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Best Festival Business Name Ideas

The events business industry is one of the largest and most profitable industries worldwide. One of the most popular niches in the events industry is the festival business industry. Many people love going to one event to see as much entertainment as possible.

However, the competition is tough, so naming a festival business can be challenging. So we use our festival business name generator to help you create some brilliant festival business name ideas.

Best One-word Festival Business Name Ideas

With the steep competition in the industry, you want your festival business name to stand out from the others. One-word festival business names are an excellent way to do this because they are short, sharp, and memorable.

If you need help finding some excellent one-word festival business name ideas, we typed some festival keywords (festival, events, fest, dance, etc.)  in our festival business name generator. Then, we chose the one-word filter for some excellent festival business name results.

  • Festverse
  • Partyhut
  • Dancegenix
  • Zenfest
  • Festaholic
  • Festivium
  • Partyzilla
  • Eventzoid
  • Festiverse
  • Festopolis
  • Festgenics
  • Dancepad
  • Partyprism
  • Eventsdeck
  • DanceX

Tips For Making A One-word Festival Business Name

When it comes to one-word festival business name ideas, the best place to start is to get as many relevant festival keywords as possible. For a festival business, you can go with the party angle with party-related keywords or use keywords relating to music (beat, rhythm, etc.). 

If you want to get across that you are an entertainment and music festival business, you can mash two keywords from both categories together for some unique and excellent results.

Best Alliterating Festival Business Name Ideas

If you want your festival business name to be less blunt than a one-word name and more playful and fun, an alliterating name is a brilliant option. Additionally, alliteration is catchy and sounds pleasing to many people.

We typed the same keywords used for the one-word name ideas into our festival business name generator. Then we selected the rhyming filter near the search button to get some excellent festival business name ideas.

  • Fab Fest
  • Prism Party
  • Equality Events
  • Flawless Fest
  • Dance Distortion
  • Festival Freaks
  • Party Prodigy
  • Dance Dames
  • Ether Events
  • Festival Fever
  • Party Pit
  • Excellence Events
  • Party Prospect
  • Festival Fascination
  • Expanse Events

Tips For Making An Alliterating Festival Business Name

Like one-word festival business names, good alliteration names need many keywords to make (use an online dictionary for the best festival keyword results). 

Additionally, the two words you use for your festival business name need to complement each other and work together (they must make sense when put together).

Best Rock Music Festival Business Name Ideas

To show you how our festival business name generator can help create a name for a niche festival business, we’re using it to make a selection of rock music festival business name ideas. 

We typed some specific rock keywords (rock, shred, guitar, etc.)  into our festival business name generator, alongside our other festival keywords. Then, We selected multiple filters to get the most rock music festival name ideas possible.

  • Rock Revolution Festivals
  • Guitar Guerillas
  • Rocking Rumble
  • Rock Rush
  • Eco Rock
  • Rocking Patch
  • Shred Fest
  • Rock Fantasy
  • Rocking Paradise
  • Shredding Genius
  • Rocking Acts
  • Energy Shred
  • Hideout Rock
  • Rocking Eclipse
  • Twilight Shredding

Tips For Making A Rock Music Festival Business Name

Rock music has a passionate fanbase, so you must create a festival business name that clearly states that your festival business specializes in rock music events. To do this, you should also use at least one rock-related keyword in the name.

The rock music audience is generally older than other festival audiences, so you should consider that when creating rock music festival business name ideas.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Fearless Festival
  • Festival Facilitators
  • Fixed Fests
  • Fest Pros
  • Festival Victories
  • The Victory Fest
  • Success Fest
  • Success-Val Fest
  • Festival For All
  • Festival Formen
  • Oasis Makers
  • Field Fests
  • Happy Hippie
  • Fresh Fest
  • Glow Fest
  • Festival People
  • The Gathering
  • The Yearly Fest
  • By The Water
  • By The Bay
  • On The Coast
  • Beachside Fest
  • Hillside Fest
  • Up In The Hills
  • Always Festive
  • Feeling Festive
  • Festive Makers
  • Festive Mood
  • Be Our Fest
  • Best of Festive
  • Family Fest
  • Bless This Fest
  • Best Fest
  • Fun Fest
  • Festival Fun
  • Party Planners
  • Elevation
  • Nature And Music
  • Cultural Gathering
  • Across A Dozen
  • Leading Stages
  • Festival For Cure
  • Plan of Action
  • Plan on It
  • Plan of Attack

What Are The Best Real-life Festival Business Names, And Why Do They Work?

Best Real-life Festival Business Names

If you aren’t confident that your name can compete with the competition or doesn’t stand out enough, you should research the competitors’ names to see how they excel. Here are three of the best festival business names we could find.

Live Nation

How Live Nation Got Its Name

The Live Nation founders’ goal for their name was to make it sound massive and impressive. So adding ‘Nation’ to the name gives it a sense of scale, and ‘live’ informs the customers that they produce live events.

Why Does Its Name Work?

The name works because it has a massive sense of scale, suggesting that they create large and atmospheric events. It also informs the customer base that it produces live events with the first part of the name.

Festival Republic

How Festival Republic Got Its Name

Festival Republic is a successful festival business; they produced the Glastonbury Festival until Glastonbury Festival Ltd. went independent. They took a very similar naming approach to Live Nation because they went for a clear name and one that presents a sense of scale.

Why Does Its Name Work?

Festival Republic leaves no room for customer confusion by adding ‘Festival’ to the first part of the name. Additionally, ‘Republic’ lends to a sense of scale and places an image of a massive festival event in customers’ heads.

Electrifying Events

How Electrifying Events Got Its Name

Electrifying Events wanted to create a name that creates an atmosphere, hence the word ‘electrifying’. Additionally, they didn’t want to box themselves into just producing festivals, which is why they use the broader term, ‘events’.

Why Does Its Name Work?

The name works for a couple of significant reasons. First, ‘electrifying’ provides the sense of an exciting and engaging atmosphere. Secondly, it’s a clever name from a business sense because they don’t specify a specific type of event in the name, allowing them to explore multiple event avenues. Finally, it’s also a catchy name due to the alliteration.

What Are The Most Successful Festival Businesses And Why Do Their Names Work?

We displayed three fantastic actual festival business name examples and why they work. We now need to examine some of the most successful festival businesses and why their names are effective.


How Goldenvoice Got Its Name

Goldenvoice takes a different approach to the other festival businesses we’re looking at by focusing on the talent. They wanted a name that would express the quality of the acts they hire for their festivals. They also chose a one-word title to make it memorable and catchy.

Why Does Its Name Work?

The name sells the quality of the talent with the word ‘Golden’ (well-known for being a high-quality metal). It’s also very catchy due to the effective one-word name.

Glastonbury Festivals Ltd.

How Glastonbury Festivals Ltd. Got Its Name

Since Glastonbury Festivals Ltd. has taken over total production and organization for the Glastonbury Festival, they had the opportunity to change their name to make it fresh and original. Instead, however, they chose to rely on the prestige of the Glastonbury name to provide a slightly regal sense to their name.

Why Does Its Name Work?

The name works due to its simplicity and uncomplicated nature. It immediately informs festival goers what to expect from them. Additionally, it’s clever because it relies on the popularity and prestige of the Glastonbury name.


How Livestyle Got Its Name

The name ‘Livestyle’ covers a lot of different elements. First, the founders designed the name to inform their audience that they do live events. Additionally, they wanted to attract people who go to festivals often, so they made the name a play on the word ‘lifestyle’.

Why Does Its Name Work?

Livestyle is a successful festival business with one of the most intelligent and effective names because it conveys what it does clearly and attracts a specific audience. The play on the word ‘lifestyle’ is clever because it’s immediately appealing to the desired audience. It’s also straightforward to remember and is catchy due to the one-word name.

What Elements Must You Think About When Creating A Festival Business Brand?

Creating a brand for a festival business can be challenging if you don’t care for every necessary element. So here are some excellent tips and tricks to consider when branding a festival business.

Tip 1: Use A Music Genre As Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

There are numerous festival businesses organizing some of the most popular festivals worldwide. Therefore, if you want to make a statement in the festival industry, you have to find an element that makes your festival business stand out.

Choose a specific genre!

An excellent place to start is to choose a specific genre of a music festival to produce and organize. For example, you could make festivals that solely show rock music. There are numerous music genres and subgenres to pick, so there are plenty of opportunities.

Tip 2: Choose Your Festival Experience Focus (Atmosphere, Talent, etc.)

You can also choose a focus for the experience you want to provide. For example, many festival businesses get across their exciting atmosphere in their branding (Electrifying Events, for example). However, Goldenvoice offers an alternative by focusing on the music and talent on display as well as the atmosphere.

Tip 3: Cater Your Branding To Your Chosen Audience

When you choose your USP, your target audience likely comes with that.

Younger audiences are the primary demographic for festivals, so you should market towards them if you want to make a large-scale festival business. You’ll need memorable festival names and logos and an exciting and overstated atmosphere. 

However, some genres of music catering to a more niche audience. For example, rock music generally targets an older audience, so you need to create your brand with them in mind. Ideally, you should focus on the music and not make the production or the branding too overbearing. It would also help to clarify to your audience what the festival genre is to avoid confusion.

Tip 4: Consider The Locations

A big decision to make for your festival business is to choose where to hold your festivals. 

You can choose to do festivals in multiple countries if your business and branding cater to a broad audience. Or, you can focus on a specific location. For example, the United Kingdom has one of the largest and most dedicated festival audiences worldwide, so creating a festival business there would make sense.

Tip 5: Design Your Festival Business Brand Keeping Simplicity And Your Customer Base In Mind

Now you know what you want your festival business to be, you need to design your brand. You must keep multiple elements in mind, including a name, logo, website design, and festival production. 

Your name and logo need to relay your USP and mission statement to your customer base while being memorable and playful (if you’re branding towards a young audience). The name and logo also need to synergize and make sense when put together. Use our festival business name generator if you want some help creating excellent festival business name ideas.

Design your brand!

Your website and festival production design should also complement your branding for your name and logo. They need to have the same color palette and provide the atmosphere that your name and logo promise.

Now you have some top tips; you should be able to make a start on a brilliant festival business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Creating a festival business name can be challenging, but you can help yourself by completing the rest of your branding first (logo, website design, etc.). By doing this, you’ll be able to apply your USP and desired atmosphere to your name.

If you need further help creating unique festival business name ideas, you can use our festival business name generator.

The process for naming a festival event is similar to naming your festival business; you need to create a memorable name that appeals to your chosen audience. While you don’t have to name the event the same as your festival business, it needs to be in keeping with your business brand.

You can also use our festival business name generator to find festival event names.

The global festival industry is worth over $20 billion, making it one of the most significant events industries worldwide. It’s massive because it has an enormous customer base and, more importantly, a consistent customer base. After all, they mainly cater to younger people.

The success of the festival industry will continue to depend on the interest of the customer base, so they need the best acts possible.
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