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The Best Flooring Business Names 

Flooring is an essential part of any building, and it comes in various forms, from budget-friendly vinyl floors to fancy stone and hardwood floors, too. Various companies are also involved in the flooring industry, from flooring manufacturers to retailers to the people who install new floors and fix old ones.

There are therefore plenty of different ways for you to break into the flooring industry, but no matter which path you choose, you’ll have to ensure that you have a great name for your new brand. BizNameWiz is here to help you find that perfect name.

You can use our flooring business name generator to get started; it can make hundreds of super flooring business names for your new company. Plus, in the guide below, we’ll list flooring business name ideas and look at methods you can use to make your own flooring business names, too.

15 Great Flooring Business Name Ideas for Flooring Manufacturers and Brands 

One of the best ways to break into the flooring industry is to actually make your own flooring. You could specialize in vinyl flooring tiles and planks with different designs and styles, for example, or you might want to focus on beautiful hardwood floors. Either way, here are some super flooring business name ideas to start off with.

  1. Century Floors   
  2. Envy Flooring   
  3. Vogue Flooring    
  4. Apex Floors    
  5. Hardwood Masters   
  6. Easy Underfoot   
  7. Hard-Wearing Hardwoods    
  8. Tough Floors    
  9. Built to Last Floors   
  10. Peerless Flooring   
  11. Breathtaking Floors       
  12. Walk of Life   
  13. The Next Step   
  14. Against the Grain   
  15. Blank Canvas  

Tips for Creating Great Flooring Business Name Ideas for Flooring Manufacturers and Brands

There are lots of different methods you can use to make flooring business name ideas for flooring brands. If you specialize in a particular kind of floor, like vinyl or hardwood, for example, you may want to highlight this fact in your brand name. You could also try finding a powerful, attention-grabbing word like peerless, apex, or vogue to get attention and build up your brand’s image. Or, you could opt for more of an arty name, using phrases like “Walk of Life” or “Next Step” that have more of a subtle association with floors.

15 Attention-Grabbing Flooring Business Names for Flooring Stores

Another way to enter the flooring industry is by setting up a flooring store or retail company that specializes in flooring products. However, this can be quite a competitive industry, so having the right name is particularly important. Here are some flooring business name ideas for floor stores.

  1. All Floors  
  2. Floor Central   
  3. The Floor House  
  4. Floor Palace   
  5. Residence Flooring Specialists 
  6. ResiComm Floors   
  7. Commercial Flooring Co.    
  8. Elite Flooring   
  9. Best Value Floors   
  10. The Flooring People   
  11. Final Flooring   
  12. The Flooring Warehouse    
  13. Hardwood Haven   
  14. Latest Trend Flooring   
  15. The Floor Friends

Tips for Creating Attention-Grabbing Flooring Business Names for Flooring Stores

When it comes to creating flooring business names for flooring shops, it’s best to be direct and use as much floor-related language as possible in order to quickly and clearly tell people what kind of business you’re running and what kinds of products you have to offer. Using keywords like floor, hardwood, tile, and residential can also be a great way to help with your company’s SEO and get more visitors to your website. 

15 Catchy Flooring Business Name Ideas for Flooring Installers and Repair Companies

You could also choose to create your own flooring installation and repair company. This way, you get to work with flooring on a daily basis but don’t have to worry about the costs of creating or buying flooring products in the first place. Here are some catchy flooring business name ideas for installation and repair companies.

  1. The Floor Pros     
  2. Floor Fixers   
  3. Rapid Floor Installations   
  4. Speedy Floor Service    
  5. We Fix Floors   
  6. First Come Floors   
  7. First Class Floors   
  8. All-Floor Fixing   
  9. Your Floor Fixed 
  10. Rapid Repairs 
  11. Floor Problem Solvers 
  12. Floor Solutions 
  13. Flooring Revitalized  
  14. Back to Life Flooring  
  15. Flawless Floor Repairs

Tips for Creating Catchy Flooring Business Name Ideas for Flooring Installers and Repair Companies

If you’re setting up a floor repair company, it’s best to focus on relevant keywords. When people need floor repairs or installations, they’ll usually head online and type in keywords like “floor repair” or “fix my floor”. If your brand includes some of these words in its name, you’ll automatically give yourself a head start ahead of the competition. Use our floor business name generator to create many more ideas to inspire you.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Well Floored
  • Glamour Floors
  • Well Footed
  • Perfect Pathways
  • Hardwood Helpers
  • Floored By Design
  • Fantastic Flooring
  • Strong Footing
  • Footed Floors
  • Fab Floors
  • Flooring Unlimited
  • Focused Flooring
  • Oak Flooring
  • Carpet Lovers
  • Creative Carpet
  • Abc Flooring
  • Aaa Flooring
  • Bayside Flooring
  • Sunny Day Flooring
  • Flooring World
  • Flooring Friends
  • Fancy Flooring
  • En Vogue Flooring
  • In Style Flooring
  • Floor Basixs
  • The Right Effect
  • DeFloor
  • Stable Flooring
  • Crazy dot floors
  • ArdorTree Floor
  • GripZip Flooring
  • Ernest Floors
  • GiftWing Flooring
  • Total plus floors
  • Great Fusion
  • Floorable Floors
  • Zion Floors
  • Zeal Floors
  • Marvel Floors
  • Bold Tiles
  • Polished Stones
  • Flawless Floors
  • Tinted Stones
  • Stones & Mables
  • Stonegraph

The Best Real-World Flooring Business Names

Best Real-World Flooring Business Names

There are plenty of great flooring business names that are already in use by existing brands. It can be helpful to take a closer look at some of these names and analyze them to figure out why they were selected in the first place and what lessons you can take from them to help name your own flooring brand or business.

Floor & Decor

How Floor & Decor Got Its Name

Floor & Decor is the name of a successful flooring retailer based in the US. This company offers both in-store and online sales of flooring materials and floor installation accessories for both professionals and general use.    

Why Floor & Decor Is A Great Flooring Business Name 

Floor & Decor is a super flooring business name for two key reasons. Firstly, it rhymes, which helps to make it extra memorable and pleasant to say out loud. Secondly, it includes two great keywords, which help the brand in terms of marketing and SEO.

Paradiso Flooring

How Paradiso Flooring Got Its Name

Paradiso Flooring is the name of one of the best floor brands in the luxury flooring space, specializing in high-end vinyl, hardwood, carpets, and other flooring types. The brand’s name uses the Italian word “Paradiso”, which means paradise.   

Why Paradiso Flooring Is A Great Flooring Business Name

Using words from other languages apart from English can be a great way to make your brand sound more exciting and exotic, and it works very well for Paradiso Flooring. This name also strongly evokes positive ideas of premium quality and heavenly floors.


How AquaGuard Got Its Name

AquaGuard is a flooring brand name used for special laminate flooring that is highly durable and resistant to water, stains, and spillages. The brand’s name was chosen to highlight its effectiveness in dealing with water.   

Why AquaGuard Is A Great Flooring Business Name

AquaGuard is a really effective and interesting flooring business name that does a great job of telling people about the brand’s products. As soon as we hear the name AquaGuard, we start to understand that this floor is strong, durable, and water-resistant, making it a good choice for bathrooms and family homes.

Most Successful Flooring Names

Most Successful Flooring Names

Carpet One

How Carpet One Got Its Name 

Carpet One is the name of one of the leading carpet and flooring retailers in the US, with many locations all over the country.    

Why Carpet One Is A Great Flooring Business Name

Carpet One is a powerful and bold flooring business name that works really well for a carpet retailer. It clearly tells us what the brand specializes in, using the word “One” to suggest that this is the No. 1 source for all your carpet needs.

Flooring Market

How Flooring Market Got Its Name

Flooring Market is one of the most-visited online flooring stores, selling a huge range of vinyl, laminate, and hardwood floors at wholesale prices.   

Why Flooring Market Is A Great Flooring Business Name

Flooring Market is one of the simplest names on this list, but it’s perfect for an online flooring store, as it grabs people’s attention and clearly tells them what the store sells. This shows how important it can be to have a direct and honest name when setting up a retail flooring business.

Doma Flooring

How Doma Flooring Got Its Name

Doma Flooring is the name of a leading flooring brand that specializes in fancy and stylish flooring solutions made of different materials, such as vinyl and laminate. The brand’s name makes use of the word “Doma”, which is the Latin word for home.

Why Doma Flooring Is A Great Flooring Business Name

Using Latin words can also be a super way to give your brand an elegant edge and a unique vibe, which is exactly the case with Doma Flooring. This name is classy, out-of-the-ordinary, and relatively easy to remember for everyone.

Tips for Creating Your Own Flooring Business Name

Identify Your Audience

Before you start using our flooring business name generator or brainstorming your own flooring business name ideas, it’s a good idea to finalize the fundamentals of your business and think about who your audience is going to be. Are you aiming toward families? Will you specialize in commercial flooring? Are you going to focus on quality and refinement or more on value and budget-friendly flooring options? Once you figure out who you’re selling to and what your brand’s best feature is, you’ll be able to create the best and most relevant flooring business names.

Highlight Your Advantages

In the modern world, there are tons of flooring brands, floor repair companies, and floor retail stores, too. People have lots of different options to choose from when shopping for flooring or looking for floor-related services, so you’ve got to give them a reason to pick your company over all the others. Try to think about your best feature, which might be your friendly service, low prices, or a wide range of products, and then highlight it somehow in your name with appropriate adjectives and keywords.

Think Creatively 

This tip is for people setting up a new floor brand, in particular. As brands like Paradiso and Doma show, it helps to have a creative and out-of-the-box name in this industry, so don’t be afraid to think differently. Try to avoid names that sound dull or vague, and instead focus on names that have some character and personality. In addition, try to make use of words that other brands aren’t already using in order to help your company stand out.

Consider Non-English Names

Brands like Paradiso and Doma also show that it can be worth experimenting with words that aren’t English when using our flooring business name generator or creating your own flooring business name ideas. Non-English words can add an exotic or alluring touch to your flooring business names, especially if you’re setting up a fancy new flooring store or brand and want to sound particularly smart and sophisticated.

Use the Flooring Business Name Generator 

The BizNameWiz flooring business name generator can quickly become your new best friend during the naming process for your new company. It’s able to create hundreds or even thousands of amazing and creative flooring business names at the push of a button. What’s more, our flooring business name generator is 100% free to use, too! How to use it? Just type a word into the box provided at the top of this page and then click on Generate to make the magic happen. 


So, if you’re setting up a brand new flooring brand, retailer, or repair company, we hope that this guide has given you some great ideas to choose from and some super inspiration to help you create your own amazing name! Don’t forget to use the flooring business name generator to save time, too.

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