Gelato Shop Names

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Naming your Gelato Shop

We asked four of our branding experts to come up with ideas for Gelato Shop names. You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Gelato Shop name generator to help find more ideas. You can read user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page.

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Craig

Mo’ Gelato

Oh Gelato

Splendid Gelato

Original Gelato

Sweet Treat

Italian Treat

Molto Gelato

Milk And Sugar

Sweet Milk Gelato

Ciao Bella!

Ciao Gelato

Art Of Gelato

Frozen Favorites

Frozen Favorito

Bene Gelato

Delizioso Gelato

Dolce Gelato

Buono Gelato

Fresco Gelato

Bello Gelato

Creamy Dream

Sweet Cream Gelato

Sweet Cream Dream

Gelato Goddess

Dessert First

Golden Gelato

Gelato Glow

Go Go Gelato

Cups And Cones

Italian Imports

Italy’S Treat

Italian Delight

Italian Indulgence

Indulgent Italian

Indulge In Italy

Dessert In Italy

Imported Indulgence

Italian Ice Cream

Gelato For Two

Gelato Row

The Gelato Stop

Buona Gelateria

Gelato Market

Gelato Mercado

Gelato Corner

Gelato Scoops

Serious Scoops

Flavors Gelato

Gelato Sno

Fresh Snow Gelato

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Kate

The Perfect Scoop


Creamy Creative

The Creamy Collective

The Corner Creamery

Mr. Happy’S Gelato

Yum Yum Gelato Shop

The Gelateria

Green Goddess Gelato

The Italian Way

Sugary Sweet Gelato

Homemade Gelato Co.

The Daily Gelato

The Art Of Gelato

The Art Of The Scoop

The Last Scoop

The Greatest Gelato

The Gelato Man

Down Home Gelato

Your Local Gelato

Frozen Frenzy

Sweat Treat Gelato

Fresh From Italy

The Master Scoop

The Gelato Maestro

Masters Of Gelato

The Gelato Gurus

The Gelato Gang

Boutique Gelato

Swirl Gelato

One More Scoop Gelato

Fresh From The Freezer

Premium Quality Gelato

Glacier Gelato

Clear Water Gelato

Farm Fresh Gelato

Authentic Gelato

The Gelato Experience

Sweet Cream Gelato

The Gelato Guys

The Gelato Gurus

The Gelato Shoppe

Downtown Gelato

The Gelato King

Spotlight Gelato

The Magic Gelato Place

Gelato Palace

Gelato Dreams

Moonlight Gelato

Moon Song Gelato

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BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Marcus

Gel Zato

Gelly Belly

Frozen Feast

Cold Cones

Fresh Ice




The Arctic Circle

Numb & Number

Cool Confections

Frosty Cups

The Icebox

Below Zero

Snow Jones

Polar Paws


The Glacier

Iced Pyramids

The Fro Zone

Nice & Icy

Barefoot Gelato

Gelato Ristorante

The Gelato Caffe


Ginger Gelato

Churned Up


Glace House


Cone It

Gelare Gelato

Dished Up

Sweet Licks

Express Gelato

Just Like Italy

Gelato Pops



Gates of Gelato


The Icy Pineapple

Frozen Ambrosia

In Custardy

Made for Delight

The Artic Italian

One Cold Day

Cool Culture


Frosty Feast

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Sandra

Frozenbliss Creamery


New Flavour Gelato

Just Iced Gelati

Freeze Yum

Gelato Touch Up

Fog Gleamery

Flavour Of Ice

Frosty Dots

Your Flavorite


Frozen Dessert

Icing Frost

Custom Creams

Street Creams

Magik Ice

Tasty Cream

Cream Choice

Creamery Love

Cool Frosty

Ice Time Treat

Crackling Ice

Cool Nom

Shymmer Gelatos

Silky Milk

Gelato Explosion

The Icebar

Ice Villa

Melt Frozen

Sweet Reward

Stone Ice Gelato

Sweet Berry Gelati

Cold Fusion

Creamy Bite Gelatos

The Gelato Place

Gelato Italiano

Supercool Stirs

Milk ‘N Munch


Gelators Hub


Cream Inn Gelati


Gelato Gulp Glides

Cream Stop Gelato

Gelation Crest


Iced Gelati Outlets

Gelato Delights

Gelatric Shops

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