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Best Entertainment Business Names

Your business name is the first impression you provide to your users, and if you want to keep them, it needs to be a good one. Your name wants to be informative, compelling, and attractive all simultaneously, which is no easy task alone. 

With our entertainment business name generator, you can achieve these targets and find yourself a solid and alluring entertainment business name. Our generator streamlines the naming process, but it also creates a neverending list of top-quality entertainment business names just for you. 

One Word Entertainment Business Name Ideas 

Some of the best business names are one-word business names because they get straight to the point without compromising quality or memorability. But without an entertainment business name generator, it can be tough to come up with them. Luckily for you, our entertainment business name generator has a one-word option in our filters that is simple to use. You just have to think up the keywords first. For my keywords, I selected genres within the entertainment industry, choosing ‘sport’, ‘laugh’, ‘drama’, and ‘inform’. 

  1. Dramopolis
  2. Sportworks
  3. Informster 
  4. Laughlaza
  5. Informistic 
  6. Dramatastic
  7. Sporthub
  8. Laughomatic 
  9. Informoporium
  10. Sportverse
  11. Dramagenics
  12. Laughopolis 
  13. Sportable 
  14. Informly 
  15. Laughify 

Tips For Creating Your One-Word Entertainment Business Name

Since a one-word business name is short, selecting the right keywords is vital to creating a strong business name with our entertainment business name generator. Thinking up ideas based on your selling point and target audience is a significant first step, followed by using these words to find synonyms on the internet. This will give you an expansive list of keywords, so you’ll have no trouble generating an effective entertainment business name. 

Rhyming Entertainment Business Name Ideas

From full rhyme to half-rhyme to alliteration, there are lots of ways to craft yourself an effective rhyming business name. These fun rhymes will make your business name more memorable and increase your customer retention greatly. To develop these names, I used variations of keywords including ‘excite’, ‘amaze’, ‘delight’, and ‘thrill’ to focus on how your entertainment business will make your customers feel. 

  1. Thrill Ticket
  2. Excite Effect
  3. Delight Days
  4. Thrill Television 
  5. Amaze Amusements
  6. Delight Driven
  7. Excite, Entertain, Enjoy
  8. Delightful Distractions
  9. Thrill Talk
  10. Adventure: Amaze
  11. Excite Entertainment 
  12. Delight Digital
  13. Amazement Amplified 
  14. Top Thrill
  15. Enter Excitement 

Tips For Creating Your Rhyming Entertainment Business Name

Our entertainment business name generator is a simple way to create an exciting, rhyming business name. You just need to choose the rhyming function under filters and decide where you want to place your keywords. 

To double your chances of crafting a great business name, you can adjust the filters to narrow down your keywords to a specific industry. For rhyming entertainment business names, I tried media, music, and gaming but found media alone gave me the best results. With these filters, our entertainment business name generator is easy to set up and still awards you a lot of creative freedom to make your business name unique and applicable to your business. 

Fun Entertainment Business Name Ideas

An entertainment business exists to bring fun and joy into consumers’ lives, so your business name should reflect that. You want to create excitement when people read your business name, which our entertainment business generator will help you do. 

You can research keywords focused on your target audience and how you can want them to feel to create a fun and effective business name. By catering your name to your audience, you’re more likely to leave an impact and stay fresh in their memories. For my names, I added the keywords ‘magic’, ‘dream’, ‘entertain’, and ‘joy’ to the entertainment business name generator to emphasize the feeling that entertainment provides. 

  1. Broadcast Joy 
  2. Dream Master
  3. Magic Worldwide
  4. Project: Entertain
  5. Dream Magic
  6. Capital Joy 
  7. Publish Entertainment 
  8. Broadcast Magic
  9. Joy Digital
  10. Dream Time
  11. Total Magic
  12. Entertainment Kingdom
  13. Loud Magic
  14. Play For Joy
  15. Entertain Global

Tips For Creating Your Fun Entertainment Business Name

A quick tip for using our entertainment business name generator to its full ability is to add connectives and punctuation to alter how the name sounds. As you can see above, ‘Play For Joy’ includes the connective ‘for’, which sounds exciting and draws attention while Play Joy’ doesn’t make sense in the same way. Using an entertainment business name generator doesn’t take away any opportunity to be creative but only adds to it. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • E-town
  • Cinematix
  • Lavish
  • Viral Magic
  • Go Screen
  • Dramatage
  • ShowBies
  • Aimertainment
  • Screen Heroes
  • Motainment
  • Momentum
  • Broadbaret
  • Eventimus
  • Ava Says
  • Laugh Hub
  • Guerilla Show
  • Sonik Bass
  • Magic Tone
  • Guess the Song
  • Talent Spotted
  • Talent Source
  • Talent Hunt
  • Laugh Factory
  • Flipper World
  • Act And Amuse
  • Movie Magic
  • CineMagic
  • Entertain Express
  • Laughing Stock
  • Media Magic
  • EnterTrain
  • Fun Starts Here
  • Party People
  • Entertain Train
  • Sound Select
  • HQ Entertain
  • HQ Systems
  • Screen Dream
  • Screen Machine
  • Movie Machine
  • Media Machine
  • Movement Maker
  • First Fesitval
  • Festive Fun
  • Parties Are Us

Best Real-World Entertainment Business Names- How They Got It And Why It Works 

Fox Corporation

How Fox Corporation Got Its Name 

Fox Corporation is a global mass media company that distributes broadcasting, news, and sports to the world. It has previously dipped its toe in other areas of entertainment such as films and TV, but following a series of acquisitions, mergers, and demergers, the name and operations have changed repeatedly. 

Why Fox Corporation Is An Effective Business Name 

In 1915, William Fox created the Fox Film Corporation, the notable starting point of what is now known as Fox Corporation. He named the company using his family name to demonstrate the personal connection between William Fox and the company. Even though the name has changed in many ways since 1915, Fox has remained integral to the name, much like the personal connection also has. 

Paramount Global

How Paramount Global Got Its Name 

Underneath the umbrella of Paramount Global, there are more than 170 networks that provide entertainment through TV and film to hundreds of million people. Paramount Global began as a filming company and is the fifth oldest film studio in the world that is still in operation. It has grown in size and interest to offer various entertainment options to the world. 

Why Paramount Global Is An Effective Business Name

Paramount Global is a highly effective name as it takes influence from the successful film company Paramount Pictures, which the company founder, W. W. Hodkinson, crafted. He named the company after an apartment building in his neighborhood that he often passed, which means the name is sentimental to him and is a connection to his roots. 

Paying credit to where you came from is a great way to create a business name. It helps users create a personal connection with your company, as both W. W. Hodkinson and Paramount Global know. 

Sony Entertainment

How Sony Entertainment Got Its Name

Sony is a Japanese corporation that began as a technology company that grew and expanded to start another company in film, tv, and music, storming every industry it entered. In the movie, tv, and music industry, Sony formed Sony Entertainment which creates films, tv, and music while also releasing them. 

Why Sony Entertainment Is An Effective Business Name 

Sony combined the two Latin words ‘sonus’ and ‘sonny’ to create their business name, with ‘sonus’ meaning sound and ‘sonny’ meaning little son. Sony’s business name represents a small minority of people who are motivated and passionate about unlimited innovation and creation. It speaks to its purpose as a company while also being easy to understand and pronounce, so it hits all the criteria of a great business name. 

Most Successful Entertainment Business Names


How Netflix Got Its Name 

Netflix began as a subscription service for renting and buying DVDs, but with advancements in media, they quickly moved their service to the internet for on-demand streaming. As their success grew, they began to create their own content by producing movies and TV shows themselves, allowing their entertainment library to grow. 

Why Netflix Is An Effective Business Name 

Netflix is the combination of ‘net’ to mean the internet and ‘flix to mean flicks, another word for movies. This business name encapsulates the purpose of Netflix, which is to provide online services for watching films and TV, so it is very informative as well as short and snappy. 

Walt Disney Co. 

How Walt Disney Got Its Name 

Walt Disney created the entertainment company Walt Disney Co. in 1929, focusing on creating animated cartoons for families after success with Alice in Cartoonland and Mickey Mouse. Ever since, the company has been making animated films and TV shows, even creating its streaming service in recent years for its extensive catalog of shows. 

Why Walt Disney Is An Effective Business Name 

Disney is known for its family-friendly entertainment, which its name emphasizes. Walt Disney Co. takes its name from its founder, Walt Disney, and he and his family built it up. Naming his company after himself and his family emphasizes that family values are at the heart of his business and attracts more families to his movies and shows. 


How Nintendo Got Its Name 

Nintendo began as a Japanese playing card manufacturer in 1899 and continued until 1963 when they started to create games also. Since then, Nintendo has gone from strength to strength, creating multiple consoles and providing joy to families and gamers worldwide. 

Why Nintendo Is An Effective Business Name 

Nintendo is a Japanese company that uses a Japanese name, connecting its creation to its place of birth. This adds a personal touch to the business name, allowing consumers to feel closer to the company. 

Tips For Naming Your Entertainment Business

Establish Your Selling Point

As the successful entertainment businesses above show, you can do exceptionally well in the entertainment industry, but the competition is fierce. To succeed, you need to establish what sets you apart as a business and how you can capitalize on it. For help in selecting your selling point, answer these questions:

  • What Services Does Your Business Offer?
  • How Does Your Business Perform These Services?
  • How Do Your Services Differ To Your Competitors?
  • Why Do Consumers Need Your Business? 

With your answers, you can uncover which aspect of your company is unique and incorporate that into your marketing techniques. This allows you to advertise your selling point and pull consumers in based upon it. The best way to market your unique points is to include them in your business name and company branding, so you should derive keywords from your selling point and pop them in our entertainment business name generator. 

Decide On Your Target Audience

With your selling point in mind, you can identify your target audience as they are the intended market for your business, so you need to attract them. Their interests will similarly influence your business name to your selling point. 

Examples include if you produce anime films, then your target audience will primarily be made up of anime film fanatics, so a Japanese name would get their attention and attract them to your company. Using your target audience and selling point, you can develop keywords to start building your effective entertainment business name. 

Keep It Simple

Short names are highly effective at garnering consumer interest and being highly memorable, making them an ideal choice for a business name. With the keywords that you’ve come up with using your target audience and selling point, you simply need to brainstorm shorter names that still retain all helpful information and a little bit of charm. 

Names that are longer than three words and use complex keywords are unlikely to work as effective business names because they are not easy to recall or pronounce. Your name should roll off the tongue, not create confusion. 

Avoid using unnecessary connectives if you think it’s making your name longer than it should be. One connective is fine, but any more, and you’re wasting word count, so instead, you could try punctuation to put your point across while keeping your name short and sweet. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Therapy is a profoundly personal experience that uncovers secrets and traumas throughout your life. It is only fitting that you consider choosing a name with a personal touch. It could be your name, relating to your own therapy experience, or your inspiration for the business. Customers will be touched by the emotional connection and feel safer divulging their personal life to you.

Entertainment is a vast industry covering multiple areas and focuses on pleasuring all. You may know that you want to go into the entertainment business, but you’re unsure where. Here are a few examples of potential entertainment businesses:

1. Film
2. Music
3. Gaming
4. Television
5. Media
6. Sports
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