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Top brands:

Netflix: Snappy, memorable and unique, ‘Netflix’ is also literal – it allows customers to watch movies (or, ‘flix’) online. Thus, ‘Netflix’.

ESPN: An acronym for ‘Entertainment and Sports Programming Networks’, this name is now the most trusted and iconic in American sports TV.

Walt Disney: Named for its founder, Disney now carries quirky, fun and youthful connotations, which resonate in the hearts and minds of children around the world.

MTV: Standing for ‘Music Television’, the brilliance of this name is in its simplicity: the acronym is now world famous.

Fox: Named for its founder, Fox is now one of the largest entertainment groups in the world, and its short, memorable name makes it easily distinguishable.

Pixar: A portmanteau of ‘picture’ and ‘radar’, the name represents high-tech innovation in the entertainment field.

BBC: An acronym for ‘British Broadcasting Company’, BBC is a dignified and respected name in news and entertainment.

Hulu: This entertainment streaming company’s name is short, fun, easy to pronounce and without a meaning in the English language, thus giving it a memorable edge for users.

Buzzfeed: By combining the words ‘buzz’ and ‘feed’, this company tells users that they will be ‘fed’ information that is popular or trending right now.

YouTube: By using the word ‘tube’, a colloquial term for ‘television’, YouTube tells users that their platform provides for self-created videos, and allows users to share them with the world.


Clientele & interests:

When people are bored, they seek out entertainment. Different people have very different personal tastes and preferences, based on their cultures, life experiences, and age. The entertainment industry has thus come up with thousands of different genres, delivered on hundreds of different mediums, so that people can read, watch or listen to something ‘entertaining’ whenever and however they want.


Television, sound systems, cinemas, streaming services, internet services, watching trailers, DVD purchases, current affairs, news, home TV installation, video games, genres, text, video, audio, music, movies.

Industry related words:

Movie, series, show, mini-series, exclusive, user generated, amateur, professional, viral, celebrity, stars, film, animation, comedy, family, horror, news, crime, fantasy, fan-favorites, music, reality-TV, documentary, game-show, musical, romance, rom-com, romantic comedy, narrative, historical, cinema, gossip, scandal, E! News, celeb news, trends,  Show business, show biz, ballroom, casino, drama, resort, stage, theater, Hollywood, Bollywood, TV industry, footlights, motion picture, move, television, theater world, boards, Broadway, burlesque, cabaret, carnival, circus, dance, commercial, icon, user generated, big-budget, gripping, adult, sex, feel-good, futuristic, cinematic, comic, 3D, acting, adventure, made-for-TV, CGI, climax, cast, camera, budget, audience, actor, actress, movie goer, review, narrative, director, film critic, frame, fame, rating, prequel, sequel, plot twist, pornography, new releases, cartoons, foreign, feature films, cult classics, black and white

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Marketing in this sector goes far beyond an advertising campaign. The industry is driven by content, and those with the best content win.  Advertising that content, however, is vital, and certain terminology is proven to intrigue people to find out more. It must be stressed that without good content, no amount of advertising will keep customer engaged.

Gossip, scandal, hottest celebrity photos, latest exclusive, acclaimed, blockbuster, gripping, critically acclaimed, intellectually invigorating, controversial, original, ambitious, award-winning, based on a true story, nominated.


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