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How to Create the Best Fancy Business Name Ideas

Whenever you’re naming a business, it’s important to think not only about your own goods and services but also the theme and vibe of your business, as well as the target audience you’re aiming to appeal to.

Some businesses are quite basic and general, but others have a certain sense of sophistication and elegance. For these businesses, boring and bland names simply won’t do; they require flamboyant and fancy business name ideas!

If you’re running any kind of fancy business and aiming to please a fancy crowd, you need to think carefully about what name you want to use, making careful use of fancy-sounding words like glitz, glamour, elegant, opulent, premium, and so on.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about fancy business names and how to make fancy business name ideas, too. We’ll also introduce you to our fancy business name generator, the perfect tool for making amazing fancy business names!

15 Stand-Out Fancy Business Name Ideas

Fancy brands need to not only provide people with special services and products, but they also need to have their own unique characters, vibes, and personalities, and all of that begins with the right name! Here are some fancy business name ideas that really stand out from the crowd.

  • Life of Luxury 
  • Peak Indulgence 
  • Natura Elegata 
  • Top Floor Goods
  • Next Level Living
  • Ultra Luxe 
  • Glitz & Glamor
  • Sparkle & Shine
  • Diamond Grade Goods
  • The Cave of Wonders
  • The Treasure Trove
  • End of the Rainbow
  • Pot o’ Gold
  • Elegant Essence
  • Daring Deluxe

Tips for Creating Stand-Out Fancy Business Name Ideas

Creating fancy business names isn’t always easy, but one trick you can use is to try and find as many fancy-sounding words as possible. Then, try to weave those words together with simpler and more informative words that express what your business is all about. Remember to say your name out loud and check that it sounds fancy, pleasant, and poetic before making it official. And don’t forget to use our fancy business name generator if you need a helping hand with fancy business name ideas.

15 Fancy Business Names for Fashion Brands and Stores

One of the best places for fancy business names is the fashion industry! People love to wear fancy fashion and buy the latest elegant accessories, and having a fancy fashion business name is a great way to target an elite audience and get more sales. Here are some fancy business name ideas specifically tailored for the fashion world.

  • Regal Attire
  • Elegant Accessories
  • The Look
  • Refined Style 
  • Fancy Threads
  • LuxeWear
  • Top Tier Clothing
  • Elegant Outfitters 
  • The Elegant Atelier
  • Fashion Maison 
  • Next Level Clothing
  • Fashion Indulgence
  • The Court of Fashion
  • The Purse Palace
  • Noble Clothing 

Tips for Creating Fancy Business Names for Fashion Brands and Stores

If you’re in the fashion industry and trying to come up with fancy business names, a great idea is to make use of words that have a regal or noble theme to them. Words like palace, royal, regal, refined, and so on can be really effective at making your store or business stand out. You may also want to consider using words from other languages, like French, to give your business a fancier feel.

15 Unique Fancy Business Name Ideas to Inspire You

One of the keys to making great fancy business names is to try and make them sound as unique as possible. This will really help your business stand out from the crowd and get people interested. Here are some original fancy business name ideas you can use as inspiration.

Make names sound as unique as possible!
  • The Difference Maker  
  • High Society   
  • WellBorn   
  • Sleek & Swish   
  • Box of Secrets   
  • Devilish Detail       
  • Over The Top   
  • Flights o’ Fancy   
  • Fashiontopia   
  • Fancy That    
  • Luxuriata    
  • Regal Redefined     
  • Creme of the Crop    
  • The Hall of Fame  
  • Prime Selection

Tips for Creating Unique Fancy Business Name Ideas to Inspire You

If you want to create truly unique fancy business names, you need to be willing to think outside the box, looking for rare, unusual, and exotic words that will catch people’s attention and urge them to find out more about your business. You may even want to make up your own words by blending existing words together to create fancy new concepts.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Elevated Elegance
  • Go Gourmet
  • Gourmet Garden
  • Luxurious Layers
  • Lessons in Luxury
  • Found and Fancy
  • Fancy Friends
  • Fancy Fun
  • Fancy & Free
  • Fancy Formation
  • Fancy Founders
  • Fancy for Me
  • Fancy Two Three
  • Posh Production
  • Posh People
  • Posh Posee
  • Glitz Group
  • The Fancy Fox
  • Mrs. Fancy
  • Road to Celebrity
  • The Dapper Dude
  • En Vogue
  • Sparkle
  • The Glitz
  • Glitz and Glam
  • Rich and Famous
  • Like Royalty
  • Posh
  • Fancy Feline
  • Platinum Shoppe
  • Diamond Shoppe
  • Jewels Galore
  • Glam Galore
  • Mystique
  • Air of Mystery
  • Je Ne Sais Quoi
  • La Parisienne
  • Fancy Pants
  • Class Act
  • Business Fancies
  • Fancy Financial
  • Freedom Fancies
  • Facing Fancies
  • Fancy Pancy
  • Fancy Pants
  • Fancy Fantasy
  • Fanciful Fantasy
  • Fanciful Fiends

Real-World Fancy Business Names Analysis

If you’re looking for fancy business name ideas, why not look into the real world at some real-life fancy brands? By learning more about real fancy business names and how they were created, you may find some great ideas and insights to use in naming your company, too. Here are a few examples, taken from three different industries: travel, clothing, and food.


How Globe-Trotter Got Its Name
Globe-Trotter is the name of a luxury luggage brand, specializing in high-end luggage options for seasoned travelers. The name was chosen to appeal to globe-trotting travelers who spend lots of time visiting different countries.

Why Globe-Trotter Is A Great Fancy Business Name
Globe-Trotter works very well as a fancy business name for the travel sector, as it describes both the brand itself and their ideal target customers, too. Anyone who considers themselves to be a globe-trotter will be instantly attracted to this business name and want to learn more about the brand behind it.

Vestiare Collective

How Vestiare Collective Got Its Name
Vestiare Collective is a website that allows users to buy and sell designer fashion and accessories. The name makes use of a French word “Vestiaire”, which translates to “Dressing room” in English.

Why Vestiare Collective Is A Great Fancy Business Name
Vestiare Collective is a great example of a company choosing to use non-English words in its company name. This can be a very effective way to make a name sound fancier, so you may want to consider including French, Italian, or Spanish words in your name to jazz it up.


How Saga Got Its Name
Saga is the name of one of New York City’s fanciest restaurants. The name expresses the story-like nature of the meals provided here, as well as the length of the average dining experience, as diners usually spend about three hours eating at Saga.

Why Saga Is A Great Fancy Business Name
Saga is a prime example of how fancy business names can be used in the world of restaurants and fine dining. It’s a powerful, one-word name that has a huge impact, while also being very honest and accurate in terms of expressing what kind of experience the restaurant actually provides.

Most Successful Fancy Business Names


How Chanel Got Its Name
Chanel is one of the biggest and best-known fancy designer names in the world, providing perfume, fashion, and more. Like a lot of other fancy brands and luxury designer brands, Chanel is named after the person who founded it: Coco Chanel.

Why Chanel Is A Great Fancy Business Name
Chanel proves that you don’t always need to spend hours thinking of an eclectic and unusual fancy name for your business. You can simply use your own surname or a nickname you once had. However, in order to truly make the business sound fancy and elegant, the name you use needs to have an intriguing sound or unique allure.

Simply use your own surname!


How Gucci Got Its Name
Gucci is a world-renowned Italian designer brand, offering handbags, shoes, and other products. The brand was named after its founder, Guccio Gucci.

Why Gucci Is A Great Fancy Business Name
Just like Chanel, as well as many other fancy brands like Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton, Gucci shows that naming your company after yourself can be an effective method. This is especially true if you have an exotic or unusual name.

Saks Fifth Avenue

How Saks Fifth Avenue Got Its Name
Saks Fifth Avenue is a fancy department store that was named by combining the name of the owner, Andrew Saks, with the location of the flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Why Saks Fifth Avenue Is A Great Fancy Business Name
Saks Fifth Avenue proves that you don’t necessarily need to get too complicated when naming your fancy business. Location and surname-based business names can work well, especially if your fancy business is situated in a prime location.

How to Create Your Own Fancy Business Names

Use Sophisticated Words

If you want to make a fancy business name, you need to carefully select which words you’re going to use. Words like “Budget” and “Basic” evidently won’t work when you’re trying to give off a fancy vibe. Instead, you’ll need to focus on words that are associated with ideas of elegance, such as fine, premium, indulgence, refined, regal, royal, luxury, glamour, and so on. By using these words correctly, you can easily create an elegant and fancy image for your business.

Think Outside the Box.

When coming up with fancy business name ideas, you also should not be afraid to think a little differently and use your imagination. When we look at real-world fancy businesses, we can see that many of them have used totally different naming strategies. Some are simply named after their founders, others are named after locations, and others are named using singular, powerful words. There are lots of options here, so don’t feel like you need to limit yourself in any way.

Think Outside the Box!

Non-English Words Can Be Effective

The English language is filled with wonderful words that can be used to make elegant and enticing business names. However, it’s not the only language out there. There are plenty of other languages you can borrow words from in order to give your company an exotic aspect and a fancy name. Words like “Maison” and “Atelier” from French or “Bella” and “Amore” from Italian are just a couple of examples of this.

Check Before You Make it Official

Think you’ve found the perfect fancy name for your new business? Well, before you make it official, you need to check that it hasn’t already been taken by another brand. To do this, you can simply Google the name and look through the first couple of pages of results. If anyone else has claimed the name, you’ll probably be able to spot them straight away. You can also look on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to find out if your chosen name is still available.

Use the BizNameWiz Fancy Brand Name Generator

If you need any extra assistance in making fancy business name ideas, give our fancy business name generator a try. The BizNameWiz fancy business name generator is an easy-to-use tool that can save you tons of time and create hundreds of super fancy business names for you in a matter of seconds. To use the fancy business name generator, simply think of a word associated with your business or a fancy word you love the sound of and type it in. Then click Generate.


Fancy names are ideal for businesses selling fancy products or offering fancy services, and they can work well in all sorts of industries, from restaurants and hair salons to fashion stores and perfume brands. Whatever kind of company you’re setting up, we hope that this guide has helped you find some tips, tricks, and techniques for making fancy names. And if you’re running short of ideas, remember to use the BizNameWiz fancy business name generator any time at all to generate hundreds of ideas in an instant.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are lots of methods you can use to make fancy business names. A good way to get started is to list as many elegant and fancy-sounding words as you can think of and try to make names from them. You can also borrow beautiful words from other languages or even take inspiration from your own surname or local location names.

There are plenty of examples of great fancy business names from the real world, including iconic luxury brands like Gucci and Chanel, as well as fancy business names from the worlds of travel, food, and more, such as Saga, Globe-Trotter, and Vestiare Collective.

The fancy business name generator is really easy to use. You just have to type one or more words into the box provided and then click the Generate button. Then, the fancy business name generator will automatically provide you with a long list of name ideas.
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