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The Best DJ Business Names

From Deadmau5 and Skrillex to David Guetta and Tiesto, the musical world is filled with amazingly talented disc jockeys or DJs. And many of them have fun, unique, and original names, too.

Some DJs like to keep it simple and use their real names as stage names, like Steve Aoki or Carl Cox, while others come up with highly creative names and on-stage characters, like Marshmello and Afrojack.

If you’re interested in getting into the DJ world, you could simply use your own name. But if you really want to stand out and draw attention right away, it might make more sense to create your own new DJ name.

If you’re looking for DJ name ideas and great DJ names, BizNameWiz is here to help. You can use our very own DJ name generator to make amazing DJ name ideas in an instant, and you can also read through our detailed guide for tips, tricks, and advice on making the best DJ names.

15 Unique and Original DJ Name Ideas

Think outside of the box!

When it comes to making DJ name ideas, it’s a good idea to try and be as creative as you can. Think outside of the box and find DJ names that inspire you and are connected to your personal style or story in some way. Here are some DJ names to get you started:

  • DJ BeatDrop 
  • DJ MusicMaker 
  • DJ FantaZee 
  • DJ Nero 
  • MC Havoc 
  • DJ Xtra 
  • Lil Q 
  • Big W 
  • Flipz 
  • DJ Loopy 
  • DJ Phresh 
  • MC Toxic  
  • DiskMagik
  • MC Strongside
  • Major Matrix

Tips for Creating Unique and Original DJ Name Ideas

Using DJ or MC as part of your DJ name is a common practice, so this is something you may want to do. Or you might like to think of a different term, as a military term such as Major or Commander. It also helps to choose a name that has a personal connection to you, like an old nickname or a name derived from your initials or surname, somehow. The DJ name generator can also help you to create lots of DJ names if you’re struggling to think of any ideas.

15 Catchy DJ Names for DJ Equipment Stores

Of course, you might like to get into the DJ business without actually becoming a DJ. You could set up a DJ store, for example, selling decks, speakers, and other DJ equipment to aspiring DJs locally or online. Here are some super DJ name ideas designed specifically for DJ stores.

  • DJ Palace   
  • Deck Central    
  • Turntable Town   
  • Mix-It Mixers     
  • Turn the Tables   
  • Vinyl Paradise   
  • DJ City  
  • The Music Hall   
  • SpeakerCity 
  • The Deck Garage 
  • DJ’s Corner 
  • DJ Outfitters
  • The Underground DJ
  • Downtown DJ 
  • Mixin’ Music

Tips for Creating Catchy DJ Names for DJ Equipment Stores

If you want to make DJ names for DJ stores, it’s a good idea to focus on keywords that are connected to DJs and DJ equipment. Words like mixer, deck, speaker, vinyl, disc, and turntable can all be used here. You may want to use location-style words like city, planet, or town to give your name more authority, too, and it’s also a good idea to use words that rhyme or start with the same sound to make your name as memorable as possible.

Focus on keywords that are connected to DJs and DJ equipment!

15 One-Word DJ Name Ideas

A lot of the best DJs out there have one-word names. Examples include Deadmau5, Marshmello, Diplo, Skrillex, and Tiesto. Having a one-word name can help with brand recognition, and it can also make you seem more unique, standing out in the DJ scene. Here are some DJ name ideas consisting of just one word.

  • Enigma   
  • Cluele$$  
  • Gravity   
  • Vortex       
  • Acapellex   
  • Scr4tch   
  • Tomboy     
  • Underdog    
  • COBR4
  • Commander    
  • Riffs   
  • Trace   
  • Chaptah   
  • Temp0
  • EDMory

Tips for Creating One-Word DJ Name Ideas

There are a few different tips you can keep in mind when coming up with one-word DJ name ideas. Firstly, try to focus on words that have a certain style, impact, or poetic nature to them. Words like trace, rife, tempo, and vortex work nicely here. You may also want to look at music-related words or even blend DJ terms like EDM and scratch together to create fun new names. In addition, a lot of DJs replace individual letters in their names with numbers or symbols to make them unique, like Deadmau5, so this is something else you may want to consider in your own DJ names.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Music Factor
  • Techno Beats
  • Titanium
  • Beatronix
  • Club Masta
  • Aviax
  • Enigma
  • Switch Boy
  • Bass Soldier
  • Rhythm Titan
  • Solarix
  • Contra
  • Karmatron
  • Lady Preya
  • DJ Crush
  • Electrix
  • DJ Cortez
  • Martin Walker
  • Beat Drop
  • Niko Kovacz
  • B.B.Brennan
  • nanoSTAR
  • Loopy Tunes
  • DJ Looper
  • DJ Kaputt
  • Bass Beaterz
  • Peaky B
  • DJ Drez
  • DJ Nite
  • Double Dubbing
  • Beats Re-defined
  • Mixing Moods
  • WunderKid
  • Wicked Dubs
  • DJ HardBeats
  • DJ Paragon
  • Beats Bureau
  • Little Miss Mixy
  • Smooth Spins
  • Audio Brothers
  • Blasting Beats
  • Mr Mixalot
  • Kicking Mixes
  • Magik Disks

The Best Real-World DJ Names

There are plenty of great real DJ names that you can use as inspiration when coming up with a name for yourself. In this section, we’ll look at some real DJs and explore how they found their names and why those names work so well.


How Skrillex Got His Name
Skrillex is the DJ name of Sonny John Moore, one of the most successful DJs in the world. According to Moore, the name has no meaning and was simply something that he made up and used to use as an internet username.

Why Skrillex Is A Great DJ Name
Even though Skrillex is a totally made-up name without any meaning or special significance, it still works well and has helped Skrillex himself become famous around the world. This shows that making up cool-sounding words, often using the letters K and X, works well in the DJ scene.

Martin Garrix

How Martin Garrix Got His Name
Martin Garrix is the DJ name of Martijn Gerard Garritesen, a Dutch DJ. Garritsen created the name Martin Garrix by making some simple changes to his own name.

Why Martin Garrix Is A Great DJ Name
Martin Garrix is a great example of a DJ using their own real name as inspiration when making their DJ name. Martijn only had to make some simple changes to give himself a fun stage name. Again, we see the letter X being used, as it often appears in famous DJ names.


How Marshmello Got His Name
Marshmello is the DJ name of Christopher Comstock. The name matches his stage identity, as he wears a Marhsmello-shaped helmet while performing.

Why Marshmello Is A Great DJ Name
Marshmello is an original and unique DJ name, as well as a fun on-stage character that has helped this DJ to become wildly successful.

Most Successful DJ Names

David Guetta

How David Guetta Got His Name
David Guetta is the real name and DJ name of French disc jockey, producer, and songwriter, Pierre David Guetta. One of the most successful DJs in history, Guetta chose to simply use his own name as a DJ name, simply removing “Pierre” and using “David” as a first name.

Why David Guetta Is A Great DJ Name
David Guetta shows that it is perfectly possible to be a big success in the DJ world while still using your own name. You don’t necessarily need to create a unique name or call yourself anything different, especially if you have an interesting or unique-sounding name, like Guetta.


How Tiesto Got His Name
Tiesto is the DJ name of Tijs Michiel Verwest, a Dutch DJ. Tiesto made his DJ name by combining elements of his first name and surname and then adding an “O” to the end.

Why Tiesto Is A Great DJ Name
Tiesto works well as a DJ name since it’s short, simple, and easy to remember. It also has quite a rhythmic sound, thanks to the “O” ending, and it also has a meaning behind it, being associated with Verwest’s own real name.


How Deadmau5 Got His Name
Deadmau5 is the DJ name of Joel Thomas Zimmerman, another very successful DJ. Pronounced like “dead mouse”, Deadmau5′ name came from the internet. Zimmerman earned the nickname “dead mouse guy” from friends in a chat room after sharing a story of how he found a dead mouse in his computer, and he decided to embrace the nickname and use it as a username for the chat room.

Why Deadmau5 Is A Great DJ Name
Even if Deadmau5 is a little odd, it is also unique and attention-grabbing, which is exactly what you want when making a DJ name. It also has an interesting story behind it, and Deadmau5′ use of the number 5 in part of his name adds a fun urban touch.

Tips for Creating Your Own DJ Name

Get Creative

Creativity is key to making DJ names!

As stated earlier on, creativity is key when it comes to making DJ names. When you look at real-world DJ names, you can see lots of variety and many imaginative, exciting name ideas are used in this part of the music industry. So, if you want to create a name that can someday be as iconic as the likes of Tiesto and Deadmau5, you need to use your imagination. Try to find ways of blending words or coming up with your own unique title that sums up your style and personality.

Make it Personal 

Following on from the previous point, it helps to find a DJ name that actually means something to you and has a story behind it. Anyone can call themselves something like DJ Cobra or DJ Ballistic, but the name will mean a lot more to you and your fans is there’s a real story or significance behind it. So, try to think about your life, think about nicknames you had in the past or words that express your character and musical style, and use those words to create truly personal, meaningful DJ name ideas.

Take Inspiration from Your Own Name 

Another good way to come up with great DJ names besides using our DJ name generator, is to take inspiration from your own real name. A lot of real-world DJs have done this. Zedd, for example, took inspiration from the fact that his surname starts with the letter Z (Zaslavski), while Martin Garrix’s real name is Martijn Garritsen, and he simply altered it to give him a cool and fresh stage name. Even Tiesto’s name was made by blending parts of his own name, Tijs Verwest, together and adding an “O” sound at the end to sound Italian, which was a popular trend among Dutch DJs of the 90s and 2000s.

Check for Availability

Once you think you’ve picked the perfect DJ name, either with the help of our DJ name generator or simply through the power of your own imagination, you’ll need to take a moment to check that the name you want to use hasn’t already been claimed by someone else. There are lots of DJs out there, after all, and it’s likely that some of your ideas might already have been taken. Do some research online and on sites like Facebook and YouTube to check DJ name availability.

Use the DJ Name Generator 

If you need a helping hand making DJ names or getting some inspiration to get you started, make use of the BizNameWiz DJ name generator. Our DJ name generator is a free and easy-to-use tool that can make hundreds of amazing DJ name ideas for you in a matter of seconds. So, how to use the DJ name generator? Simply think of a word or two that sum up your style and musical vibe and then type them into the box provided. Click the Generate button and the DJ name generator will make names based on the words you entered.


Names for DJs are really important. The right name can catapult you into the spotlight, helping fans find you and resonate more deeply with your music, while the wrong name could cause your tracks to be lost in obscurity. So, make sure to take your time, follow our tips, use the DJ name generator, and choose the perfect name.

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