!
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