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Naming your Hotel, Motel & B&B

We asked four of our branding experts to come up with ideas for Hotel, Motel & B&B names. You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Hotel, Motel & B&B name generator to help find more ideas. You can read user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page.

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Craig

Serene Stay

Welcome Stay

Always Welcome

On The Road

Roadside Motel

Magical Motel

Motel Magic

Malibu Motel

Main Street Motel

Hardywood Hotel

Happy Hotel

Happy Stay Hotel

Harbor Hotel

Harborview Hotel

The Harbor Hotel

Home Sweet Hotel

Southern Hospitality

Hello Home

Home Away From Home

Home Sweet Temporary Home

Temporary Home

Night In Paradise

The Paradise Inn

Inn It To Win It

Invitation Inn

Hello Hotel

Park Hotel

Hospitable Hotel

Happy Times Hotel

Countryside Inn

Quick Stop Hotel

Clean Convenience

Better And Better

Blooming Bed And Breakfast

Darling Bed And Breakfast

Hometown Bed And Breakfast

A To B&B

Beachside B&B

B&B On The Beach

Double B On The Beach

Bayside B&B

Blossom Bed & Breakfast Like Home B&B

Homefront B&B

Happy Home B&B

Sunrise Bed And Breakfast

Happy Mornings Motel

Peaceful Mornings B&B

Helping Hands B&B

Minimal Vacancy

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Kate

Creekside Motel

Hillside Hotel

Sunrise Motel

Silver Sun Bed And Breakfast

Rise And Shine Bed And Breakfast

Small Town B&B

The Local B&B

Quaint Motel

Quality Hotels

Ocean Breeze Motel

Five Star B&B

The Neighborhood B&B

Shade Tree B&B

The Palms Motel

Sun And Sand Hotel

Holiday Hotel

Paradise Motel

The Glory Hotel

Brownstone Hotel

Brooklyn Hotel

Comfort B&B

Discount Motel

Budget Motel

The Family Spot B&B

Flying Fox Motel

Motel On Main

Main Street Motel

Backyard B&B

Like Home Hotel

Spotlight Motel

Luxury Living

The Cottage Motel

The Cozy Cottage

Firefly Motel

Moonlight Motel

Starlight Motel

Breeze Blows Motel

La Parisienne

The Worldly Traveler

Galactic Hotel

Galaxy Motel

Interstellar Motel

Shooting Star Motel

Big Dreams Hotel

Sleep Well Motel

Zzz Motel

Sweet Dreams B&B

The Corner Motel

Century Hotel

Old Timey Motel

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BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Marcus

Simply Charmed B&B

Country Charm B&B

Orchard Harvest B&B

The Lucky Rabbit B&B

Star of Africa B&B

Noble Avenue B&B

Shady Oaks B&B

Hillsong B&B

Adam Lake B&B

Stepping Stone B&B

Golden Gate B&B

Beaver Ridge B&B

Fairytale B&B

Stargaze Guest Home

Dreamland Guest Home

The Riverwood Motel

The Promenade Hotel

The Upscale Inn

Slumber Inn

Runaway Inn

The Corridor

The Avenida Hotel

The Goldberg Hotel

The Liberty Hotel

The Colosseum

The Empire Hotel

The Boulevard Motel

The Pyramid Hotel

The Rustic Bridge Motel

Summer Haven

Bonnie’s Balcony

Vintage Village Motel

The Chesterfield Motel

A Touch of Heaven Hotel

Juniper Log Inn

The Sunshine Motel

The Downton

Grantham Inn

Goldencrest Motel

The Emperor’s Villa

Queen’s Castle Hotel

The Inn on Lombard

Beacon Hill Guest House

A Pleasant Night

Comfort Kingdom

Slumber Falls

Meadow Manor

The Open Fireplace

A Homey Hearth

Tranquil Acres

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Sandra

Emerald Bay Inn

Coastline Bay Hotel

Sapphires Hotel

Bluenose Hills

Seacoasts Hotel

Serene Horizons Hotel

Royal Villa Hotel

Utopia Inn

Cosmos Isle Motel

Haven Royale Motels

Happyland Motels

Ivory Bloom Hotels

Beachfront Hotels

Hotel Tropicana

Blissdom Motels

Blue Fantasy Inns

The Oasis Motels

Bluepeaks Villa

Hotel De La Crème

Hotel Elite

Westcoast Motels

Sea Sights Resorts

Hotel Bliss

Inn Of Dreams

Bluewind Suites

Proga Vivid Inn

Blissview Hotel

Hotel Sizzle

Enchanted Shore Resorts

Wonder Cuzzi Motels

Hotel De La Cruise

Red Velvet Inn

Bluewaves Motels

Hotel Moonline

Joy Hunch Inn

The Resting Place

Fun Palace Hotels

Hotel Da Viva

Rose Petals Inn

Hotel Agora

Greenview Motels

Greentops Hotels

Amuser Suites

El Dorado Hotels

Luxus Hotels

Scarlet Bliss Hotels

Hotel El Classico

West Isle Hotels

Doubled Bliss Motels

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