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The Best Dental Business Name Ideas

Dental health is very important, and people will always need dental check-ups and services to keep their teeth and gums healthy and happy. If you’re setting up a dental business to provide these kinds of services, you’ll need to think of a great name for it.

The BizNameWiz dental business name generator is a great tool to use when naming a dental company. With our dental business name generator, you can create a long list of amazing dental business name ideas in a matter of seconds.

In this guide, we’ll also look at several other methods you can use to make great dental business name ideas, and we’ll list some of our favorite dental business names, too. Plus, we’ll take a look at some real-world dental business names to see what makes them work so well.

15 Dental Business Name Ideas Focused on Health and Quality

Catchy dental business name ideas are great for attracting attention and getting people interested in your business. The key to making these kinds of dental business names is to make use of dental-related key words, especially those that are associated with healthy teeth and high-quality services. Here are some examples to get you started.

Make use of catchy dental-related key words!
  • The Happy Smile Co.  
  • Optimal Dental Health   
  • The Flawless Grin   
  • Pinnacle Dentistry   
  • Best Value Dental   
  • Brush N Floss   
  • Teeth & Gums    
  • Say Ah!   
  • No More Cavities   
  • Strong Tooth Dental   
  • The Brightest Smile   
  • Excellence in Dental     
  • Gentle Touch Dental
  • Smiles for Everyone
  • Sweet Tooth Dental 

Tips for Creating Dental Business Name Ideas Focused on Health and Quality 

If you want to create catchy dental business names that people will associate with health and quality, a great way to get started is to try and hone in on as many key words as possible that are connected to the world of dentistry and also express your business’ own values, products, and ideas. Then, use those words to build powerful and pleasant-sounding dental business name ideas, or type them into our dental business name generator to speed up the process.

15 Engaging and Easy-To-Remember Dental Business Names

When naming your dental business, you ideally want to try and choose a name that is both engaging in order to attract customers and easy to remember so that they won’t forget it in the future. Here are some great dental business name ideas focused on this concept.

  • Dental Details  
  • Mouth Maintenance   
  • Oral Optimal   
  • Top Teeth  
  • Dental Diagnosis   
  • Brush Buds  
  • The Tooth Crew   
  • Sparkling Smile   
  • Super Smile  
  • Mouth Magicians  
  • Glamorous Gums  
  • Cavity Killers  
  • The Floss Boss    
  • Smile Solutions   
  • Downtown Dental   

Tips for Creating Engaging and Easy-To-Remember Dental Business Names

A great way to make dental business names that are easy to remember is to use words that sound similar and flow nicely when placed side by side. Often, it’s a good idea to use words that start with the same letter, like Smile Solutions or Brush Buds, as these words can be really helpful for making fun-sounding names that people won’t forget.

Use words that sound similar and flow nicely!

15 Unique Dental Business Name Ideas for Dental Clinics

If you’re setting up a dental clinic, giving it a unique and original name is a super way to help it stand out from the crowd, especially in big cities and other locations where lots of clinics can be found. Here are some out-of-the-box ideas for clinic owners to consider. 

  • Smile Street   
  • Foundation Dental 
  • Gum Happy    
  • Minty Fresh    
  • Plaque Away   
  • Peak Oral Care
  • Cavity Free   
  • Sparkle & Shine   
  • Regal Dental    
  • Masterpiece Dental
  • First Class Dentistry   
  • Smile Right    
  • Proud Mouth
  • Tooth Magic 
  • Natura Dentica    

Tips for Creating Unique Dental Business Name Ideas for Dental Clinics

When it comes to making truly original dental business names, creativity is the most important thing. You need to be willing to think differently to other clinic owners, using words and phrases that are a little unusual or extraordinary in some way, while still making sure to get a message across about what your clinic does and what you have to offer. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Dedicated Dental
  • Attention Dental
  • Detail Dental
  • Trusted Teeth
  • Tooth Fairies
  • Dental Diaries
  • Mental Dental
  • Dental Diagnostics
  • Dental Duty
  • Smile Bright
  • Sparkling Smile
  • Smile Sparkle
  • Bite Of Life
  • Better Bite
  • Tooth Crew
  • District Dental
  • Urban Dental
  • Dental District
  • City Smiles
  • Boutique Dental
  • Silver Dental
  • Platinum Dental
  • Gemstone Dental
  • Sparkle Dental
  • Mouth Masters
  • The Tooth Fixers
  • Dental Dreams
  • Century Dental
  • Shiny Dental
  • Delightful Dental
  • Tooth Fairy
  • Tell The Tooth
  • Wisdom Teeth
  • First Tooth
  • Wisdom Tooth
  • Cut A Tooth
  • Primary Tooth
  • Hound’S Tooth
  • Tooth Picks
  • Tooth And Nail
  • Tooth Care
  • The Brush Off
  • Smile Bright
  • Keep Your Smile
  • Crack A Smile

The Best Real-World Dental Business Names

Best Real-World Dental Business Names

Another great way to find some dental business name ideas and inspiration is to look at real world dental business names. In this section, we’ll look at some real clinic names and highlight what works well about them.

Dental Excellence

How Dental Excellence Got Its Name
Dental Excellence is the name of a leading dental clinic in Poland. The name of this clinic was chosen to clearly convey its focus on high standards of care and service for every patient.

Why Dental Excellence Is A Great Dental Business Name
Dental Excellence is quite a simple name, but it’s also a very effective one, proving that you don’t need to get too complicated to make a great name in this industry. The word “Dental” clearly informs people what the clinic’s specialty is, while the word “Excellence” powerfully shows that patients can expect to receive the very best levels of care at this location.

Caring Smiles

How Caring Smiles Got Its Name
Caring Smiles is the name of a highly-rated dental clinic based in Colorado. The name was chosen to reflect the clinic’s caring and friendly nature.

Why Caring Smiles Is A Great Dental Business Name
Caring Smiles is another name that combines simplicity and efficiency. With just two words, it delivers a clear and honest message to people, informing them about what they can expect to find when they step inside. The word “Caring” is particularly powerful when used in a healthcare setting, as people will naturally be drawn to clinics and businesses that demonstrate compassion and caring attitudes.

Better Living through Dentistry

How Better Living through Dentistry Got Its Name
Better Living through Dentistry is the name of a dental clinic based in Manhattan. The clinic’s name shows that it aims to help people achieve happier and better lives by delivering the dental care and services they require.

Why Better Living through Dentistry Is A Great Dental Business Name
Many dental clinic names are quite short and sweet, but Better Living through Dentistry proves that longer names can sometimes work well in this industry, too. The name delivers a clear message and almost works as a slogan, as well as a company name. It also gives off the impression that the dental specialists at this clinic really care about their patients’ well-being and lives.

Most Successful Dental Business Names

Most Successful Dental Business Names

Dentsply Sirona

How Dentsply Sirona Got Its Name
Dentsply Sirona is the name of one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of dental equipment and dental implants. The company was founded in 1899 and originally called Dentists’ Supply Company, but over time, the words “Dentists” and “Supply” were blended together to make “Dentsply”. The “Sirona” part of the name was introduced after a merger with Sirona Dental Systems.

Why Dentsply Sirona Is A Great Dental Business Name
Dentsply Sirona is quite an unusual dental business name, but it’s also completely unique. Having a unique name is often a big advantage in this industry, as it helps to set your brand apart from the rest, giving its own identity and status.

Luxdentica Clinic Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry

How Luxdentica Clinic Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry Got Its Name
Luxdentica Clinic Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry is the name of one of the top-rated implant and cosmetic dentistry clinics in the world. The clinic’s name provides informative messaging about its services, and can also be easily shortened to “Luxdentica” for marketing purposes.

Why Luxdentica Clinic Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry Is A Great Dental Business Name
Luxdentica Clinic Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry is a long name, but a highly informative one. Right away, people can see exactly what sorts of services this company offers. Key words like “implant” and “cosmetic” are present in the name to help with SEO and marketing, and the “Luxdentica” part adds a luxurious and poetic touch to the name, too.

Goodness Dental

How Goodness Dental Got Its Name
Goodness Dental is the name of a very highly-rated dental clinic based in Costa Rica. The clinic’s name was chosen to reflect its positive attitude and focus on optimal oral health.

Why Goodness Dental Is A Great Dental Business Name
Goodness Dental is a really simple name, and once again, it shows that simplicity can be the best method when naming a dental clinic. It combines one informative word “Dental” with one emotive word “Goodness” to convey a balanced and positive image to potential customers.

Tips for Creating Your Own Dental Business Name

Keep it Simple

As we can see from looking at real-world dental clinic names, a lot of them are quite short, simple, and direct. In other industries, it can be helpful to be really creative and think of strange or artistic names, but when it comes to things like healthcare and dental care, informative, honest, and simplistic names tend to work very well. Even simply using your surname as part of the clinic name or naming it after a local landmark or street name can be an effective naming strategy.

Keep it Simple!

Focus on Your Specialty

If your dental business has a particular specialty, area of expertise, or unique feature, make sure to mention it in the name. For example, if your clinic specializes in implants, you may want to mention this, or if you aim to offer the best cosmetic services, this is also something to highlight in your clinic’s name. Even if you simply try to offer the best value services, you can use words like “affordable”, “value”, and “price” in your name to get the message across to people.

Think About SEO

In today’s world, it’s really important to think about digital marketing for your business, and this is particularly true for owners of dental clinics and companies. Online marketing is a great way to build brand recognition and get people visiting your clinic, and if you want to get good SEO results, it can be very effective to include key words in your clinic’s name. Dental-related words can be really helpful, as well as location-based key words that tell people where your clinic is located. Therefore, a name like Phoenix Cosmetic Dental could work really well for a cosmetic dental clinic based in Phoenix, AZ from an SEO point of view.

Check Availability

So, what happens when you think you’ve found the perfect name? Well, you’ll probably want to start setting up your business’ website and online profiles and making the name official. However, before you do all of that, you need to ensure that the name you want to use hasn’t already been claimed by another clinic. Do some research online, with the help of Google and social media platforms, in order to check that your chosen name is still free.

Use the Dental Business Name Generator

The BizNameWiz dental business name generator is a great tool to use if you need a helping hand when naming your dental company. You can use our dental business name generator for free, and it’s really easy to get started. All you have to do is think of some words that you’d like to include in your name, type them into the dental business name generator, and then press the Generate button. The generator will create hundreds of awesome name ideas based on your selected words. 


Naming your dental business can feel like quite a challenge, but we hope that this guide and the dental business name generator will help to make the process a lot easier for you. With the right name, your business can be a big success, so make sure to take your time, consider all your options, and choose a name that works perfectly for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It depends on what kind of business you're running. Someone setting up a dental implants company, for example, will want to use different words and ideas in their name than someone running a small dental clinic. Find key words that are connected to your specific business and use them to build great names.

We can see plenty of examples of great dental business names in the real world around us each day, including the likes of Luxdentica Clinic Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, Better Living Through Dentistry, and Caring Smiles.

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