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The Ultimate Guide To Coming Up With A Catchy Dress Business Name

There are two aspects of a dress shop that makes people immediately reach for the doorknob or walk away: one is your shop window (or in the case of an online business, your featured listings) and the other one is your brand name.

In order to find the perfect one for your dress store or online fashion retailer, you can use our Dress Shop Name Generator. If you’d like to learn a few more tactics on coming up with the perfect dress business name, read on for some advice from our brand experts.

The Best Dress Shop Name Ideas

15 Eye-Catching Dress Boutique Names

Just like fashion is much more than just a piece of fabric, your boutique name offers so much more than just a sign over your door. Your brand is what communicates the personality of your unique selection of designs and labels to your customers. A personality that they can see themselves in and connect with but also one that sets expectations for the style and budget they can select from. Here are some examples for boutique names of all categories.

Create  Eye-Catching Brand Names!

High Fashion & Haute Couture Names

  • Diamond Avenue
  • Visage
  • Glamourada
  • Modiva
  • Coy Couture

Fast Fashion Store Names

  • Limited Edition
  • ZipIt
  • Rose Island
  • Marcella
  • Fashion Bazaar

Second Hand & Thrift Shop Names

  • Treasure Box
  • Fashion Xchange
  • Moda Bay
  • Secret Boutique
  • Thrifty

Tips For Naming Your Dress Boutique

There’s a different customer experience your shoppers are looking for if you’re opening a fast fashion store, a second hand shop, or starting a high end fashion label. Haute Couture brands need to speak of exceptional quality and exclusivity while a fast fashion brand needs to sound more accessible. Creativity and wit go a long way when coming up with a thrift shop name but above all, your audience should sense that they can find clothes in good condition in your store at the lowest market price.

15 Creative Names For Speciality Clothes Stores

If you specialize in clothes with a particular size or feature, you’re already ahead of the curve in this highly competitive industry. It gives you the power to communicate with your audience directly and increase your conversion rates just by embedding your competitive advantage into your brand name. Here are a few dress shop name ideas you can consider if you exclusively sell plus-size, maternity, or kids clothes.

Plus-Size Dress Shop Names

  • Miss Xtra
  • Fashion+
  • Big Girl Power
  • No Biggy
  • Perfect Size

Maternity Clothes Business Names

  • Cool Moms
  • Mamamoda
  • DueSoon
  • Miracle Maternity Wear
  • Mamavilla

Kids Clothes Shop Names

  • Babyccino
  • Petite Fashionista
  • My Little Doll
  • Miss Mini
  • Baby Trends

Tips For Naming Your Speciality Clothes Business

When you’re looking for dress shop name ideas, you really need to focus on the needs of your audience and differentiate your brand from general fashion stores. For example, if you’re only selling maternity clothes, you need to address mothers, hint at pregnancy, or add “maternity wear” after your brand name to clearly state what you’re selling.

15 Catchy Names For Formal Dress Brands

Do formal dress stores need a formal name? Not necessarily. Though the style of your design can inform your communication style and tonality, it all depends on the characteristics of your audience. Some dress company names have a more formal or exclusive tone because their customer experience revolves around making their shoppers feel special, or even VIP. Others are more down-to-Earth and talk to their customers as best friends address each other. Here are some examples to demonstrate this distinction for business attire, wedding dress, and ball gown stores.

Names For Business Attire Stores

  • Girl Boss
  • Tailored2You
  • Fashion CEO
  • Miss Chief
  • Grace & Power

Wedding Dress Shop Names

  • Love On Top
  • Eternal Faith
  • Big Day Boutique
  • Beautiful Bride
  • White Miracles

Ball Gown Store Names

  • Mirage Gowns
  • Showstopper
  • Flair
  • Dancing Queen
  • Headturner

Tips For Naming A Formal Dress Shop

As you can see, depending on how luxurious or accessible your formal wear brand is, you can bring in a dash of exclusivity or humor into your dress business name. Puns work better with more accessible, lower price point brands, for example, Miss Chief refers to a woman in a leadership position but it can also be read as mischief which makes it more playful and less serious.

The Best Real-Word Dress Shop Names

Best Real-Word Dress Shop Names

Pull & Bear

How Pull & Bear Got Its Name

Pull & Bear is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer and one of the brands of the Inditex company. The brand originally only sold clothes for men but in 1998 they introduced a collection for women too. The name Pull & Bear comes from the words “pull” as in “pull from the shelf” and “bear” that simply means “put it on”.

Why Pull & Bear Is A Great Dress Shop Name

Pull & Bear is a very down-to-Earth brand with casual clothing for mainly teenagers and young people. These garments are simple and easy to style both for men and women which the name clearly expresses. It’s the kind of clothes you just pick up from your wardrobe without much thinking and put on to look cool and feel comfortable.


How AllSaints Got Its Name

AllSaints was founded by Stuart Trevo in 1994 and originally sold only male clothing to high end retailers like Harrods in the UK. The first standalone AllSaints store was opened in 1997 in Foubert Place off Carnaby Street in London and the brand introduced its first line of female clothing a year after. Founder Stuart Trevo was nicknamed “The Saint” inspired by his initials. The brand AllSaints comes from this nickname as well as the All Saints Road in Notting Hill, London, where he spent much of his time.

Why AllSaints Is A Great Dress Shop Name

The AllSaints brand name was a very personal choice from Stuart Trevo, yet it worked out well for the high end fashion retailer. Their clothes are mostly made in black or dark tones and incorporate a lot of edgy designs that aren’t for everyone. This slightly rebellious presence creates an interesting contrast with the name AllSaints that makes the brand all the more intriguing for shoppers.

Hunter Gatherer

How Hunter Gatherer Got Its Name

Hunter Gatherer is a thrift store in Melbourne, one of the best cities in the world for second hand shopping. They have real vintage and designer pieces in perfect condition for a very affordable price, but naturally, they are considered more “high end” amongst other second hand stores with less carefully selected garments.

Why Hunter Gatherer Is A Great Dress Shop Name

Hunter Gatherer is a witty name that perfectly encapsulates the very essence of second hand shopping, which can both feel like picking up or gathering treasures from a pile and hunting for the most unique pieces. It sounds neither too cheap nor too high-end and addresses smart shoppers well who look for something in the middle.

How The Most Successful Dress Shops Got Their Names


How Zara Got Its Name

Zara has been the flagship clothing chain store of the Inditex group since its foundation in 1975. The first store was opened in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain and was called Zorba after the film Zorba the Greek. After the opening, founder Amancio Ortega realized that there was a bar named Zorba just two streets away so he changed the sign to Zara, which is now a name for 2250 Zara stores worldwide today.

Why Zara Is A Great Dress Shop Name

Although the name Zara was born from pure accident, it worked out well for the giant international fashion retailer. It is extremely short and simple, hence it’s easy to remember and spell for people across cultures, which makes it easier to expand the brand to other countries. It is also euphonious, in other words, pleasant sounding. It’s a great example that shows that not all brand names need a deep meaning or a grand story behind them to work.

Make it short and simple!

Forever 21

How Forever 21 Got Its Name

Forever 21 was founded in Los Angeles by husband and wife Do Won Chang and Jin Sook Chang in 1984, and was originally called Fashion 21. The aim of the founders was to ​​identify rising fashion trends and bring them to their stores as quickly as possible at a fraction of the price competitors sell them for. Mr. Chang came up with the name because he found 21 to be the most enviable age.

Why Forever 21 Is A Great Dress Shop Name

The branding strategy of Forever 21 builds on one of the dominant emotions that fast fashion shoppers resonate with, which is envy. Both the strategy of the retailer resembles this approach by copying in-demand designs and their premise of staying 21 forever by wearing youthful clothes and following popular fashion trends.


How Reformation Got Its Name

Reformation is a fashion brand that sells sustainable clothing for women that last a lifetime. Their slogan clearly positions them as the leading brand in the sustainable fashion niche that says “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2.” Reformation has gained great popularity amongst celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski who support sustainability in the fashion industry.

Why Reformation Is A Great Dress Shop Name

Reformation chose a name that clearly positions them and hints at recycling and reusing. Their name is also associated with reform or innovation. They know that great design means little for a conscious shopper if the garments aren’t made ethically and in high quality so they chose a name that revolves purely around those values.

5 Tips For Creating Your Own Dress Shop Name

Commit To Your Category

What’s your competitive advantage that makes your store more appealing than all the rest surrounding it on your street or amongst search results? Do you specialize in maternity or wedding clothes? Do you manufacture your garments sustainably or have extremely detailed designs? Your difference is your strength and your brand name should clearly capture the essence of it.

Commit To Your Category!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

A lot of now internationally known fashion brands and dress businesses started out with a different name and later changed it responding to the market. Although a rebranding process can be very costly, trends do change in the fashion industry constantly so you need to be ready for it. Choose a name that’s best for your current customer and be willing to evolve your brand strategy as you gain feedback and experience on marketing your dresses to them.


The best marketing strategy is always word-of-mouth. When someone asks your customers where they bought that fabulous dress they’re wearing, they should be able to say your name without thinking and without having to spell it out for their friends. A lot of current dress businesses simply play around with a bunch of syllables and choose a name that has no meaning but sounds pleasant to the ear. Remember, your dress business name will also go on your labels (or even directly on the garment if you choose so) so it needs to be visibly appealing as well for your logo and other displays.

Use The Dress Name Generator

You don’t have to come up with dress shop name ideas alone! We’ve created the Dress Business Name Generator to do the job for you. Simply think of what makes your brand special and type in the first words that come to your mind in the search bar of the generator. You’ll be able to select from thousands of dress business name ideas for your brainstorming process and save your favorites for later. You can even filter for one-word names or limit the number of characters to instantly simplify your ideas or mix and match words that you find appealing.

Check Availability

A rookie mistake amongst new entrepreneurs is that they often forget to check whether the name they’ve chosen for their business is taken by someone else. You will need a website and some social media handles even if you’re getting a brick-and-mortar store up and running so this is an essential step. One of the best things about the Dress Business Name generator is that you can instantly see whether there are domain names available with your selected dress business names in order to plan your launch easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your boutique name can sound more exclusive if you’re selling high end dresses and clothes or more down-to-Earth if you have a more casual and approachable brand. Highlight the key differentiators and your signature style in your brand name in order to address your audience.

Some dress business names come from the name of the founder, others highlight the main premise of the brand or the style of clothing it sells. There are even dress shop names that don’t have any meaning but are simply made up of a few random syllables that happen to sound great together. None of these approaches are right or wrong so you can try out all of them to come up with some creative dress business name ideas.

Yes, the Dress Business Name Generator is completely free to use and doesn’t require any login information. You can simply type in a few words that come to mind about your dress business and then browse amongst thousands of dress shop name ideas to find the perfect one.
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