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Best Interior Design Business Name Ideas

Do you want to create a name for your interior design business? Are you wondering how to create an original and exciting name? If the answer is yes, then keep on reading to find out how to generate the best name for your interior design services. 

Businesses that specialize in design should have creative names that highlight their purpose. For example, if you like using bright colors, you might name your business ‘Dramatic Designs’ or ‘Rich Rooms’ to represent your vision. Below, you will discover examples of names like these ones. Simply open up the interior design business name generator to get started!

One-Word Interior Design Business Name Ideas

One-word names are short and snappy. Customers will most likely remember names that are simple and don’t contain complicated phrasing. Think about what root words you want to use that relate to interior design. You could use words associated with patterns or colors, depending on your design style. I typed the root words ‘style’, ‘bright’, ‘trendy’ and ‘home’ into the interior design business name generator and chose the names that sounded best! 

One-word names are short and snappy!
  • Designology                            
  • Homelaza                               
  • Homesy 
  • StyleScapeX                           
  • TrendyPad                              .
  • Brightocity
  • Brightprism                             
  • HomeWorks                               .
  • Designify 
  • StyleGenics                            
  • Brightlooks                               .
  • BrightDeck
  • Designhut                               
  • Styleex                                    
  • StyleVerse

Tips For Creating One-Word Interior Design Business Names

Make sure to select the ‘one word’ option in the filtered list on the interior design business name generator. This will show only one-word names related to your business. If you want more accurate results, you can choose ‘art’, ‘creative’, ‘home’ and ‘luxury’ in the industry section. When I came up with the root words, I thought of positive connotations associated with design. Consider using words that represent your style and type of services you offer customers.

Rhyming Interior Design Business Name Ideas

Rhyming names sound lyrically pleasing to customers and may engage them more with your business. You can use alliterative techniques or half-rhymes that easily roll off the tongue. For example, ‘Dandy Designs’ is an alliterative name that has the same first letter. I used the same root words as before and popped those into the interior design business name generator. Make sure to select the ‘rhyming’ option before you search for business names!

  • Splendid Style                             
  • Heavenly Home                        
  • Home Honey
  • Bright Basics                                 
  • Dreamy Designs                       
  • Design Desk
  • Trendy Tenant                               
  • Style Selector                          
  • Doozy Designs!
  • Humble Homes                           
  • Trendy Tomb                             
  • Style Spartan 
  • Design Dudes                              
  • Bright Bricks                         
  • Bright Bling

Tips For Creating Rhyming Interior Design Business Names

Consider experimenting with punctuation when you choose a name. For example, the name ‘Doozy Designs!’ has an exclamation mark that enhances the visual representation. Customers will most likely notice this name online or in real-life advertisements. If you can’t find many rhymes, you can search up rhyming words and locate websites that offer you rhyming examples. The internet will help you through the business naming process! 

Fun Interior Design Business Name Ideas

If your business specializes in creating crazy and bold designs, you might consider choosing a fun name that represents your quirky services. Fun names resonate with customers due to their originality and positive nature. Find root words associated with ‘fun’ and ‘interior design’ and type those into the interior design business name generator. You can still use the root words from earlier, but it’s a good idea to change it up and find new interesting words! I used ‘bold’, ‘rich’, ‘colors’ and ‘decorate’ and chose the best names.

  • Clever Colors!                          
  • Bold It Up                                
  • Blitz and Bold
  • Home Sweet Design                  
  • Cabin Of Colors                        
  • Doctor Design!
  • Rich Refresh                              
  • Those Rich Designs                 
  • A Rich Reboot
  • Downtown Designs                    
  • Decorate Like Crazy               
  • Big Decorations
  • Design Your Dream!                  
  • Rich Rooms                          
  • Bold On A Budget

Tips For Creating Fun Interior Design Business Names

You can create names that are longer than two words but have fun and unique connotations. I used the ‘rhyming’ filter on the interior design business name generator and also searched up some funny puns associated with design. Make sure to research your root words and write down fun words that resonate with you the most. You can, of course, change your root words regularly, as this will give you more creative ideas and business names. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Well Walled
  • Creative Homes
  • Dream Décor
  • Delightful Décor
  • Home Renewal
  • Décor And More
  • Desired Designs
  • Design Doctor
  • Interior Invitation
  • Inviting Interiors
  • Corner To Corner
  • Dashing Designs
  • Dazzling Designs
  • Design Team
  • Interior Indulgence
  • Dreamy Interiors
  • Inside Interiors
  • Daring Designs
  • Indulgent Interiors
  • Limitless Layout
  • Design Darling
  • Darling Designs
  • Design Chops
  • Design+Love
  • Designdrunk
  • Dream+Design
  • Outside In
  • Patina Designs
  • Pure Insight
  • Tailored Chic
  • My Retreat
  • In the Alcove
  • En D’Ecore
  • Illusion Studio
  • Happystrings
  • Urbancresent
  • Studio Red
  • Style Bites
  • Innovative Interiors
  • Designed Style
  • Design It Best
  • Design Director
  • Style My Space
  • Contour Interior
  • Classic Interiors

Best Real-World Interior Design Company Names – How They Got It and Why It Works

best real-world interior design company names

Rooted Interiors

How Rooted Interiors Got Its Name
Rooted Interiors is a commercial and residential interior design business that creates stunning environments. They aim to create designs that are “inclusive, diverse and sustainable”. They converse with customers to understand their style requirements and ideas.

Why Rooted Interiors Is A Catchy Business Name
The word ‘rooted’ represents their 8 years of experience with interior design. They have a deep-rooted passion for designing bold spaces. ‘Interiors’ is a simple word that tells customers exactly what to expect from this interior design business.


How ICRAVE Got Its Name
ICRAVE chose their name because it “implies desire” and represents a passion for interior design. They wanted to create a unique name that symbolizes their original designs. ICRAVE provides design plans for a range of different places, such as hotels and airports.

Why ICRAVE Is A Catchy Business Name
The name ‘ICRAVE’ will draw customers’ attention to its boldness. Although this name doesn’t directly link to interior design, it still provides an intriguing concept of really wanting something. Customers will most likely remember a name that has a bold statement.


How Indidesign Got Its Name
Indidesign specializes in branding designs for luxury hospitality and high-end commercial interiors. They aim to “create memories by evoking a sense of place” when creating seamless designs. This business collaborates with deluxe companies to design vivid concepts.

Why Indidesign Is A Catchy Business Name
The word ‘indi’ might refer to indie designs or a mix between interior and branding. Combining this with ‘design’ will tell customers more about their services. One-word names are often memorable to customers, as they’re simple and don’t contain unnecessary wording.

Most Successful Interior Design Businesses

And then they went wild

How & then they went wild Got Its Name
Nicki Bramford created ‘& then they went wild’ in 2017 to create spaces that are “warm, playful and beautiful”. Her mission is to provide bold and eccentric designs for customers who enjoy colors in their home. She has two decades’ worth of experience in interior design.

Why & then they went wild Is A Catchy Business Name
‘& then they went wild’ is an unusual name that isn’t seen often in the design industry. This name represents the quirky and unique nature of Nicki’s interior design business. Not capitalizing the words also makes the name sound soft and playful. Customers will gravitate towards this name due to its original and creative phrasing.

Alisa Bloom

How Alisa Bloom Got Its Name
Alisa Bloom is an experienced designer who likes to create distinctive designs based on her “sophisticated style”. She travels the world to find additional sources and materials for her design business. This business tends to work on home renovations for customers.

Why Alisa Bloom Is A Catchy Business Name
This business is named after the founder and represents her passion for interior design. Personal names often resonate with customers, as they hold a special meaning. These types of names also create legacies that allow the founder’s family to continue growing the business. A simple and personal name is often easy for customers to remember.

Personal names often resonate with customers!


How align Got Its Name
Nigel Tresise and Gurvinder Khurana founded align in 2014. This multi-award winning business aims to “answer real people’s wants and needs” when it comes to interior design. They work on mixed-user projects across the public and private sector.

Why align Is A Catchy Business Name
The name ‘align’ suggests this business wants to align creativity with their goals. This doesn’t link to interior design directly, but the one-word name gives a short and punchy impact. Since ‘align’ isn’t capitalized, it might represent the business’ casual and collected nature.

Tips For Naming Your Interior Design Business

Creating a name for your business can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the naming process. It’s important to focus on the planning and shuffle through loads of ideas before finding a name that suits your business. Of course, everyone does it differently, but it’s worth gathering a few ideas before making a decision. There are many steps to take before creating a name for your interior design business. But don’t worry, this section will guide you through the steps! 

Tip One: Find Your Inspiration 

Conducting research during your planning stage will help you find business names that inspire you. If your business provides sophisticated and luxurious designs, you might search for interior design businesses that use high-end materials and collaborate with deluxe companies. Write down the names you find and study how they’re effective. For example, a name like ‘Imaginative Interiors’ might be effective due to the word ‘imaginative’ and how it emits positive connotations. Customers want to imagine a room that has sumptuous designs and sophisticated layouts. 

Find your inspiration!

Tip Two: Establish Your Target Audience

Your target audience is important for creating a name that suits them. Older audiences might gravitate towards modernized names that show simplicity and sophistication. A younger audience may prefer crazy and unique names that represent original designs. Think about these following questions and try to answer all of them to locate your target audience: 

  • How do your services help the audience?
  • What demographic are you targeting?
  • How would the audience communicate with you?
  • Why would they use your services?
  • Where do they find information about you?
  • How will you advertise your services?
  • What makes them want to trust your business?

Tip Three: Discover Your Selling Point

A unique selling point is an aspect of your business that sets you apart from other competitors. How is your business different? Why would people use your services? Think about your passion for interior design and how you can put your own spin on it. Maybe you provide cost-effective interiors for homes, or maybe you create innovative designs that have never been used before. 

Let’s say you want to offer cheap interior design alternatives for customers. You would think of root words like ‘budget’ and ‘bargain’ and type those into the interior design business name generator and see what you can find. Some names might be ‘Budget Base’ or ‘Bright Bargains’. Highlighting your selling point in the name will help customers to realize your business’ mission. 

Tip Four: Use Literary Techniques 

Literary devices are excellent for enhancing business names. Alliteration and half-rhymes are effective in creating strong visual images. For example, ‘Radiant Rooms’ will encourage customers to visualize bright designs and extravagant furnishing. You could even use full rhymes that play with customers’ auditory senses. ‘Cartoon Your Room’ and ‘Rhinestone Home’ are good examples of using a full rhyme that sounds satisfying to the ears. If you can’t find enough rhyming words, search up websites that provide rhyming examples for you!

Overall, creating a name that is interesting and fun is important for attracting customers to your business. Take the extra time to think about your interior design business name and how you want to present your services to customers. Make sure to use the interior design business name generator when finding names that are both original and creative! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You need to come up with some root words before finding a business name. Consider using the words ‘style’, ‘pattern’, ‘trendy’ and ‘bright’ and type those into the interior design business name generator. Then just choose a business name that sounds the best!

Name your business something personal or use a memory that means a great deal. You can create a legacy for your business that family members will follow. For example, ‘Danny’s Designs’ uses a name that shows customers how meaningful the business is.

There are many interior design business names you can choose from. Some examples might be ‘Interior Geek’, ‘Design Dreamworld’, ‘Pretty Patterns’ and ‘Modern Me’. You can decide on a name that suits your business’ mission and tells customers exactly what to expect.


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