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The Best Insurance Business Names

In the insurance industry, it helps to have a great business name in order to attract attention and help your brand stand out from the crowd. The right insurance company names can make all the difference in terms of gaining customers and building a brand.

If you’re looking for insurance agency name ideas, you can use the BizNameWiz insurance company names generator. This simple, free-to-use tool can provide you with thousands of insurance company name ideas in a matter of seconds.
The guide below will also feature some of our favorite insurance company name ideas. We’ll look at different types of insurance name ideas, as well as analyze some real-world insurance company names and see why they work so well.

15 Catchy Insurance Company Name Ideas with Powerful Keywords

Make use of powerful keywords!

A good way to create insurance agency name ideas that really stand out and demand attention is to make use of powerful keywords. These words instantly give your name a sense of authority and professionalism. Here are some examples.

  • Rock Solid Insurance 
  • Reliable Protection 
  • Diamond Coverage 
  • Value Insurance 
  • Flexible Medsurance 
  • Guardian Insurance 
  • Protector Insurance 
  • Trust Insured 
  • Secure Coverage 
  • Maximum Protection 
  • Optimal Coverage 
  • Platinum Insurance 
  • Fast Response Insurance
  • 100% Coverage 
  • All Angles Insurance

Tips for Creating Catchy Insurance Company Name Ideas with Powerful Keywords

If you’re looking to make some insurance company name ideas, try to think of powerful, emotive words that are associated with strength, solidity, and reliability. Words like solid, diamond, reliable, guardian, and protector all help to give the impression that your insurance company is ready to offer maximum protection for every customer, with no compromises whatsoever.

15 Insurance Company Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

Another good method for creating catchy insurance company name ideas is to make use of alliteration or rhyming. When you use words that sound similar, you can create insurance company names that are more memorable and attractive in the eyes of your customers.

  • The Policy People 
  • Policy Protectors 
  • Ironclad Insurance 
  • Class Coverage 
  • Premium Protection 
  • Ion Insurance 
  • Assurance Insurance  
  • Progressive Protection
  • Marvel Medical
  • Awesome Auto Coverage
  • Pure Protection
  • Platinum Protection
  • Capable Coverage
  • Able Auto Insurance 
  • Mighty Medsurance

Tips for Creating Insurance Company Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

If you’d like to make insurance name ideas featuring rhyming words or alliteration, try to first think of some keywords that summarize what your business is all about. Think of words that express your values, products, and services, and then try to find adjectives or action words that rhyme or sound similar to the words you’ve chosen. You can then build insurance agency name ideas with the words you’ve found.

15 One-Word Insurance Company Names

Many modern insurance companies have one-word names, and there are a lot of advantages in choosing a single word as your company name. Firstly, one-word names are easier to remember, since they’re so short. And they’re also well-suited for branding and marketing purposes. Here are some single-word insurance name ideas.

  • MyNational 
  • Insurify 
  • OneFuture 
  • Ironsurance 
  • AssurInsurance 
  • Financia 
  • Insurigo
  • Safebank 
  • Safesurance 
  • OneSafe 
  • Trustora 
  • Platinsurance 
  • Sureance
  • BetterFund 
  • CompleteCare

Tips for Creating One-Word Company Insurance Names

When it comes to one-word insurance company name ideas, you need to make sure that the word you choose is powerful, informative, and engaging. Don’t make the mistake of using a word that is too vague or confusing, as people won’t understand what your brand is about. Try to include elements from other words, like safe, trust, or coverage, to give people a clear message about your company, and consider using popular suffixes like -ily, -ify, and -ly.

Choose powerful, informative, 
and engaging word!

Some name ideas for you:

  • InsuredTrust
  • Total Protective
  • Cert Insurance
  • InnoHealth care
  • Fit Insurance
  • Elder’s Matter
  • Eternal Health
  • SecureFox
  • Trustsurance
  • Ability Insurance
  • Pillars Insurance
  • Milestone Partners
  • Servo Life
  • EnsureMania
  • Evolve Insurance
  • Silver Insurance
  • Arvo Insurance
  • Acme Insurance
  • Ion Insurance
  • Classic Insurance
  • Quality Insurance
  • Five Star Insurance
  • Abc Insurance
  • Financial Solutions
  • Finance Gurus
  • Paysura
  • Fundora
  • Insuror
  • Banklio
  • BetterFund
  • Sureance
  • Ance
  • iFinance
  • Finacial Backing
  • Finance Centre
  • In Your hands
  • Financor
  • Safebank
  • InsuriSafe
  • InsuraBank
  • High Finance
  • PublicFirst
  • SecuraMoney
  • Financia
  • InBanking

The Best Real-World Insurance Company Names

Another smart and simple way to find some insurance company name ideas is to look into the real world at existing businesses. You can evaluate their naming strategies and try to find naming trends that you can take inspiration from. Here are some great real-world insurance name ideas to be inspired by.


How Progressive Got Its Name
Progressive is the name of a leading American insurance company, offering home, life, pet, and auto insurance. The brand’s name was chosen to show its progressive philosophy and approach to investment policies.

Why Progressive Is A Great Insurance Business Name
Progressive works well as an insurance company name and a business name in general, and it’s a great example of a one-word insurance company name that uses a powerful, emotive word to elicit positive responses from its audience. When people hear the word “progressive”, they think of things like progress, moving forward, and getting ahead of the game, so they instantly have positive associations with this brand.

American Family Insurance

How American Family Insurance Got Its Name
American Family Insurance is a property and auto insurance company that offers a range of insurance products to customers across America.

Why American Family Insurance Is A Great Insurance Business Name
American Family Insurance works well for several reasons. Firstly, the use of the word American will appeal to people who tend to buy from American brands and trust American companies the most, as well as those who are patriotic. The word “Family” is also very effective, making people think about the importance of protecting their families, while also suggesting that the company and its customers are all part of the same family.


How Prudential Got Its Name
Prudential is a British insurance company. Its name was chosen to reflect the importance of being prudent and protecting oneself against possible events in the future.

Why Prudential Is A Great Insurance Business Name
Prudential is another example of a one-word insurance business name that works really well. The word itself is very effective at making people think about the future and consider various possibilities. So, in a way, the business’ name actually makes people think about insurance and become more likely to buy policies and protect themselves.

Most Successful Insurance Company Names


How Allianz Got Its Name
Allianz is one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, based in Germany. The name translates to “Alliance” in English.

Why Allianz Is A Great Insurance Business Name
Allianz is yet another example of a short, memorable, one-word insurance company name. It’s great for marketing purposes, thanks to the fact that it’s so short, and even though it’s a German word, it’s quite easy to understand what it means in English and other languages too, giving this company global appeal.


How MetLife Got Its Name
MetLife is an American insurance brand. The name is short for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Why MetLife Is A Great Insurance Business Name
MetLife is a great example of how long business names can be shortened to become more user-friendly and easy to remember. If the company retained its full-length name, it wouldn’t have the same appeal. But by shortening it down to a one-word name, it’s far simpler to understand and engage with.


How Geico Got Its Name
Geico is a major American auto insurance company. Its name is actually an acronym and stands for Government Employees Insurance Company.

Why Geico Is A Great Insurance Business Name
Geico shows us that even if you choose a long name for your insurance business, you can shorten it down into one word by using an acronym. So, if you want to use a long name, try to think about the acronym and create one which is fun to say out loud and easy to remember, just like Geico.

Tips for Creating Your Own Insurance Business Name

Build Names Around Your Brand’s Best Asset

A great tip to keep in mind when thinking of insurance agency name ideas is to focus on your brand’s biggest asset or a most special selling point and then build names around that particular feature. For example, if your company offers the most flexible, customizable policies and plans, try to incorporate words like flex and custom into your name. Or, if you feel that your company offers the best value for money, use words like value, fair, and price in your name to get that point across. This will help to make your name more informative and effective at telling people what your brand is all about.

Build Names Around Your Brand's Best Asset!

Think About the Future

Often, insurance companies start off specializing in one particular type of insurance, like auto insurance, life insurance, or homeowner’s insurance, but may change over time and start offering additional products. This is a common trend in the insurance industry and many of the biggest brands have altered and expanded their product range over the years. So make sure to think carefully about the future of your brand and don’t pick a name that could be too restrictive or vague. You might specialize in auto insurance right now, but maybe you’ll also offer home or pet insurance in the future, so a name with “Auto” or “Car” in it might not be the best choice.

Consider One-Word Names and Acronyms

As we’ve seen when looking at some of the best real-world insurance name ideas, a lot of the biggest and best insurance companies make use of one-word names or acronyms as their names. Why do they do this? Well, surveys have shown that people find it much easier to remember one-word names, which can help in terms of getting referrals and attracting people to find out more about your brand. One-word insurance name ideas and acronyms can also be very useful for marketing, as companies like Geico and MetLife have shown.

Check Availability

Once you’ve thought of some insurance name ideas and decided on one that you would like to use for your brand, it’s important to actually ensure that the name you want to use is available. After all, there are many insurance companies out there, and it is possible that the name you want to use might already have been taken by someone else. So take a moment to do some research online and see whether or not your chosen name is available. Check website domain names and social media accounts for your name too, as you’ll need to claim those and use them to build your online presence.

Use the BizNameWiz Insurance Company Name Ideas Generator

If you’re struggling to think of insurance agency name ideas, the BizNameWiz insurance name ideas generator is the perfect tool to use. It makes it super simple to find lots of insurance company names in a matter of minutes. Plus, it’s free! So there’s no risk or commitment, and no harm in giving it a try. To use our names generator, all you have to do is type one or more words into the box provided and then press Generate. The generator will use the words you entered to create hundreds of potential names for your insurance agency.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many ways in which you can come up with a good name for an insurance business. A good way to start is to think of a list of keywords and phrases that are connected with your brand and try to think of some big selling points about your business. Then, build names with the words you wrote down, or use the BizNameWiz generator to get lots of ideas right away.

There's no right or wrong way to name an insurance company, but in general, it's a good idea to use relevant keywords and phrases that are connected with the insurance industry and give people a good impression of your brand. Words like solid, strong, total, maximum, reliable, dependable, and value can all be very useful for insurance agency names.

Yes, the BizNameWiz insurance company name generator is completely free to use. It's also very simple and straightforward. Just think of some words connected to your business, type them into the box provided, and press the Generate button.




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