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The Best Names for Energy Companies

Starting a brand new energy company? If so, you’ll need to pick the perfect name to tell people what your business is all about and draw in as many customers as possible. BizNameWiz is here to help you find the very best energy company name ideas for your new business. 

To get started, you can make use of our own energy company name generator. This fabulous, free tool is able to make hundreds of energy company names instantaneously, based on user input. So, you just type a word like “Green” into the box and let the energy company name generator do the rest.

Of course, you might also want to create your own energy company name ideas, but may not know how to start. In the guide below, we’ll look at tips, tricks, and methods you can use to create tons of amazing and engaging energy company names.

15 Eco-Friendly Energy Company Name Ideas for Renewable Energy Companies

In the modern world, there’s a lot of talk about sustainable, renewable, and “green” energy sources, such as solar power and wind power. These types of energy are increasingly important, due to global issues like climate change, and many new energy companies are trying to focus on harnessing the powers of nature to make energy in low-impact ways. Here are some energy company name ideas based on themes of green energy and sustainability.

  • Green Power 
  • Pure Power
  • Earth’s Energy 
  • Solar Glow
  • Sun Power
  • Trusty Turbines
  • SustainaPower  
  • HydroWare    
  • Wind Force   
  • InnovaPower   
  • Earth’s Future 
  • Root of Power  
  • Airnergy   
  • Geothermal Force 
  • AlternEnergy

Tips for Creating Eco-Friendly Energy Company Name Ideas for Renewable Energy Companies

When it comes to making energy company name ideas for green energy companies like hydro power, solar power, and wind power farms, the key is to focus on evocative keywords that are connected with the idea of sustainable energy. Try to focus on words that make people think about green energy, such as solar, green, eco, pure, earth, wind, and hydro. Type some of these words into our energy company name generator to get even more great name ideas.

15 Powerful Energy Company Names with Bold Keywords

Give it a powerful and imposing name!

If you want people to pay attention to your energy company, it’s a good idea to give it a powerful and imposing name. This is especially relevant for companies that aim to become major players in the energy sector and want to compete with some of the biggest brands in the business. Here are some energy company names that are designed to exude power and authority.

  • Blastoff Energy 
  • Unlimited Power 
  • Intense Energy
  • Ironclad Energy
  • Reliable Power 
  • Always-On Energy 
  • Limitless Energy   
  • Veritas Energy   
  • Dynamic Energy   
  • Almighty Energy   
  • Upper Hand Energy  
  • Quantic Power   
  • Energy X     
  • Halo Energy    
  • Quantum Power Solutions

Tips for Creating Powerful Energy Company Names with Bold Keywords 

When it comes to creating energy company names that are powerful and impressive, the key is to find keywords that are going to have a big impact on your audience. Try to find words that are rarely-heard in the energy sector, with their own aura, like quantum or veritas. You may also want to use words like limitless or relentless to suggest that your company’s energy is all-powerful and never-ending. Again, consider using our energy company name generator to make even more awesome energy company name ideas involving these kinds of words.

15 Easy to Remember Energy Company Name Ideas 

When creating any kind of company name, one of your main targets should be making it memorable. If you can create a memorable name, your brand will have a much better chance of being successful, as people will find it easier to remember your company and tell people all about it, helping build awareness and recognition of your company. Here are some energy company names that are designed to be easy to remember.

  • Energex  
  • Energon  
  • PrimeEnergy  
  • Ener.G  
  • Biocurrent  
  • Greenergy  
  • AlternaFuel    
  • VirtuPower   
  • Renewergy  
  • Move Energy   
  • Fast Power   
  • Forward Energy  
  • Power Source  
  • N.R.G.  
  • New Generation

Tips for Creating Easy to Remember Energy Company Name Ideas 

If you want to create energy company name ideas that are really easy to remember, the key is to ensure that your name is short and snappy. You don’t want to choose a name that is overly long or complicated, so try to use short and simple words as much as possible and avoid unnecessary extra words like “the” or “and”.

Ensure that your name is short and snappy!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Trusted Turbine
  • Fine Turbine
  • Power Source
  • Genergreat
  • Generate
  • Wind Win
  • Winning Wind
  • Power Hour
  • Eager Energy
  • Production Pros
  • Sourced Service
  • Clean Energy
  • Clean Green
  • Successful Source
  • Source First
  • Source Solution
  • Energy Race
  • Service Sources
  • Pro Producers
  • PROducers
  • Proud Production
  • Higher Energizer
  • Energizer for Hire
  • Alt Energy
  • Opulent Output
  • Rich Returns
  • Victorious Vigor
  • To the Wire
  • Charged In Charge
  • Emissions Mission
  • ThinkRight
  • New Innovations
  • New Directions
  • Innovations Inc
  • Air Power
  • WindSource
  • Hydroaware
  • Alternative True
  • Energy Anew
  • Energy Extra
  • WindTrue
  • WindForce
  • Water Source
  • Wind Structure
  • Wind Worthy

The Best Real-World Energy Company Names

Another great way to get some inspiration when naming your own energy company is to look at real-world energy brands and suppliers. By analyzing their names, you can identify trends in the industry or find some ideas to use in your own company name. Here are a few of our favorite energy company names, with explanations of how they were chosen and why they have become so successful and iconic.


How Sunnova Got Its Name
Sunnova, also known as Sunnova Energy International, is one of the leading providers of solar energy. Based in Texas, the company created its name by blending the words “Sun” and “Nova”.

Why Sunnova Is A Great Energy Company Name
Sunnova is a really attractive and engaging energy company name. The use of the word “Sun” clearly tells people that this company specializes in solar energy, and the name itself is short, easy to remember, unique, and pleasant to say out loud


How Zolar Got Its Name
Zolar is another solar energy company based in Germany. This highly-rated energy startup provides solar systems for private residential homes. The company’s name is simply the word “Solar” with a Z at the start.

Why Zolar Is A Great Energy Company Name
Zolar is another example of a clear, simple, and efficient energy company name. We can tell right away that this company specializes in solar power, and the name works well internationally, which is very important in the energy world.


How Ecolution Got Its Name
Ecolution is a green energy company based in the UK. The company specializes in converting homes and businesses to renewable energy power stations in order to battle climate change. The name was chosen by blending the words “Eco” and “Evolution”.

Why Ecolution Is A Great Energy Company Name
Ecolution is a really clever business name for an eco-friendly energy company. It features a smart play on words and gives off a great impression of the brand. It also tells people a lot about the company’s vision and philosophy, as they hope to bring about an ecological evolution by investing in green energies.

Most Successful Energy Company Names


How ExxonMobil Got Its Name
ExxonMobil, or the Exxon Mobil Corporation, is one of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies. The company’s name is actually a blending of two pre-existing companies – Exxon and Mobil – which merged together.

Why ExxonMobil Is A Great Energy Company Name
When businesses merge, it can be difficult to know which name should stay and which should go, or how the name should be changed to suit the business’ new image. ExxonMobil is an example of a merge name done well, as the two pre-existing names combine to give off an aura of power and professionalism.


How Total Got Its Name
Total is one of the biggest petrol companies in Europe and one of the largest energy companies worldwide. It was originally known as the Compagnie francaise des petroles (French Petrol Company) but was rebranded in the 80s.

Why Total Is A Great Energy Company Name
Total is a great example of a clear, internationally-recognizable energy name. The word “Total” suggests something that is complete or dominant, and that’s exactly the kind of positive image that this brand wants to convey to the world.


How EDF Got Its Name
EDF stands for Electricté de France. It’s one of the biggest providers of electrical energy across Europe.

Why EDF Is A Great Energy Company Name
EDF reminds us of the importance of acronyms for energy companies. It can be really useful to have a good acronym, as this gives people a simple way to shorten and remember your brand’s name without needing to know the full thing.

Tips for Creating Your Own Energy Company Name

Don’t Make it Complicated

One of the things that you may notice when looking at lots of real-world energy company names is that many of them are very short. Examples of this include Total, EDF, and Zolar. In fact, there’s a whole trend throughout the energy industry of brands using relatively short and simple names. This is done intentionally, as short names are much better for building up brand awareness. So, when coming up with your own energy company name ideas, try to limit yourself to one or two words, maximum.

Think Global

Think global!

A lot of energy companies operate internationally, serving people in different countries and parts of the world. If you plan to do the same, you need to think globally and choose a name that will work in different places and in different languages. Again, this is why a lot of energy companies opt for relatively simple names, as they can be easily understood in lots of different languages without any confusion or problems.

Consider an Acronym

Another thing that you might notice when looking at real-world energy company names is that a lot of them are often shortened to acronyms. EDF, for example, stands for Electricité de France, while REG stands for Renewable Energy Group. Having a good acronym is ideal if you plan to use a relatively long energy company name. So, always remember to look at the starting letters for the words in your name and think about ways it could be shortened or what the acronym may sound like.

Check Availability

Got a great result from our energy company name generator and ready to set up your new company name? Well, before you make it official, there’s one last thing you need to do: you need to check to make sure that the name you want to use is actually available. Look online and see if any other companies are already using that name. If not, you can claim it right away and make it your own. If another company is already using it, you may need to start over and find a different one.

Use the Energy Company Name Generator

If you need any help in naming your energy company or want some extra ideas to inspire you, use the BizNameWiz energy company name generator. Our energy company name generator is free to use and super simple, and it gives you hundreds or even thousands of great name ideas in no time at all. To use the energy company name generator, simply type a word, like “energy” or “power” into the box provided and click on the Generate button.


Your company’s name can be a make or break factor, so it really is important to get it right, especially in a highly competitive industry, like the energy sector. We hope that this guide has given you the ideas and inspiration needed to find a super name, and don’t forget to use the energy company name generator for even more awesome ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some examples of great energy company names include Engie, EDF, Total, Sunnova, and Evolution.

It depends on what kind of energy company you're hoping to make. If you're setting up a solar company, use words connected to light and the sun. If you're running a new wind turbine start-up, use keywords connected to wind power. The key is to find words and ideas that tell people clearly what your company does.

Yes, our energy company name generator is always free to use, so you can use it right now with no cost to worry about. Just type a word into the box and click on Generate to make the magic happen.
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