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The Best Gift Business Names

Looking for great gift business name ideas? The BizNameWiz gift business name generator is the only tool you need! Our gift business name generator can make hundreds or even thousands of amazing gift business name ideas in a matter of seconds, and the best part is that it’s totally free to use!

If you prefer to create your own gift business name ideas, but need a helping hand or a little inspiration, this guide will cover all you need to know. We’ll look at real-world gift business names, tips, and tricks for making gift business names, and some of our favorite gift business name ideas, too.

15 Gift Business Name Ideas for Online Gift Shops 

These days, a lot of gift businesses like gift shops and gift creation services, operate online, and many people shop for gifts online, too. Running an online gift business is therefore a great way to reach a wide audience, and here are some fun gift business name ideas that can work well in the online space.

  • Gracious Gifts
  • Gift City
  • Gift Central
  • Precious Gifts
  • Season’s Greetings
  • Special Occasions
  • Happy Day Gifts
  • Big Smile Gifts
  • Joyful Gifts
  • Presents Galore
  • Make Them Happy
  • Wow Gifts
  • The Special Gift Shop  
  • Lovely Creations   
  • Happy Feeling Gifts

Tips for Creating Gift Business Name Ideas for Online Gift Shops 

When it comes to running a digital or online gift business, it’s a good idea to focus on gift business names that are catchy and attention-grabbing in order to get as many clicks as possible and draw people to your site. To do this, it’s wise to make use of gift-related keywords, like gift, present, happy, smile, special occasion, and so on. These words can help with your online business’ SEO scores, too, boosting you up the Google rankings to help with brand awareness.

Focus on catchy and attention-grabbing names!

15 Unique Gift Business Names for Custom Gift Businesses

Some gift businesses specialize in providing unique, custom-made gifts, from specially printed mugs and T-shirts with family photos on them to custom artwork, posters, clothing, and more. If you’re in the business of providing truly unique, personalized gifts, here are some great gift business name ideas you might like to use.

  • Gift Me
  • iGift
  • Giftify 
  • PersoGifts
  • Custom Gift Marketplace
  • Make-a-Gift
  • A Piece of You
  • Make it Personal
  • One-of-a-Kind Gifts
  • Custom Presents
  • Unique Gifts
  • Just For You Gifts 
  • Family Tree Gifts
  • Custom Creations 
  • Make-a-Day Gifts

Tips for Creating Unique Gift Business Names for Custom Gift Businesses

If your company specializes in unique and custom-made gifts, it’s a good idea to highlight this fact in your name. Try to make use of words that tell people what your company does, like personalized, custom, handmade, unique, and one-of-a-kind. These words will make your gift business names more informative and appeal to people who are searching for custom gifts to give to their loved ones.

Use words that tell people what your company does!

15 Fancy Gift Business Name Ideas for Luxury Gift Businesses

Some gift businesses specialize in luxury gifts, such as fancy clothing and accessories, jewelry, home décor items, and so on. If you’re catering to a more sophisticated crowd and offering truly special, precious gifts, here are some great gift business names you might like to consider using.

  • Glorious Gifts   
  • Elegant Treasures  
  • Box of Secrets
  • Des Cadeaux 
  • Los Regalos
  •  Gifts of a Lifetime
  • Unforgettable Gifts
  • High-End Gifts
  • Jaw-Dropping Gifts
  • Next Level Presents 
  • The Treasure Trove
  • Princess Gifts
  • Regal Treasures
  • The King’s Treasure Chest
  • Refined Giving

Tips for Creating Fancy Gift Business Name Ideas for Luxury Gift Businesses

If you’re in the business of selling luxury or expensive gifts and want a fancy-sounding name to match, you’ll need to focus on a particular set of keywords. It’s important to use words that are associated with ideas of elegance and luxury. Words like refined, regal, treasure, elegant, and glorious can work well here, and you may want to create a sense of mystery by using words like treasure box or secret cave. You can even experiment with relevant words from other languages, too. Try typing these kinds of words into our gift business name generator to create awesome ideas, just for you.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Grateful Gifts
  • Perfect Parcel
  • Parcel Perfection
  • Get Gifted
  • The Gift Box
  • Gifted Treasures
  • Tiny Treats
  • Gifted Treasures
  • Perfect Present
  • In The Present
  • Gift Lift
  • Lifted Gifts
  • Glorious Gifts
  • Gorgeous Gifts
  • Special Days
  • Gifted Up
  • Lift Up Gifts
  • Fireside Gifts
  • The Gift Table
  • The Gift Den
  • Gifts For All
  • Mr. Gift
  • Gift Boutique
  • Gift People
  • The Gift Shelf
  • The Gift Library
  • Library Of Gifts
  • Spotlight Gifts
  • Allstar Gifts
  • Gift Garage
  • The Gift Place
  • Time For Love
  • Family Tree Gift
  • Be Charmed
  • Surprises Inside
  • Slush Present
  • Made 2 Infuse
  • Dreamy Eye
  • Sunlight Trims
  • Blissful Place
  • Lovely Creation
  • Best Feeling
  • Dreamy Gift
  • Tree Of Love
  • Open Joy

The Best Real-World Gift Business Names

Another really great way to find ideas and inspiration for naming your new gift business is to look at real-world gift shops and gift companies. Pay close attention to the names they’ve chosen to use and ask yourself questions like “What does that name make me feel?” and “Why does this name work so well?” Here are a few of our favorite gift business names, complete with some simple analysis to help you see what makes them work.

Uncommon Goods

How Uncommon Goods Got Its Name
Uncommon Goods is the name of a popular gift site that features a range of unusual and hard-to-categorize products, making it a great place to shop for unique items to give to your loved ones.

Why Uncommon Goods Is A Great Gift Business Name
Uncommon Goods is a fun gift business name because it’s an accurate and honest description of the sort of things you can find on the site. Plus, the word “Uncommon” has a lot of interesting associations that will appeal to people who are looking for something a little different.

Artifact Uprising

How Artifact Uprising Got Its Name
Artifact Uprising is the name of a custom gift site that offers a range of personalized goods like photo books, framed prints, cards, and so on. The name of the site is designed to be unique and attention-grabbing.

Why Artifact Uprising Is A Great Gift Business Name
When it comes to real-world gift business names, Artifact Uprising is definitely one of the most interesting. Instead of picking a boring or simple name, the founders of this company decided to be highly imaginative, building themselves a successful brand in the process.

Coming Soon

How Coming Soon Got Its Name
Coming Soon is a gift and decor site where users can find a wide range of furniture, decor, and gift items to give to their loved ones. The site’s name was chosen to reflect its focus on new, innovative items and its ever-evolving product catalog.

Why Coming Soon Is A Great Gift Business Name
Coming Soon is a super name for a gift business, because when we hear the phrase “Coming Soon” we think about things that are new and fresh and innovative. So, anyone looking for fun new gifts will be drawn to this site over others.

Most Successful Gift Business Names


How Etsy Got Its Name
Etsy is the name of one of the biggest gift and craft marketplaces in the world. The name was chosen by founder Robert Kalin. Kalin claims that he wanted a “nonsense word” to use as a name, so watched a film in a foreign language and wrote down what he heard, ending up with Etsy.

Why Etsy Is A Great Gift Business Name
Etsy proves that random or nonsense names can work well in the world of online gift businesses. The name is short, which makes it highly memorable, and fun to say, too.

How Got Its Name is a gift business that specializes in fancy and special gifts for people to give to one another. It’s a place where artists and artisans share their loveliest items, and the name was chosen to reflect the focus on fancy goods.

Why Is A Great Gift Business Name may sound simple, but it’s also highly effective. The word “Fancy” is used to great effect here and will attract anyone who is looking for something with elegance or something special and different.


How Jungalow Got Its Name
Jungalow is the name of a very successful gift site that was founded by Justina Blakeney. Blakeney came up with the name Jungalow by combining “Jungle” and “Bungalow” to reflect her unique style of bringing greenery and nature into the home in the form of colorful items, trees, and potted plants.

Why Jungalow Is A Great Gift Business Name
Jungalow is a totally unique name that has become synonymous with a specific kind of style. It’s also a fun-sounding word with a lot of character, and it’s relatively easy to remember, too, making it a super business name.

Tips for Creating Your Own Gift Business Name

Make Your Name Informative and Honest

When naming any kind of business, it’s wise to use a name that is both informative and honest. This way, not only will you be conveying a message to your potential customers and attracting their attention, but you’ll also be giving off a good first impression and proving to people that your company can be trusted. As an example, if you mainly offer cheap and simple gifts, don’t use words like “fancy” or “elegant” in your name, as this could confuse or frustrate your customers. Instead, use words like “value” or “budget” to attract the right audience.

Use a name that is both informative and honest!

Use Powerful Keywords

It’s always a good idea to use powerful keywords in your business name, and this rule applies when setting up a gift business, too. Alternative words for gifts, such as presents, treasures, and goodies, can be really useful to set your business apart from all the other gift stores out there, and bold adjectives like elegant, beautiful, special, and precious can be really helpful for giving your business some personality and character.

Be Creative

When it comes to gift business names, creativity can really pay off. Having a creative, original, and unique name is a great way to stand out from the crowd and prove to people that your business is special and worthy of their attention. On the other hand, if you use a bland and boring name, your business may simply blend into the background and fail to attract attention. So, try to be creative and think outside of the box, using fun and vibrant words to get people interested in whatever you have to offer.

Check for Availability 

If you think you’ve found the perfect name for your new gift business, don’t make it official right away. First, you need to check online and see if anyone else is already using your dream name. Do some Googling and search on social media for the name to see what comes up. Hopefully, your name will be free and you’ll be able to claim it and start using it. But if not, you’ll need to go back to the drawing board and find another name to use instead.

Use the Gift Business Name Generator

If you need a helping hand with naming your gift store, use the BizNameWiz gift business name generator. Free and easy to use, our gift business name generator is the perfect tool for saving time and making the naming process infinitely easier. It can make hundreds of name ideas for you in just a few seconds! To use the gift business name generator, simply type one or more words into the box provided and then click the Generate button.


So, if you’re unsure about the best way to name your gift business, we hope that this guide has provided the insight and ideas you need to speed up the process and pick the perfect name. Remember to use the BizNameWiz gift business name generator if you need some extra assistance, and make sure to consult with friends and family members to get other opinions on your chosen name before confirming it.

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