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Best Face Painting Business Name Ideas

Children love to have their face painted at birthday parties or fun kid-friendly events. They can express themselves through the design on their face. Of course, these designs are usually wacky and fun, but it still brings enjoyment among children. Adults can choose to have face paint, too, if they request funny face painting services at their bachelorette party. Highlighting this entertainment in your business name is important for attracting these customers. 

Our face painting business name generator will help you find plenty of cool names. From one-word names to fun names, you’re bound to find something ideal for your business. Just keep reading to view some creative ideas and tips for your naming process! 

One-Word Face Painting Business Name Ideas

One-word business names are great for engaging with and retaining customers. People don’t have to remember long and complicated words. You can use a single word to describe your business, or you can combine two words that relate to face painting. 

One-word business names are great!

Before you create one-word names, you need to think of root words associated with ‘face painting’ and pop those into the face painting business name generator. I chose the words ‘smile’, ‘cheeks’, ‘art’ and ‘brush’ and chose the best names. Don’t forget to select the ‘one word’ option from the filters! 

  • SmileoryX                                   
  • ColorCheeks                       
  • RosyCheeks
  • CheekBrush                               
  • BrushAwayX                        
  • Brushfluent 
  • Artporium                                   
  • Artistryworks                        
  • ArtGenius 
  • PaintgeniX                                 
  • Paintverse                            
  • Paintnetic 
  • Smiletastic                                 
  • Smiley!                             
  • Smileopedia 

Tips For Creating One-Word Face Painting Business Names

On the generator, you can select ‘art’, ‘crafts’, ‘creative’, ‘cute’, ‘kids’ and ‘services’ from the industry list to view more accurate results. The filters should help you generate different types of names that suit your business. If you can’t find ideal names, combine two words that highlight your face painting. ‘ColorCheeks’ and ‘Smiletastic’ are examples of combined words.

Rhyming Face Painting Business Name Ideas

There’s no doubt that people love to hear rhymes. Not only do they sound lyrically pleasing, but they’re easily memorable. Of course – children love rhymes too, right? You can use this to your advantage by creating a fun name that uses full rhymes, alliteration or half-rhymes. 

I used some of the same root words from earlier and typed those into the face painting business name generator. Then, I selected the ‘rhyming’ option from the filters and chose the best names. Just keep reading to find strong examples of rhyming names! 

  • Smile Station                                
  • Smile Swish                         
  • Smile Style 
  • Fancy Face                                
  • Face Space                          
  • Flower Face
  • Brush Boss                                   
  • Best Brush                           
  • Brave Brush
  • Cheeky Cheeks!                         
  • Cheek Boutique                   
  • Cheeks on Fleek
  • Paint Princess                          
  • Paint Saint                          
  • Paint Panther

Tips For Creating Rhyming Face Painting Business Names

You can be more creative with rhyming business names. Think of words that rhyme with the root words on our generator. They don’t have to exactly rhyme, as long as they use alliteration or half-rhyming sounds. For example, the name ‘Smile Station’ uses the first same letter. The internet will help you find plenty of rhyming words for your business name.

Fun Face Painting Business Name Ideas

Fun names are a great way of engaging customers with your business. These customers might be parents who are looking for face painting services. You need to highlight the enjoyment in your name, as this might encourage parents to hire your services for birthday parties. The more recognition you get, the more likely other parents and adults will approach your business.

Fun names are a great way of engaging customers!

These names often require more imagination. Our face painting business name generator can still give you creative ideas, though. Just search for fun vocabulary and combine that with your root words. Below, you will find some fun names for your business! 

  • Face Bubbles                             
  • Brushed Cheeks                  
  • Rainbow Cheeks
  • Art on Your Cheeks                  
  • Face Invasion                      
  • Face Your Dream
  • Smile Canvas                           
  • Paint Rangers                      
  • Paint Perfect
  • Tickle Face Art                           
  • Colorful Smile                       
  • Say Cheese!
  • Paint Flamingo                          
  • Smart Art                             
  • Smile Angel 

Tips For Creating Fun Face Painting Business Names 

I created most of these using my imagination. The face painting business name generator offered relevant words to combine with the root words. For example, I saw the word ‘canvas’ and decided to combine that with ‘smile’. Take this as your chance to be creative and find names that promote entertainment. Customers need to see how your business is fun

Some name ideas for you:

  • Paint Saint
  • Face Forward
  • Forward Facing
  • Two-Faced Feature
  • Double Takes
  • Cute Creations
  • Paint A Face
  • Pure Paint
  • Friendly Faces
  • Cheeky Brushes
  • Just Cheeky Face
  • Get Cheeky
  • Better Brushes
  • Fine Design
  • Mug Masquerade
  • Mask Makers
  • Behind The Mask
  • Mask Muse
  • Face Art
  • Design Of Mine
  • Make A Face
  • Smile Sparkles
  • Fantastic Faces
  • Face Fantasy
  • Fantasy Faces
  • Freaky Faces
  • Colored Studios
  • Funny Facez
  • Joyful Faces
  • Art Innovator
  • Face of Gems
  • Hot Faces
  • Brush Attack
  • Glitter Designs
  • Smiley Whale
  • Funky Orca
  • Paint D Face
  • Smiley Faces
  • Face Paint Savior
  • Colored Studios
  • Funny Facez
  • The Clownery
  • Joyful Faces
  • Art Innovator
  • The Clownery

Best Real-World Face Painting Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Looking at real-world business names can help motivate you to create something unique. You can study how competitors perform in the face painting market. I chose some business names that I found compelling. Keep reading to find out how they got their names and why they work! 

Crazy Cheeks

How did Crazy Cheeks get its name?

Marketa started this business in 2014 to paint “smiles on faces” and express her passion for face painting. She got her name from wanting to paint crazy designs on faces. This business can help customers with “private childrens parties, corporate events” and even weddings!

Why is Crazy Cheeks a catchy business name?

Using alliteration for the business name is a good way of attracting customers. People would instantly look at the name and feel intrigued by the word ‘crazy’. Even though it doesn’t mention paint, customers would still understand the purpose through ‘cheeks’. 

Funky Faces

How did Funky Faces get its name?

Funky Faces got its name from wanting to paint cool designs and patterns. They’re a very artistic business that uses bright colors. They believe that “face painting is an exciting way of keeping the children entertained” at parties or events. 

Why is Funky Faces a catchy business name?

This is another name that uses alliteration to enhance the words. Customers would instantly latch onto this literary technique and find it more memorable. Of course, ‘funky’ relates to the cool designs, and ‘faces’ suggests this is a face art business.

Just Face It 

How did Just Face It get its name?

This business created a name that is different and stands out among competitors. Just Face It wants to provide “outstanding quality face paint for any event”. They want to give people the best experience when using their face painting services. 

Why is Just Face It a catchy business name?

‘Just Face It’ is a fun name that will attract customers to the business. People might recognise the common phrase ‘facing it’ and feel intrigued by the name of this face painting service. If people feel intrigued, they are more likely to spread awareness of the business name.

Most Successful Face Painting Businesses

Now, we can move onto the most popular face painting businesses. It’s important to study the history behind each name and what it really means. This should give you more inspiration for your own name. I chose some successful face painting businesses and put them down below! 

Ace Face Painting

How did Ace Face Painting get its name?

Ace Face Painting can “add a really colorful, fun impact to your event” by creating cool designs on faces. They are said to be a great attraction for “children and fun-loving adults”. This business probably got its name from the ‘ace’ designs they provide to customers.

Why is Ace Face Painting a catchy business name?

This business has a good example of a rhyming name. Customers usually remember rhymes that intrigue them. They will most likely use the services again or recommend it to others. The word ‘ace’ also suggests this business produces high-quality face paint designs. 

Sunrise Face Painting

How did Sunrise Face Painting get its name?

Sunrise Face Painting probably got its name from the sun logo on their website. It’s common for businesses to use a recurring theme throughout their branding. This business wants to “add some fun for everyone” when providing face painting and glitter body art services.

Why is Sunrise Face Painting a catchy business name?

The word ‘sunrise’ has positive connotations and may appeal to younger audiences. People often associate the sun with happiness and positivity. This is great to use when offering face paint services to children. They want to feel happy and excited when getting cool designs. 

Fantastic Face Painting

How did Fantastic Face Painting get its name?

This business probably got its name from their ‘fantastic’ designs and team members who bring these designs to life. They are “fast, friendly and professional” face artists who provide services for corporate events, family gatherings and small parties.

Why is Fantastic Face Painting a catchy business name? 

Customers would naturally gravitate towards the word ‘fantastic’ when they see this business name. People like to see positivity when searching for the right business. Adding ‘face painting’ on the end is just another direct way of telling customers what to expect.

Top 3 Tips For Naming Your Face Painting Business

All of these name ideas might be overwhelming your brain. There’s so many to choose from, but maybe they aren’t taking your fancy. This is completely normal, and it’s good to be picky in this industry. Everyone goes through the naming process differently and will settle for names that suit their requirements. It can take time to think of something that genuinely steals your heart. But don’t worry, because we created this section to guide you through the process. 

Our top three tips will probably save your life during this naming frenzy. From research to feedback, you’re bound to find something helpful. Make sure to keep our face painting business name generator open at all times! Now, without further ado, let’s get into those tips. 

Tip One: Research Other Face Painting Business Names

Research is very important for gathering the right information. You can use research for inspiration or guidance. For example, if you see a name you really like, you might use some of the words in your own business name. It’s important to study how each business created the name and why it attracts you. Consider answering these questions for your research:

  • What part of the name attracts you the most?
  • Do they use any literary techniques? 
  • Could you reduce or expand the name? 
  • Do the words relate to their services?
  • Will you remember the name in 6 months?
  • What drew you to the business?
  • Could you use some words for your own name?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can think about your business name. If you like the names ‘Fantastic Faces’ and ‘Paint Cheeks’, for example, you might combine some of the words to make ‘Fantastic Cheeks’. Just make sure the name is still unique and relevant. 

Tip Two: Gain Feedback From Your Family And Friends

You can ask your family members and friends for feedback regarding your business name. They can share their honest opinions about possible name options. This feedback should help you choose one business name that is favorable. Of course, when you look at something so many times, you probably won’t notice mistakes. A new pair of eyes can point out common errors or irrelevant words in your name. Most importantly – document this feedback for future reference! 

Tip Three: Consider Using A Literary Technique In Your Name

Consider using a literary technique in your name!

Literary techniques are great for enhancing your business name. They can attract customers to your business and make them feel intrigued. Some good literary devices are rhymes, half-rhymes, alliteration, metaphors and imagery. You could create a name for each literary technique to see what you like best. It might be worth looking at real-world business names that use some of these techniques, as you can determine how they experiment with words.


Overall, you should create a name that represents your fun and intriguing face painting business. Customers are more likely to approach a business that appears professional, but unique at the same time. You can use a literary technique to draw these customers in. Most importantly – just have fun, and experiment with our face painting business name generator! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You could name your business something personal or meaningful to your family. Using fun and intriguing names is also great for attracting customers to your business. Just use our face painting business name generator to find names that suit your preferences.

Practice is what will help you become a professional in face painting. Watch videos on how to face paint, or reach out to experts for guidance. All you can do is practice constantly and complete art courses that might improve your creativity skills.

You obviously need safe face paints, access to water, soft paint brushes, storage containers and wipes. This should be enough to get you started in your business. Consider researching what safe face paints to use and how you can buy the most reliable materials.
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