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The Best Gelato Business Names

Gelato is one of the world’s most flavorful treats. Originating in Italian but popular all over the globe, this frozen sweet treat is super in summer and equally enjoyable at other times of the year, and you can share your love of gelato with the world by starting your very own gelato shop.

Setting up a gelato shop can be a fun and rewarding experience, but in order to get off to the best start, you’ll need to pick a perfect name. The BizNameWiz gelato shop business name generator can help with that, as it can make hundreds of gelato shop name ideas in seconds!

In the guide below, we’ll also look at many other methods you can use to make gelato shop name ideas, as well as listing some of our favorite gelato shop names. We’ll also analyze some real-world gelato shop names and provide some tips and tricks you won’t want to miss.

15 Tasty-Sounding Gelato Shop Name Ideas

One of the best ways to make people interested in your gelato shop is to pick a name that gets them hungry for the sweet treats you have to offer. With that in mind, here are some super gelato shop name ideas that are all about taste and flavor.

  • Delicious Gelato 
  • Mouth-Watering Gelato 
  • Delish Gelato 
  • Gustoso Gelato   
  • Delizioso Gelato   
  • Unbeatable Gelato 
  • Sweet & Frosty 
  • Too Good Gelato   
  • Frozen Treats   
  • Creamy Gelato   
  • Yum Gelato
  • Scrumptious Gelato
  • Gelato Indulgence   
  • Decadent Gelato   
  • Gorgeous Gelato

Tips for Creating Tasty-Sounding Gelato Shop Name Ideas

If you’d like to create gelato shop names that make people hungry for gelato, try to focus on positive adjectives connected with food, like tasty, delicious, and yummy. You can also use words that remind people of what it’s like to enjoy a freshly-prepared gelato, such as frosty, sweet, creamy, and flavorful. Try entering some of these words into our gelato shop name generator to get hundreds more name ideas.

15 Fun Gelato Shop Names

Think of names that are fun and filled with personality!

Another great way to help your gelato shop stand out and succeed is to think of gelato shop name ideas that are fun and filled with personality. These kinds of names are great for grabbing the attention of passers-by, making them smile, and encouraging them to step inside and give your store’s gelato a try. 

  • Rainbow Gelato   
  • Go Go Gelato   
  • Wow Gelato   
  • Oh My Gelato     
  • Gelat-Oh!   
  • So Good Gelato   
  • Sunshine Gelato     
  • The Happy Gelato Co.    
  • Frozen Frenzy    
  • Gelato Gurus    
  • Jealousy Gelato   
  • Gelly Belly   
  • Frosty Feast   
  • Numb & Number
  • Nice Ice Baby 

Tips for Creating Fun Gelato Shop Names

There are lots of ways you can create gelato shop names that are fun and appealing. You could try and make a joke-style name that is designed to make people laugh by using wordplay or puns, such as Nice Ice Baby or Numb & Number. Or you could opt for a friendly-sounding name like The Happy Gelato Co. to show that your store is a great place to be. Use our gelato shop name generator if you’re looking for even more great ideas.

15 Traditional and Timeless Gelato Shop Name Ideas

Gelato shops have actually been around for hundreds of years, and the art of making gelato is a long-running tradition. So, if you want to pay homage to the roots of this fantastic sweet treat, you could also opt for a simple, traditional name that will stand the test of time. Here are some timeless gelato shop name ideas to consider.

  • The Art of Gelato  
  • Original Gelato   
  • Authentic Gelato   
  • The Frosty Scoop   
  • The Final Scoop   
  • Swirl Gelato   
  • Flavor Haven Gelato   
  • Frozen Favorites   
  • Ciao Gelato    
  • Sweet Dreams Gelato   
  • Sunny Day Gelato  
  • Italian Imports   
  • The Gelateria    
  • The Scoop N Cone      
  • The Italian Way

Tips for Creating Traditional and Timeless Gelato Shop Name Ideas

If you want to pick a traditional and timeless gelato shop name, try to use simple terms and keywords that are connected with gelato, like ice, Italian, frozen, scoop, and cone. Don’t try to complicate things too much, and take a look at some other local gelato stores near you to get some ideas and inspiration. Or make use of our gelato shop name generator to help out even more.

Use simple terms and keywords!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Mo’ Gelato
  • Oh Gelato
  • Splendid Gelato
  • Original Gelato
  • Sweet Treat
  • Italian Treat
  • Molto Gelato
  • Milk And Sugar
  • Sweet Milk Gelato
  • Ciao Bella!
  • Ciao Gelato
  • Art Of Gelato
  • Frozen Favorites
  • Frozen Favorito
  • Bene Gelato
  • Gelly Belly
  • Frozen Feast
  • Cold Cones
  • Fresh Ice
  • Scoops
  • Chillax
  • DeeLatoLicious
  • The Arctic Circle
  • Numb & Number
  • Cool Confections
  • Frosty Cups
  • The Icebox
  • Below Zero
  • Snow Jones
  • The Fro Zone
  • Just Iced Gelati
  • Freeze Yum
  • Gelato Touch Up
  • Fog Gleamery
  • Flavour Of Ice
  • Frosty Dots
  • Your Flavorite
  • Gelatourists
  • Frozen Dessert
  • Icing Frost
  • Custom Creams
  • Street Creams
  • Magik Ice
  • Tasty Cream
  • Cream Choice

The Best Real-World Gelato Shop Names

Best Real-World Gelato Shop Names

Now, let’s take a look at some real-world gelato shop names and think about why they were chosen, what sorts of reactions they provoke, and how they work to attract paying customers. By analyzing real gelato shop names in this way, you might be able to get some ideas and insight to help in naming your own store. 


How Snowflake Got Its Name

Snowflake is a gelato parlor based in the Soho area of London in the UK. This gelato location has won awards for its quality and offers 50+ flavors. Its name reminds us of both ice and beauty.   

Why Snowflake Is A Great Gelato Business Name

Snowflake is a super name for a gelato shop. It’s very simple and easy to remember, since it consists of just one word, and it evokes various positive feelings and reactions when we hear it.


How Lick Got Its Name

Lick is the name of a popular gelato shop based in Northern Ireland. Its name is simply taken from the way in which people consume and enjoy gelato.

Why Lick Is A Great Gelato Business Name

Just like Snowflake, Lick is another minimalistic yet highly effective gelato shop name. It’s made up just four letters, making it super simple and easy to remember, but also highly evocative, perfect for getting people in the mood for a cool cone of gelato.

Death in Venice   

How Death in Venice Got Its Name 

Death in Venice is the name of one of Canada’s favorite gelato shops. It’s based in Toronto and is named after a classic Italian film of the same name.   

Why Death in Venice Is A Great Gelato Business Name

Using pop culture references in your gelato shop name ideas can be a great way to connect with your audience and demonstrate some character and personality, and Death in Venice is a super example of that. It’s a great name for evoking associations with Italy, and it also works well from a marketing standpoint, suggesting that this shop’s gelato is “to die for”.

Most Successful Gelato Business Names

Most Successful Gelato Business Names


How Gelupo Got Its Name

Gelupo is a gelato shop that was established in London in 2010. It’s a partner shop to the Bocca di Lupo Italian restaurant nearby, so its name makes use of the same “Lupo” (which means “wolf”) word as the restaurant to retain the same branding in both locations.   

Why Gelupo Is A Great Gelato Business Name

Gelupo is a clever twist on the word “Gelato” and it shows that there are ways in which you can play around with words to create your own inventions.


How Paciugo Got Its Name

Paciugo is one of the best-known gelato shop franchises in the US, with various stores dotted around the nation. Its name is taken from an Italian word which translates to “sticky mess” or “messy mixture”. It’s commonly used in Italy when people come together to cook a meal and mix up a lot of different ingredients.

Why Paciugo Is A Great Gelato Business Name

Many of the best gelato shop names pay homage to gelato’s Italian roots and include some sort of reference to Italy. Paciugo is a super example of this, and it’s a great word to choose, with a ton of meaning and story behind it.

Botolino Gelato Artigianale

How Botolino Gelato Artigianale Got Its Name

Botolino Gelato Artigianale is the name of one of the best-rated gelato shops in the entire US. It’s based in Dallas and is named after its founder, Carlo “Botolo” Gattini. The “Artigianale” part of the name translates to “Artisan”, referring to the traditional, homemade nature of the shop’s products.    

Why Botolino Gelato Artigianale Is A Great Gelato Business Name

Using a full Italian name like Botolino Gelato Artigianale can be a great way to give your gelato shop an air of authority and professionalism.

Tips for Creating Your Own Gelato Business Name

Consider Using Some Italian

Consider using some Italian!

As stated earlier in this guide, gelato is originally from Italy, and many of the best gelato shops and recipes still come from Italy and Italian chefs. Even if you’re not Italian or don’t have Italian roots, using some Italian words or references to Italy in your gelato shop name can be a great way to honor the sweet treat’s history. Just make sure to check with an Italian speaker before confirming your name to ensure that the spelling and grammar of your chosen words is all correct.

Make People Hungry

When you’re running any kind of food business, like a gelato shop, one of the best ways to get more customers through the door is to have a name that makes people hungry. Using words like tasty, delicious, and yummy is a great way to go about this, as well as using evocative words that are associated with gelato, like creamy, sweet, sugar, and cool. All of these kinds of words, mixed up together, can make people crave gelato, making them more likely to pay your shop a visit.

Consider a One-Word Name

Another way to really make an impact with your gelato shop name ideas is to make use of a one-word name. Look at Lick and Snowflake as a couple of real-world examples of this. They’re both very impactful and evocative in their own unique ways, and in today’s world, many customers respond positively to short and snappy names. So, if you’d like to stand out, try to think of just one word or sound that sums up what your gelato shop has to offer.

Highlight Your Specialty

Many of the best gelato shops have some kind of specialty or something that makes them different to all the others. It could be the fact that you offer a truly huge range of flavors, for example, so a name like Rainbow Gelato could be effective for showing off all your different tastes. Or you might have tons of toppings for people to choose from, so a name like Sprinkles & Sauces could work well. Either way, try to find out what your shop does best and focus on it when choosing a name.

Use the Gelato Shop Name Generator

Last but not least, if you want some extra help in coming up with gelato shop names, don’t miss out on our gelato shop name generator. The BizNameWiz gelato shop name generator is one of the best tools you can use to speed up the naming process, as it can give you tons of great name ideas in a matter of seconds! It’s basically like having a huge team of expert name-makers right by your side, ready to generate hundreds of ideas in no time at all.


The right name can make a real difference to your gelato shop, helping you get off to a good start, bring in more customers, and get more sales, too. So make sure you follow the tips and tricks seen in this guide, and don’t forget to use our gelato shop name generator to help you pick the perfect name!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good way to get started with gelato shop name ideas is to write down as many words as you can think of to express what your business is all about, and then try combining those words to make catchy name ideas. You can also use our gelato shop name generator for even more ideas.

A few of our favorite gelato shop names from around the world include Lick, Snowflake, Paciugo, Gelupo, Death in Venice, and Botolino Gelato Artigianale.

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