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How to Name an Electrical Company

Running an electrical company can be a big challenge. Whether you’re setting up an electrician service or manufacturing and selling electrical parts and supplies, it’s not only important to have the right business strategy, but also the right name, too.

In this industry, customers can be very discerning. They won’t necessarily call the first company they find. Instead, they’ll take their time, shop around, and compare different options before deciding which company they want to work with.

This is why names for electrical companies can be so important. With the right electrical business name ideas, you can sell your company to customers, encouraging them to give you a call and find out more about your brand.

Not sure how to create electrical business names? There’s no need to worry, as this guide will tell you all you need to know. Not only will we look at some of our favorite electrical business name ideas and real electrical business names, but we’ll also introduce the electrical business name generator, too.

15 of the Best Electrical Business Name Ideas Using Powerful KeyWords

When it comes to creating electrical business names, or any other kind of business name, it helps to know as many keywords as possible connected to your industry. Keywords and phrases are great for triggering a positive response in your target customers, and here are some electrical business name ideas that make great use of bold keywords.

  • Smart Electrics   
  • Premium Electrical Services    
  • The Energy Tree    
  • Progressive Power   
  • Rapid Response Electrics    
  • The Power Surge  
  • Family Electrics   
  • The Friendly Electricity Co.   
  • Electricity Understood
  • Trusty Electricals   
  • Proven Power Providers  
  • Quantic Electricity
  • Dream Electrics 
  • First Class Power 
  • Tried and True Electronics 

How to Create Catchy Electrical Business Name Ideas Using Powerful KeyWords

So, how do you make electrical business names that contain powerful keywords? Well, the first step is to identify the keywords you want to use. There are a few ways in which you can do this. You can even brainstorm as many electrical-related words as possible, or take a look at real-world electrical business names to see what words other companies are using. Then, use those keywords, together with other powerful verbs and adjectives, to make great-sounding names. You can also throw them into our electrical business name generator, too.

Identify the key words you want to use!

15 of the Best Engaging Electrical Business Names 

Ideally, you’ll want to make sure that your electrical business names sound engaging and appealing. This helps not only attract new customers but also helps your brand’s name stand out in the minds of previous customers too, which can help in terms of getting more referrals in the future. Here are some electrical business names designed to sound engaging and memorable.

  • Electrical Experts  
  • Excellence in Electric   
  • Wonders with Wires  
  • Power Professionals   
  • The Power People    
  • Efficient Electricity    
  • The Volt Jolt     
  • Pinnacle Power 
  • Volt Vibes
  • System Surge
  • Elevation Electrics
  • The Power Providers   
  • Optimal Electrical
  • Energy Efficient Electronics
  • Education in Electrics

How to Create Engaging Electrical Business Names

A great way to make engaging and appealing electrical business names is to combine words that start with the same letter or sound similar. Simple linguistic techniques like rhyming words and alliteration can be used to great effect here, so try to find powerful keywords that sound great when paired together.

15 of the Best Original Electrical Business Name Ideas for Electricians and Contractors

Electricians make up a huge part of the electrical industry. It’s their job to head out to homes, businesses, and other locations in order to fix electrical issues, install wiring and carry out other jobs that involve electrical systems and accessories. Here are some original electrical business name ideas to consider for electricians and contractors. 

  • Watt’s Up?
  • Lights On   
  • Power Up
  • Wirez  
  • Trusty Electricians  
  • Dependable Electrics    
  • Lakeside Electric   
  • Power Source
  • Let There Be Light
  • Flicking the Switch
  • Light the Way
  • The Wire Cutters
  • Fixin’ Switches
  • On-Time Electrics 
  • The Power Supply

How to Create Original Electrical Business Name Ideas for Electricians and Contractors

If you’re running an electrician business or operating as a contractor, it’s key to find a name that is original and informative. You’ll want to make sure that your name lets people know what you do, while also telling them that you offer great quality services. Try to make use of positive keywords and associations to make an eye-catching and appealing name.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Expert Electric
  • Powersource
  • Elevated Electric
  • Electric Expertise
  • Power Prowess
  • Electric Efficiency
  • Electric Essence
  • Essential Electric
  • Power To You
  • Ready To Run
  • Eclectic Electric
  • All Go Co.
  • All Systems Go
  • Power On
  • Power People
  • Electric Express
  • Eager Energy
  • Energy First
  • High Energy Electric
  • Power Surge
  • Surge Systems
  • Surge Solutions
  • Energy Tree
  • High Bar Electric
  • Poles Of Power
  • Power Providers
  • Power People
  • Electric Express
  • Electric Energy
  • Express Electric
  • Power Up
  • High Power
  • Power Source
  • Source Solutions
  • Positive Power
  • Positive Voltage
  • Connection Crew
  • Connection City
  • Premiere Electric
  • Excel Electric
  • ExcelTric
  • Efficient Electric
  • Expert Power
  • Into Input
  • Instant Input

The Best Real-World Electrical Business Names

Another great way to find ideas and inspiration when naming your electrical business is to look at some real-world electric business names. By analyzing these names, you can find out what makes them work so well, and use those lessons to inform your own naming strategy. Here are some great examples.

Find ideas and inspiration from real-world electric business names!


The Origin of Electrific’s Name
Electrific is the name of an electrician company in New York. The brand’s name is a clever combination of words like “Electric” and “Terrific”.

Why Electrific Is A Great Electrical Business Name
Electrific is a great example of clever company founders deciding to think outside the box and make up their own words to use as a company name. This helps to ensure that their business name is 100% unique and highly memorable, too. Plus, the fact that the name only consists of one word also helps in terms of brand recognition.

Accurate Electrical Connection

The Origin of Accurate Electrical Connection
Accurate Electrical Connection Inc. is a leading electrician company based in Orlando. The brand’s name was chosen to express the accuracy and reliability of its services.

Why Accurate Electrical Connection Is A Great Electrical Business Name
Accurate Electrical Connection is a simple name, but a very effective one. It combines both informative and effective words to great effect. The word “Electrical” is necessary to tell people what the company is all about, while the word “Accurate” tells people that this company works hard and is precise in what it does.

Elite Electric Inc.

The Origin of Elite Electric Inc.’s Name
Elite Electric Inc. is the name of a highly-rated electrician company in South Dakota. The company’s name was chosen to reflect its high standards of service.

Why Elite Electric Inc. Is A Great Electrical Business Name
Elite Electric Inc. is a super example of alliteration being used in the electrical industry. The words “Elite” and “Electric” work nicely together and sound great when said out loud. Plus, the word “Elite” is very powerful and gives the company a great image; anyone contacting this brand will be expecting the very best services.

Most Successful Electrical Business Names


The Origin of Engie’s Name
Engie is the name of one of the world’s biggest energy companies. The company was originally called GDF Suez but changed its name to Engie in 2015 in order to appeal to a global audience. The name is a shortening of the French word “Energie”, which translates to “Energy” in English.

Why Engie Is A Great Electrical Business Name
Engie is a really short, sweet, and simple electrical business name. It has global appeal, as it’s relatively easy for everyone to understand, and it sounds pleasant when said out loud. It also immediately makes us think about energy and electricity, so you can understand right away what this company is all about, just from hearing the name.

General Electric

The Origin of General Electric’s Name
General Electric, commonly referred to as GE, is the name of one of the largest companies in America. GE specializes in energy and electrics, as well as other sectors. The name was chosen after a merger between the Edison General Electric Company and Thomson-Houston Electric Company.

Why General Electric Is A Great Electrical Business Name
General Electric is a name that conveys authority. It gives the impression of being the primary company to contact and refer to when it comes to electricity and electrical services. This has helped the brand grow into a dominant force in the energy sector.


The Origin of EDF’s Name
EDF is a French energy company, which has historically been one of the world’s largest producers of electricity. The brand is commonly referred to under the EDF acronym, but the letters actually stand for Electricité de France (Electricity of France).

Why EDF Is A Great Electrical Business Name
EDF shows that having a good acronym can be a great way to get attention and build awareness of your brand. Acronyms are useful for companies that want to offer their services internationally, as they’re easy for everyone to remember and repeat, regardless of the language they speak.

Tips and Tricks for Naming Electrical Businesses

Make it Informative and Honest

A good tip to use when it comes to picking electric business name ideas is to make sure that your name is both informative and honest. Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never heard of your company before. What information can you give to them, via your business name, that tells them what your company does and provides a good impression, too? A name like Elite Electric Inc. is a great example of this, as it offers information about the company and uses a powerful adjective, “Elite” to give a good impression.

Consider The Competition

If you’re setting up an electrical business, such as an electrician company or electrical product store, you may have some local competition to contend with. It’s important to ensure that the name of your business isn’t too similar to any other local businesses, as this could cause confusion and even legal trouble. So, make sure to do some research of local electrical businesses and find out what kinds of names they’re using so you can pick one that sounds fresh and different.

Consider the competition!

Create Your Own Identify

As stated in the previous point, there’s often a lot of competition in the electrical industry, and consumers have many options to choose from. You need to give them a reason to choose your company over all the others. A catchy name can help with this, especially if it conveys a sense of character and identity. Try to use bold keywords that sum up your company’s values and philosophy, or use words to tell people about your business’s unique selling point. This will help you establish a clear identity and catch the eye of your target customers, too. 

Always Check Before Confirming

You might think that you’ve found the perfect electric business name for your new company. However, before you make it official and start setting up your company website and getting those business cards printed, you need to make sure that the name you want to use is actually still available. Sometimes, people find that their perfect names have already been claimed. So, check Google and other resources online to see if you can find any company that already has the name you want to use. If the name is free, then claim it quickly!

Use the Electrical Business Name Generator

Need a hand with creating great electrical company names? Take a look at the BizNameWiz electrical business name generator. Our electrical business name generator can become your favorite naming tool. It can make hundreds or even thousands of name ideas for any kind of electrical company, and it does it all in the blink of an eye, saving you hours of hard work. To use the electrical business name generator, just type one or two words into the box and click Generate.


We hope that this guide has helped you learn more about how to name your electrical business, providing ideas, insight, and inspiration to help you pick the perfect name. Don’t forget to make use of our electrical business name generator if you’re struggling to think of ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When naming an electric company, it's important to be creative and make use of catchy key words, but your name should also be informative, letting people know what your business does while also giving off a good impression.

Some good names for electrical businesses include Elite Electric Inc., Electrific, and Accurate Electrical Connection.

To use the electric business name generator from BizNameWiz, just think of one or more words that sum up your business and type them into the box provided. Then click on the Generate button.
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