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Best Hotel, Motel & B&B Business Name Ideas

When looking for places to stay, customers want to feel a sense of comfort through the hotel, motel or B&B name. They need to understand the type of accommodation and if it’s suitable for a small or large family. This information is great to have in a business name, as it tells customers exactly what to expect in your lodging arrangements. It’s not a straightforward process, though, and can require plenty of creative thinking and planning time.

Our guide is here to help you through the business naming process. From one-word names to rhyming names, you’re bound to find ideas that suit your preferences. Just open the hotel, motel & B&B business name generator and you’re good to go! 

One-Word Hotel, Motel & B&B Business Name Ideas

One-word business names are great for attracting customers to your services. These names don’t require many words and can get the point across quickly. You might choose a word that highlights the type of accommodation or represents your business theme. For example, if you have a futuristic hotel, you might have a name like ‘The Space Hotel’ or something similar. 

One-word business names are great for attracting customers!

You need to think of root words associated with ‘hotel’, ‘motel’ and ‘B&B’ and type those into our generator. I used the words ‘stay’, ‘cozy’, ‘luxury’ and ‘happy’ and selected the ‘one word’ option from the filtered list. Below you will find some good examples of one-word names! 

  • Motelopolis                               
  • Hoteltastic                      
  • Cozylada
  • HotelscapeX                            
  • Motelprism                      
  • MoteloryX 
  • Cozyaholic                             
  • CozyStay                        
  • Hotelzilla 
  • HappyStay                               
  • Luxomatic                     
  • HappyRoom
  • LuxuryBeds                             
  • HappyNest                    
  • LuxSpace 

Tips For Creating One-Word Hotel, Motel & B&B Business Names

One-word names don’t have to be just one single word that describes your business. You can combine two words to make these names, too. For example, I used the words ‘happy’ and ‘room’ and combined them to make ‘HappyRoom’. Just choose words that relate to your business and experiment with different combinations to see what works best! 

Rhyming Hotel, Motel & B&B Business Name Ideas

Rhyming names can be effective for engaging with and retaining customers. This literary technique is supposed to trigger the “musical” side of our brain that likes to retain patterns and rhythm among words. You can use this to your advantage and create a name that helps customers to remember it. Alliteration and half-rhymes also count towards rhymes. 

I used the same root words from earlier and popped them into the hotel, motel & B&B business name generator. Then, I selected the ‘rhyming’ option from the filtered list. You will find some rhyming names below that may suit your business! 

  • Stay Station                             
  • Luxury Leisure                
  • Hotel Hideout 
  • Luxury Levels                          
  • Cozy City                        
  • Mega Motel 
  • Honey Hotel                            
  • Bliss B&B                        
  • Bloom B&B
  • Modern Motel                          
  • Stay Scape                      
  • Stay Spot 
  • Happy Hotel                            
  • Little Luxury                   
  • Cozy Chambers

Tips For Creating Rhyming Hotel, Motel & B&B Business Names

Not all of these names exactly rhyme, but they still use alliteration to enhance the rhythm of the words. If you want your names to rhyme perfectly, you can search for ‘words that rhyme with stay’ to see what you can find online. Some websites should give you good examples of rhyming words. However, alliteration still triggers that “musical” side of our brain! 

Fun Hotel, Motel & B&B Business Name Ideas

Customers who want to take their kids somewhere fun might want to stay in accommodation that sounds enjoyable. Fun business names often resonate with customers and make them feel comfortable using the services. You can combine your root words with fun language or search for quirky words on our generator. This is your chance to let your creativity shine! 

I kept some of the same root words and scanned through the generator to see what fun names I could choose. Of course, feel free to change your words if you want something different. Just keep reading to see what fun names I created for you!

  • Your Little B&B                          
  • Happy Retreat!                   
  • Stay Champion 
  • A Cozy Advantage                    
  • Stay Quick Hotel                 
  • Happy Doze 
  • Magical Motel                            
  • Motel Pursuit                      
  • Moonlight Motels
  • Happy Hotel Break                      
  • Luxury Leopard B&B          
  • Stay in Bed Hotel 
  • Luxury Dreams                           
  • Cozy Haven                       
  • Luxury Queen 

Tips For Creating Fun Hotel, Motel & B&B Business Names

Fun business names often require more creative thinking and planning. You need to search for words that could make your accommodation sound enjoyable. For example, I found the word ‘haven’ and combined that with ‘cozy’ to give the name a sense of comfort. Some customers may look at this and feel intrigued by a place that values safety more than luxury. Just experiment with fun language to see what names you can generate! 

Fun business names often require more creative thinking and planning!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Serene Stay
  • Welcome Stay
  • Always Welcome
  • On The Road
  • Roadside Motel
  • Magical Motel
  • Motel Magic
  • Malibu Motel
  • Invitation Inn
  • Hello Hotel
  • Park Hotel
  • Amuser Suites
  • El Dorado Hotels
  • Luxus Hotels
  • West Isle Hotels
  • Bayside B&B
  • Quaint Motel
  • Quality Hotels
  • Five Star B&B
  • Proga Vivid Inn
  • Blissview Hotel
  • Hotel Sizzle
  • Hotel Da Viva
  • Rose Petals Inn
  • Hotel Agora
  • Galactic Hotel
  • Galaxy Motel
  • Spotlight Motel
  • Luxury Living
  • Motel On Main
  • Hillside Hotel
  • Sunrise Motel
  • Brooklyn Hotel
  • Comfort B&B
  • Discount Motel
  • Firefly Motel
  • Moonlight Motel
  • Starlight Motel
  • Budget Motel
  • The Corner Motel
  • Century Hotel
  • Firefly Motel
  • Moonlight Motel
  • Starlight Motel

Best Real-World Hotel, Motel & B&B Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

best_real-world hotel, motel &_b&b business names

Looking at other hotel, motel and B&B business names can help you find inspiration for yours. Research is a good way of discovering the history behind names and how businesses created them. Just keep reading to find some real-world names that are effective! 

Travelodge Hotel 

How did Travelodge get its name?
In 1985, Travelodge opened its first hotel in Britain and became very popular among customers. Their mission is to “deliver affordable travel for everyone” that wants to find accommodation during leisure or business arrangements.

Why is Travelodge a catchy business name?
This business combines the words ‘travel’ and ‘lodge’ to make something relevant for customers. People who are traveling might prefer to stay somewhere that is designed for travel arrangements. Having this as one-word also enhances memorability.

Blue Swallow Motel

How did Blue Swallow Motel get its name?
This business was originally called The Blue Swallow Court in 1940. Their name is symbolic for sailors returning home safely because bluebirds are signs for nearby land. Lillian Redman and her husband changed ‘court’ to ‘motel’ so customers would understand their services better.

Why is Blue Swallow Motel a catchy business name?
Of course, many customers might not know about the meaning of this name. However, it’s a great story for the motel staff to discuss when new visitors arrive. ‘Blue Swallow’ may not directly relate to the motel services, but deeper meanings often resonate more with customers.

The Lilac Door

How did The Lilac Door get its name?
The Lilac Door got its name from the literal lilac door presented at the front of the “delightful Edwardian home”. It’s surrounded by lilac flowers that compliment this bed & breakfast accommodation. They “welcome guests worldwide” to try the popular B&B services.

Why is The Lilac Door a catchy business name?
This business plays on the idea of a “lilac door” that attracts customers to the B&B. After doing some research, I found that ‘lilac’ symbolizes helpfulness and serenity, which might make customers feel more comfortable. The door almost represents the welcoming nature!

Most Successful Hotel, Motel & B&B Businesses

most successful hotel, motel & b&b businesses

Researching how other businesses reached success with their name can help you learn why it’s so effective in the market. You need to think about how customers would respond to their business. I found some popular hotels, motels and B&B’s that may benefit your research!

The Opposite House

How did The Opposite House get its name?
The Opposite House is a “striking place of dramatic contrasts and evocative art” that invites people in. Kengo Kuma, the architect, wanted to create seamless spaces that almost created mirror effects in the building. This most likely inspired the word ‘opposite’ in the name.

Why is The Opposite House a catchy business name?
Customers may understand the word ‘opposite’ when looking at the intricate designs of this building. It’s almost made up of sheer glass and materials that give the mirror effects. The word ‘house’ also represents the lodging arrangements of this business.

Motel Arguntem

How did Motel Arguntem get its name?
This business aims to meet “world and European standards in the hotel industry”. Their motel rooms are very modern and have beautiful views from the balcony. Judging by the elegance of the motel and its silver design, this business created ‘arguntem’ to represent that.

Why is Motel Argentum a catchy business name?
The latin word ‘argentum’ is a good way to give this business some color and sophistication. Customers would navigate their website to find silver designs and fonts. Silver can also represent ‘wealth’, ‘modernity’, ‘grace’ and ‘elegance’.

The Toulson Court

How did The Toulson Court get its name?
The Toulson Court is a “multi award winning accommodation” that gives people more of a “home” feeling during their stay. They are a bed and breakfast that provides warm welcomes to customers. It’s unclear where they got their name from, but it’s obviously effective enough for people to remember and share with others.

Why is The Toulson Court a catchy business name?
This name is catchy because of its popularity among customers. People thought the services were “five star” and continued to post good reviews online. The more attention a business has, the more likely people will remember a name that might not directly state ‘bed and breakfast’.

Top 3 Tips For Naming Your Hotel, Motel or B&B Business

There are going to be some challenges when naming your business. People might experience these challenges during the planning stage, and others can feel stuck after gaining feedback. The most important thing to remember is that challenges are normal and motivate you to strive for success. Life would be too easy without them, right? It’s the same for your business name. You need to go through different planning stages until you find the perfect branding. 

But don’t worry too much about the naming process for now. This section will provide you with some tips that should guide you through it. From research to creativity, you’ll find a tip worth reading about. Just keep our hotel, motel & B&B business name generator open and you should feel ready to dive in! 

Tip One: Research Other Hotels, Motels and B&B’s With Effective Names

Research can be important for gaining more inspiration. You can take certain words from names and combine them to make your own. Consider looking at the history behind each name and how the business created it. Of course, you won’t always find the reason, but it’s good to check the thought process of each business. Maybe answer these questions to help you: 

  • What part of the name stands out?
  • Do the words relate to the business?
  • Do they use any literary techniques?
  • Will you remember the name in one year?
  • What vibes do you get from the name?
  • How does the name make you feel?

Once you have answered these questions, you can think about what names you want to use for inspiration. For example, if you like the names ‘Starlight Motel’ and ‘Galaxy Hotel’, you might combine some of the words to make ‘Galaxy Star Beds’. Just make sure your business name is still unique and represents your services.

Tip Two: Do Small Tasks To Inspire Creative Thoughts

Small tasks like going for a walk or staying off your phone can inspire strong creativity. Long walks may clear your head and help you to connect with nature. You might feel inspired by greenery or locations that create beautiful images. For example, if you spot some roses, you might want to name your business ‘Rose Hill Motel’ or something along those lines. The same goes for limiting distractions around you. Phones can draw your attention away from the planning stage. Make sure to turn this off and focus your energy on creating the perfect name.

Do small tasks to inspire creative thoughts!

Tip Three: Keep Your Business Name Short And Sweet 

Customers don’t want to remember long names that don’t have relevance to the business. They need short names that tell them exactly what to expect. If they remember the name, they are more likely to share it with family and friends. You can use the one-word filter on our hotel, motel & B&B business name generator to find short names that are still unique and compelling. 


Overall, you should create a name that resonates with customers and encourages them to use your lodging arrangements. The name can detail your specific accommodation or room themes. Just make sure to settle for a name that highlights your mission. Most importantly – have fun during the naming process and explore creative ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can think of a theme that might attract customers to your hotel. Maybe you want families to book rooms with futuristic designs or patterns that encourage children to have fun. Make sure to research your idea to see if it’s already been taken in the hotel industry.

A motel name should represent the small and cozy nature of motel rooms. Some good motel names are ‘Motel Magic’, ‘Little Local Motel’, ‘Five Star Haven’ and ‘Sweet Dreams Motel’. Just use our hotel, motel & B&B business name generator to find similar names!

Think of root words associated with ‘bed and breakfast’ and type those into the hotel, motel & B&B business name generator. You can use the filters to generate different results. After scanning through the list of names, just choose ones that sound the best!
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