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Starting a home services business is expensive. Most business startups are. So, the writers at Biz Name Wiz want to do you a huge favor by providing a company name idea as low as cost as possible. How does free sound?

Top Brands:

Deliveroo: While the word ‘delivery’ is obvious in the name, providing customers with an immediate idea of their service, the company’s name is also made quirky and interesting by the ‘roo’-suffix.

Sweepsouth: A home cleaning service catering to South Africans, the company’s name is both literal and clever, using the words ‘sweep’ to indicate their service and ‘south’ to indicate their location.

Boomerang: This laundry service uses their name to convince customers of their speed and reliability, while also setting themselves apart from generic laundry services with a distinctive name.

InstaCart: By combining ‘insta’ (for instant) and ‘cart’ (for shopping), this grocery delivery service informs customers of their purpose and their speed.  

Thumbtack: As a marketplace for local professional services and home improvement, using the name ‘Thumbtack’ gives customers a sense of organization and completion, emphasizing the company’s assistive role in facilitating such interactions.

Paintzen: A combination of the words ‘paint’ and ‘zen’ informs customers that they can rely on this service to handle their painting needs in a calm and easy manner, without added stress or fuss.

Homigo: A portmanteau of the words ‘home’ and ‘amigo’ advises customers that they can rely on this service to handle their home management needs.

Renoviso: Renoviso aims to make home improvement more simple and straightforward, and by playing on the word ‘renovation’ with a humorous tone in their name, they convey this objective clearly.

PipeDoctor: A simple yet clever name for a plumbing service, PipeDoctor gives customers a sense of authority and expertise.

Blade Runners: By employing humor in their name, this gardening service cleverly creates a memorable impression for potential customers.


Clientele & interests:

Modern homeowners do not wish to be responsible for all the chores and tasks required to keep a house and garden appealing. By offering a multitude of products, companies have carved out niches that cater for every conceivable service. No matter the task, there is a home service company out there that caters to it.


Renovations, landscaping, plumber, electrician, home improvement, saving time, house cleaning, residential maintenance, alarm installation and safety, family, gardening, cooking

Industry related words:

On-demand, plumbing, plumber, electrical, electrician, home improvement, renovation, builder, architect, laundry, washing, cleaning, detergent, paint, painting, garden services, gardening, landscaping, grocery delivery, meal delivery, interior design, home installation, personal training, wellness coach, TV mounting, home security , alarm installation, IOT devices, moving, furniture assembly, lawn care, lawn mowing, house cleaning, handyman, roof repair, maintenance, general contracting, electrical pressure washing, sweep, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, wiping, dishwashing, ironing, fitting, lavatory, valve, extension, luxury, contemporary renovations, weed eater, garden, kitchen, bedroom, lounge, toilet, basin, bathroom, study, garage, maintenance, tradesman, domestics, comfort, comfortable, in-home care, residential, workmanship, gutter cleaning, excavation, assembly of pre-packaged furniture, window cleaning, paving, tiling, repair jobs, fencing construction

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

By positioning themselves as the authority in their respective niches, companies can influence consumers, and create a sense amongst homeowners that only professionals can do the job safely, expertly and adequately. They also promise more time to spend doing the things you love, which is an irresistible offer for most people.

On-demand, dream home, take back your time, dreams into reality, tried and tested methods, quality services, experienced and trusted, quality workmanship, competitive pricing, unique service, virtual management

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Naved ahmed
Naved ahmed
13/01/2019 5:21 PM

I want to start my own bussiness maid service …in proper way👍