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Generate name ideas for your Holiday & Tourism Business below.

Best Holiday & Tourism Business Name Ideas

The holiday and tourism industry is a big part of the economy, as people constantly travel to new destinations during certain times of the year. A business in this industry should highlight the enjoyment of traveling in the name. You might promote holiday tours, or you might represent travel plans for different locations. Customers want to feel excited about going on holiday and planning their sightseeing arrangements with a reliable business. 

Of course, this sounds like hard work when you think about it. The naming process always has challenges, but don’t worry, because our guide will help you. Just open the holiday & tourism business name generator and you’re ready to begin! 

One-Word Holiday & Tourism Business Name Ideas

One-word names are catchy and memorable for customers. They don’t need complicated words or phrases that could make your business sound confusing. Just stick to a single word that relates to your services. You can also combine two words if you want more detail in the name. For example, you might have a name like ‘HopOn’ that uses two relevant words. 

One-word names are catchy and memorable!

Think of root words associated with ‘holiday’ and ‘tourism’ and pop those into our holiday & tourism business name generator. I chose the words ‘tours’, ‘trips’, ‘vacation’ and ‘adventure’. Below, you will find some good examples of one-word names!

  • AdventureoryX                        
  • Adventurous!                       
  • Adventurery
  • VacationHut                            
  • VacationgeniX                      
  • LittleVacation 
  • ToursLux                                 
  • Toursnetic                            
  • Tourlance 
  • TripsAway                             
  • Triptastic                              
  • Tripsology
  • HolidayWorks                         
  • HolidayEscape                   
  • Holidayporium

Tips For Creating One-Word Holiday & Tourism Business Names

Before you create names like this, you need to select the ‘one word’ option in the filters on our generator. This will only show you one-word names related to your business. You can also choose ‘creative’, ‘luxury’, ‘services’ and ‘travel’ from the industry list to view more accurate results. Make sure to experiment with the filters to see what names you can generate! 

Summer Holiday & Tourism Business Name Ideas

People love to go on holiday during the summer, as this can bring sunshine and warm weather to beautiful locations. But of course, they would need to find a business that specializes in summer vacations. You can highlight the summer aspect in your name by using words associated with this season. I used ‘warm’, ‘sunshine’, ‘travel’ and ‘vacation’ and popped them into the holiday & tourism business name generator. Then I selected the best names! 

  • Vibrant Vacations                      
  • Hot Spot Vacation                   
  • Vacation Bliss
  • Travel Warm                            
  • Toasty Exploration                
  • Hot Travel 
  • Sunshine Habitat                       
  • Volcano Travel                        
  • Your Sun Fun
  • Warm Retreat                            
  • Beach Holiday                         
  • Holiday Shine
  • Holiday Haven                           
  • Warm Waters                         
  • Sunshine Jets

Tips For Creating Summer Holiday & Tourism Business Names

You can be more experimental with themed business names. I used the ‘rhyming’ filter on the generator to create some funky names that represent bright and happy holidays. For example, ‘Hot Spot Vacation’ would attract customers because of the “lyrical” sounding words. Think of how summer makes you feel and incorporate that into your business name. 

Winter Holiday & Tourism Business Name Ideas

Now, thinking about winter holidays, you will need to change your root words to match the frosty and snowy landscapes. Customers want to imagine their winter location just by looking at your business name. You can think of words associated with ‘winter’ and type those into the holiday & tourism business name generator. I used some of the same root words from earlier, but included ‘cold’, ‘frosty’ and ‘festive’. Keep reading to see what names I thought were effective! 

  • Cold Little Trips                           
  • Icy Blush Travel                   
  • Cold Ocean 
  • Frosty First Class                        
  • Vacation Everest                 
  • Festive Planet
  • Festive Exploration                     
  • Holiday Mammoth                
  • Crystal Ice Holidays
  • Holiday In Snow                        
  • Cold Express Jet                 
  • Lil Frosty Tours
  • Frosty For Less                          
  • Festive Cool                       
  • Cold Paradise

Tips For Creating Winter Holiday & Tourism Business Names

Before you create these names, list down words associated with ‘winter’ and choose ones that suit your business. It’s better to have more than ten words that can help you generate a range of different names. The generator will only use six keywords at a time, so you might have to go through the search results twice. But don’t worry about the length of this process, because it’s important to find names that match the winter holiday offers in your business! 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Holiday Homes
  • Minute To Visit
  • Time To Tour
  • On Holiday
  • Holiday Road
  • Trusted Tourism
  • Terrific Tours
  • Take A Tour
  • Total Tours
  • Happy Holiday!
  • Best Tours Ever
  • Dependable Tours
  • Sumbersion Tours
  • Travel And Tour
  • Holidazzle
  • Try It All Tours
  • Fly Away Allies
  • Allied Holidays
  • New Navigation
  • Uncharted Air
  • Liftoff In Luxury
  • More Memories
  • Tour Takers
  • Gifted Guides
  • Prized Holidays
  • See The World
  • Jet Setters
  • Packaged Travel
  • Quality Travel
  • Five Star Travel
  • The Travel Hero
  • Jet & Set
  • Worlds To Go
  • Travelmania
  • Vacate Your Life
  • Passport Lifestyles
  • Holiday Makers
  • Uplook Travel
  • The 3rd Resort
  • The Trip Insiders
  • Happy Trails
  • Exceptional Tours
  • Pack Up & Go
  • A Forest Away
  • Travel University

Best Real-World Holiday & Tourism Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Researching can help you find inspiration for your name!

Researching other real-world holiday and tourism businesses can help you find inspiration for your name. You can think about what makes their name so effective in the industry. Just keep reading to find some holiday and tourism businesses that have compelling names!

Exceptional Travel

How did Exceptional Travel get its name?
Exceptional Travel got its name from their website quote “quite simply exceptional in every way”. This travel company provides luxury safaris and holidays to Africa. They have a team of travel consultants who help customers plan their holiday and travel arrangements.

Why is Exceptional Travel a catchy business name?
The positive word ‘exceptional’ will make customers believe this is a fantastic business. They might feel more comfortable to approach Exceptional Travel with questions. Including ‘travel’ also tells customers exactly what this business is about.

Dream World Travel

How did Dream World Travel get its name?
Dream World Travel got its name from wanting to “make dreams come true” for people wanting to go on holiday. They provide cheap holiday packages that include flight booking, hotels and rental cars. This business ensures customers have an “unforgettable” experience.

Why is Dream World Travel a catchy business name?
The word ‘dream’ has positive connotations that will make people think of luxury. Customers may feel more intrigued to make their “dreams come true” when visiting this business. Adding ‘world’ relates to the idea of traveling anywhere!

World Expeditions

How did World Expeditions get its name?
World Expeditions was first created in 1975 to specialize in trekking holidays – which is where the word ‘expedition’ came from. Now, they offer more crazy expeditions in different places. They have a “genuine focus on taking travelers along the paths less traveled”.

Why is World Expeditions a catchy business name?
This name may encourage people to step out of their comfort zone by going on ‘expeditions’ that take them to beautiful places. They can expect to go on a journey that changes their perspective of the world. It’s a simple name, but it gets the message across quickly.

Most Successful Holiday & Tourism Businesses

Most Successful Holiday & Tourism Businesses

Now, we can look at the businesses that have the most success with their names. You can study how they use words or literary techniques to highlight their holiday and tourism services. Below, you will find some popular holiday and tourism businesses! 

Expedia Group

How did Expedia Group get its name?
Expedia Group believes that “travel can bring good into the world” when powering global travel for everyone around the world. The name ‘expedia’ probably comes from the word ‘expedition’, which is often associated with journeys on holiday.

Why is Expedia Group a catchy business name?
‘Expedia’ first sounded like ‘expedition’, which might represent the fun journey this travel business wants to provide for customers. The word ‘group’ implies this business has a strong team that wants to help customers fulfill their dream holiday plans.

Booking Holdings

How did Booking Holdings get its name?
Booking Holdings is an online travel service that was first created in 1997 by Jay Walker who wanted to have a “name your own price” service. In 2018, the business was changed to Booking Holdings and continued to thrive in the “world leader” position.

Why is Booking Holdings a catchy business name?
The word ‘booking’ will instantly tell customers they can book holidays through this business. Starting with a word that is associated with ‘holiday and tourism’ is a good way to capture the attention of a target audience. A simple name like this is great for memorability!

Direct Travel

How did Direct Travel get its name?
Direct Travel, led by Ed Adams, is a privately held travel management company that provides customers with expert consultations. They are one of the most “respected” travel businesses in the world. Their mission is “to offer truly flexible solutions” for customers.

Why is Direct Travel a catchy business name?
The word ‘direct’ is literally direct in telling customers what this business is about. They can directly plan and sort out their holidays through consultants. Adding ‘travel’ on the end ensures customers understand this is a holiday and tourism business.

Top 3 Tips For Naming Your Holiday & Tourism Business

People usually gravitate towards names that have intriguing and exciting words. A business name should make them feel eager to arrange travel plans for their desired location. The possibilities are endless, which is why it might seem overwhelming at first. Naming a business can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the holiday and tourism industry. But don’t worry, because we created this helpful section to offer you some name guidance. 

Your first question might be – so how do I start this naming process? There are many things you can do, but it’s important to read our three effective tips first. From target audiences to short and sweet names, you’re bound to find some advice that can help. Just keep on reading!

Tip One: Establish Your Target Audience And Selling Point

Naming your business will be very difficult if you don’t understand your target audience and selling point. These are essential for creating the perfect name that attracts the right customers. 

A target audience is a group of people who are more likely to use your services. These are the people you should cater your name to. For example, if you offer travel arrangement services for more couple-related locations, you might choose a name that highlights romantic holidays. Customers who want to go on a honeymoon might choose your business for this reason. 

Understand your target audienceand selling point!

Unique selling points are aspects of your business that make you stand out from competitors. You might offer cheap holiday packages, or tours for less well-known areas that need more recognition. What is so different about your business? Why should people choose your services over others? Remember – uniqueness is what attracts customers to a business! 

Tip Two: Research Other Holiday And Tourism Businesses

Research can be super helpful for your planning process. You can discover intriguing names that might inspire you to create something compelling. Of course, the internet has endless resources, so use that to your advantage. Search for names that stand out and make you curious to jump on their website. Do the words relate to their business? Will you remember their name in one year? Ask yourself questions like this to determine how effective they really are. 

Make sure to write some of these names down if you want to refer to them. You could also gain some fresh perspective by asking family members what they think of your favorite business names. They can tell you the strengths and weaknesses that you might not have picked up on. 

Tip Three: Keep Your Business Name Short And Catchy 

Customers prefer to remember short names that don’t contain complicated words. You can use the ‘one word’ filter on our holiday & tourism business name generator to find catchy names. Of course, you don’t need to have a single word, but keeping your name under three words will benefit your business. People will feel attracted to a name that tells them exactly what to expect. For example, you might have a name like ‘Adventure Tours’ that states your business’ purpose! 


Overall, you should create a compelling name that represents your holiday and tourism services. Customers will want to know how they might benefit from your arrangements. You can use literary techniques to enhance the memorability of your name, too. Most importantly – use your inner creativity to think of a name that hasn’t been seen before in the market! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You need to think of words associated with ‘tourism’ and pop those into our holiday & tourism business name generator. This should give you results that relate to your tour services. If you need more names, experiment with the filters to see what you can generate!

The name will depend on what kind of travel you promote in your business. However, some general names are ‘Happy Holiday’, ‘Fly Away’, ‘Quality Travel’ and ‘Around The World’. You can use the holiday & tourism business name generator to find names like these ones.

Your first step is to think of words associated with your business. These words can help you generate names that relate to what you’re promoting. For example, if you offer travel arrangements, you might have a name like ‘The Travel People’ to represent that.
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