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“If you build it, he will come.” — 1989 Field of Dreams

YES THEY WILL COME by the thousands if not more. They will look at your Industrial Business and chant your company name to the Gods smiling in the Heavens. It will be your legacy.

The only question you have to ask yourself, “What NAME will they chant?”

Let’s say you own a metal shop, do you know how many competitors are within a twenty mile radius of your business? Without looking it up it’s fair to say there is at least ONE company down the road that’s similar to yours.

Top Brands:

General Motors: Also known as GM, its name is definitive to what the company is. It is very broad and non-specific, and thus perfect for a company that produces a vast range of vehicle brands.

ChemChina: A simple, authoritative name that describes the company in good detail. The name clearly indicates its country of origin, which is fitting name a state-owned corporation.

BAE Systems: Creators of advanced weapons systems, the use of ‘systems’ in the company name alludes to exactly that.

Pfizer: Named after founder Charles Pfizer. The name is unique, and hard to pronounce, but once learnt, the name is difficult to forget.

Rolls-Royce: Not just a luxury automobile manufacturer, their main business is the manufacturing of airplane engines. Their history of quality and craftsmanship shines through in their name and branding.

Tesla: Named after the great inventor Nikoli Tesla, its speaks to the culture of the company; being inventive and always innovative. There is also an undeniable link between the company’s electrical vehicles and Tesla’s focus on electricity.

Foxconn: One of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic goods, and a manufacturing partner to Apple, Foxconn’s name is interesting and easy to remember.

ArcelorMittal: The world’s leading steel manufacturing company. As with most older company names, it has much history attached, and this forms a major part of the company’s brand identity.

General Electric: A giant multinational conglomerate spanning many trades. The use of ‘general’ in their name fits their extensive portfolio of businesses and industries.

Airbus: An airplane manufacturer. The name is a childish descriptor for how someone seeing an airplane for the first time might describe it: as a flying bus.


Clientele & Interests:

Clients hoping to enlist the services of industrial manufacturers, typically have much more money at their disposal, and want the cheapest, highest quality, most technologically advanced production available. Ultimately, though, clients are manufacturing products that need economies of scale to make them viable, and this requires extremely large and trusted partners.


Military improvement, consumer goods, prototyping, product line development, product rollout, creating jobs, disrupting industry, manufacturing, business, management

Industry related words:

Robotic, manufacturing, industrial, laborers, factory, economies of scale, mill, industry, workroom, warehouse, machine shop, foundry, workshop, mint, sweatshop, pollution, mining, raw materials, heavy metals, electronics, chemicals, depot, stock, supply, dump, stockpile, system, assembly line, capital goods, cast, 3D printing, #D printer, conveyor, conveyor belt, factory floor, hooter, locker room, canteen, production line, quality control, china, Shenzhen, port, globalization, shutdown, shop floor, plants, control rooms, oil refineries, continuous production, finished products, mechanization, mechanized, blue collar workers, commodities, unskilled labor, skilled labor, industrial robots, rapid prototyping, technology, unions, semi-skilled labor, industrial suburbs, toxic chemicals, energy, waste-product, statistical methods, consumerism, compliance, asset turnover, bottleneck, benchmarking, peak capacity, core competency,  logistics, lead-time, supply-chain

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Low defect rates, rapid scalability options, the latest and best technology and economies of scale are the most vital things to successful large-scale, industrial manufacturing. Certain advertising terminology epitomizes precisely this, such as:


Large scale capacity, scalable, short lead-times, highest standard of quality control, latest technology, fastest asset turnover, expert systems, lowest defect rate in the industry, rapid prototyping, world-class manufacturer

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Karthik Mani
Karthik Mani
07/12/2018 9:35 AM

We r doing bakery equipments and structure roofing products

19/12/2018 1:21 PM

Omnaturals Food Product

Mohit Kushwaha
Mohit Kushwaha
16/01/2019 10:02 AM

we start a footwear product company please suggest the brand name.

shubhendra khuman
shubhendra khuman
12/02/2019 6:02 PM

i have business of architecture and model making as well as construction. please suggest me a name